Emily Blunt's Kids Are Picking Up Their Dad's American Accent

Emily Blunt talks to Jimmy about filming The Girl on the Train while trying to hide her pregnancy.

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Emily Blunt's Kids Are Picking Up Their Dad's American Accent

100+ komentarze:

she's so charming, never disappoints in interviews.
Thomas Kwon
Thomas Kwon:
there is always something about british accent that makes actresses so appealing
G B:
You tellin me this lady has had 2 kids (one just 4 months ago) and she looks that good ? How??
Andrea. T
Andrea. T:
I don't think anyone could EVER hate Emily Blunt, she's too freaking lovely, adorably & talented!!
If Jim was ever with anyone else other than Pam, it would definitely be Emily Blunt.
If I was John I would do everything I could to make sure my kids had British accents! Lol how cute would that be, since they live in America! 😅
If they ever break up I will totally lose hope in Hollywood relationships.
Christina Stork
Christina Stork:
Oh, NO. Her accent is so beautiful - British accents are so much nicer than American ones. But I guess this will happen if you live in America.
I was like "it's WOTER" and she was like "nahhh its WATER" LMFAO love Emily Blunt :') <333
Emily Blunt is always glowing and interesting during interviews. She tried her best here, but Fallon failed her.
Looking at her here with blonde hair just makes me wish she was Captain Marvel
Sa Rah
Sa Rah:
Emily Blunt's impression of her daughter is freaking amazing :)
Such a babe. She's come so far since the devil wears prada!
Lili Rayne
Lili Rayne:
Emily Blunt is actually hilarious.
Love Emily Blunt so much <3 Also respect to her for actually giving her kids reasonably normal names XD
Emma Kauffman
Emma Kauffman:
I could listen to her impression of her daughter on repeat forever 😭
S C:
A big shame really, the British accent is way better.
Tushar Kumar
Tushar Kumar:
John and Emily have great sense of humor.
Feels like a "Pair Made in Heaven" ❤❤
Emily Blunt always has great interviews
Spring Giddinessify
Spring Giddinessify:
Always a delight to see her on the show. Love her !
i love how Emily is not only a great actress but also an all around good person. her daughters are lucky to have her as a mom and johns lucky to have her as a wife. I also love her outift here! so stylish
Your Local Moo Mamamoo
Your Local Moo Mamamoo:
Love her so much! She's such a good actress and a genuinely lovely person x
the kind of woman that makes me question my sexuality as a girl
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn:
I love them both, they're so funny. I adore her accent!❤️
Mel in Real Life
Mel in Real Life:
Emily has been my favorite actress since I first saw her in Windchill. Then I saw Devil Wears Prada and The Jane Austin Bookclub and I was a forever lover of her incredible acting. I even was lucky enough to talk to one of the "dead frat boys" character from WindChill who told me although he didn't have a lot interaction w/ Emily, she was lovely from the little time they did interact. I also loved her in Dan In Real Life and I believe Steve from the Office who played Dan introduced her to her hubby, John Krasinski. And btw, I LOVE her daughters names...Hazel & Violet. Very classic and NORMAL!
Annie Logwood
Annie Logwood:
Emily Blunt is always glowing and interesting during interviews. She tried her best here, but Fallon failed her.
Paula Muñoz Jofré
Paula Muñoz Jofré:
I have seen this interview so many times, it's ridiculous hahah. I love Emily so much
I love Emily blunt! Brilliant actress and beautiful, and she always tell good/funny stories 😂👌🏻
The blonde hair, the British accent, Emily Blunt is a perfect 10!
I'm in love with her A̶c̶c̶e̶n̶t̶
I like that her kids are named after colours. So cute.
Chris L.
Chris L.:
She has such a great personality! love her
Carlos Spicywiener
Carlos Spicywiener:
Love her! Just so charismatic and charming with a unique beauty ♡
Pat McTallica
Pat McTallica:
Ohhh, I love her! Her charm 1st, her humor an her beauty!
...and she fits to her husband perfectly!
Greets from Vienna!
Emily Blunt, beautiful and mysterious, intense and lost, strong and fragile, a magnetic look that does not need many words for a book ... a sense of tough women!
David Dean
David Dean:
'The Girl on the Train' was excellent. She did an amazing job.
I somehow still think Krasinski scored big, the lucky bastard. ;-)
Ugie Bhungane
Ugie Bhungane:
If I was her kid I'd fight (not literally) to have her accent😂😂 I just love it.
Zatanna Lagva
Zatanna Lagva:
She is the woman I aspire to be. She's such a lady!💗
Alan S
Alan S:
Sarah Paulson + Katy Perry= Emily Blunt
Randy Blü
Randy Blü:
Shes really down to earth and likeable.
Her laugh is adorable
The children will regret not following their mother accent because I find it so mature and nice
Maggie M
Maggie M:
She’s such a beautiful actor. Love her beautiful British accent 💕🌸
Maite Guerrero
Maite Guerrero:
I don’t know if it’s because I’m from Andalusia( Spain), but I really love American accent…
David Coli
David Coli:
OMG Emily B is hilarious! She was absolutely brilliant in Devil Wears Prada!!
