Emma Stone wins Best Actress

Leonardo DiCaprio presents Emma Stone with the Oscar® for Best Actress for her performance in "La La Land" at the 89th Oscars® in 2017.

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Kristy's Edits
Kristy's Edits:
Winning when you’re against Meryl Streep, that’s a big deal.
Karma Exists
Karma Exists:
Meryl Streep is like, "Shit I'm nominated again."
Felicia Frassinelli
Felicia Frassinelli:
Everyone is talking about EVERYONE ELSE besides Emma. I am so incredibly astounded by her hard work and love for her craft. She is truly a star.
Barnaby Marriott
Barnaby Marriott:
Emma Stone wins an Oscar, and gets to kiss Ryan Gosling and then a few seconds later gets to kiss Leonardo DiCaprio! What a lucky woman!
Screw the Oscar getting a hug from Leonardo DiCaprio is better
Portman doing social distancing before it was cool.
Clara Mercury
Clara Mercury:
1:23 Leo’s just staring at her as she’s coming up to the stage, it reminds me of how he was waiting for Rose at the top of the stairs
Arturo García
Arturo García:
3:06 Seeing Andrew Garfield so proud of Emma Stone breaks my heart, they were the perfect couple💔💔💔
Why is nobody's talking about Andrew Garfield looking at Emma. Gosh I miss them together
she's gonna win an oscar for cruella.....mark my words
Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody:
Emma Stone is one of the greatest actresses of our generation. I am so happy she won an Oscar!
Cuppie Cupsters
Cuppie Cupsters:
Also why is everyone talking about Leo when this is about Emma? She won the Oscar!
Sophie Sewell
Sophie Sewell:
Meryl looks simply amused that she's been nominated again.
Adrielle Giffoni
Adrielle Giffoni:
Ryan's face when she talks about him is like 😊
Cecelia S
Cecelia S:
02:53 how cute is Ryan's look at Emily here
Rebecca H
Rebecca H:
1:04 Natalie Portman is that one kid in google hangouts in online class
Nina Naval
Nina Naval:
i cant blame her for being so nervous, imagine leo staring at you!!!!!
Natalie Portman's face when Leo said Emma Stone. PRICELESS. Like she froze or sth
Liza Argento
Liza Argento:
Am I the only person simping over the fact Andrew Garfield is in the front row clapping for her and crying during her speech!?
Anushka Sarkar
Anushka Sarkar:
3:06 oml Andrew looks so proud 😭💖
Would have grabbed Leo not the oscar.
Sn oW
Sn oW:
The way Andrew looks at her makes my heart ache
Okay but the real win is getting your oscar handed to you by leo
Taking it to the Limit
Taking it to the Limit:
I knew she would have got to this stage in her life, as Emily has always been that good, even in supporting or minor roles, she's that good, we've seen her grown in the arts of screen and stage, and I think she will receive more accolades in her career as she enjoys what she does, and Emily puts that across so lovely.
Abby Button
Abby Button:
1:22 Leo waiting for Emma to come to the stage reminds me of Jack waiting for Rose at the clock 🥺
"natalie portman, jackie"
natalie: 👁—👁
Father Exodus
Father Exodus:
1:44 I love how the cameraman take this amazing shoot
Breno Leite Brito
Breno Leite Brito:
Meryl always celebrates harder than the actual winner.
I love how happy Meryl gets when Emma wins, she’s top class
I love her. She's so talented and yet so humble.
User Name
User Name:
You know you’ve made it when Leonardo DiCaprio hands you an Oscar
lexi s
lexi s:
she really deserved this, La La Land was a magnificent film :)
One of the classiest acceptance speeches I think I've ever seen. Well thought out, no false modesty, genuine gratefulness (or good acting!), and good time management. Very impressive effort.
Dustin Harrison
Dustin Harrison:
That was a very nice and humble Oscar speech.
Angie Nongthombam
Angie Nongthombam:
I don't know why but I cried when she got the Oscar. I guess it's because I was genuinely happy that she got what she deserved and partly because I know how it feels when your hard work is recognised since I yearn to act but my shyness and vulnerability are like *noooo angiee* 🤣
itsjia jjOO
itsjia jjOO:
Meryl should have won an academy award for most nominated actress ever.
rayana jahra
rayana jahra:
Maryl Streep is like "Yeah I'm nominated again."
