Emilia Clarke Takes a Lie Detector Test | Vanity Fair

Emilia Clarke takes the famous Vanity Fair lie detector test. How many instruments does she play? Is she a huge fan of Lizzo? Was being a birthday party princess her first job? Is her childhood room full of Star Wars merchandise?

Last Christmas is in theaters on November 8, 2019.

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Emilia Clarke Takes a Lie Detector Test | Vanity Fair

100+ komentarze:

Those cowards didn't even dare to ask her if she liked season 8.... 👀
Emna Meherzi
Emna Meherzi:
She turned a lie detector test into a talk show lmao
Marium Khan
Marium Khan:
If sunshine were a person, it would be her.
Thomas Koprek
Thomas Koprek:
It’s so crazy to see her play danerys who is all serious and then her in real life and be so fun and bubbly
Elmo loves coke
Elmo loves coke:
Am I the only one smiling like an idiot watching this video?
if you didn't smile once when Emilia smiled then i can't imagine what kind of person you are.
Me: ☹️
Emilia Clarke: **smiles**
Me: 😄😄😄
Claude Oliver
Claude Oliver:
Emiala Clarke: *Smiles

Depression Rate: Dropped to zero
Angel Gb
Angel Gb:
She’s probably the only person who can make this lie-detector-test fun and enjoyable!! Her laugh is contagious and she’s definitely adorable!!
Fadrique Fonseca
Fadrique Fonseca:
I love how she doesn’t just give a short answer but a full comment or a story.
Keith Adams
Keith Adams:
Just love this and how she goes full story rather than just yes or no. She’s allowed to get away with it as she’s the mother of dragons
Josh los blancos
Josh los blancos:
Emilia: starts to do things with her eyebrows

Lie detector machine: goes crazy..

Matt G.
Matt G.:
I wish Emilia would tell us how she smiles and laughs at nearly everything. It's amazing, I wish I could have that perception.
adam park
adam park:
Interviewer: Are you the cutest thing that ever cuted?

Lie detector: YES!!!
Susanne Jin Bjorvand
Susanne Jin Bjorvand:
Like seriously, if you're in a bad mood just watch an interview with Emilia Clarke. I literally couldn't stop smiling watching this, she is to adorable!
She really seems like the perfect woman. Evertone knew she had the looks, but I now love her personality.
why do i feel like out of all the celebrities, she has the best personality
Qvasar Arthouse
Qvasar Arthouse:
I saw her recently and she’s exactly this bubbly and adorable irl, love her and I was lucky to see her up close
i know exactly who you are
i know exactly who you are:
Emilia is the only actress in the industry I genuinely enjoy seeing, her personality alone cures my depression
Maria Eduarda Bueno
Maria Eduarda Bueno:
no one:

emilia’s eyebrows:
ô.ô ò.ó õ.õ ó.ò
Emilia is the only one to laugh heartily during a lie detector test and make others smile too.
Theophilus Darko
Theophilus Darko:
Emilia's smiles are so infectious and beautiful.
Katie Gill
Katie Gill:
She is impossibly charming, and has the most adorable smile!
Bad bleep
Bad bleep:
Her smile makes me smile too unintentionally she’s such a positive happy person
Her smile is contagious I'm smiling the whole time watching this...
She made such an awkward interview entertaining
she's the only one being fun and bubbly everyone else is serious and like bland, i love her so much omg she's such a good actor
Ela é maravilhosa, irradia simpatia e alegria!!!
Brasil em Foco
Brasil em Foco:
Emilia is amazing.....i love her good sense of humor it reveals how she really is in person...Honestly it's too hard not being her fan!💚💛😘

everyone including myself: *stares at lie detector as if i understand how to read it*
Tyvan Kenyon
Tyvan Kenyon:
”Are you the ’mother of dragons’?”


”Shes telling the truth.”

The Mask
The Mask:
"Do you think Aquaman could have had a chance for the Iron Throne?"

