Emma Raducanu Press Conference | 2021 US Open Final

Emma Raducanu speaks to the Press, fresh from her astonishing victory in the final of the 2021 US Open.

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The 2021 US Open main draw runs from August 30 - September 12 in New York City at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. The tournament takes place for the 141st time and is the fourth and final Grand Slam of the year. Dominic Thiem is the men’s singles defending champion but has withdrawn following an injury. Naomi Osaka is the women’s singles defending champion and will be aiming to claim the title for the third time in four years. Meanwhile, No. 1 seed Novak Djokovic looks to complete the calendar Grand Slam after winning the Australian Open, French Open and Wimbledon already this year. Should the Serbian lift the title here for the fifth time, he will also overtake Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal to become the first-ever man to win 21 Grand Slam singles titles. With full capacity crowds back again, it’s time for the greatest return!

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Jack Ward
Jack Ward:
The talent, the brains, the looks, the classy British accent, the personality... Her sponsorship deals and endorsements are going to be insane!
Traveling with Kristin
Traveling with Kristin:
Love the Tinie Tempah reference 😂
Robert Kim
Robert Kim:
Her poise and maturity on and off the court is impressive for any age, and she's just 18. Absolutely incredible.
What makes her achievement even more remarkable is that she achieved two "A"s in Maths and Economics at A-level while preparing for Wimbledon and the US Open. Brains and talent!
Chris Nigro
Chris Nigro:
We can talk about her tennis ability for hours but what’s incredible is the class this Young woman shows. I hope young ladies look up to her beyond her athletic ability she’s a class act. Something the world needs. Parents you guys are also the winners here
Gregory Vierra
Gregory Vierra:
So basically she’s a supermodel who is extremely articulate, humble, and an amazing tennis player.
Anthony M
Anthony M:
I see an 18yr old young lady who is an example to all. Well done to her parents for doing such an amazing job.
Mathieu Norry
Mathieu Norry:
This young lady has, more than anything an attribute that is evident in other young people who excel at a young age and that is a maturity beyond their years, both mentally and physically. Her intelligence, ability to articulate, her focus and her ability to bounce back from Wimbledon so soon is most impressive.
Pat Tanackered
Pat Tanackered:
Cannot think of a better role model for young British tennis players. I love that Romanian, Chinese and Canadian fans are also adoring her because of her heritage in those countries. What a star she is
D S:
This has to go down as one of the most amazing Grand Slam wins ever. 18 years old, rank 150, 20 sets to 0. Incredible
Harvey Fialkov
Harvey Fialkov:
Absolutely adorable. Classy. Articulate.Her parents did an amazing job!
Her smile is electric and contagious… she’s a wonderful person and an extremely talented player
River Rea Steve
River Rea Steve:
Isn't she absolutely wonderful. At the ridiculous young age of only 18 she is not only master of the tennis courts but master of the press conference as well. So inspiring!
Dorin C
Dorin C:
I smile when she smiles, can't help it; so much composure and harmony.
David Ashley
David Ashley:
Just amazing. Can anyone get their head around what she achieved. Came through qualifying and didn’t drop a set. Just fantastic tennis. How can you not like her. Refreshing 😊
Anne Chan
Anne Chan:
Once in a while, we are lucky enough to witness to watch someone special. Emma Raducanu is that special someone who we hope will continue to keep bringing on such great moments!
Watching Emma and Leylah produce such an amazing display of Tennis was really something, two incredible players taking the women’s game to another level, these two are going to rule tennis for a while. Emma is so incredibly confident, articulate and fun, along with her natural talent she looked every bit the champion. Both these young ladies should be extremely proud of themselves!
I'm trying to remember the last time I heard a sportsperson talk so frankly and revealingly about the winning process. There's no flannel or competitor baloney. So refreshing.
Jamie Massey
Jamie Massey:
I was getting jaded watching tennis but Emma and Leylah have restored my enthusiasm in women’s tennis. That was the best match-up I’ve seen since Hingis vs Graf in the French Open years ago. I don’t even remember the exact year.
Gloria Krueger
Gloria Krueger:
The most captivating smile in tennis and what a winning personality!! She will have many more Grand Slams in the future!! Hope she never loses her joy!!
Fishponds Fox
Fishponds Fox:
Superstar ! I'm from Bristol in England ! We are all so very proud of her !
