Emilia Clarke LOVES Matt LeBlanc | The Graham Norton Show CLASSIC CLIP

Adorable! Emilia will be back on the show this Friday.

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100+ komentarze:

Nandit Desai
Nandit Desai:
Matt LeBlanc moves closer to Emilia, gives her a tight and warm hug...and promptly moves away.
A thorough gentleman.
'I just think you're wicked'
She's the cutest thing in the entire world
Matt LeBlanc: "How you doin'? "
Emilia Clarke: Blushes
The "How you doing" was PERFECT!
Reasons why:
- Same style as we all know
- However, deeper Joey voice
- Older, more smooth version
Emilia Clarke is all of us in this interview
The fact that no one on the couch got Emilia's "good bits" joke and most of the audience did, makes it even funnier.
Aiman Gul
Aiman Gul:
I love how both Matt and Emilia are blushing the entire time! 😂 They're both so pure. Love them!
Could she be any more adorable ? (In my chandler's voice)😁
David Rodríguez
David Rodríguez:
Daenerys Targaryen meets Joe Tribbiani, this is the best crossover ever.
Feris Yunos
Feris Yunos:
01:24 The good bits.
I saw what you did there Emilia. 😂😂
"Who's laugh is that?" kills me Everytime 🤣🤣
E. Jones
E. Jones:
Emilia has a lovely personality!
Madera Avenue Bible Church
Madera Avenue Bible Church:
"You've seen the good bits" hahahaha
😍😍 she's so adorable
OIH Baner
OIH Baner:
While shooting “FRIENDS” , they would have never thought that they were writing history. Generations and generations relate to it. It never gets older just like wine.
Shubham Goel
Shubham Goel:
Daenerys Targaryen: Joey, bend your Knees 😐
Joe Tribbiani: How you Doing??? 😏
Daenerys Targaryen: 😳😯😍
Emilia Clarke is literally the cutest thing omg. She’s so genuine
Caroline Kim
Caroline Kim:
“Emilia did you get to talk to everyone back stage?”
“Um yeah kind of”
“Did you get to talk to him?”
“Yeah kind ofagshdjkdksahhwbwkrjdw”
Ishan Basu
Ishan Basu:
As a fully straight male if Matt le blanc asked me how I was doing I would melt
matt saying he saw the first season of game of thrones got me thinking "does emilia think how matt saw her naked????"
"How you doin'?
More than two decades and Matt LeBlanc still got it. Joey Tribbiani, Ladies and Gentleman.
"You've seen the good bits" Yes doll, yes we have!
Vanshaj Khera Music
Vanshaj Khera Music:
I don’t blame her.
Who doesn’t love Joey???
Kaitlyn Lodewikus
Kaitlyn Lodewikus:
"Who's laugh is that?!" Rewatched that part like 50 time 😂😂😂
Teddy Tschin
Teddy Tschin:
Matt Leblanc aged like a fine wine.
Jonny P
Jonny P:
Emilia has the best smile and laugh ever
Aash Martin
Aash Martin:
"you've seen the good bits"

yes he has Emilia.....yes he has
Jackie Chinchilla
Jackie Chinchilla:
Emilia is like the cutest human ever. Her fangirling Matt was adorable
Rebecca Billie
Rebecca Billie:
Emilia Clark is adorable. she could be the inspiration for “Bridget Jones” she can play the daughter of Bridget and Mark Darcy
so cute and Matt is a real nice guy by hugging her and just enjoying him and her and l love him for that.
shanker goud
shanker goud:
Emilia clarke: would you able to ask me how I'm doing
Leblanc: "yeah baby" 😂😍
Rhys G
Rhys G:
That must be the hottest couch ever assembled
Ania P.
Ania P.:
Emilia Clarke and Taylor Swift should have been invited to the 'Friends' reunion! They're both huge fans of the show!
The ' How you doin ' works in real life.. And Emilia is the prove, because she blushed when he told her this😂😂
nea mikkonen
nea mikkonen:
2:27 Emilia looks so blessed and happy 😂😍
Putri Nursofiyanti
Putri Nursofiyanti:
That was a weak "how you doin" but enough to melt emilia's heart😂
Marcus Lex
Marcus Lex:
Matt didnt get the request. He should have said it the way he did in friends. How ya doin?
Rick Blaine
Rick Blaine:
Man, whenever Emilia feels even slightly down, all she has to do to cheer herself up is look through any random comment section regarding her. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a celebrity more genuinely beloved than her😂
Baby Huey
Baby Huey:
Love this. So funny to see celebs fangirl/boiing as much as normal people when they meet someone they're a fan of. And it's a great example of what's so cool about British chat shows, as opposed to US ones. Fallon would have each of them on in turn, play a stupid game and say "So fun" 19 times, and we'd never ever get this kind of spontaneous, genuine moment.
freya charlotte
freya charlotte:
tbh, emilia is me. and omg i melted at matts “how you doin’” *swoon*
Sanity Est
Sanity Est:
That was exactly how Phoebe reacted
Shes back on the show this friday YESSSSS
Exploding Skull
Exploding Skull:
Emilia: You've seen the good bits
Joey later that night: Oh ,my
Emilia clarke is so cute
Emilia is sooo adorable ! <3 and Matt's charisma is still as strong as before, I'd say even stronger O__O
RetroMeme Naga
RetroMeme Naga:
Ah "the good bits" very smooth indeed. 💀
I love how Emilia's eyes basically close when she smiles...which is a lot
Vishnu Narayan
Vishnu Narayan:
"This is The Mother of Dragon, The breaker of chains and The......"
Joey : How you doin".
She : 😘😘
Diane Eli
Diane Eli:
i cant stop smiling for the 2 minutes and 43 seconds
Michelle P
Michelle P:
Emilia is me if I ever met Matt, imagine people who were lucky enough to meet him when he was young.
Coyla Vuki
Coyla Vuki:
who doesn’t love matt leblanc?
Kanokwan Sutthiphasuk
Kanokwan Sutthiphasuk:
The mother of dragon is so cute 😘 I’ve seen the good bits too 🙃
Tuasnia Begum
Tuasnia Begum:
I feel like emilia Clark represents every girl who has a crush on matt leblanc!!!!!!!
Emiliano Pedraza
Emiliano Pedraza:
Damn, Kate Beckinsale is insanely gorgeous.
Bipin Gojiya
Bipin Gojiya:
Watching Em smiling.

