Emily Ratajkowski on Halloween Costume Fail

Dressed as Raquel Welch from One Million Years B.C., Emily talks about Halloweens past and her big costume fail when attending Heidi Klum's infamous party.

Are You with Cardi B or Nicki Minaj? https://youtu.be/wr3fNGfDmyU

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Emily Ratajkowski on Halloween Costume Fail

100+ komentarze:

Sam Masghati
Sam Masghati:
Insane how beautiful she is
Nima Shoaie
Nima Shoaie:
This year's No Nut November is hard.
ra ku
ra ku:
0:08 fail haha😂😂
Tom Wang
Tom Wang:
1:52 LMAO
Addison Aameson
Addison Aameson:
She has that 'I'm unbelievably hot' confidence. "oooohhh, look at this guy..."
New Message
New Message:
I uh...



I had a pithy comment but seem to have totally forgotten it.
Zaahir Azhar
Zaahir Azhar:
She fine af...
Fulcrum Jedi
Fulcrum Jedi:
That body ....
Matt Priest
Matt Priest:
Jimmy is trying so hard not to stare lol
Mat S
Mat S:
say what you want, but she is smoking hot. Her husband is a lucky guy
When i grow up ima be a caveman daddy
Gregory Hotz
Gregory Hotz:
That picture was also featured in the movie "The Shawshank Redemption" in Tim Robbins's characters jail cell as a poster that he used to cover up the hole in his cell that he used to escape through in the movie.
I'll comment after I'm done
Leonardo Cucchiara
Leonardo Cucchiara:
Perfect example for
Body: 10++
Personality: 000
pokemon go
pokemon go:
*She want to kiss him on the right cheek as well but he moved LOL **0:08*
Douglas Kalberg
Douglas Kalberg:
Jimmy must have felt like he was back on The Man Show.
I feel like ive had an lobotomy after listening to her for 2 minutes
Jitendra Kumar
Jitendra Kumar:
That Shawshank Redemption poster though... Andy Dufresne escaped behind that...
'No I'm not dressed as a cave girl, I'm dressed as Raquel Welch!' - Yeeeaahhh, that's just what the maybe 1% of men over the age of 80 yrs old might have guessed 🙄
Ayodele David
Ayodele David:
It's only on halloween that this is appropriate for tv
I I:
the way shes sitting hurts my neck
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt:
She literally became famous by being naked all the time
Mon Rose
Mon Rose:
This person really tries hard to be everywhere. She's like that person in the crowd at a party that you don't notice because you don't care but they're always at the same parties.
Graeme Newark
Graeme Newark:
Jimmy... You're making not but November difficult my friend.
Russell H
Russell H:
I love halloween
She looks lovely.
Jocelyn Jade
Jocelyn Jade:
Wow, I’m so glad there’s finally a celebrity who admires Raquel Welch. She’s a legend in her own right, and too forgotten about.
Sunshine lollipops
Sunshine lollipops:
I’m straight but find her rather grotesque
john Baldock
john Baldock:
WOW! She could give a Dog a BONE!!
Requiem Aranea
Requiem Aranea:
For the love of god just move the camera down a little
"Lookin GOOD, Mr. Caaartaaa!" -Joey
Oskari Castel
Oskari Castel:
"You should have seen my sheets"
The Truth
The Truth:
0:09 They could have cut the embarrassment epizode at least here on YouTube
Tareq j Hameed
Tareq j Hameed:
0:08 she kisses the air around jimmy
Vanda Dy
Vanda Dy:
0:07 Failed double kiss on the cheeks lol
I would definitely enter her cave... I'll let myself out
Dream Abyss
Dream Abyss:
Jimmy missed the perfect setup. "You should see my sheets". "Ummmm...I'd love to".
Hussein Faridi
Hussein Faridi:
She wanted a second kiss at 0:09 lmaooooo
Vincent Vega
Vincent Vega:
*Jimmy Kimmel has left the chat*
Ivan Olvera
Ivan Olvera:
She’s one of my favorite model. So beautiful
J J:
"What say you, fuzzy britches?"
Miranda Summerset
Miranda Summerset:
The way they say Raquel 😲
E2 M5
E2 M5:
Well this is one way to take care of my morning wood
Tejas Mathad
Tejas Mathad:
0:32 that evil laugh
She can get these inches
Ahab Bellamy
Ahab Bellamy:
Radiohead “ your skin makes me cry “
Jorge Loya
Jorge Loya:
Oh Emily, what sweet young lady. After this I shall name you my multi color lizard. Although you are growing into a beautiful iguana.
San Diego
San Diego:
Raquel was born in La Jolla, Emily born in San Diego.... but close enough
Singing Syren
Singing Syren:
Jimmy's wife must be pleased.
Oh wow, he left her hanging for that second kiss in the beginning!!!
Enrique Vergara
Enrique Vergara:
Her face looks very similar to Kendall J., But classier.
Nyoman Usadhi
Nyoman Usadhi:
Jack Thor Russell
Jack Thor Russell:
The fail was when She entered and tryied to Kiss Jimmy two times
Dat Conrad
Dat Conrad:
This dude lookin like Eric Andre 😂
Generic Gmail Account
Generic Gmail Account:
When you're so attractive you don't even a personality...or talent.
Shane Gremory
Shane Gremory:
Comment section

