Elliot Page Recalls PANIC ATTACKS Over Gender Dysphoria During Height of His Fame

Elliot Page is opening up about his mental health struggles over gender dysphoria during the height of his fame. In his interview with Oprah Winfrey for AppleTV+’s ‘The Oprah Conversation,’ the actor revealed he suffered from panic attacks due to the gender pressures he felt while promoting the big Hollywood films in which he starred. Page also shared why he feels a great responsibility after sharing his truth.

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Elliot still don't look happy at all to me.
Megan Delight
Megan Delight:
what a way to kill your career and have oprah help you do it.
The only thing harder than being yourself is being someone you're not.
Brian Lazo
Brian Lazo:
poor soul cant even act happy.
Sunny G.
Sunny G.:
He needs to take a break and focus on himself. He’s in no position to help others or be an example to others , he seems sick and weak and anxious. Sometimes it’s ok to focus on yourself and build yourself to help others.
Deborah 888
Deborah 888:
I’m sorry to see anyone in pain like this.
Yo Elliot still doesn’t seem happy ....maybe he should take a break from acting 😬....
trans sewer rat man
trans sewer rat man:
he really needs a break. i feel so bad for him. i understand all the dysphoria and anxiety about being transgender.
Samantha Saltenberger
Samantha Saltenberger:
He does seem depressed 😔 just a whole meltdown waiting to happen. Its so scary I hope he gets the help I would hate to see a terrible ending. Depression is written all over him
This looks like sadness personified, my heart goes out to him, I hope he can find a point in his life where he can be happy. He's literally breaking every time he talks, it sounds heartbreaking.
F.P. Shapes
F.P. Shapes:
Man even after surgery(s) n all..when looking in a mirror..Elliot probably still sees Ellen... I can’t imagine what it’s like for a trans person.. for some people loving one’s self is an on going journey with many battles.. Hope Elliot finds peace
This is nuts
It couldn’t stand itself to begin with and it cannot stand itself now.
i love how people say he's only doing this for good PR when i see more negative responses than i see positive ones.

every comment that uses the preferred pronouns for elliot always has replies with "*her" or "*ellen." this isn't being respectful. this isn't the excuse you always use of "i respect transgender people, it's just the agenda i don't like," because now you're actively going out of your way to "correct" someone who is literally just trying to show respect.
The Fire Rises
The Fire Rises:
Doesn`t look like someone who is happy with life.
I’m so happy for Elliot but I’m worried about the fact that he looks kinda sad (Not in a happy way). And that voice kinda concerns me. Hope he’ll do alright soon!
Adagio Breeze
Adagio Breeze:
Awe I thought he rocked those dresses, proof he’s a natural born talent and naturally beautiful
Jason Lind
Jason Lind:
Damn he's mad skinny
Quiet on set, a wealthy Middle Aged white man is speaking!
Tlell Aberle
Tlell Aberle:
It is hard to imagine what it would feel like to be a highly acclaimed actor and come out as transgender to an audience of millions and millions of people. This is Elliot's first live interview as a man... how incredibly brave and vulnerable is that? With Oprah Winfrey to top it off. I am seeing many comments concerned for his health, but another perspective is that he could just be overwhelmed with so many feelings and nervous about being in the spotlight so authentically himself for the first time. I for one am very inspired by the humility and bravery this man presents. Thank-you for being so authentically you and sharing that with the world so others can feel brave too.
Doctor Til
Doctor Til:
We could play Bingo with these interviews.
I feel like this was too soon for Elliott to speak out. I agree with everyone that I feel like it would be best if he take a break. He has gone through so much in one year with coming out as trans, getting a divorce and I don’t know if he fully processed everything yet.
