Emma Raducanu vs Leylah Fernandez Highlights | 2021 US Open Final

Emma Raducanu takes on Leylah Fernandez in the final of 2021 US Open.

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The 2021 US Open main draw runs from August 30 - September 12 in New York City at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. The tournament takes place for the 141st time and is the fourth and final Grand Slam of the year. Dominic Thiem is the men’s singles defending champion but has withdrawn following an injury. Naomi Osaka is the women’s singles defending champion and will be aiming to claim the title for the third time in four years. Meanwhile, No. 1 seed Novak Djokovic looks to complete the calendar Grand Slam after winning the Australian Open, French Open and Wimbledon already this year. Should the Serbian lift the title here for the fifth time, he will also overtake Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal to become the first-ever man to win 21 Grand Slam singles titles. With full capacity crowds back again, it’s time for the greatest return!

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100+ komentarze:

Raducanu did not drop a set. She's in the zone! Wish her all the best for next year. I think she will win more.
John Dublyoo
John Dublyoo:
I've seen a lot of sporting achievements in my 73yrs but this tops the lot when you consider the enormity of the challenge from Emma's very first game in the tournament, absolutely stunning.
Abdul Mukhid Jamy
Abdul Mukhid Jamy:
Tens of thousands of players have tried to qualify for Grand Slams. One qualifier has won one. And she did it without even being taken to a tie-break! She never even looked like losing a set. What Emma did is an imitable and unsurpassable achievement.
Reason Rusfromme
Reason Rusfromme:
What a quiet game for women’s tennis! Neither of them grunted, just played their hearts out. wow. so enjoyable to watch.
The UK is very proud of you Emma, well done girl.
j p
j p:
A qualifier winning would be a story in itself. An 18yr old in just their 2nd major tournament winning would be a story in itself. A player winning without dropping a set would be a story in itself. A British woman winning a major tournament would be a story in itself. For all four stories to collide simultaneously is just insane!!!
S R Dash
S R Dash:
To be honest, Emma's groundstrokes are some of the hardest in women's game that I have seen. I can easily see her winning a number of majors. Congrats to both though. Lylah is also an amazing player. We may see another final featuring these two again.
ian finney
ian finney:
What an absolute star Emma is. Composed, humble, amazing.
david naish
david naish:
Her most difficult moment in the whole tournament seemed to be when she grimaced whilst having her knee patched up lol.
Quinley Leibrandt
Quinley Leibrandt:
I want an Emma vs Leylah final at every grand slam. It’s something I never knew I needed.😂
Chico Amadeo
Chico Amadeo:
Congratulations Emma. Deserving win!
Steve McElmy
Steve McElmy:
As a Brit I'm delighted we have someone who, if she stays injury free, can go on to become the greatest. Ridiculous raw talent, unshakable, and ruthless.
These two are really pushing and helping women's tennis.

Over 2,6 million views already....
Randy Bailin
Randy Bailin:
Emma has fantastic form on her serve, great footwork and pure ground strokes. She'll be a force for years, if she keeps her head on straight and stays healthy. Sad that her parents couldn't be there with her to share the moment. Amazing achievement.
1234567 1234567
1234567 1234567:
She’s so charismatic, I’d even watch her all day long even if she was working on a check out at Asda.
You just can’t take your eyes off her.
Daniel Ho
Daniel Ho:
Incredible how raducanu didn’t even drop a set her whole way through
Nick Reid
Nick Reid:
To come through qualifying and the main draw and to win without losing a set...in the bear pit of Flushing Meadow....with a crowd rooting for her opponent.....with her opponent winning a few lucky net cord points....cutting her leg while serving for the match....and then finishing on an ace. Just WOW.
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom:
Brilliantly done Emma. The whole of the UK loves you. Thanks for bringing so much needed joy to us all.
Brilliantly done Emma. The whole of the UK loves you. Thanks for bringing so much needed joy to us all.
H Noor
H Noor:
Emma is so relentless , I haven’t seen anything similar to this. Maybe Azarenka in her heyday 2012\13 had a kind of similar suffocating style , but I think Emma has more venom in her shots.
