Emily Ratajkowski’s Pregnancy Reveal Video | Vogue

In this exclusive cover video, Emily Ratajkowski reveals her pregnancy. Director Lena Dunham describes the short film as “the opposite of a People magazine baby announcement.”

“Chrome Country” performed by Oneohtrix Point Never, courtesy of Warp Records: https://opn.ffm.to/chrome-country

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Emily Ratajkowski’s Pregnancy Reveal Video | Vogue

100+ komentarze:

Layne Fable
Layne Fable:
so. many. new. famous. babies.
Honestly my belly looks like hers and i’m not even pregnant lol
2020 is the year of celebrities' pregnancies I swear.
Her, Romee, Gigi, Nara- all model soon to be or recently becoming mothers.
Alex Naryk
Alex Naryk:
She embraces women’s body not just nudity. Motherhood is beautiful. Giving life is beautiful. Human body is beautiful.
Antil Jain
Antil Jain:
How beautiful she is inside out she wrote and recited heartouching poem for her child, bestest way to announce pregnancy
M B:
Ugh when celebs get pregnant it’s so dramatic 😂. Congrats
havya skylar
havya skylar:
this is giving me “you were buying rosé i was buying celery” vibe
pretty tea cup
pretty tea cup:
When her pregnant body is my current body size and I'm single 🥺. Vogue, where is my monologue video?
“I want you to see the worlds potential. You are the worlds potential.” Ohhhhhh, that got me.
The Village
The Village:
I just KNOW that Gigi and Emily’s baby are gonna be best friends
I'm really happy for her. This is so random but her belly button makes me feel uncomfortable lol. I don't know why
Eden Campbell
Eden Campbell:
Celebrities are becoming pros at hiding their pregnancies
omg every model /celeb is pregnant or had a baby during covid Im so happy for her!!!
Meanwhile, I’m sitting here (17 weeks along) with my third bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch with 4 day unwashed hair who hasn’t felt human in 11 weeks...
Melody s.d.m
Melody s.d.m:
this is ....the whole instagram era in a few minutes
Juan Internet
Juan Internet:
I dont understand the NON-STOP duck face pout.
Alexis Pasos
Alexis Pasos:
so is everyone pregnant now or what?
Nathalie Sore
Nathalie Sore:
Sooo beautiful. “You feel like the world’s potential”.
Space Cowboy
Space Cowboy:
I guess model’s didn’t find anything to do better than start making babies in quarantine 😂 i am so happy for her ❤️❤️❤️
I feel like everyone is pregnant these days. And I don’t only mean celebrities: my best friends TOO 🤭✨
Mia AKBenn
Mia AKBenn:
her pregnant belly looks like mine when I feel skinny
congrats Emily:)
Ashley B
Ashley B:
her, gigi, and romees babies are gonna be the next era of supermodels
H H:
She looks like a pretty and female version of Mr bean
Emmy Moo
Emmy Moo:
My goodness, the narcissism is real! There’s nothing wrong with being happy with the way you look but... This is so cringeworthy.
Holy crap I hope SNL will sketch this because after watching this I now know there's no limit to being ludicrous
Riley Joslin
Riley Joslin:
she’s gonna be such a cool mom
Preston J.
Preston J.:
i was not expecting this😫 happy for her!!
this new generation will be called the "quarantiners"
Sherlyn Fernandes
Sherlyn Fernandes:
OMG what a unique phenomenon. This is the first time on the face of the earth that a woman is pregnant. This has never been done before, wow. Truely, news worthy!
Fearless MadameX
Fearless MadameX:
"You feel like the world's potential." what a beautiful statement
I’m avoiding this pregnancy wave like a plague but congrats to these celebs lmao
pornessian parrapio
pornessian parrapio:
Bruh my belly looks like that after drinking water
Mariana Silva
Mariana Silva:
The poem made me cry, very beautiful. I hope the baby is healthy and loved and that Emily has a good childbirth.
Lolo Future
Lolo Future:
“Look everyone, I ate today.” Jk- Congrats 👶
The Village
The Village:
Their baby is going to be gorgeous 😩
Abisola Dolapo
Abisola Dolapo:
EVERYBODY’S GETTING PREGNANT!!’ Congratulations to her 💗💗
Kay Brooke III
Kay Brooke III:
this has to be my favorite pregnancy reveal ever
This is such a beautiful thing .
Adam Welsher
Adam Welsher:
That was really beautiful! What a good idea to capture such a precious time of your lives. Many well wishes to you all! Peace!
Melissa Bruno
Melissa Bruno:
absolutely beautiful! So happy for the new parents to be!
Ana Paula Medina
Ana Paula Medina:
her words made my heart explote ♥️ so happy for her!!
Nellie Ramirez
Nellie Ramirez:
such an incredible short film. Emily has such a creative form of expressing herself, this girl is truly a genius
Imcharen Longchar
Imcharen Longchar:
This was incredibly beautiful and empowering. So happy for her <3
This is so beautiful 🥺 I’m so happy for both of them.
Cammy a
Cammy a:
2020 is really a blessing for celebs esp models. They essentially have the year off so why not get pregnant, give birth the same year. And bounce back when things go back to normal
Shhshsuss hdhhdhdd
Shhshsuss hdhhdhdd:
This video is absolutely stunning and the words used make it even more beautiful! Congrats Emily!❤️
Savannah Rae
Savannah Rae:
this is so cute and beautiful when this baby is alive and like 30 watching this it will warm her heart
that baby’s better looking than me already
I love her house, so happy for her!
sophia the first
sophia the first:
Ahhhh congratulations Emilyy!!!! Hope you, your baby, and everyone around you is safe, your child deserves the world! ❤️ (that baby is going to be sooooo cuteee!!)
Grace Elizabeth
Grace Elizabeth:
i'm just ready for Dove Cameron to reveal she's pregnant 👶
An Ynnv
An Ynnv:
Her pregnancy is like me eating more sweets for a day And bloating
Alondra González Méndez
Alondra González Méndez:
oh God, this is simply wonderful, I never knew how good of a writer she actually is
Her pregnancy belly is still smaller than my goal belly lol
This was so artsy, human, and beautiful. ♥️
Being Tiffany
Being Tiffany:
omg this is so beautiful, congrats to them! <3
... this is what i look like when I'm bloated 😫
Cheryl Daniel
Cheryl Daniel:
Coz of this pandemic, I am literally expecting everyone to get pregnant!! 😂
Krla Jov
Krla Jov:
I literalky look lime this after eating 1 piece of chocolate :’)
Gorja Ahire
Gorja Ahire:
I'm so curious to see her future baby's reaction to this 😍🥰
Eden Campbell
Eden Campbell:
Was not expecting this 😮
sandra gonzalez
sandra gonzalez:
OMG I’m so happy for her!! Congrats Rata!!
Lu U.
Lu U.:
I’ve literally been thinking about Emily being pregnant for a few weeks now every time I her stories / pics in IG. Idk why tho lol.
But this is great ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Scarlett Eyre
Scarlett Eyre:
That was so sweet! Congrats Emily! It's going to be so cool when your child grows up and can watch this awesome video!
Carolyn Bartroff
Carolyn Bartroff:
Omg I’m so happy for her and aww I love this
Camilly Rodrigues
Camilly Rodrigues:
Such a brilliant video. Ik she will be the best mother ever, a lot of love! This makes me cry 😢❤️
Chiara Nash
Chiara Nash:
Wow, this was incredibly beautiful. This is the most beautiful pregnancy video I have ever seen. So incredible. Congratulations, your baby will be very lucky to have such a special mother ❤️❤️
Kalen Hightower
Kalen Hightower:
This is stunning. And so well written. Happy for you Emily <3
Melina Torres
Melina Torres:
what a beautiful video, im loving this so much 😭🥰
She is so talented! this poem is amazing!
Poop M
Poop M:
how exciting!! so happy for her 💗💗 this was such a beautiful video too