Words have yet to be invented to describe this achievement !
Sensational , awesome , unbelievable , astonishing , those words don't even get remotely close !!
Sir Jed TV#721🕵
Sir Jed TV#721🕵:
She's got the looks, talented, classy, articulate & athletic. She's got it all. Lots of endorsement deals from big companies coming her way now for sure. Definitely a star is born.! Congratulations Emma..! 👍💚❤️🤠🇵🇭
Ron nel
Ron nel:
I love her intelligent and charismatic and mature response with media questions adding to that her British accent
Hmingthanglien Keivom
Hmingthanglien Keivom:
Press: boring question.
Emma: interesting answer.
Way to go champ, hoping for you to win more slams.
Paula Richards
Paula Richards:
Emma and Leylah are two beautiful young women. So happy for them both.
Jonathan Stow
Jonathan Stow:
What superb example of humility, humbleness and articulation and all at just 18, oh and she can play a bit of tennis too!! Bravo Emma.
The first ten seconds make this my favourite press conference ever.
Thomas Macken
Thomas Macken:
What an articulate young lady, she carried the interview without once reverting to a "You Know or a Like" as most of the young millennials & teenagers do now. Shows the difference between education & indoctrination
This is one of the new faces of tennis, and it is refreshing to see such humility and positivity is incredible.
Ian Hamilton
Ian Hamilton:
And a Star is Born !!!
This one, I submit, is a much greater 'influencer' and a better positive role model for teenagers today than any Kardashian, ever. Her parents must be awesome.
George Constantinou
George Constantinou:
That smile, she's so lovely. Congratulations Emma!
John Z
John Z:
Her personality is so attractive and her achievement so great. The others will be gunning for her in the future. She'll draw a lot of jealousy. What an accomplishment!
Yolanda María Andrade Ríos
Yolanda María Andrade Ríos:
Emma remains humble. It is a positive quality.
Emma and Laylah took over the US Open and it was just great fun to watch and I'm sure both will have fine careers. I'm kind of shocked at their polish in front of the press post match.
The #1 player looses early and it really didn't matter a bit, same with Osaka. The two kids were the story, hands down.
Jon Chess
Jon Chess:
She also speaks Mandarin and has a A* in Maths and Economics. Very impressive young lady indeed .
Nicholas Hohwart
Nicholas Hohwart:
Cool to see an athlete soak it in, take a break, shower up and get fancy for a press conference, and outside of the athlete-wear. That’s beautiful.
On very rare occassions in this world someone truly special comes along that touch peoples lives. She is one of those !!!!!
Anu Blossom
Anu Blossom:
She's a ray of sunshine; you can't help but smile whenever she smiles; she radiates such positivity and confidence. I hope we get to see more of her in the finals and hopefully winning more slams! 😊❤
Brett Victory
Brett Victory:
Emma has a hundred million dollar smile along with amazing talent and maturity.
Such a beautiful girl with an amazing gift. Literally the perfect role model for all young girls. I hope my daughter grows up to have your positive mental attitude. Great work Emma!👌
G S:
Bravo Emma!!!
Amazing talent, grace, modesty, ... and such a beautiful sincere smile. You are an inspiration.
Congrats from Canada, you deserve it.
L R:
Such a lovely, charming and elegant player. She's so charismatic and wow has her instagram following exploded!
Philip Goldstone
Philip Goldstone:
I wasn't very impressed how Fernandez complained during and after the match about the medical time out. I doubt Emma would have re-acted like that. She showed huge dignity and courage.
Happy Life
Happy Life:
I was rooting for Leylah the whole time but Emma also won me over .such a charming ,articulate young lady.the way she plays ,I was just remembering Martina Hingis -fast and sharp congratulations! looking forward to see more matches of these young guns -again Congrats enjoy your moments Emma 👏👏👏
Keith Davidson
Keith Davidson:
I watched Emma from Round 2 of Wimbledon and thought she was a great young prospect but she has amazed us. Brilliant performances 👏🏼. Virginia Wade won Wimbledon in 1977, the Queen’s Silver Jubilee. Next year is the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee….dare we hope?
andrew mabs
andrew mabs:
Love it when she responded days going great how’s yours 😁, music to my ears 👍😁❤️
She's a sweetheart. It's great to see new stars rising in the sport.