Get Cooking With Jay
Get Cooking With Jay:
What an amazing achievement. I must say I thought Layla was a bit of a sore loser, that little speech about 9/11 was a little bit much.
After watching her at Wimbledon, we knew she was a highlight waiting to happen. What a highlight!
Mark A
Mark A:
Still can’t believe it - just stunning! What a player.
Steve Hitchman
Steve Hitchman:
What a breath of fresh air these two are to the game of tennis, one of the reasons this was one of the best finals ever is that neither of these wonderful players felt the need to scream like they were giving birth to a 16lb baby every time they hit the ball! Simply brilliant by both and I hope they go on to grace many more finals!
Jed Honrado
Jed Honrado:
This is what being in "the zone" looks like for 8 straight matches. I was rooting for Leylah. But congrats to Emma on a phenomenal tournament!! EDIT: 10 straight matches!!
Fishponds Fox
Fishponds Fox:
Quite astonishing ! I'm from Bristol in England !
I'm so very proud of her ! Everyone here is !
Darren Lamb
Darren Lamb:
Just an absolutely amazing story. I doubt we will ever see such a thing again in our lives. This girl is very special
Sugma Digg
Sugma Digg:
From the 1st round to the final, I watched every minute, Emma was totally flawless, totally ruthless and totally grounded. What a absolute star  so thoroughly deserved 
One of the things that I really like about Emma’s game - and I mean REALLY like - is that on her forehand she doesn’t lay her wrist back like so many of the women players, but rather gets the wrist to snap into contact just like the men do. Aside from obvious natural ability and loads of hard work she has obviously been really well coached.
History has been made. First qualifier to win a grandslam, did not drop a set in 10 matches. First British female player to win a grandslam in over 40 years. I am so proud of her 🥺🥺🥺 Fernandez is an amazing talent and will have her day soon. What a night 💖💖
King of Klownz
King of Klownz:
Both are young, beautiful, talented, with an extremely bright future ahead!
Amanda Andrea Rose
Amanda Andrea Rose:
Emma Raducanu has the most beautiful smile! I love her face after she won. ^^
Edward Fitzgerald
Edward Fitzgerald:
It seems like Emma has Leylah's number since the junior tour, when she beat the Canadian at Wimbledon too.
Colin garner
Colin garner:
Fernandez thought it was ok for Emma to run around the court splashing blood everywhere . Emma remained focused.
England Calling
England Calling:
Two exceptional tennis players, in one of best finals in recent memory, followed by a beautiful speech by Fernandez. As for Emma - 10 straight matches, 20 straight sets, and a lesson to us all, in composure.
Tom Ripley
Tom Ripley:
Set point still giving me chills.
Mikołaj Kawecki
Mikołaj Kawecki:
Amazing match between two teenagers, one of the best woman’s match I watched in a while
fernando g. aguirre
fernando g. aguirre:
These two are the real future in tennis! Just amazing talented! So young and extremelly well. Congrats Emma! Congrats Leylah!
Jonti Neal
Jonti Neal:
Love her reaction when she drops her racket 👏🏻❤
miles styles
miles styles:
From the 1st round to the final, I watched every minute, Emma was totally flawless, totally ruthless and totally grounded. What a absolute star 🌟 so thoroughly deserved 👏👏👏👏
andy roughyed36
andy roughyed36:
what a level headed young lady she is, she seems very composed when shes being interviewed. proud to be british, well done Emma.
John Deighan
John Deighan:
First time I’ve actually cared about women’s tennis - like properly cared, paced the room during the match & lost sleep after it. Go Emma!!!
Jeff Allinson
Jeff Allinson:
Completely astonishing. I am utterly blown away as much as Emma's opponent was. This young lady literally has the world at her feet.
kri radulescu
kri radulescu:
I`m soooo happy for the new queen of tennis EMMA RADUCANU!!!! She`s absolutely amazing!!!