"There's just not enough water"
She's adorable and I love her laugh. I bet she's really nice in person.
Ashley Hedrick
Ashley Hedrick:
I love her personality. So fun and bubbly.
JB Ghuman, Jr
JB Ghuman, Jr:
Literally one of the most endearing actors around. She's pure lovable.
I freaking love Emilia, she's so sweet and funny.
I love her so much. When she laughs and smiles, I smile.
Mike 91MDK
Mike 91MDK:
Her smile and personality are so infectious. Can't remember the last time i enjoyed an interview this much
Amany Mohammed Essawy
Amany Mohammed Essawy:
I actually love her energy 🤩
7 Shades of Purple
7 Shades of Purple:
"How do you think of my British accent?"
Emilia*without a pause*: terrible! awful!
Meeth Kumar
Meeth Kumar:
Watching Emilia talk is like getting steamrolled by a charm offensive. Just so irresistible
Kamel chan
Kamel chan:
she can't stop laughing love her our queen
How does someone not fall in love being around her lol.
Shes been more lively and hilarious in those 18 minutes than I've cumulatively been in my life.
Isha Gokhale
Isha Gokhale:
15:18 the sound she does is sooo adorable, aww, it actually sounds like a dragon momma talking to her children❤
Yalena Yardeen
Yalena Yardeen:
She is literally sunshine, I need a part 2 of this.
Interviewer: "Did you know where Drogon went?"
Emilia: *"Well I like to think that he went to Hawaii"*
omg i can't--
I love how she is really honest or really good at putting it together.
The Ghost Of Fred Zeppelin
The Ghost Of Fred Zeppelin:
My god she has to be the most charming woman alive
Mackenzie Shaw
Mackenzie Shaw:
How does she manage to look comfortable in ANY situation?!?
Phoe nix
Phoe nix:
She laugh every time. I love this. Emilia is a beautiful person I love her
vasy junier
vasy junier:
yo siempre voy a recordarla como la mujer más hermosa del cine de todos los tiempos y aunque su belleza exterior es incomparable su belleza interna lo es aún más.
Mitsuko McKinnon
Mitsuko McKinnon:
she's literally the most charming person ever
Mark Ratliff
Mark Ratliff:
I don't see how anyone could not love her. She's adorable.
Adventure Fuel
Adventure Fuel:
She is such a delight. Her smile and laugh. She is a great guest.
bogus parasite
bogus parasite:
her smile is the most contagious I have ever seen. everytime she smile i can't help but smile as well
I love her, she’s so happy all the time. I wish I could be that way.
Alexa Moon
Alexa Moon:
she’s so genuine & entertaining i wanna be her friend
Schopenhauer Ass Plower
Schopenhauer Ass Plower:
“Are you the mother of dragons?”


Why is she so cute
Ankan Saha
Ankan Saha:
She's the most truthful person I've seen here!
joanie keyser
joanie keyser:
This woman is pure sunshine I swear! I'm forty freaking years old and I just recently realized I've got my first legitimate girl crush and it's this gem of a woman right here!
thespons gaming
thespons gaming:
She is the cutest most charming woman alive.. the english accent does it.
júlia sabbag
júlia sabbag:
she’s too pure for this world
Native Dude
Native Dude:
If I knew her, I'd spend all my time trying to make her laugh. 🙂
LSDeating kittys
LSDeating kittys:
I just love her, she’s so amazing.
John Beavis
John Beavis:
Congratulations Tina on this wonderful tribute .... well deserved and absolutely fitting 💐🌈🙏🏽
I was just smiling the whole time coz she's smiling too.
I love that she's so British. No blending in, she's just herself.
Video be like:

Interviewer: Are you feeling good?