Kevin F
Kevin F:
I love how 90% of these comments are about having imaginary sex with Emily Blunt 😂 dang people, chill
Em Comeaux
Em Comeaux:
That's exactly what my French teacher sounds like when she imitates our English😂
Sarah Jones
Sarah Jones:
Shes so funny and a great actress!
She's absolutely gorgeous! And my god my her personality is like the sun hitting a diamond, it just brightens everyones day!
Seoshic Reese
Seoshic Reese:
i like her since edge of tomorrow. I'm happy she's getting a spotlight right now 👏👏 😀😀
She is such an excellent actress. I saw the movie and thought it was "slow moving." It wasn't as much a suspense thriller as I thought it would be. However, the plot was very good. The acting was superb (Justin and Emily Blunt).
I just love her really. 💜
John Edward Lago
John Edward Lago:
who wouldn't love a girl who has good humor 😍
Jimmy does a good impression of a pregnant lady standing up! lol
Fenne Verrecas
Fenne Verrecas:
When I was younger, 'My summer of love' came on early hours in the morning and I watched it lmao. First movie I saw of hers, glad she's doing extremely well.
She is such a great actress you’d even think she is a lovely person up until she ignores you as you compliment her, then you are reminded that is for the best never to meet celebrities, you like.
Oriana Mandi
Oriana Mandi:
I say just let them pick up whatever accent they like. Although it would be nice to have both. I love both accents soooo much😍😍😍😍😍😍
Brett Wilson
Brett Wilson:
Emily Blunt is an absolute angel
I'm in love with the way she says "wota", sounds so sweet and elegant. She's so charming.
I love Jimmy’s laugh
Joshua Alexis
Joshua Alexis:
Emily blunt is like the perfect definition of the word charming ..so funny ,beautiful , great features ,lovely humble and bubbly character, so well spoken ,I love to listen to her speak too .. 😍😍😍..love Emily blunt .. I could just watch her the whole day and I’ll be a happy man 😀😀
Wenny Safitri
Wenny Safitri:
I lover her and repeated it over and over again hahaha
Natalie Lynn
Natalie Lynn:
"You're too young for tweaking your hip" LOL I'm 19 and have had hip surgery three times 🙄😂
She is just adorable 🥰🥰🥰
Shane O
Shane O:
I love her laugh
Psychedelic Pain
Psychedelic Pain:
Even if was born a woman, I would still fall for her.
Her accent is flawless
Rebelle Game
Rebelle Game:
I love Emily so much ❤️❤️
Beautiful, funny, talented. Perfect.
mildred highcock
mildred highcock:
Funny how an American can order 'waarder' in an English establishment and be understood, yet an English person ordering 'wartuh' in America? Forget it. Tells me who the more intelligent people are. Love you Emily
Maria Pia
Maria Pia:
I love her; she's awesome
She's so amazing and so is her husband omg
Crystal Fowler
Crystal Fowler:
i love this actress... very sweet demeanor
Zinnia Lorant-Pryor
Zinnia Lorant-Pryor:
God I have had a crush on Emily since I was like 12 <3
She has an awesome personality and I lover her accent so much!
elishar Jo
elishar Jo:
Everytime I see her, I cant help but recall her role in The Devil Wears Prada. AMAZING ACTRESS! Really funny in that movie!
I can very clearly imagine John intentionally training his daughter to speak with an American accent just to piss off Emily.
frankinsane and myrrh
frankinsane and myrrh:
red hair, brown hair, blonde- Emily looks super beautiful no matter what her hair color is!
She and John are relationship goals!
Elizabeth Edwards
Elizabeth Edwards:
Now that I know she was pregnant during filming, I know for sure I'll be watching the movie and looking for it. "Standing behind tables, check. Holding giant purses, check". lol
Emily has a very good accent
tsatsral telmentugs
tsatsral telmentugs:
Started loving her after this video recently
Turns out she is cool
sophie jestadt
sophie jestadt:
i love the way she says “thank you” at the very beginning😍😍
Ema Kapaj
Ema Kapaj:
Omgg emily and john krasinski should have their own show!! They are naturally Funnyyy i can watch them talk all dayy!❤️
George Robles
George Robles:
Hands Down, best actress in Hollywood right now.
Violet Sassenach
Violet Sassenach:
I love her! ❤️
I LOVE her kids names!
David Cavill
David Cavill:
She can GET IT anytime
Her accent is UGHHHH. Love it.
i love the she says thank you at the beginning 🥰
Tiff Cho
Tiff Cho:
she is absolutely stunning, one of my favourite actresses. can't wait to see girl on the train!
Caitlin Price
Caitlin Price:
I just love her so much. And that accent
I never tire of hearing the anecdote of "water" 😄
Murat Saygın
Murat Saygın:
American accent forever and ever!
Ewok Da Silva
Ewok Da Silva:
They both got something from their parents. One talks in an english accent and the other can't stop looking at the camera.
Lucrezia Pini
Lucrezia Pini:
"I just want to get her in a better spot"
Hazel the murder 😂😂😂
Dominic Carrano
Dominic Carrano:
Are you kidding me, I would love to have a British accent
Anže Erjavec
Anže Erjavec:
and I thought Emily Blunt couldn't really get much more perfect..... how silly of me
aww...that water bit was so funny. She's so cute :)
michelle yota
michelle yota:
Beautiful woman, beautiful family.