1:29 when she lets go of the dress and music makes a “PAAAN” fits perfectly
Marie C
Marie C:
I love Emma, she's so down to earth!! She's an amazing actress!! :)
OfficialMarvin Valle's
OfficialMarvin Valle's:
Emma is so beautiful, so elegant, so poised, this is how a true celebrity looks like. She is not only extremely talented but gorgeous and naturally beautiful
Jestony Rapas
Jestony Rapas:
just finished watching La La Land and I've only seen this masterpiece for the first time today and it was a performance.
Aggeliki Sfakianou
Aggeliki Sfakianou:
The fact that Natalie was pregnant both times she was nominated in the best leading actress category...😍
Emily said all the right words. She's really indeed brilliant, such a rare talent. I love her, she is an inspiration to many. 💗
Noor Fatch
Noor Fatch:
Her dress is golden and then award is golden she's extremely beautiful and holding oscar in her hand and soo beautiful hairs she has and she's everything to me she's obviously soo beautiful love her she deserves this
victoria drejer
victoria drejer:
I seriously cannot express how happy it made me to see Viola Davis smiling so brightly at Emma when she won. They have both come such a long way since filming The Help together, but it seems that their bond has never faded. Bless them both, those lovely ladies!
Emma saying "Leo" after hugging him, then looking back at him is the cutest thing ever, she's such a fangirl:')
shubham sharma
shubham sharma:
Isabelle delivered a professional acting performance. She won many Hollywood awards that year.
jonathan foster
jonathan foster:
Imagine going from having a poster of leonardo dicaprio on your wall as a child to having him be the one to hand you an oscar. Wow. Full circle.
Regina Phalange
Regina Phalange:
Emma Stone in La La Land is gonna be a measuring stick for realism and emotion in musicals. Such nuance in a performance. So much depth to an underwritten character. Well deserved Oscar indeed!!!
amir alcherani
amir alcherani:
Its amazing that the academy nominated Ruth, cause her performance was amazing. Well deserving Emma, ur career is just rising year by year
Walter Pinkman
Walter Pinkman:
Maryl streep: "aw shit, here we go again"
Bella Ali
Bella Ali:
Meryl’s face when they say her name😂😂😂 oh god I am years late watching this but that was fucking priceless like here we go again😭
Matheus Mariani
Matheus Mariani:
if she's not winning for Cruella, there's gonna be a revolution
Cuppie Cupsters
Cuppie Cupsters:
So glad for her! She totally deserved it!!!!!! Loved her in Cruella!
Nicolle Palmieri
Nicolle Palmieri:
i love how even though leo is older you can SEE through his skin the same exact soul that was there decades ago and thats really rare in a person!! he is so genuine i love him
sad boy videos
sad boy videos:
Natalie’s reaction to emma winning was so shady...
I don't know about others, but my most and always favorite actress and actor were on the same stage and I don't why i am fucking crying I love them both 🖤
Ronnie Stewart Jr
Ronnie Stewart Jr:
Meryl said “boy, they’ll really gimme a nom for anything huh?”
G Madhan
G Madhan:
Emma told herself that..
"I don't remember anything on that night except tha award being handed by Leo..That's the greatest part"
Oh..she sure is lucky ❤
Sherwin Celeste
Sherwin Celeste:
She sing, dance, act angry and emotional. Well deserved oscars.
Saniya Tabassum
Saniya Tabassum:
Your love towards the family, when you said mom, dad and brothers, brought tears in my eyes. 😥😥😓
Ankit Bhattacharjee
Ankit Bhattacharjee:
Can we maintain silence for Andrew Garfield there with (almost) tears In his eyes ?
Ventea Grande
Ventea Grande:
meryl streep was like, "thanks but no thanks. i've had a lot of nominations and wins."
ugh i love her so much
Adult Visual Novels
Adult Visual Novels:
Life is unfair, as evidenced by someone being that beautiful and that good of an actress.
Arsh Agarwal
Arsh Agarwal:
0:56 Meryl Streep’s like these kids nominate me for everything lol
Shristi Thapa
Shristi Thapa:
I don't know how much I adore leo for growing up as a gentlemen who cares for the world .Unlike some of the celebraties who get lost within the fame ,name and money .❤️
Throwback to when I first saw this on TV. Never thought I’d see the day Leo presenting the Best Actress Category after winning last year’s Best Actor and Emma Stone’s Oscar drought finally broken 😁
Azl Haider
Azl Haider:
How's here after watching cruella and want her to won oscar again!?