Emilia: Tells life story
Evan Chan
Evan Chan:
This is like a 9.0 IELTS speaking Test, where you don't give short answers
How could ANYONE not be gravitated toward her!She is so wonderful and exudes beauty,personality & charm.The EYEBROWS kill me and her smile is infectious.You can't possibly be or remain in the dumps around her,what a treasure of a person BTW,loved SOLO.
The Variety Show
The Variety Show:
I love that she's never annoyed when asked about Game of Thrones, you can tell she genuinely loved the show and is grateful for the opportunities it gave her.
Emanuel Stovall
Emanuel Stovall:
I'm so obsessed with this woman -- I took a photo of her one time, and put it on my Facebook story, supposedly
She is so a lovely person omg 🥰❤️

Such a good sense of humor and a beautiful character 💯
Adama Rejae
Adama Rejae:
even as a woman Emilia is so classy. the one celeb we should respect immensely why is scarlett in every movie we need more of this woman wow
The Geek Monster
The Geek Monster:
Emilia is so freaking delightful <3
I wish I can meet Emilia someday. She really is a likeable person. 😍
I would pay a million dollars just to see Emilia Clarke smile at me. ❤️
Captain ramius
Captain ramius:
Im so blown away at how much funnier and cool she is in real life.
I didnt think she would be dumb or anything. But shes way more intelligent than i thought she would be before i saw videos like this.
What an incredible woman
Bharath Haleshnaik
Bharath Haleshnaik:
Man she’s such a great actor,although she was nervous she played it cool
She's either the most genuinely sweet, nice, and caring human-being in the world.... Or, a phenomenally amazing actress who has fooled the entire world!
ChiNoTron SmurF
ChiNoTron SmurF:
Omg, just let us all have our own emilia Clarke. She is so funny and cheerful and I love her eyebrows and smile, totally wifey material.
sunny gogoi
sunny gogoi:
She can make anyone smile 😊
E lla
E lla:
I want to be like her. She became a huge role model and inspiration for me. She seems like she loves everyone around her and is so so kind and uplifting. Wow I really want to try to be like her one day. <3
Richard Palmer
Richard Palmer:
Excellent video really entertaining ❤️❤️❤️
Johannes Meier
Johannes Meier:
no need for a lie detector, her eyebrows always tell the truth
Plague Doctor
Plague Doctor:
Omg I love her so much!! She's just an amazing person!! ❤
Sheik Manzoor
Sheik Manzoor:
It's like her face can't stop similing .... So cute 🙂
Scott Brito
Scott Brito:
Despite her being gorgeous, she still got one of them faces that makes it easy to imagine what she’ll look like in her 60s.
She has amazing energy.
Sabrina Pohja
Sabrina Pohja:
I loved her! She's so amazing and free spirit > I love it!
Also the person who was asking those questions...> he's voice was so calm and enchanting🤭😍🥰
OmniRal :
Her level of expressiveness and joy is making me fall in love.
Briana Mills
Briana Mills:
Emilia Clarke is a living emoji
😂😂 I love her
The Spanish Inquisition
The Spanish Inquisition:
she was able to lie a few times by keeping her heart rate steady. Like how she said British people have bad teeth as a joke
*The only person who laugh in a lie detector test*
Okay...3 things noted right away.
First, she is so darn adorable, down to earth and on top of all, quite beautiful. Second, Oxford. British actors have different mind sets. Outstanding.
Third, her smile is so contagious, that one can't help smiling with her.
How did I end up catching myself smiling the whole video? lol
Help Me Reach 300 Subscribers
Help Me Reach 300 Subscribers:
i wish i can be as happy as her, she is so jolly and wonderful 😣
dont do it right in front of her salad
dont do it right in front of her salad:
her smile is the most contagious thing! we all smiling unconsciously while watching this, dont lie 😌✨
Mayuri Tathe
Mayuri Tathe:
Him: are you the mother of dragons
Emilia: yes!😁
Him: is she telling the truth
Lady: yes🥰🥰
André McKenzie
André McKenzie:
That smile/laugh is very contagious 😁😂.