Varinorn Rattanathitinan
Varinorn Rattanathitinan:
Very humble and smart talented girl with interesting backgrounds. Congratulations Emma! Always support you.
M M:
Love her smile and humbleness!
Well deserve victory Emma
Philip Goldstone
Philip Goldstone:
I nearly lost my voice shouting 'go emma' at a concert in London Sat night watching the scores live I was super excited for first time since Andy Murray winning his slams and England winning the cricket world cup.......truly an awesome achievement she has everything :)
Her temperament and mental clarity in her matches is immense. I can’t imagine being 18 and being able to deal with that pressure. Leylah was great as well, with them both being so young I hated that one of them had to lose
Talented, humble, gorgeous. I hope she keeps her form. She deserves many more trophies, and I’m sure future world number 1 ❤️
Vidhya Shankar
Vidhya Shankar:
What a sweet nice pleasant girl! Has all ingredients of Roger and Rafa in a single mould! She handles success with such ease and grace, and hope She handles the adversities that too will come often in the journey, in the same Champion spirit, and go long long way too long into the annals of tennis with her astounding successes, with her tenacity, with her unflappable grit, with her solid preparations and quick recoveries; spread her luminous smile and warmth everywhere she goes, and be welcomed everywhere like their own and live a great beautiful life! Well done Emma! Your title win at the US Open, is the Greatest Ever Title Win, in Tennis, male or female in any era!
Angie Eggleston
Angie Eggleston:
Truly amazing and such a breath of fresh air for womens tennis. These young women are so poised and articulate, not nervous at all or overwhelmed by the event. This will inspire a lot young people toward tennis.
So, so happy for her- absolutely deserved. What a star, what a player, what a girl. 🇬🇧🥳😍
Paul Wahba
Paul Wahba:
Such an incredible achievement and what a fantastically mature attitude she has. I can't wait to see what the future holds for Emma and British tennis! Well done Emma, a true legend.
Grace WY
Grace WY:
Emma is strong mentally & physically; wise in thought, word and deed! Thank you for being so exemplary and inspiring.
Andrew Henry
Andrew Henry:
It's was great seeing two teenagers playing in a grand slam final, congrats Emma
Leodegario Lopez
Leodegario Lopez:
So lovely and adorable...i think leylah felt the nerves at the early part of the match while Emma was so calm and composed and she knows what to do, she made leylah run and chase the ball always.
Every time when I watch on the screen her smiles, her voices make me happy & smiles too. She is incredible inspirational lady. I can't wait to see her and her games in near future. 💖
Tommaso Barattini
Tommaso Barattini:
Spent all the time contemplating her beauty and her marvelous smile...
Congrats, Emma for became a grand slam champion!!
Gary Ryan
Gary Ryan:
An articulate & humble beauty. Heartiest congratulations Emma...
Shel 💘
Shel 💘:
she’s soooo gorgeous!!! ♥️ congrats to this future legend
Ps. Maximiliano Stange
Ps. Maximiliano Stange:
She was born to shine! What a star she is 😍
Cristina Botinestean
Cristina Botinestean:
"I think I managed..., actually I managed for sure"...what a great mindset and amazing confidence 😊
A star Is born!! Emma Raducanu 👏...What a success!! She is a beautiful, intelligent, and extremely talented young lady. Congratulations CHAMPION!! 👍 Keep winning trophies, but most importantly keep enjoying your life. You deserve it. 👏
Some journalists where so cold and condescending, dry and unpleasant. She was a ray of sunshine among them.
What a sweet soul. A lovely and fierce presence in woman's tennis!
STEVE Uk idiot
STEVE Uk idiot:
I not a tennis fan, but i watched this, what a lovely young lady, hope she stays so humble
Sushil Sarwadnya
Sushil Sarwadnya:
I love the way she smiles. She has the most beautiful smile I have ever seen. Great ambassador for tennis.
Just just fell in love with the innocence and smile of this amazing creation of the nature!
Congratulations from pakistan!
Stunning performance and equally impressive press conference so mature humble and natural and only 18 years old ! AMAZING! AMAZING! AMAZING!