Dae Dizzlay
Dae Dizzlay:
I think no complaints should be made about the MTO. After returning to the court, Fernandez gained the advantage and still didn't convert. Raducanu's emotional and mental strength is unbelievable. Fernandez had the crowd and familial support but Raducanu still prevailed under all of that pressure!
One of the best US Open finals ever, and imo the most interesting final to watch. I hope Emma keeps up her form. She deserves so many more trophies.
mike welch
mike welch:
that ace to win it at the end was SICKKKK
Pauline Newman
Pauline Newman:
Congratulations Emma. Amazing! We loved every minute of the game. You deserved the win
arnel mesina
arnel mesina:
Having watched their progressions from the start of the tournament to final,they really have showed new talent and outstanding performances , above all they remain humble with their comments all the way to the awards ceremony . They are phenomenal ,inspiring ,always at one with the ball ,strategic and very tactful. We really hope to see them again in many more tournaments to come. A lot of us believe they're both WINNERS ,just having their turns. Congratulations! well done to Emma and Leylah in reaching the Finals!!
There were no losers in this match. These 2 are both brilliant young players and I wish them both a bright future. Exciting times to be a tennis fan
Beddru Contemporary Art
Beddru Contemporary Art:
Congratulations to Emma for her determination and great play.
Emily An
Emily An:
Brilliantly done Emma. The whole of the UK loves you. Thanks for bringing so much needed joy to us all.
Andy 249
Andy 249:
i had more interest in tennis these last 2 weeks in years because of these young women!
drttyu liqm
drttyu liqm:
parents couldn't be there with her to share the moment. Amazing achievement.
Joshua Epstein Tasgal
Joshua Epstein Tasgal:
All credit to raducanu, handled everything like a true champion, deserved winner, new superstar. Imagine her level in just 3 years
Brendan Powell
Brendan Powell:
At last, we have some grace and class back in the world of tennis.
cqvio doli
cqvio doli:
The new Queens of tennis, great match They're great players. Congratulations for both.
Wonderful! I don’t normally watch tennis, but Emma has brought a host of new fans to the sport. Congratulations!
Great job Emma! This is where the real test starts as now she will become a target. Also, the pressure the British press & general public is already putting on her is really ridiculous. I hope she can handle it.
I'm happy for both players and amazed at how quiet and beautiful the game can be without all the grunting and egos
Andy Langdon
Andy Langdon:
Unbelievable! An amazing achievement for someone so young 😊👍🏻❤️❤️ x
Jack Ward
Jack Ward:
UK is proud, Romania is proud, China is proud - Well done Emma! 🙌🏻
About With Nemo
About With Nemo:
An absolutely inspiration. I'm so so happy for her.
Impressive match from both of them. Congratulations!!
How To Sims
How To Sims:
Amazing match from Emma, from start to finish, she played a high quality match, her attacking was great was defense was even better. She thoroughly deserved the victory and to not only become the first winner from qualifiers to win a slam, but to win without dropping a set or to even be taken to a tiebreaker, amazing run. Amazing win from Emma, well deserved champion of the US Open 2021.
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss:
These two are the real future in tennis! Just amazing talented! So young and extremelly well. Congrats Emma! Congrats Leylah!
Matthew Plampton
Matthew Plampton:
What odd highlights. One of the best sets of tennis I've ever watched and only 2 points were shown.
miles bingham
miles bingham:
This game was amazing throughout. Very tight contested and raducanu were swift. What a talented star.
Thein Lin Htut
Thein Lin Htut:
Congratulations, Emma. Wish to see more of your brilliant skills in the future.
Ian White
Ian White:
Ten rounds and no lost sets! That's simply unbelievable!
Rvve Duio
Rvve Duio:
I'd like to thank Netflix and Channel 4 for allowing these two amazing girls to reach a wider audience. Simply brilliant Emma.
David Mundy
David Mundy:
I'd like to thank Netflix and Channel 4 for allowing these two amazing girls to reach a wider audience.
Simply brilliant Emma.
It is what it is! I look forward to seeing her play against some top 10 players at the Australian Open .