Even the way Leo presenting this should get him an Oscar
Arun Phillips
Arun Phillips:
0:55 Meryl Streep is like 'not again, only the 78th nomination'
Matthew Sawczyn
Matthew Sawczyn:
I’m happy for how happy Meryl looked for Emma
Night's Moonlight
Night's Moonlight:
after watching Cruella, I think she deserves a second oscar. Her expression in Cruella is much better than Lala Land
great boy
great boy:
Emma stone deserved an Oscar for this performance. Playing a real person is easier but Emma created Mia from an original screenplay and fricking sells it. She adds realism , layer , depth and creativity to her portrayal. Watch her audition scene, lovely night, someone in the crowd, failed audition, pool party scene, argument scene , etc...Natalie Portman was awesome but Emma was the best performer this year
Brooklynn M
Brooklynn M:
Look at the look on Ryan's face when Emma mentions him. Why am I crying over people I've never met
At 3:06 the way Andrew saw Emma stone winning Oscar so 😫😫😫😫😫💯🔥...
Ahana Jain
Ahana Jain:
at this point meryl's just happy for whoever wins she's so used to being nominated lol
Jonathan Velazquez, Ph.D.
Jonathan Velazquez, Ph.D.:
I love her. She seems like a wonderful person! Although I would've voted for someone else, she's good. I'm happy for her.
Omg Emily Stone is the best actress I'm so proud of her and I'm glad she won an award!
Tom Dobbie
Tom Dobbie:
She said Ryan Gosling was her best partner, then the next camera shot you see Andrew Garfield at the bottom😭
Piyush Anand
Piyush Anand:
I feel very happy for her. And that’s uncommon, I don’t feel that for others!
fivio foreign
fivio foreign:
her dress was just beautiful.
emily vs
emily vs:
Andrew Garfield standing up and applauding her after they broke up. Ugh i miss them so much.
Shrutika Potdar
Shrutika Potdar:
2:38 He is controlling his tears, god, so beautiful!❤
Thetalent Guru-Guru
Thetalent Guru-Guru:
Leonardo Di Caprio has that look saying "I know how you feel Emma I know how you feel...but at least you got it early....I had to wait ages!" 😂😂😂🏆👏
Evelyn Verdejo
Evelyn Verdejo:
Natalie almost could’ve accepted the award from Leo, who she nearly became his Juliet
Le Monde de Chris
Le Monde de Chris:
1:17 Andrew is standing for her

3:05 He looks at her as if she was the most precious thing on Earth.
Rajarshi Biswas
Rajarshi Biswas:
3:04 Peter Parker in the first row marveling at the achievement of Gwen Stacey
Star M
Star M:
I’m happy for her that she won but at the same time I still wanted Ruth Negga to win for Loving
Meryl Streep: I-
The Academy: 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Shweta Singh
Shweta Singh:
0:55 Meryl's literal reaction "Ya whatever everytime".
Meliza Gabriel Bueron
Meliza Gabriel Bueron:
3:06 the way Andrew looked at Emma while she delivered her speech :( I miss them together.
Mia Gooch
Mia Gooch:
When Ryan hugged Emma it was
so sweet he was so happy for her
López Labbé
López Labbé:
I love her performance, but Isabelle and Natalie killed it!
3:04 Andrew is just admiring her.. It's so adorable ❣️🥺 I know they're separated and Emma's married😣 but I STILL ship them😖.
Cool C
Cool C:
Emma Stone at her finest. 😍 She deserved that Oscar.
hilli neta
hilli neta:
she’s incredible
Arilm Tay
Arilm Tay:
everyone’s talking about
20% emma stone
20% she kissed ryan and leo
20% meryl:here we go again
20% chrissy is sleeping
0% isabelle huppert

how come no ones talking about her,i love isabelle so much!
Krizzia R
Krizzia R:
In my opinion, her performance in the Audition scene is what sold me. She made you feel Mia's desperation, sadness, disappointment, devotion, and undying hope in that one scene alone. The emotional rollercoaster she elicited in a single, one-take, live performance won her this award. And let's not forget that the academy can be one of the most pretentious group of actors and filmmakers, and yet this performance about hope and being yourself won them over -- I count that a complete win. We're all entitled to our opinions, but that's my two cents.
so cute that after this emma stone said in an interview she was freaking out more because leo was presenting the award not because she won😂
Anam Khan
Anam Khan:
3:06 the way andrew is looking at her, i am going to cry again.