Winnipeg Chick
Winnipeg Chick:
Pages voice gives me anxiety, like seriously I feel like im having a heart attack, sounds scared I cant listen
Is it me or does he still look very unhappy... I hope happiness follows soon.
Geneva Christine
Geneva Christine:
She was always skinny but He seems to have lost weight. I'm not being mean I'm concerned.
Oh my. He sounds like he is in an emotional limbo. Lol he is so tense
robert jackson
robert jackson:
Whilst my heart goes out to the pain Elliot is clearly in, I find it disturbing that individual cases are now taken as the general "facts" of the issue. When trans "regret", and those who cease to consider themselves as trans, becomes an equal part of the discussion, then the world will be able to deal & discuss the issue with honesty. Frankly, most people don't care, in a good way, a think just live your life as you wish. But sadly, even questioning the activists agenda labels one transphobic. Plus, one can never trust the narcissism of celebrity, it distorts everything.
"Trans women of colour", shows Marsha P Johnson, a self-proclaimed drag queen. Ridiculous lies, buzzwords and catchphrases.
The Gateway Productions - Therapeutic Music
The Gateway Productions - Therapeutic Music:
Big thanks for this video! Panic attacks are terrible but we can learn to crush them! Well done!
Carlos Rivera
Carlos Rivera:
Wooomp wooomp
Guys, i don’t know him so I have no idea if he’s happy now or not. My guess is it’s going to be a process. But he’s talking about painful things. Is he supposed to be throwing a party?
he sounds really anxious , I hope he’s doing ok
Globe Trotting
Globe Trotting:
Panic attack over picking which dress to wear, especially as an entertainer who acts for a living? Did I hear that right?
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman:
But nobody made him play female roles. He could’ve declined.
This is someone you can tell didn’t grow up working class, if having to wear heels to a Hollywood premier for a film they were paid millions to act in, was a big crisis. They should try making ends meet on a working persons wages, keeping food on the table and the mortgage paid
Al Spider-Man Horford
Al Spider-Man Horford:
This is heartbreaking to watch😢
Viviana Lopez
Viviana Lopez:
you could just feel and hear the pain in his voice 🥺i hope he finds his happiness soon ❤️
D G:
This is of the most superficial interview I’ve ever heard!
This guy should start training MMA.
teianne mcewen
teianne mcewen:
I understand everyone’s concern for Elliots behavior in this interview because he seems depressed, but it may just be that he has severe anxiety during interviews.
Swarada Inamdar
Swarada Inamdar:
Anyone wants to just vent abt something they're going through this reply section is all yours trust me you'll feel better❤️
they show a picture of marsha p johnson for the trans women of color but he actually identified as a man drag queen and did not throw the first brick at stonewall.
lori r
lori r:
Trans people seem to put more pressure on themselves than anyone else. Live and let live. If they feel happy as the opposite gender why fight it. Be happy. Don't worry about others judging
Cat Smith
Cat Smith:
K. We are going to ignore the whole fact that he's dropped a ton of weight with this?
Billy Sunday
Billy Sunday:
Remember that Smollett rant? Lol
J Hart
J Hart:
The same person who hates middled aged, rich, white men becomes one.
Crissy Sims
Crissy Sims:
Why are ppl still allowing to be interviewed by Oprah?
Ugh she's so horrible!
Mooncult Smith
Mooncult Smith:
It really takes balls to say that!
Tony Trejo-Romero
Tony Trejo-Romero:
I'm a fan of his movies. Glad he's okay! He's cute hehe :p
Ala Lex
Ala Lex:
He has a puberty vocal change if he gets testosterone. Like cis boys in puberty, the voice just sometimes breaks!
Also going though a ‚second puberty‘ can make you - like every big hormone change - quite emotional for some time.