Sexual comments : 96%
Normal comments : 4%
John L
John L:
"You should have seen my sheets".

I'm game!
Jon McKenzie
Jon McKenzie:
Take 2 or 3 lights, camera 🎥 action 🍂💥
Mohamed Ammar
Mohamed Ammar:
0:08 wow. jimmy left her hanging loool
Alexander Messmore
Alexander Messmore:
Damn Emily is super pretty in real life Wow😊
thebig dog
thebig dog:
think she went for a 2nd kiss and jimmy moved away lol
Jo Brian
Jo Brian:
That awkward moment when jimmy doesn't give Emily 2 kisses.... 0:07
Zohaib Ajmal
Zohaib Ajmal:
First time I've heard her speak.
King Crossover
King Crossover:
I cant be seeing this a day into novemeber. Stay strong lads!
Jim Cronin
Jim Cronin:
That's one time I'd love to be Homer Simpson
Widow Maker
Widow Maker:
1:51 you're welcome
Show the damn picture!
Youssef Bihi
Youssef Bihi:
Anyone saw the fail in the beginning 😂😂
Usama KHan
Usama KHan:
Emily reminds me of blurred lines 😁
Robert G
Robert G:
Jimmy’s freak show
Vegetarian Soylent Green
Vegetarian Soylent Green:
I remember that movie, One Million Years B.C.
Ely Rose
Ely Rose:
Damn! The things I'd do if my body was like Emily's. 🤔😅👌
Mina Tavera
Mina Tavera:
I’m amazed her hair is spot on ! 😊
me in a Mike Myers (Halloween) custom and this girl wearing that........... yup.... then people wont wonder why i would do such a thing
Carl Nevefeller
Carl Nevefeller:
Oh jimmy, I think she was going for the second kiss 0:09
mr anderson
mr anderson:
Id like to see her sheets
I'm in love.
Dark Prince
Dark Prince:
Thank God for gone girl.Unless that I had to just imagine her without clothes 😉
LtSurge 88
LtSurge 88:
SAN DIEGO in the house! 😎❤
John Davidson
John Davidson:
Oh my god, wow
I watched this on mute.
Audacity Of The Mind
Audacity Of The Mind:
Mico Dragutinovic
Mico Dragutinovic:
I love her 😍
Remember when she was dancing half naked in that song? I mean, do you remember anything else from her?
Marty ES
Marty ES:
Well, I guess it's no nut December now...
Picolas Cage
Picolas Cage:
I went as homer Simson the paint gets every
Kenny O'Connor
Kenny O'Connor:
Love the how dare you not know what I'm dressed up as, attitude. Jimmy should have said back, what's the square root of 9?
Karthik sritharan
Karthik sritharan:
Gibby was one lucky dude
renz Tinio
renz Tinio:
Oh jimmy poor jimmy can’t resist looking huh well it’s a good thing you have those flash cards to cover it up 😭😂
Lazy Jesus
Lazy Jesus:
Grape juice comes from inside grapes it wasn’t “invented” 🤦🏼‍♂️
She looked great as Marge, what's she talking about?
The Productive Procrastinator
The Productive Procrastinator:
Is he trying to be Richard Ayoade from the IT crowd?
arik singh
arik singh:
blurred lines video was Not fail, but that costume was.🤣🤣😂
Johnston Steiner
Johnston Steiner:
Me jimmy! You emily! we go make ba-by! Now.
Axo Fo'sho
Axo Fo'sho:
Is Jimmy Kimmel dressed as Eric Andre?
Sleeping Lion
Sleeping Lion:
Aesthetically pleasing. Good genes
David Faker
David Faker:
1:52 damn those gestures. Im not being a creeped about it but cmon, thats pervs magnet right there.
david ashraf
david ashraf:
Remind me again why she’s famous
Ride Yer Camel
Ride Yer Camel:
i'd crawl through a mile of broken glass to hear her fart through a walkie talkie