Emma Roberts Is Pregnant With First Child

The "AHS" actress is expecting her first child with boyfriend Garrett Hedlund just over a year after the stars first sparked romance rumors. Get the deets!

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Tochi Chikwendu
Tochi Chikwendu:
OMG I’m so happy for her. I still remember her in wild child
Sheila Blische
Sheila Blische:
She picked a good one. Handsome too.
ChesteenaCookie Gacha
ChesteenaCookie Gacha:
Omg She Is Gonne Be A Mother And So As Her boyfriend He is Gonna be A Dad
A View From The Pew
A View From The Pew:
Is that the same one that beat up her bf? You better duck lol she's pregnant now🤣
Liz Razo
Liz Razo:
Great time to get pregnant though
Oma Cool
Oma Cool:
xoHorror Girlxo
xoHorror Girlxo:
I’m so happy for them two
Am rose
Am rose:
Huh wha is this the guy used to date kirsten dunst forever???? Well that baby getting some good genes he is cute and she looks just like her aunt julia.
Jibran Shah
Jibran Shah:
Amazing 💗
Alanna Shea
Alanna Shea:
Can I have Evan now? 🙏
Michelle Rose-Keaton
Michelle Rose-Keaton:
Congratulations 🎉
Nancy Murbach
Nancy Murbach:
Mara nunes a
Mara nunes a:
Yes OMG 😰
vanesaloves music
vanesaloves music:
Congratulations Emma
F.R. F
F.R. F:
So happy for her :)
InsertJiroHere _ Noob
InsertJiroHere _ Noob:
We Stan a beautiful queen
Amasa Bigelow Bigelow
Amasa Bigelow Bigelow:
I'm happy for E.R. for her baby bump
Tatum Christopher Swanson
Tatum Christopher Swanson:
Awwww, 🥰, That’s so sweet. Is it a boy 👦 or a Girl 👧?
Shalamar Thomas
Shalamar Thomas:
it seriously cracks me up whenever socialites make the news about doing anything any animal can do.
fazluna rae
fazluna rae:
I'm happy for her..she spent 7 years of her 20s with one guy and now only after a year of dating, she's pregnant with garrett's child. This gives me hope
Janay Royster
Janay Royster:
Congrats to her and Garrett
Omg omg omg !!!!!! So excited for her!!!!
Jacqueline Walker
Jacqueline Walker:
Gratulation Emma and Garrett
فطوم حسن
فطوم حسن:
افا ليش بيخرب جسمك يا غبيه
Edit -for-edits
Edit -for-edits:
Wondering when Emma Roberts baby gonna come out? 🤔
Ethereal Depths
Ethereal Depths:
Who else remembers her from Unfabulous!?
xoHorror Girlxo
xoHorror Girlxo:
did they do it in her bedroom or couch
Naz Kiwi
Naz Kiwi:
Nancy drew days😘😘
F.R. F
F.R. F:
...must be hard for Evan to hear the news
John Rambo
John Rambo:
Her aunt is Julia Roberts
Deandre Watson
Deandre Watson:
Knew someday she was going to be pregnant🤰
The Gonzalez Channel
The Gonzalez Channel:
Isn’t Emma a little young still to be pregnant
Andrea Koo
Andrea Koo:
covid baby
Disenfranchised American
Disenfranchised American:
Woo hoo. How did it happen?
celestial moon
celestial moon:
She seems like she will be a cool caring mama
Steviie Mariie
Steviie Mariie:
Nooo Garrett can do way better
Ky Glória
Ky Glória:
Who are these people?
David Ellis
David Ellis:
DNA Test !