Emily Ratajkowski’s 5-Minute Date-Night Look | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

The 27-year-old model, actress, and newlywed has a makeup strategy for all things sexy and sun-kissed.

Filmed by Rebecca Fourteau
Filmed at InterContinental New York Barclay

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Emily Ratajkowski’s 5-Minute Date-Night Look | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

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Kristin Rutherford
Kristin Rutherford:
dear vogue, could you please pick someone with human skin
Emma Formoso
Emma Formoso:
I’ve noticed that a lot of the celebrities who can afford high end makeup brushes, use their hands...I love it
Milovi Zhimomi
Milovi Zhimomi:
I can't understand how people do makeup without putting their hair up or using a headband.
Xochitl MJ
Xochitl MJ:
Forget the makeup, let's see a skincare routine!
Barbara De Medeiros
Barbara De Medeiros:
She looks exactly the same with and without makeup, that’s a good thing! who agrees? 💕
Nia ni
Nia ni:
*we need LANA DEL REY*
Nicole Sullivan
Nicole Sullivan:
Lorena Perez
Lorena Perez:
Something I can finally afford : my finger
Dobrawa Dudek
Dobrawa Dudek:
She looks a bit like Kendall Jenner
Nora H
Nora H:
So the products she's using are Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation, Maybelline Great Lash Mascara Clear, Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro Pencil, Glossier Lash Slick Mascara, Marc Jacobs Lipstick in 'J'Adore', Nudestix Nudies All Over Face Colour in 'In The Nude', Pat McGrath Labs PermaGel Ultra Lip Pencil in 'Bare Rose' and Pat McGrath Labs Lip Gloss in 'Blitz Gold'. You're welcome;)
Edit: for everybody's that was asking what highlighter she used it was Milk Makeup Highlighter in Lit
E Scooby
E Scooby:
If I had her skin, I'd put sunscreen and little loose powder on. She doesn't need all the foundation. Kills me when girls with perfect skin cover it up.
I’m petrified of Nipple chafing
I’m petrified of Nipple chafing:
If you close your eyes she sounds like Scarlett Johanson
yeetusthatfeetus 6969
yeetusthatfeetus 6969:
Going on a date with Gibby I see
Savanna Savenko
Savanna Savenko:
I feel like this only works if you’re already hot
that just called me ugly in 20000000 languages
Rosa Lamaddalena
Rosa Lamaddalena:
I realize that I never see her laugh...
Simran Toor
Simran Toor:
She looks Kendall Jenner's sis even more than Kylie does
D Derya
D Derya:
She's mixed of Kendall Jenner and Priyanka Chopra
xso xoxo
xso xoxo:
I love how she's just enhancing her look and not changing it. She's pretty and hot with or w/o make up.
Prison Mike
Prison Mike:
There's girls who look like that without make up? Well my parents definitely did me dirty on this one
She was Gibby’s girlfriend in icarly lol
Carla Louise
Carla Louise:
Imagine being that pretty to get ready for a date in 5 minutes
Okay I just found out how to pronounce your last name 😅😂
Mouli Roy
Mouli Roy:
Beauty Secrets with SCARLETT JOHANSSON will be incredible.
Wig that flew to Asia
Wig that flew to Asia:
Her last name looks like soemone hit their head on a keyboard
A B:
I just want to remind everyone in the comments that you are all beautiful. Admire other peoples beauty but dont forget to admire your own as well.
Carcy Girard
Carcy Girard:
Emoily: Im ObSeSsEd WiTh MaKeUp
Also Emily: a window wiper brush😂
Φωτεινή Μ
Φωτεινή Μ:
If I had a clear face like that that I wouldn’t even wear foundation 😂
Penny Parker
Penny Parker:
I just wanna say that everyone here is beautiful in their own unique way! You don’t need tips, just be you! ♥️
She’s a good model but reminds me of an ostrich
silasila A
silasila A:
I never understood the point of wearing foundation if your face looks exactly the same before and after. 🤷
Selena Kalani
Selena Kalani:
I thought she was Kendall Jenner even though they don’t even look a lot alike
Babby Momo
Babby Momo:
Emily: “wow she doesn’t have an under eye anymore”
Me: “ANYMORE?!!? There was no under eye to begin with she’s so beautiful 😭😭😭
Macor Ioana
Macor Ioana:
no one:nothing
Emily: 'there s nothing worse than-'
Paula Montoya
Paula Montoya:
Emrata: *uses only a finger with concealer* "look! She doesn't have an under eye anymore"

