Elvis Actress Shonka Dukureh Found Dead at 44 | E! News

Shonka Dukureh, who portrayed Big Mama Thornton in the new "Elvis" movie, was found dead in her Nashville home. Get the details.

Full Story: https://www.eonline.com/news/1338993/elvis-actress-shonka-dukureh-found-dead-at-44

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Elvis Actress Shonka Dukureh Found Dead at 44 | E! News

100+ komentarze:

Baby Hair
Baby Hair:
This is so devastating. She was so young. My deepest condolences to her family and friends. May this beautiful soul rest in peace 🙏🏾❤️🙏🏾❤️
living like larry
living like larry:
Wow ☹️ I just saw this movie the other day with my aunt and mom, and we all loved her performances in the film. She truly was so talented, I just can’t believe how we saw her dancing and singing; so alive and captivating with her voice… and now she is gone, so swiftly and suddenly. Truly a tragedy. 💔
Nicholas Garrick
Nicholas Garrick:
This is so devastating she was so young my prayer ,and condolences goes out to her family, and friends at this time may her beautiful soul rest in paradise 🙏🏽❤
Heather Metz
Heather Metz:
Her performance was SO powerful and full of SOUL! So sad! R.I.P.
Cecelia Garmer
Cecelia Garmer:
So very sad!
Gone entirely too soon.
I was excited for Shonka’s success and looked forward to hearing more from her. She was so fantastic in the Elvis movie - I only wished they had shown more of her. Hopefully, more footage of Shona as Big Mama Thornton will be released soon. Rest In Peace, Ms. Dukureh. Prayers for her family.
Athena Baker
Athena Baker:
As someone who currently works at CW30 Memphis, I must say that I'm just as shocked as everyone else about the news. I just hope that her family and friends will be okay. She looked so happy and healthy in one of her last interviews.
Little Sister
Little Sister:
This is such sad news, heartbreaking. My prayers are with her children and family.
Seb Sandford
Seb Sandford:
RIP Shonka. Would’ve been great to see her legacy move to new heights in Hollywood. She will be missed.
Latysha L.
Latysha L.:
So young. Sending my condolences to her family and loved ones. May she rest in peace. 👑🙏🏾🕊
Celiwe Mpungose
Celiwe Mpungose:
Effin chills. This is so sad. My heartfelt condolences to her young children and all of her loved ones.
Davon C
Davon C:
I literally cried my eyes out. I discovered this wonderful soul through the elvis movie. She impacted me in a deep level and I smiled 😃

