Emilia Clarke Takes a Lie Detector Test | Vanity Fair

Emilia Clarke takes the famous Vanity Fair lie detector test. How many instruments does she play? Is she a huge fan of Lizzo? Was being a birthday party princess her first job? Is her childhood room full of Star Wars merchandise?

Last Christmas is in theaters on November 8, 2019.

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Emilia Clarke Takes a Lie Detector Test | Vanity Fair

100+ komentarze:

Those cowards didn't even dare to ask her if she liked season 8.... 👀

everyone including myself: *stares at lie detector as if i understand how to read it*
Fred Zeppelin
Fred Zeppelin:
My god she has to be the most charming woman alive
Emna Meherzi
Emna Meherzi:
She turned a lie detector test into a talk show lmao
revelink nation
revelink nation:
"I have great teeth" * smiles widely *
She's so cute
Emila Clarke: *Says something*

Lie Detector: Cute
Schopenhauer Ass Plower
Schopenhauer Ass Plower:
“Are you the mother of dragons?”


Why is she so cute
*The only person who laugh in a lie detector test*
Hsn Khn
Hsn Khn:
This is Emilia Isabel Euphemia Rose Clarke, leave a message after the tone.
Ard Skellig
Ard Skellig:
How does someone not fall in love being around her lol.
Shes been more lively and hilarious in those 18 minutes than I've cumulatively been in my life.
just a cock waiting to be jacked
just a cock waiting to be jacked:
she literally has the prettiest smile ever
adam park
adam park:
Interviewer: Are you the cutest thing that ever cuted?

Lie detector: YES!!!
You can't change my mind he is jerryrigeverything.
Fadrique Fonseca
Fadrique Fonseca:
I love how she doesn’t just give a short answer but a full comment or a story.
saman hosein zade
saman hosein zade:
she is the loveliest person to ever walk the earth and that's FACTS!!!
Buk Lau
Buk Lau:
Emilia Clark's eyebrows have more emotions then Kristen Stewart
Gen Wilk
Gen Wilk:
After he brought up her eyebrows I couldnt take my eyes off of them...
Normal people: eyes tell always the truth
Emilia: eyebrows tell always the truth
mocha in space
mocha in space:
no one:

emilia’s eyebrows:
ô.ô ò.ó õ.õ ó.ò
Dilwar Alam
Dilwar Alam:
The interviewer sounds like JerryRigEverything
Q: “Do you think Aquaman would have had a chance for the Iron Throne?”
“No.... there’s just not enough water.”
MC King
MC King:
"Is there any truth to the stereotype that British people have bad teeth?"
"Yeah, but I'm the exception. 😁😁😁"
prpl 1029
prpl 1029:
I adore Emilia Clarke she is such a ray of sunshine
I love when he asked “are you the mother of dragons?” And she said “yeah!:)” with no hesitation 🥺🥺
She's either the most genuinely sweet, nice, and caring human-being in the world.... Or, a phenomenally amazing actress who has fooled the entire world!
What nobody realized is that she spoiled a Season 8 occurrence.
Varnesh Vaid
Varnesh Vaid:
How many of y'all giggle like an idiot everytime she smiles !? Or is it just me
Soz Ziad
Soz Ziad:
The fact that she is the only one laughing in the room is cracking me up lmao she’s so sweet
Yee Yee
Yee Yee:
It’s so crazy to see her play danerys who is all serious and then her in real life and be so fun and bubbly
momo best girl
momo best girl:
me: :(
emilia: *breathes*
me: :)
Niepu chale
Niepu chale:
Emelia : Smiles all the way
Lie Detector : am I a joke to you?
Ming Gnim
Ming Gnim:
"I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that. "
Johannes Meier
Johannes Meier:
no need for a lie detector, her eyebrows always tell the truth
Their pronunciation of Oxfordshire gave me an aneurysm
MMO Archives
MMO Archives:
not a real lie detector test, in 2019, they make you put your face on an eye examiner so that AI software can detect eye movement to better detect lying
Ashrant Bharti
Ashrant Bharti:
Lie detector in Got world
Lady- confess
Emilia- Got season was the best.
Lady- slapped her*
The pins don't even move when she is so "emotional"

And I know how the lie detector works, makes me question.
mark allen
mark allen:
Emilia is so lovely on so many levels, mentally, emotionally, physically and the most importantly, she has laughing eyes and eye brows.
Jodi Miles
Jodi Miles:
She straight-up literally said her opinions on everything. One truthful person :)
Test of wholesomeness:
Emilia Clarke vs Keanu Reeves
Ahmed Shakil
Ahmed Shakil:
Interviewer: any question asked.

Emilia: Ohhhhh, Yeahhhhh, awhhhhhh, noouuuhhh.
This Person Does Not Exist
This Person Does Not Exist:
if you didn't smile once when Emilia smiled then i can't imagine what kind of person you are.
Josh los blancos
Josh los blancos:
Emilia: starts to do things with her eyebrows

Lie detector machine: goes crazy..

Dita Ch
Dita Ch:
I actually loved her in Solo. And Terminator. Only watched those movies for her.
No Cap
No Cap:
goddddd id wife her
“What did you think of GOT Season 8?”

Emilia: “BeSt SeAsOn EvEr!”