Congratulations, Emma!
Make Fly
Make Fly:
No set loss, win the tournament as a qualifier. What a miracle, and what a talent!
Wow, what a tournament, from qualifier to US Open Champ. Amazing!
Marius Tertan
Marius Tertan:
Simply amazing. Congratulations Emma!
zaynab Williams
zaynab Williams:
We love witnessing history!! Hope we will witness it again tonight in the men’s final ❗️🇷🇸❤️
Debbie Swiatkowski
Debbie Swiatkowski:
The UK is very proud of you Emma, well done girl.
Kyung Yu
Kyung Yu:
I think Raducanu and Fernandez showed us all something that transcends tennis -- don't think about rankings, records, prize money or stadium size... just play like you've got nothing to lose and give it your best. The two best players of the tournament made it to the finals and they both earned it the hard way. It's clear they love the game. In this age of ridiculous multimillion dollar endorsements and prize money and temper tantrums on court, it was a pleasure to witness these two inspired and inspirational ladies. Well done to both!
Christopher Green
Christopher Green:
This was a fantastic match to watch, both players were absolutely fantastic! Congratulations to Emma for her amazing win!
Aritra Roy
Aritra Roy:
We will be watching plenty of these two in the coming years. Incredible talents.
Very charming with great personality. I hope she keeps improving ... She will be the female version of Roger Federer. Popular among sponsors and tennis fans 🥳😎🥰
I absolutely love this whole moment, and I like the commentary most of the time, but he massively underplayed this. He commentated this win as if Federer had just won in straight sets in round 1, or something. Barely any emotion or any feeling. Classic moments can be elevated by classic, or even competent commentary ("the waiting is over!") but not here.
Angela The Angel
Angela The Angel:
Gosh I can’t wait for more of those two in the future! A new era is born
Gerry Montgomery
Gerry Montgomery:
Amazing performance from Emma,who would have imagined something like this could happen,her family will be proud of her and righly so.
Steve D
Steve D:
Congratulations Emma on a well deserved Grand Slam win ... exciting and amazing to watch you play ... looking forward to seeing your future matches ...enjoy everything that comes with your success ... congrats on your excellent A level results also.
Michael Schmidt
Michael Schmidt:
Incredible feat and one that won't be duplicated any time soon. Well done, Emma!
What an inspiration for young female tennis players. Bravo Emma!
Paul Coffield
Paul Coffield:
One of highest quality first sets I've seen in a women's final for a while. Raducanu fully deserved that because Fernandez played superbly for most of that match. She just won most of the big points. A champion. Leylah will win one, one day, no doubt about it.
liouy cnny
liouy cnny:
The new Queens of tennis, great match They're great players. Congratulations for both.
Datu Momushka
Datu Momushka:
I love these girls! We will be seeing them in future matches ❤️
News Update
News Update:
Such an uplifting news here , well done and a young teenager! Brilliant player Emma.
Andrei Demsa
Andrei Demsa:
How beautiful it is a game or a final in this case without screaming and roaring...congratulations to the both of you!!!
alf m
alf m:
While Raducanu did not drop a set I dropped the remote a few times watching her triumphed all the way to the top😅
Appears a new face of tennis is born… young, beautiful, ton of on-screen charisma…
ricardo batista
ricardo batista:
Two great players. I just don't know which one is more charismatic.
Владимир Павлушков
Владимир Павлушков:
Absolutely fenomenal player, she will be great player. Well, we must forget how the stands interfered with her. This is a huge psychological pressure for those who have not had the experience of such a performance. For some reason, little is said about this. She was stronger than Fernandez, despite the fact that she is also a very strong player
Sàbhail ar Alba
Sàbhail ar Alba:
As a British person, I'd like to say I'll be having croissant for breakfast tomorrow.
How incredible to see Raducanu went from playing her first qualifier in front of a few spectators to winning the US Open in a packed Arthur Ashe Stadium.
Глеб Саратов
Глеб Саратов:
In fact, it was the most interesting final match in this year 👍