I don‘t know for sure if Elliot is takeing hormones, but if he does, that might explain it.
Also, most people are very good in masking their sadness. This was definetly a desicion he made, opening up so much.
Elliot page must now apologize for his white male privilege
Just want to make sure I am getting this right. You were a Hollywood actor... making millions of dollars per film... which you willingly CHOSE as a profession (and the vast majority of people would LOVE to do instead of their 9-5 BS jobs)... And the studio... gasp... wanted you to wear dresses and heels (look as good as possible) to the premiers so you could promote the film (and get paid your millions)?!?. My god, the trauma you must have endured with such a tough life is nearly incomprehensible to us mere peasants. I don't think any of us could possibly relate to this level of stress. God bless you, ma'am, sir - you're truly a hero and inspiration.

The bullshit stories people tell themselves to create narratives in their head is perplexing. They have had it so good, for so long, they don't even know what real problems are anymore. No doubt a sign that the fall of the present-day Roman empire is near. I purpose a new solution: air drop anyone in this position in to the jungle for 14 days for basic survival. Something tells me they will find new things to focus on rather than complaining about petty bullshit. Thoughts?
I don’t think I’ve ever seen a sadder person
ᴇ ᴛ ʜ ᴀ ɴ
ᴇ ᴛ ʜ ᴀ ɴ:
I was just scrolling through YouTube and saw this thumbnail and I literally thought it was a joke or something
He's a sensitive fellow
David D
David D:
She looks even more like a lesbian now
elliot we love you! thank you for sharing your story 💗
Correct me if I’m wrong but, didn’t he say initially he didn’t have gender dysphoria? I could have sworn I saw an article like that because I remember seeing that and wondering “can a person be transgender and not have experience dysphoria?” Unless the article was implying it or he said it. Anyways, it seems to be scrubbed from the internet.
joel lee
joel lee:
The face of not well.
I thought " they " said they wanted to identify as Non-Binary . How can you be Non-Binary if you are now identifying as a Binary male? I'm really trying to understand and support all these new sex categories but alot of them aren't making any sense ( to me )
I remember her, she played Juno right?
The Rat Ghoulie
The Rat Ghoulie:
Blame everything around you ofcourse...🙄. Raise your kids to have thick skin. Problem solved.
Lui Lo
Lui Lo:
Soon their genders will change when it comes to accepting awards.
oh you can just feel it in your bones. This is not growth
Hopefully he's happy again soon
Jamie Everett
Jamie Everett:
Elliot looks emaciated 😕
Lin King
Lin King:
Sick fvck
notonetowine ubibabies
notonetowine ubibabies:
Jesus loves you Elliot. ❤️
Verbs describe us #culturacastildeviata #artgoeson
Verbs describe us #culturacastildeviata #artgoeson:
so, do you regret wearing dresses and heels in Inception? actors no matter their gender do that... remember Johnny Depp in Ed Wood? or all the theatre actors and actresses that play transgenders? acting should it is not about yourself it is about the art...
Andrew Antonio
Andrew Antonio:
These celebrities with so much money can get what they want. In life you aim for things such as a nice car your first house. The perfect relationship. Last thing real people do is worry about their sexuality. Take their money away and watch all their problems dissolve. If they had to endure the things real life people endure and strive to have. Some even worrying about when they're getting their next meal.
The only thing in this interview that doesn't make me shake my head is that painting over the fireplace. It's pretty gorgeous.
Wow this is one of the most sad and depressed people I have ever seen in my life. Looks like this person is really gonna just end it soon. I do not wish seeing anyone this unhappy
If a lion could speak, we would not be able to understand what it said.
With a father like Jim Lahey, I'd question my gender too.
Wendy Arias
Wendy Arias:
It's so sad that even in his private life he had to act it out for all the people out there.
Telly's Honest Reviews
Telly's Honest Reviews:
Pinocchio: I'm a real boy !
Jared Turner
Jared Turner:
🤢 🤮
Poor baby his voice is shaking :(
Alisa Alisa
Alisa Alisa:
If you want to be something but meanwhile you are taking advantage of something you say you are not then your moral compass is broken. Why to present yourself as a woman and play a woman in movies and earn allot of money if you hate to be a woman? And then after you've played the role society wanted you to play and you've earned your fortune you say:" that was not me". Own your truth and live in it, don't pretend in order to be accepted by society and in order to thrive, is not fair. Same happens when you marry the gender you have no attraction for just for the benefit of procreating and being accepted and then after years you tell the poor person: "sorry but I was a liar, in fact all this was a lie and now I want to be free and admit that I am not attracted to your gender but married as a cover up". That my friend is extremely cruel!
Tyna D'Arco
Tyna D'Arco:
Hollywood is Nuts
Tendo Satori
Tendo Satori:
What will happen for umbrella academy?? ☺️
P. Kelly T
P. Kelly T:
Page made $$$ from doing Maxim why did she do it?
Steven Beck
Steven Beck:
It still doesn’t look happy. It never has. Honestly kind of sad
Shayna Rose
Shayna Rose:
God bless. I hope you are on your journey to peace ✌️🌈❤️☀️
ناصر الميموني
ناصر الميموني:
Oprah obviously doesn’t give a damn. She doesn’t even make the effort to fake the emotions.
R g
R g:
He should try mushrooms ego death can be liberating, given that he has a lifelong supply of money I find it frustrating that level of unhappiness when there is alot to be enjoued in the simple things in life
M D:
Does this surprise anyone? I knew he was into women before he came out and I knew he already thought he was a man before he transitioned. We knew before you and have accepted you long ago.
Adrian T
Adrian T:
Jamie Don
Jamie Don:
Genelle Maddox
Genelle Maddox:
Someone doesn't seem happy....🤔 Voice and body cues tell it all. You aren't convincing anyone you believe what you are pushing. Time for folks to be authentic and true to their beliefs. When you are authentic in what you say, your behavior mirrors it.
Erin Ellis
Erin Ellis:
He is so fragile inside and out.
He is in so much pain. I just hope he find help and peace.
Israel Alanis
Israel Alanis:
Boys don't cry 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
M H:
The old Reverse Juwanna Man trick
AM Ridenour
AM Ridenour:
Saw the interview..hopefully the anxiety wears down. He says gender euphoria instead of dysphoria a couple of times at least.
PDFree Audiobooks
PDFree Audiobooks:
Why is this guy so frail?
Aura Bora
Aura Bora:
I hope he gets to still play in umbrella academy and they have the character as trans too
Izaak Cox
Izaak Cox:
Poor Elliott. I know what that's like when you're forced to be someone your not
Thandeka Msomi
Thandeka Msomi:
I know that I cannot do much for you sitting in South Africa and that this comment won't really matter but I am sending you only LOVE Elliot!
dakota gordon
dakota gordon:
he still dosent seem happy