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Colonel Tom Parker reminiscences about how he met Elvis. Watch the first 10 minutes of #Elvis.

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About Elvis:
Baz Luhrmann’s “Elvis” explores the life and music of Elvis Presley (Austin Butler), seen through the​ prism of his complicated relationship with his enigmatic manager, Colonel Tom Parker (Tom Hanks). The story delves into the complex dynamic between Presley and Parker spanning over 20 years, from Presley’s rise to fame to his unprecedented stardom, against the backdrop of the evolving cultural landscape and loss of innocence in America. Central to that journey is one of the most significant and influential people in Elvis’s life, Priscilla Presley (Olivia DeJonge).

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Elvis | Full Movie Preview | Warner Bros. Entertainment

Warner Bros. Entertainment

100+ komentarze:

Loved this movie so so much! At the end, watching the footage of the King himself, I cried! Loving Elvis since forever and this movie really touched my soul. Austin Butler made a wonderful performance! Baz unique style was just perfect for Elvis!
There’s more style, life, and energy in the opening logos than most modern movies have in their whole runtime.
Clarissa Keller
Clarissa Keller:
This movie needs to win many Oscars: Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor for Austin Butler, Best Costume, Best Make-up, Best Sound. Saw it 4 times in theaters and will watch it again and again. Can’t wait for the DVD.
Justin P
Justin P:
3:47 that moment right there is absolutely spine-tingling, the audiovisual harmony of Elvis and the background choir is insane
Catch me if you can suckers!!!
Catch me if you can suckers!!!:
The first 20 seconds with the Warner Bros and Bazmark logo with the haunting "Suspicious Mind" song was absolutely chilling. I just can't stop playing that part because how absolutely beautiful and creative the logo intros are, it's magical. The moment I saw this in the theater, I knew I'm ready for a great movie from Baz Luhrmann 🙌🙌
Mateus de Carvalho Bueno
Mateus de Carvalho Bueno:
Elvis is my favorite movie this year. Without a shadow of a doubt. Baz's artistic style and Austin's performance as Elvis was amazing!
Helena Katić
Helena Katić:
When I heard Suspicious minds I've got goosebumps because the way it was sing was amazing and then comes Glory,Glory,Hallelujah that was phenomenal! What a great beggining of one of the best movies that I've ever seen!
This movie is an experience of a lifetime. I only saw Elvis on our 19 inch tv (at best), and mom took us to the drive-in theater to see his movies, but WOW, this movie brought his life, and his music to LIFE! The best ELVIS movie that has ever been made by 1000%. Incredible. Watching it at home on TV will never give you quite the experience as seeing it in the theater in Dolby surround sound. My husband and I saw it at least 8 times. He became an Elvis fan after watching this movie. 10/10
Nikolai Schuehly
Nikolai Schuehly:
When I watched the movie, I cried for the first time when he sings "Glory, glory Hallelujah". It was not the last time. For me it was a revelation and the most emotional movie experience in years. Also, of course, because I'm a huge Elvis fan. I've seen the movie three times now and it still touched me the same way the third time.
Catch me if you can suckers!!!
Catch me if you can suckers!!!:
Baz Luhrmann was absolutely perfect to direct this with his swagger and intense exaggarated visual style that fits Elvis' vibes perfectly. If Baz didn't direct this, I could imagine it would've been a completely different movie, probably just a formualic approach of a biopic but Baz's style adds a lot of energy to this movie that I really enjoyed
Too addicted to this movie. Love it so much. Everyone did phenomenal! I smell awards and Oscars 👀

6:47 I also love what they did there with That’s Alright and the beats. The way it just focused and amplified it. Mix of modern hip hop and country (to me, idk much about music). So addicting, same thing with everything else in the movie! Totally captured me when I first saw it and still do! Really did magic!
Sarah syed-chaudhry
Sarah syed-chaudhry:
Austin gave it his soul. One of the best performances I've ever seen in my life. Many A list Hollywood actors could've not even come close this performance. Bravo!
LaVina Cordelia
LaVina Cordelia:
I loved the movie. I was never especially an Elvis fan until a couple of years ago when I visited Tupelo and saw his boyhood home and the museum. I had actually forgotten how young Elvis was when he passed away. It was so poignant learning about his early days. Now I can say I am truly a fan. He was a uniquely talented person.
Patcharasit Chivacharern
Patcharasit Chivacharern:
Let's face it: None of us ever expected An American Trilogy as the opening.
Matthew Rakestraw
Matthew Rakestraw:
Excellent movie! Excellent performance! Excellent score!