Andrew Haynes
Andrew Haynes:
I can think of a lot of other Celebrities and MP’s should watch this and take a leaf out of how honest and classy she is!! Pure Class and such a nice person!! Many Many Congratulations Emma x
Andrew Michael
Andrew Michael:
Such a sincerely and humble young lady, inspiring for so many and an amazing role model for the masses. 👏
I was surprised nobody asked "How does it feel to know you won't to have to play in the qualification any more? Instead, you will be a seeded player in the main draw of every tournament you play in!"
ciprian ionut
ciprian ionut:
A super model.
Amazing talent integrated in amazing beauty !
Brian P.
Brian P.:
I love her. Hope she will keep this level for a long time.
Raymond Oflaherty
Raymond Oflaherty:
What a beautiful young Lady, articulate, smart, gorgeous, and seriously talented, well done Emma what a stunning tournament.
Benedict Pasco
Benedict Pasco:
There is a young lady who is not only proud to be British but acts like it too.
Aaqib Hamid
Aaqib Hamid:
Looking at her confidence and positive mindset,all i can say is,"A Star is born."
SwaggyTJ Matthews
SwaggyTJ Matthews:
congratulations to the beautiful sunshine, interesting, incredible Emma R, and congratulations to Leylah H who was able to get to the final round, hopefully she can win the next tournament on her journey as well , she will be talking like Emma was in this video
Daz Alenko
Daz Alenko:
She looks like a princess
Steven Apar
Steven Apar:
Such a great tournament. Looking forward to Djovic/Medvedev this afternoon. Qualifier wins the women's; unprecedented. Men's: #1 and #2 in the final. 2 very different stories.
Gülşen Yıldız
Gülşen Yıldız:
What a marvellous expression on her face it was every time she turned to her coach after gaining every point. Welcome to the jungle, young lady. Wish the best luck and succeess. WELLDONE!
That was an incredible match. Both players were a breath of fresh air. We needed fresh faces and new energy. I was proud of our Canadian also... I'm incredibly happy for Both ladies. Well done!
S G:
Great match. Both girls played awesome tennis. A amazing story of persistence, determination, and handling all that pressure flawlessly. Just amazing!!
The runner up and winner are absolutely amazing. Can't wait to see many more battles between them.
arlene isenberg
arlene isenberg:
Congratulations Emma you're a Bright Star of Tennis keep shinning
Itsjustmetho *
Itsjustmetho *:
‘It’s coming home’ 🏆 🇬🇧 Brilliant tennis player, such an amazing role model for young girls.
Vesna Marinkov
Vesna Marinkov:
She seems so humble and gives so much credit. She has a huge path set for her in the future, definately.
Binny Mathew
Binny Mathew:
miraculous performance,congratulations Emma,keep shining with your simplicity
Tracy Butorina
Tracy Butorina:
Congrats to Emma Raducanu and Leylah Fernandez for their achievements. I guess , this give me a reason to watch and follow tennis more often after this.
Josie Jenkins
Josie Jenkins:
Such an awesome interview. Love both of those young ladies. Looking forward to seeing both playing in the future. Enjoy this moment and congratulations again. It was a great tournament.
Nemanja Bubanja
Nemanja Bubanja:
She is so beautiful, nice and humble! She is a breath of fresh air for female tennis! All the best in the future!
Chris J Stone
Chris J Stone:
Humble, superbly talented, strategic, calm, beautiful, and speaks like a 28 year old veteran yet she’s only 18. Very impressive.
jace converse
jace converse:
I watched most of Emma's and Leylah's matches. These matches were extremely entertaining and these girls were amazing. A really bright future for women's tennis .
We all know why everyone is so happy. Tennis was desperately waiting for someone like her (yes I’m talking about her looks) to win the Grand Slam. It’s ok, We all have our bias 😉
Ilja-s Lapato
Ilja-s Lapato:
This british accent 💚
Shel 💘
Shel 💘:
I CANT GET OVER HOW GORG SHE IS.. a star is born (i know cheesy) but 😍😭😭😭😭
BP Dynasty
BP Dynasty:
Along with an exceptional game...she has incredible mental strength! She was the better player on the court today, she's had an exceptional run but I don't at all think it's a fluke. She's the real deal - just hope & pray that she continues to surround herself with the right people, both professionally and personally because she is absolutely a great champion in the making. Can't wait to see her and Leylah keep winning slams and tournaments!