*lie detector machine explodes*
s wi
s wi:
So naturally sweet and fun.
Hernan Crespo
Hernan Crespo:
I don’t have clue who this is
Isabel Pflughoeft
Isabel Pflughoeft:
My name is Isabel!
Squash Head
Squash Head:
This world and all of us in it do not deserve Emilia Clarke.
Her smile is contagious I'm smiling the whole time watching this...
XO_ zaf
XO_ zaf:
I liked that the interviewer has some humour. Makes it more human and genuine.
We all remember
Star wars episode 5: CHRIST
Bird Up
Bird Up:
Good lord, this woman is an enormous mood booster. I'm only 48 seconds in and I'm already smiling.
Gundamn Mechas
Gundamn Mechas:
Glad they gave her a second go on _Empire Strikes Back_ LOL
What if the lie detector lady is lying? Then what?
Andy Hype
Andy Hype:
I show this video to my girlfriend and tell her to be more like Emilia. The Khaleesi “dress ;)” is in the mail and the British accent lessons are scheduled.
I’m scheduling her hair dye and cut, what Emilia style should I get her?

Also no worries, she lost a bet. Otherwise I’d be getting hair extensions and learning Dothraki to be like Drogo xD
Thumbs up for the interview, thumbs down for the whole fake lie detector...!
A Ghost.
A Ghost.:
She looks like every girl you fall in love with and think you have a chance,
but then she breaks your heart and dates your best friend.
TheSimpleWay Official
TheSimpleWay Official:
I just love her...! Emilia, please, marry me! ;D ;D <3
Zhi Cheng
Zhi Cheng:
she's so adorable with her living eyebrows 😂😂
fuck uploading
fuck uploading:
why do i feel like out of all the celebrities, she has the best personality
Floor Burrito
Floor Burrito:
Are you the mother of dragons?

Emilia: Ye!
Wayward Mind
Wayward Mind:
"Are you the Mother of Dragons?"
". . . She's telling the truth."
Freya Marks
Freya Marks:
She made such an awkward interview entertaining
Jose Alvarez
Jose Alvarez:
Emilia Isabelle Euphemia Rose Clarke .. bruh.. that is the most royalty name ever!
Wanna see Emilia, Gal Gadot, Sofia Vergara and Shakira interact with each other. I think the room would explode with nice, candid energy
She is the cutest most charming woman alive.. the english accent does it.
Mayuri Tathe
Mayuri Tathe:
Him: are you the mother of dragons
Emilia: yes!😁
Him: is she telling the truth
Lady: yes🥰🥰
Thony B.
Thony B.:
Love her reaction at 14:20.... That "Yeh" is so lovely 😍 (updated - thanks _David_)
Only reason I clicked was to see her destroy season 8. Also it is not shire it’s sheer!!
Im shooketh
Im shooketh:
Emilia, dont feel infuriated by your eyebrows, they give you character
Echino Coccus
Echino Coccus:
Emilia clarke:...
Lie detector:..
Arya stark:...
Jaqen H'ghar: a lie *slaps
Susanne Jin Bjorvand
Susanne Jin Bjorvand:
Like seriously, if you're in a bad mood just watch an interview with Emilia Clarke. I literally couldn't stop smiling watching this, she is to adorable!
Nate Lyless
Nate Lyless:
Emilia : i only remember “Quoy quoy”..

Me : “Shafka reagiss Anhaan, reagiss Andhali”

“Ma jinee? Ma’yeyeaaan?!”
Mitsuko McKinnon
Mitsuko McKinnon:
she's literally the most charming person ever
Fahri Karami Rafianto
Fahri Karami Rafianto:
Interviewer: "I was thinking you would've played good roommate" *shows a picture*
Emilia: *Screaming O in Dothraki*

Also Emilia Clarke 15:16
Isha Gokhale
Isha Gokhale:
15:18 the sound she does is sooo adorable, aww, it actually sounds like a dragon momma talking to her children❤
Mark Ratliff
Mark Ratliff:
I don't see how anyone could not love her. She's adorable.
She's adorable and I love her laugh. I bet she's really nice in person.
Matt G.
Matt G.:
I wish Emilia would tell us how she smiles and laughs at nearly everything. It's amazing, I wish I could have perception.
That serial killer voice is soothing.

Wany him to say: "Welcome to the macdrive, how may I take your order?..."
I love that she's so British. No blending in, she's just herself.
next one please: Emilia Clarke's eyebrows take a lie detector test. THANKS
Greg Paxton
Greg Paxton:
Interviewer: buttery smooth voice for most of the interview

Also interviewer: oXfErDsHaYeR
No need for a lie detector when that smile came across her face when they mentioned Jason Mamoa.
kun armakun
kun armakun:
emilia's eyebrows are the best ... her personality is just so natural.
mísfîtemø xø
mísfîtemø xø:
*I went completely mental*

I love how they say that😩🖤
Why is Emilia so adorable, she can't be human
iMagic Gamer
iMagic Gamer:
Emilia Clarke is the most beautiful woman on planet earth.
“ Did you like season 8”?

Emilia “ aight imma head out”
Joan Todorov
Joan Todorov:
let's be honest, this lie detector is probably not true in most scenarios .
John Wiked
John Wiked:
“How often do you get asked about GOT S8?”

Kerry Baughman
Kerry Baughman:
If you're having a bad day, watch Emilia and you'll feel better.
Abdou Amazigh Oubachir
Abdou Amazigh Oubachir:
I love her folks, I truly love her :''(
AFTER ley:
Emilia : "and the piano òó õõ ōō.... not really" 3:25
Me : laughing like an idiot at 3 in the morning
The last 10 seconds look like he pulled out a gun on her when he said "Emilia, tell the truth"
Elmo loves coke
Elmo loves coke:
Am I the only one smiling like an idiot watching this video?
Bert Fechner
Bert Fechner:
Me as the Polygraph tester:
"So what were Emilia's results?"
"I don't know...I got distracted."
Aaron Tan
Aaron Tan:
Can this man ask celebrities some tough questions like who’s your favorite sibling etc