I can’t help falling in love with every aspect of this film.
Brad rawsner
Brad rawsner:
From the historic iconic comments by President Jimmy Carter at the time of elvis's death, to the soul depth and diversity of elvis singing " if I can dream" as Dr king and Bobby Kennedy are assassinated, this beautiful film captures the humanity and artistry of elvis presley like no film before it. Truly remarkable
Ivana Matić
Ivana Matić:
Goosebumps from the beginning to the end, never felt this connected to a movie.
The Nomads
The Nomads:
There’s only one way to start a movie about Elvis. Beautifully done.
This movie is one of the best movies I have ever seen. I'd even say I liked Elvis better than Bohemian Rhapsody, which was an amazing movie as well. I'm about to rent this through my cable provider. I am very anxious for my mom (who lived through this era) to see it. Wonderful, awesome, outstanding movie!
Isabel Alves
Isabel Alves:
Filme maravilhoso...sai do cinema chorando 😭 e apaixonada por Austin😍❤️
Did not think I would like this movie since never really knew much about Elvis besides his music. But ended up loving it. I finally came to the realization why my Grandma loved Elvis so much. She was able to meet him when she was young and had a wall dedicated just for him. I understand it all now! Lol Incredible performance by Austin, deserves the Oscar. amazing film!
A Swarts
A Swarts:
Majestic movie. Saw it 10 times. Baz did Warner Bros. and the Elvis World a HUGE favor. Now it is over to you, Warner, to keep the momentum going. PLEASE, please, please release the unseen footage of the Golden Globe Award winning ELVIS ON TOUR film! It is time.
Same. This movie needs to win many Oscars: Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor for Austin Butler, Best Costume, Best Make-up, Best Sound. Saw it 4 times in theaters and will watch it again and again. Can’t wait for the DVD.
Latina Forever
Latina Forever:
I watched the movie !! 😍👏🏼 outstanding actor, I cried so much at the end …. RIP beautiful soul 🙏💕🙏
Venus Arroyo
Venus Arroyo:
Denle un Oscar a Austin Butler 🤌 por tan maravillosa actuación 👏
Captain Floor OUAT
Captain Floor OUAT:
Verbs describe us #culturacastildeviata #artgoeson
Verbs describe us #culturacastildeviata #artgoeson:
The movie is a respectful tribute to the greatest artist this world ever knew- Elvis Presley. I could not imagine in my life that I will be able to travel to 6 different cinemas around the huge capital to watch this cinematographic masterpiece! 6 different types of audiences and I loved their reactions !!!
SuperMarioJesus Productions
SuperMarioJesus Productions:
0:00 - 0:22 I already love this movie 🙂