Me: *uses like four layers of concealer*... *Still has a black under eye*
mayuri shimpi
mayuri shimpi:
Her not tying her hair up while putting foundation stresses me
Herika Man
Herika Man:
Bought all the stuff she used, still didn’t look like this...sooooo
why t f not
why t f not:
Ci Silver
Ci Silver:
Gosh, she's naturally pretty. If I was her, I save the money on makeup and just wear no makeup!
Alene M
Alene M:
3:19 "just to make the cheeks pop a little bit"
*like they aren't super defined and fabulous already*
Scarlet Hikari
Scarlet Hikari:
Step One: Be Emily
Step Two: If you skip step one, the follow steps can't be continued
patrick jensen
patrick jensen:
Fell in love with her Carl's Jr ad and still in love with Emily the gorgeous body
Jasmine Cumberbatch
Jasmine Cumberbatch:
Step 1: be naturally beautiful with perfect skin & eyebrows
Shubhra Pant
Shubhra Pant:
My issue with this video (even though I genuinely really like it) is that the light is tooooooooo toooooo bright.
Bright to such an extent that, even if she is putting anything in her face , it's not visible.
We need a video with zendaya!!!
Ema Tique
Ema Tique:
Imagine being this hot
Laura Sophie Schulze
Laura Sophie Schulze:
"Good at makeup"...this only looks good when you're already hot but actually this is a mess.
chloe levesque
chloe levesque:
"theres nothing worse than..." "as much as I..."
Jessica P
Jessica P:
Love this "5 minute" tutorial. After her weekly $1k facial. Personal chef for perfect diet for skin. Trainer for workout. None of these celebrity vogue demonstrations r realistic for everyday girls.
Raven Lenz
Raven Lenz:
If I looked like her I would only need 5 mins too hahah
Step one: already be insanely gorgeous
Charisse Modeste
Charisse Modeste:
Emily, I love the tone of your voice. You sound straight forward and chill
4:36 oml fr when i highlight my inner corner my eyes actually look smaller
Elena Carra
Elena Carra:
Her Rolex is also huge. Take a look at that!
Mycroft Holmes
Mycroft Holmes:
*Step 1: have a naturally beautiful face with perfect, smooth skin and amazing features*
Imagine being this pretty and hot at the same time
Yetmira Vata
Yetmira Vata:
it rlly bothers me that almost everyone doing these vids have their hair down and they keep moving it out of their face. just put ur hair up!!!!
Don't smile emily, i got heart attack
This one and the one with Candice Swanepoel are my faves, both are so natural-looking and authentic. I love!
Andey Skanes
Andey Skanes:
*Ok got it. Foundation, blush, bronzer, a different face, completely different DNA....*
Paola Reynafarje
Paola Reynafarje:
she's gorgeous! love the shape of her eyes.. love her make up routine as well ... somewhat simple!
amara 1155
amara 1155:
imagine going on a date lmao
peach puppy
peach puppy:
I see so many people say “oH THEY USE THEYRE HANDS UNLIKE BEAUTY GURUS WHO USE EXPENSIVE STUFF” like yeah.... because she’s not a beauty guru lmao
Amit Jamdade
Amit Jamdade:
Am i the only one who thinks that she looks like kendall jenner
Sana W
Sana W:
She kind of looks like an ostrich but still fascinating to look at.
max bhadra
max bhadra:
She exactly knows what looks good on her.....hats off
Grace Mak
Grace Mak:
I thought she already had makeup on until she started applying foundation.. 😂
Blue Fox
Blue Fox:
This 5 minute look only works on someone who’s already pretty 🙄 come on Vogue, get real 🤣😂🤣😂
Evelyn Affonso
Evelyn Affonso:
This is one of the cutest and most universally wearable looks I've seen here. :)
angelina tasya
angelina tasya:
She’s just the prettiest 😭
Melissa Schleier
Melissa Schleier:
“No more bags!”
Umm what bags?
rin emiko
rin emiko:
I don't really need to follow this routine because I'm living the single life
Step 1: look amazing to begin with.