This is the most beautiful
nino choxonelidze
nino choxonelidze:
i love how everyone is pregnant 🤰🏻
Man the last 2 years everybody's been having babies!
This is the baby boomer time once moreee
Clara Belle
Clara Belle:
This is genuinely such a lovely video with such beautiful, heart breaking words. The only thing that ruins it is the constant pouting at the camera. It’s such a shame as it is so off putting.
Yenyra Versace
Yenyra Versace:
I love how proud Emily is to her child❣️ she's not just gorgeous but also a smart and caring❤️❤️❤️
Amy-Lee Scott
Amy-Lee Scott:
Wow, this so so beautiful! Congratulations Emily!
Shatha M
Shatha M:
I was not expecting this at all
I Paint
I Paint:
It should be more romantic, more tender .....Its about the baby not about her narcism
This is sooo beautiful 😍 loved it. So happy for her and her husband 💕
Mim Ansell
Mim Ansell:
This is so Beautiful, I love it !
Kara G
Kara G:
i'm here to admit i've watched this more than once
Wow! This was amazing 😍 so sweet! That's a love that will never break. Between u and ur child. No matter where they are. ❤️🙏
A M:
Congrats Emily❤️🤰
Loved you since ICarly, love you forever🌷 beautiful muse
everyone’s pregnant these days
Mrs. Sondra
Mrs. Sondra:
Wow something must be in the water, a lot of models are pregnant this year!! Congratulations Emily! ❤
Snuffulufagus Smithens
Snuffulufagus Smithens:
wym? my belly looks like that always?! also, I’m so happy for her!
Congratulations Emily, you and your partner will have an awesome life change. I wish more women were like you, in love with its maternity.
Tara Ainun Adila
Tara Ainun Adila:
I love this vid, congrats emily!!!
Mariana Granados
Mariana Granados:
this is the most beautiful thing that I've seen in my whole life
As a 1st time mum, I think this hits how you feel perfectly when pregnant.
Congrats to both!!!! Love the video 😘🥳👣
I love her, this is so beautiful
Ghazal KC
Ghazal KC:
This is so special and sweet congratulations 🎉 🥺❤️
Miley not Cyrus
Miley not Cyrus:
Okay woahhhh!! I love her I'm sooo muchhh happy for her❤️
Jade Cairns
Jade Cairns:
Starting to think that this year is the new “baby boom”
Yessss this is delightful news! So happy for these angels that have been blessed with their own little angels!
Fashion & lifestyle
Fashion & lifestyle:
Thank you for sharing Emily.Hope everybody here becomes successful on YouTube :)
Andrei Pérez
Andrei Pérez:
Congratulations Emily, I am so happy for you, you will undoubtedly be a great😊
Steph le potato
Steph le potato:
Omg Gibby’s gonna be a dad 🥰