Seriously, the opening credits already show how well this movie was made.
This movie is a MASTERPIECE. Also Warning: Highly addictive!
Terry Herrera
Terry Herrera:
I just saw the movie heard so much about it . I got to say I was not disappointed I Loved It !. The Young man did a fabulous job . I've always been big fan of Elvis seen a lot of movies about his life but this movie showed another world and side of his life. The movie was both great but sad. He was so famous but yet so unhappy and lost. What a sad life he lived. When they showed the footage of the real Elvis It made me cry to think all he went through and all those people who just abused him in one way or another. I hope he gets the Oscar for his performance because he Deserves It !!! 🥰
3:10 to 4:10 might be the most emotional minute I have ever watched on film.
Stef S
Stef S:
Something about Austin saying "What if I forget the words on live radio?" gave me chills when I first heard it. The first time you hear Elvis speak in the film but at the same time they don't fully show him yet, just the back of his head. He just stands out with his iconic outfit and accent but yet remains a mystery for the first 10 minutes of the film before they reveal him.
Daemon Targaryen
Daemon Targaryen:
Seen this film 23x in the theater. First time was on IMAX yesterday. Seen it twice on my phone when I got it downloaded 3 weeks ago. Became my all-time favorite movie.
Kal Ibrahim
Kal Ibrahim:
Austin Butler’s performance was a jaw dropping, I never felt for a moment while watching the movie that that was not Elvis. Butler, best actor and Hanks, best supporting actor among many other awards.
A great film. Austin Butler deserves the Oscar for his performance.
Scott Cummins
Scott Cummins:
I was 13 when he passed and I still remember just the mode of the entire country, My mom and aunts cried for days. Those were the days when if you were lucky you had a 25 inch TV and the whole family sat in front of it to watch "Aloha from Hawaii" He was surely something special. And what a movie!! amazing!!
Djibril Wone
Djibril Wone:
This movie needs an Oscar!
First 20 seconds was enough for me to know this movie was gonna be amazing. I wasn’t wrong 😁😁👌👌
Dr. Aashish Xaxa
Dr. Aashish Xaxa:
Austin Butler is winning the Oscar for his portrayal of ELVIS ♥
American Trilogy never fails to give me goosebumps
Giving big credits to Austin Butler for playing Elvis but also giving credits to Tom Hank for playing as Colonel!
Elvis Rose
Elvis Rose:
I got chills just watching Austin singing American trilogy
Traycee Tingu
Traycee Tingu:
Loved the movie so much. Laughed, smiled and cried but most of all fell more in love with Elvis Presley. A legend truly lost. Austin Butler for best actor Oscar award 2023 😘😘
This was absolutely magical to experience in theater, wished I had a screen that large at home.
Baki Vaotuua
Baki Vaotuua:
I can't get enough of this movie, Austin Butler really nailed it!
I actually thought that was the real Elvis. If Butler doesn't win the Oscar, we riot!
R S2002
R S2002:
An amazing movie. Leave it playing in theaters longer. I want to watch it a few more times!
Sheylla Santos
Sheylla Santos:
Austin Butler Amazing amazing actor I've never seen such a real and emotional delivery it felt like I was living that time of ours an acting spectacle Elvis Presley deserves this star that appeared in the cinema ❤️👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Danny Niland
Danny Niland:
Watched this movie 3 times at cinema. Elvis was the man! Brilliant film. I'm a big fan and Austin did a brill job.
Cesar Meirelles
Cesar Meirelles:
Que filme sensacional simplesmente amei 💙🤗🥰
Alyssa Jamee
Alyssa Jamee:
Austin butlers performance was one of a lifetime! Genuinely spot on! I relent whenever was hating on this movie before it was released and now it’s the best elvis movie to ever hit theaters 😭
Mary Patterson
Mary Patterson:
I rarely go to movies, however, glad I did not miss this one. This movie deserves the academy award. I especially loved the scene where Elvis mouths to Pricilla "I will always love you". I believe this was true and his albums after she left him shares those feelings.
How can you not cry through this movie..
HOW.. someone tell me .. This movie has too be the Best thing since slice bread.
Elvis ⭐ presence is felt all over the world still..and always will be. This man will never.Ever go away..
Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon:
Oscars nominees:
Best Movie
Best Director: Baz Luhrmann
Best Cinematography
Best Edit
Best Sound Edit
Best Sound Mixing

Oscars Wins:
Best Actor: Austin Butler
Best Supporting Actor: Tom Hanks
Best Design
Best Costume
Elvis's voice is just perfect at the beginning!!!!!!This is my favourite movie of the year, probably of the decade! I loved it! ❤❤
Mr. G
Mr. G:
The first 5 minutes is incredibly outstanding!
Appolo P
Appolo P:
I have to admit from 2:42 until 4:07, after watching these concerts myself back in the 60's and 70's, of course on TV, just that segment of montages, deserves an oscar.The intro of "A Space Odyssey", (Also Sprach Zarathustra ),his band along with the backup singers, waiting for the curtains to rise, fans screaming, music of" A Space Odyssey,(Also Sprach Zarathustra ) blending into "An American Trilogy", crescendo, not only brought chills down my spine, but brought me back in time, to exactly that moment when Elvis was performing, kinda of a deja vu feeling.