Well I can do this all day
Shneha Prasad
Shneha Prasad:
Good lord , Matt's just aged like a fine wine over the years and Ahh the god damn voice! And Emily is soo Darn cute
Sourav Bhoi
Sourav Bhoi:
Emilia Clarke: when matt said he only watched the 1st season and haven't watched the rest and then she said it's okay, it's okay 🥰❤️
Rony Ro
Rony Ro:
she is so godamn cute
Nipun Chaturvedi
Nipun Chaturvedi:
'Who's laugh is that?" followed by some funny comments was the best moment 🤣
Dean C.
Dean C.:
Emilia Clarke has a smile that melts me😁
BPG Productions
BPG Productions:
It’s so cute that she fangirls over Matt. So precious.
0:06 the way she shys away like that just makes her so precious😹
she's adorable
Mariella May
Mariella May:
She has the brightest smile I’ve ever seen
Gabriele Diacodimitri
Gabriele Diacodimitri:
-How do you say "moon of my life" in Dothraki?
her face at 0:40 when she admits to being an obsessive fan is gold.
jemmy gho
jemmy gho:
Omg how lovable and adorable emilia clarke is. Luv her even more now. Her smile is so addictive.
Siva Sankar
Siva Sankar:
Matt : how you doin..❤️
Emilia : drakaris🔥
Orpon Khandakar
Orpon Khandakar:
Title: Emilia Clarke loves Matt leblanc

Doesn’t everyone love matt
Kaitan D'lima
Kaitan D'lima:
She is adorable pure soul
Mehmet Yiğit
Mehmet Yiğit:
I just finished Friends again and gotta say that Joey I am fall in love with you
cHo TiMe
cHo TiMe:
I love how genuine and cute the way she acts around him is !
Peter Smith
Peter Smith:
Whoever put this crowd together needs to be given a medal, the chemistry is wicked...
Kate never gets any older... just stunning ...
Lucy Tustian
Lucy Tustian:
I'd not seen this before. Just brilliant. I do love how she comes across in interviews. So bubbly and not at all stuck up!
james zeyate
james zeyate:
0:04- cutest smile ever.
Kurt Davis
Kurt Davis:
The way she acts when sitting next to him is probably how I'd be sitting next to her. It would be SO easy to fall in love with Emilia Clarke
Michael Mueller
Michael Mueller:
I love Emilia Clarke. She seems like such a genuinely likeable person.
I love the part where Emilia says ''good bits'' realises how that can be interpreted and start laughing, no one else on the couch gets it but the audience does and start laughing aswell.
sallyboy ozland
sallyboy ozland:
I've got to admit Emilia Clarke has a smile of an angel she's so cute and a very good sense of humour..
Varun Upadhyay
Varun Upadhyay:
Imagine this
Joey: Hey khaleesi how u doing😏😏😏???
The Raipur Guy
The Raipur Guy:
Emilia Clarke is just adorable ❤️❤️
After Phoebe, Emilia got the best reaction to Joe's "How you doiin" 😍
I remember someone said that Emilia and Matt are just like two golden retrievers wagging their tails at eachother. X)
Lu Moura
Lu Moura:
Yep Game of Thrones is way too complex for Joey to understand 😂
Ruby Elizabeth Emily Bennett
Ruby Elizabeth Emily Bennett:
Love her she is so genuine! Bless her.
I must have rewinded it at least 10 times just to hear that guys laugh. Omg 😂
Diva Alfirman
Diva Alfirman:
Her reaction is just like Phoebe's when Joey did the same to her. I love it!
André A
André A:
Kate Beckinsale is just perfection!
Larry Garcia
Larry Garcia:
There is none more adorable than Emilia Clarke.
Rohan Maitra
Rohan Maitra:
LOL. You should see how a girl asked Matt LeBlanc to say "How You Doin?" in Episodes.
Emilia’s personality reminds me of Melissa Benoists, a bit they’re both so bubbly and cute
Haha, Graham is such a sweet guy when he says: "When Matt walked out i was like "How you doing" ".
Pillow and Scream Records
Pillow and Scream Records:
Emila asking Matt to ask her how she's doing is the thing every person on earth wants and its soo honest. Emila is a treasure
Alejandro J Mendoza M
Alejandro J Mendoza M:
Emilia clarke ohh that smile is just wonderful
krishan Arora
krishan Arora:
Emilia reaction was similar to phoebe
meme GOD
meme GOD:
free blows for everybody
lethon op
lethon op:
Aged like a fine wine.
Come on Matt, you forgot to look up and down while smirking.
if i was hugged by my favorite celebrity like that i wont be able to stop blushing
K. M.
K. M.:
She smiles with her entire being, it's the most adorable thing :)