Emma Roberts is Reportedly PREGNANT With Her First Child!

Emma Roberts is pregnant with her first child with Garrett Hedlund, according to multiple reports. The two first sparked dating rumors in March 2019, following Roberts’ split from on-again, off-again fiance Evan Peters.

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Elijah Gilbert
Elijah Gilbert:
I don’t know why everyone is giving her so much hate? It’s not like she’s still a teenager and women who have kids is just part of life whether they want it or not. She’s 29 years old and that’s quite a good age for some people to start a family and have everything they can get in order to provide for it. I’m sure she’ll be a real good mother. Being a parent is a big responsibility which will be challenging to commit to raising a life you brought in this world and hopefully she and her boyfriend both do their best they can.
Nevena Tosic
Nevena Tosic:
There's literally no actual evidence that she's pregnant
P M:
She's honestly so pretty
excuse you?
excuse you?:
0:27 those bangs are horrible.
Samantha Passlow
Samantha Passlow:
So there’s no actual evidence that she’s pregnant ???
m c
m c:
Why would they put that ahs clip lmaooo
Faith Is My Shield
Faith Is My Shield:
Congrats to them both on being pregnant.
Liana Soares
Liana Soares:
Something about Emma Robert’s face reminds me of Margot Robbie’s & Anne Hathaway’s.
Kenzie Jean
Kenzie Jean:
Yay!! Chanel is growing up!
Shakeria Crawford
Shakeria Crawford:
I still think of "new shooooes" when I think of Emma Roberts!!
They unexpectedly look so good together and I wish them all the happiness
Cookie Cute as a puppy
Cookie Cute as a puppy:
Congratulations 💗💕💝💗💕💕💗... wishing her and her man a lifetime of happiness with their bundle of joy 🥰
Omg she's having a child omg 💖 I can't believe it Emma Roberts is going to be a great mother 😇🙏🏻 *I love Emma Roberts so much* 💘
03 AI
03 AI:
andres felipe XD
andres felipe XD:
And the evidence???
I K:
1:55 are they related?
Leandro Pinheiro Channel
Leandro Pinheiro Channel:
Emma Roberts is Very beautiful and amazing 😍
Kylie Richardson
Kylie Richardson:
I love Garrett Hedlund
Archie Birkett Green
Archie Birkett Green:
Imagine having chanel oberlin as your mum
Jibran Shah
Jibran Shah:
Super 💗
Mary Gabrielle alipio Marygab*8
Mary Gabrielle alipio Marygab*8:
Hey take poppy more back
M Carmo
M Carmo:
One more future mgtow dude...
CRZ to the extreme
CRZ to the extreme:
Wow really😐
Yr8tIq1r06iXp t
Yr8tIq1r06iXp t:
Now that´s really unexpected. She´s still so young, and she never seemed like someone who would want children (especially at such a young age). Emma always came across as being very career-prioritizing.
Billy Thompson
Billy Thompson:
overall no soft drink
so julia roberts is gonna be a grandma?
wait- she’s only 29?
And 😳
Xoe's songs and more
Xoe's songs and more:
King Kohls
King Kohls:
Is she physically abusing this dude too like she did Evan Peter's?
John Murray
John Murray:
Congrats to her... Condolences to every optimistic single man out there. Including myself. Gotta start dreaming about another woman now. After Zooey Deschanel, Rashida Jones, Anna Kendrick, and now her my suspense of disbelief isn't what it used to be. The simple solution would be to develop a preference for women in their early 20's like every other guy, but I don't find younger women attractive. Kinda like you have to be their 24/7 professor. Without pay. Or sense of fulfillment for me.
Nagella Jean-Baptiste
Nagella Jean-Baptiste:
Well whether she's pregnant or not. But she have a boyfriend and Hayden Christensen could stop try to accuse her of having a affair interest to Hayden.

Cause Hayden Christensen been with lots of females and every film and from what I read He's sexualy had a real sex with one of them in the films. Not gonna mention who.
But I was watching a video about stars that actually had real sex in a movie because some credits wanted real passion.
Anyways. So . everybody loves Hayden but nobody is into him but Rachel.so she could stop accusing Emma Roberts.

##Natalie portman is prettier. She's happily married.