On a personal note Priscilla Presley who left Elvis, and all the other mooches that surronded him, are to blame for his death. Don't put the blame on Parker, now that he's dead, and can't defend himself. Priscilla Presley is, and will always be a gold digger. She married Elvis because of who he was, nothing else. She loves money, and to this day, is still making money off of her dead ex-husband, only gold diggers can do that. She has no business carrying the PresIey name. I wish her well with her boy friend Tom Jones, and hope she'll continue on her plastic surgery journey.

Btw, I wouldn't pay a penny to watch this movie, just to spite that money hungry, Priscilla.
Joanne Murdock
Joanne Murdock:
Eye catching visuals and sounds from start to finish! LOVED THIS MOVIE 9 TIMES at the cinema! 🥰
After the trailer, I thought this Austin Butler guy was gonna be a terrible decision to play Elvis. I'll be the first to admit I was dead wrong. Favorite bio-pic since Walk The Line.
Kenzie Winston
Kenzie Winston:
One of if not the best movies I’ve ever seen
Pat Guzman
Pat Guzman:
I've seen the movie three times! Absolutely phenomenal!
Leeanne Hudson
Leeanne Hudson:
Saw this 4 times at the movies and now have purchased it through Prime. A wonderful move congratulations Baz, Warner Bros,cast and crew <3 BRAVO ! As for Austins portrail of Elvis....he was Elvis <3
K McK:
The American Trilogy singing part absolutely blew me away. Think I've watched it about 100 times 🙋‍♂️
David of the Glen
David of the Glen:
Me and my girlfriend watched it last night . We both agree it's definitely a 10/10 film . One of the best I've ever seen . I highly recommend you watch it 🙂🙂🙂
Filme do ano, apenas! Que venha Oscars
Katrina Sanchez
Katrina Sanchez:
Is no one going to mention how outstanding Tom Hanks is once again! Austin was just as Amazing 🤩 great movie 🎥🍿
T.J. Ferguson Project
T.J. Ferguson Project:
This movie was awesome, and still is!
I’ve seen it three times in the theater!! I love this movie so much!! Definitely Oscar worthy they work so hard for this movie!
Marcy Onsgard
Marcy Onsgard:
People love the "Elvis" movie because Elvis is missed so much by his fans.
Merle Paton
Merle Paton:
I miss Elvis all these years And thee Amazing Austin Butler has brought it all back..I love this young man and how he filled Elvis shoes to perfection..Austin Butler is a super star 🌟 🤩 ❤
elvis Fan
elvis Fan:
Outstanding movie! I have seen it 7 times! Baz and Austin and Mister Hanks GREAT job!
glitter time
glitter time:
I just saw the movie..I start crying at the first 23 minutes!..I will cry forever!I feel great!..You will loved it !..We love you Elvis Presley and you ..Tom Hanks!..😁♥️♥️🎥 Great great great!!..
Jesus Alvizar
Jesus Alvizar:
Quiero verla otra vez me enamoro la película y sus actuaciones son espectaculares 😍
Workout Warrior
Workout Warrior:
I was blown away when I heard it’s actually Austin’s vocals on most of the songs, or mixed in with original Elvis vocals… Austin captured his moves, mannerisms and voice, spectacular oscar and academy deserving performance’s… let’s just hope Will Smith doesn’t slap anyone else and ruin Austin’s moment 😂
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford:
2:48 Honestly the best way they could’ve introduced Elvis. In the most spectacular, Elvis way possible.
I’m not a huge Elvis fan, I’m not a huge fan of Baz Luhrmann movies, and I kinda had my reservations about this movie before I saw it based on those two things alone….

It’s very rare that I set my expectations low for a movie and I’m absolutely blown away by the time the credits roll. This was one of the best biopics I’ve ever seen and I gained way more respect for Elvis as an artist and Baz Luhrmann as a director after seeing this. It was incredibly well done. I want to watch it again as soon as possible.
ive literally watched it 4 times in theaters already but i still got excited watching this video lol
Fatima Guerreiro
Fatima Guerreiro:
The best film of this year!
I absolutely love Elvis and this movie gives me goosebumps every time I’ve seen it three times.
On a side note don’t know if I’m a idiot but why was the international sign blurred
Noor Benzo
Noor Benzo:
Amazing movie Austin Butler nailed it congrats 🥳 we want it in DVD to keep it forever
Marcelo A. Alves
Marcelo A. Alves:
Iam in Brazil.....watched the movie last saturday.
I have to say.........A MASTER PIECE.

Wayne Prezzler
Wayne Prezzler:
When my funeral song Trilogy was played after 5 mins I knew it was going to be a masterpiece and so it proved the best movie I’ve seen in the last decade. Truly spectacular
Christine Hasse
Christine Hasse:
This beginning with Suspicious Minds as if it Elvis is singing in heaven, plus instrumental of Edge of Reality and Glory Glory hallelujah is stunning and magical, the best movie intro I've ever seen!
Melissa Gahn
Melissa Gahn:
I love this movie. I think Austin Butler was incredible as The King, Olivia DeJonge was also fantastic as Priscilla Presley. I can't stop watching it, I love it so much!!
Joanne Murdock
Joanne Murdock:
Parker Nuttall
Parker Nuttall:
I love it. I love love love it. I especially love the beginning with the introduction to the Colonel, with “Cotton Candy Land” as his motif.
Cristiane Gomes
Cristiane Gomes:
I loved the movie so much! Everybody did a great great job. Congratulations! Success and more! Waiting for Oscar!
there was definitely alot more passion put into this than the recent marvel movies
Assisti filme bom recomendo a todos o ator austin Butler fez papel muito bom só do Brazil e amei o filme parabéns pelo recomendo
I’m a very jaded person and I absolutely loved this movie. It highlights what we all already know and that is that poor Elvis was worked to death! Died at 42 years old. And this movie tells you why. Tom Hanks is probably the worse part of this movie - his performance was comical, but Austin Butler nailed it. I hope to see him in more things. Watch it.
juan manuel llarena
juan manuel llarena:
I cried when he started singing.
David Gibbs
David Gibbs:
Incredible. Amazing. Brilliant. Outstanding. Glorious. Stupendous Unbelievable. Fabulous. Magical. Best movie I have ever seen. 👑
Elvis + american trilogy.. PERFECTION!!!!! 👑
Leo Jasso
Leo Jasso:
Tengo que aceptar que antes no sabía nada de Elvis, ahora soy su fan 😀
I have seen many of the greats, but never saw anything like him. they only made one, no disrespect to the other artists, but Elvis was at another level.
Rebel Vgan
Rebel Vgan:
I've seen it four times, and seeing it again at an outdoor cinema 😊 Best film in a long time, and I've now become a big Elvis fan 🕺🎸
r e v e l a r e_ XVII
r e v e l a r e_ XVII:
Baz and Austin truly did the King justice.
Ultimo Games
Ultimo Games:
That intro tells so much about Elvis in such a wonderful way, it is amazing! It always gives me the goosebumps!
If the Oscars don't give Austin Butler an Oscar for this movie we're gonna riot!!
My mom couldn't wait to see this movie. She grew up an Elvis fan. She cried at the end anytime I play it at home she still cried.
This movie gets better every time I watch it. I see little things I haven't seen before.