Her brows are awesome. Just the right degree of thickness, not bushy, not too dark, not too crazy.
I don't know why but she looks like mr. Bean's daughter to me.
Filippa Dalgaard
Filippa Dalgaard:
Her: my husband actually calls wen I do my own makeup fingerpainting
Also her: actually wen I do my girlfriends makeup I do the same look
Me: im confused-
I’m pleasantly surprised she hasn’t had her nose and teeth fixed
Elise Esperanza
Elise Esperanza:
I love how connected I feel with these successful people when they use their hands to blend 😂😂
ella rose
ella rose:
Step 1: have perfect skin
Yasmeen Mihyar
Yasmeen Mihyar:
I'm kinda freaked out that she does *exactly* every single step I do. Everything.
Cinthia Marin
Cinthia Marin:
All these celebs doing the vogue makeup all go for the “natural look” when in reality the do more than that. Bandwagons
Iggy Stardust
Iggy Stardust:
1:00 For some reason I thought she was bouta say, "One of my friends did heroin..."
Lol ya never know in Hollywood!
Katia Sabbetti
Katia Sabbetti:
I got stressed every time she touched her hair with foundation-hands, I'd have to shower again after that grease😂
hhee g
hhee g:
She is like Born with makeup🤷‍♀️ ……
Jasmin Romero
Jasmin Romero:
This is the face i’d love to hate but i cant 😭 too gorgeous, too beautiful!
John David
John David:
This is like one of those impossibly complex recipes that starts 'first, make a roux'
m i a
m i a:
I've noticed a lot of models use their hand for their makeup I think it looks really nice if you have perfect skin
charlotte tilbury magic ftd fingers to blend,
clear eyebrow gel to brush up,
milk highlighter in lit color nose lip over and under outter eye, brow,
NudeStix Nudies Matte In the Nude stick blush put it higher to make it look sunkssed, charlotte tilbury bronzer make cheeks pop and side of forehead,
?? brand concealer undereye,
e/s window shield technique on crease,
same color line whole lower bottom,
Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro Pencil highlighter pencil under brows,
gloosier lash sitck mascara, top and bottom/
Pat McGrath Labs PermaGel Ultra Lip Pencil in Bare Rose
Marc Jacobs Lipstick in J'Adore
Pat McGrath Labs Lip Gloss in Blitz Gold
Ber Kembang
Ber Kembang:
I'm here just to read comments 😘... By the way, she is perfect, only need little touch up.
Jordyn Harris
Jordyn Harris:
when she said “ana stay sia”
Fay Coleman
Fay Coleman:
I like that that her techniques aren't perfect beauty guru level application.
All those people saying she’s not good at makeup probably are comparing her to those instagram baddies typa makeup( baking, contouring, abh eyebrows ecc..) witch may look perfect on selfies but trust me in real like it looks awful and cakey af. The way she did her makeup was good and natural and she looks super pretty.
“There’s nothing worse” and “I do my own makeup” have been said way too many times
Campbell Fish
Campbell Fish:
Her and Victoria justice have the best cheek bones! Then here I am with baby cheeks😭😭
t pearl
t pearl:
"Window wiper brush" lmao
Ale Zavala
Ale Zavala:
At least she's not wearing make up on hahah, love you vogue.
Shine baby shine
Shine baby shine:
This is what Kendall Jenner is attempting to morph into
I wanna pluck those short hairs on her left eyebrow so bad!
Pearl Berry
Pearl Berry:
Okay, so I legit followed this tutorial to the closest and guess what! My boyfriend of 4 years (who by the way does not like makeup and prefers me bareskin) saw me in this look and complimented my makeup 4 times! This is the third or fourth time in 4 years where he loved the makeuplook and said I looked so beautiful! GIRLS DO IT!!
Feli White
Feli White:
There’s a lot of things that she thinks that there’s nothing worse 😂😂