When I found out of her passing I was like woah. Why? Makes me wonder if God let her pass. RIP Shonka Dukureh you are in my ❤️ 💙
This is very sad, my sympathy goes to her dear children and her familly and may she rest in peace!
She was a 2nd grade teacher. She loved kids and loved the world. Elvis changed the world. But they BOTH made the world a better place with their incredible talents. Elvis would have paid for her funeral -- I hope to see Baz donate profits from the movie to Shonka's two children and start a trust fund for them - because that is what Elvis would have done.
Ann Brazziel
Ann Brazziel:
Prayers to her family especially her babies. May God comfort them at this time and in the days to come 🙏🏾🙏🏾
I hope her young children did not witness this 🥺 So sorry to her family. She was so talented! Lost too young.
Naturally Dope
Naturally Dope:
😥 😔 Rest in peace and may the lord keep her children covered 🙏
Keemar Davis
Keemar Davis:
Wow this is so sad. She was really making her way up! Prayers for her babies. What a loss!
Rene Wilson
Rene Wilson:
Thoughts and prayers toward the family!
So young... My heart goes to her young children...
Shameka Green
Shameka Green:
Such terribly sad news for Ms. Shonka Dukureh's family.
She did a unique, wonderful performance as Big Mama Thornton in our Elvis movie.
She was part of the highlight of my Summer.
Mike Wells
Mike Wells:
She was finally breaking through. Rip and my condolences
Jennifer Napoli
Jennifer Napoli:
This is such Sad news😢Love and Prayers to her children,family,friends and all who knew her❤️❤️🙏🙏
May she rest peacefully🙏✨
Mel's Attitude
Mel's Attitude:
This is tragic.
Condolences to the family and friends.
This is so sad 🥺. She was a powerhouse 🙌🏻🙏🏻. May she rest in peace! She will be missed.
Kia Ham
Kia Ham:
WOW! So sad. Prayers for her family 🙏🏾🙏🏾
rodriguez Rodriguez
rodriguez Rodriguez:
I started to cry , I have watch elvis movie 2 times i love her voice gift talented women beautiful culture, i found joy and happiness when I heard her sing, I lost a son fee months ago , now I'm broken , ur going to be miss
sam cook
sam cook:
I literally was just watching the Doja Cat video the other day and was amazed by her in the video only to find out a day or two later she's dead 🥲🥲 life is so tricky 🙏🏽
Raiyne Love
Raiyne Love:
Ene Obande
Ene Obande:
RIP, hopefully there will be an autopsy.
Peter Siegfried Krug
Peter Siegfried Krug:
She was wonderful and she was also very successful.
Sharpay Evans
Sharpay Evans:
OMG this is so sad Shonka Was just in that movie and now she's gone like so tragic to hear when I heard she was gone I could not believe my eyes and I said that she was just on that movie and an interview but now she's gone so tragic to Elvis cast and family and her children Love goes out to her and miss her truly
Shierly Heng Trainer ❄️雪
Shierly Heng Trainer ❄️雪:
RIP Shonka , you will always be remember🥹
Shanelle Scott
Shanelle Scott:
I'm praying for her family and friends 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Oh so sad!! R.I.P and god look after her children.
So sad prayers for her family.
RIP Shonka and Elvis. They were good souls who loved all of humanity. Shonka's last public quote: “I hope people come in with an open heart and be willing to learn or unlearn some things that they may have thought they knew about Elvis, his life and his legacy.” --Shonka Dukureh
Rest in peace Shonka Dukureh (1978-2022)
Omg this is so heartbreaking 💔 😣😣😖😖😖😣😢🥺
BB Kirbee
BB Kirbee:
Y’all I feel really sad I’m literally about to start sobbing!!!!
Lacg Lacg
Lacg Lacg:
I haven't seen the movie and never heard of her but RIP Beauty 🙏
michael king
michael king:
WOW !! That's kind of amazing, huh ? Well, my condolences. 44, huh ? Just a couple of years older than Elvis himself. Wow. That's too bad.....
Stephan Payne
Stephan Payne:
She died 4 days before Big Mama Thornton died 38 years later Sad
Asmr with Sofia
Asmr with Sofia:
Rest in Peace beautiful 😞🙏
K H:
Rest in peace shonka
Simply s plays
Simply s plays:
Rest In Peace :(
*This is so shocking. She will be known for more than the elvis movie or the music videos, she'll be known for her powerful voice.*
Mitchell Jones
Mitchell Jones:
Rest In Peace Queen
Don Juan Production
Don Juan Production:
So devastating she has two babies two young children to think all her Talent was opening to a new channel her first movie break and they were so excited to go see the movie I can't believe this man this is just terrible there's nothing good that's going to come from this her poor children
The Network of HGPC on Roblox
The Network of HGPC on Roblox:
This amazing woman was my cousin- unbelievable.
Hundun Chulo
Hundun Chulo:
Rest easy cousin 💐
Rodolfo Scevola
Rodolfo Scevola:
Rock in peace
Emily Edlund
Emily Edlund:
Rip to her
TISH KerrVille
TISH KerrVille:
Safe & effective 💉💉💉💉💉💉
Paper Bag Productions
Paper Bag Productions:
so sorry to her family.
Sassy Elle
Sassy Elle:
Oh no sad 😢 RIP talented Queen
Giga Shad
Giga Shad:
She was so pure. R.I.P this queen.
Braxton Anderson
Braxton Anderson:
You will always be phenomenal
Laswan Fisher
Laswan Fisher:
I'm Soooo sad about this WHY!!! 😔 😢
Amina Musa
Amina Musa:
Rip 🕊️🕊️🙏
Colorful Basement #SaveUkraine
Colorful Basement #SaveUkraine:
Rip her :(((
Debra Josephs
Debra Josephs:
Damn this is sad.
King J
King J:
I did not see the movie and I did not know her but I'm curious how she died
Doradell Schneider
Doradell Schneider:
Too young ... so sad. RIP Amen
Bro Science
Bro Science:
Lede Pat
Lede Pat:
Omg R.I.P
Atrice Ney
Atrice Ney:
My condolences.
Actually it WAS foul play. She was killed by "America's Doctor", just like Freddie Mercury, and millions of others.
William Sanchez
William Sanchez:
Shonka dukureh died so sad rest in peace women now you don't have to worry about mask or social distancing or COVID make sure to say hi to my grandpa for me and give him a big hug and a high five and Betty white until we meet again present is here today Christmas past is past Christmas future is far away 😢😢😢😢
Synth Singer
Synth Singer:
Another victim of the jab.
Ralpho The Great
Ralpho The Great:
The curse of Elvis. Or covid shot?
So sad
black people as 1️⃣healing trauma more🌌
black people as 1️⃣healing trauma more🌌:
She Was a blood Sacrifice
This was not nature causes and
my condolences 💐🌹 goes out To And from the family 😭 jus Sad and evil woke ppl Kno what a actually happened
She was the sacrifice for the film
Clive Wall
Clive Wall:
Only 44 I am suspicious of the vaccine.
Allen Campbell
Allen Campbell:
In every big movie that comes out theres always a passing....
John Tokalenko
John Tokalenko:
Safe and effective.
Michael Park
Michael Park:
Bill Randleman
Bill Randleman:
The death rate thus far in 2022 is 160% of normal.
G L:
She just finished the film and passed away
Kiia bath & body
Kiia bath & body:
I didn't know she lived here.
Kim Manning
Kim Manning:
Good singer
Lovely Lady422
Lovely Lady422:
So sad. this sounds like aneurysm...
Tashafrom Tx
Tashafrom Tx:
Jasmin Dorn
Jasmin Dorn:
No foul play? 🙄😥
Leo Heredia
Leo Heredia:
Don't worry guys she's now in the same place as Elvis
Young Deity
Young Deity:
uncover thetruth
uncover thetruth:
I ain’t know she was really singin this
GorgeouslyReal T.V.
GorgeouslyReal T.V.:
The Lord
The Lord:
Wait, what?
Jane O'keeffe
Jane O'keeffe:
What the hell happened??
Tillie Georgia
Tillie Georgia:
T R:
this still doesn’t sit right with me. sounds like a sacrifice to me. the industry will do you dirty like that. it’s scary. everything is spiritual. if u know you know
Grace is a essential worker..
Grace is a essential worker..: