Emma Stone's Favorite Part of Her Oscar Win Was Leonardo DiCaprio

Emma Stone talks about turning 30 and why receiving her Oscar from Leonardo DiCaprio was a full circle moment.

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Emma Stone's Favorite Part of Her Oscar Win Was Leonardo DiCaprio


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Bindass Khabray
Bindass Khabray:
wow she loves her brother sooo much! :)
My first crush was Leonardo Di Caprio in Titanic and I'm 28 ❤️
Lachezar Zlatkov
Lachezar Zlatkov:
and now she's 32, married, and just had her first child.. rocking the 30s
IM STILL MAD she died on Spider-Man
Mainara Alexandre
Mainara Alexandre:
No wonder she and J Law are best friends. They're sooo much alike personalitywise
Emma Stone is a gift, protect her
Rainbow Sparkle
Rainbow Sparkle:
Love her natural raspy voice 😍
Active Tamal
Active Tamal:
The way DiCaprio delivers his speech, he has the potential to be a prime minister.
I've admired her since "Easy A" She is something special.
random person
random person:
Her and Jlaw have the same laugh and it’s so damn adorable!
Reborn Ghost
Reborn Ghost:
The way she talks about her brother is so sweet.
Aiman Gul
Aiman Gul:
Her charisma is just so good, you wanna listen to her all day!
fun fact: Emma Stone (Gwen Stacy) dropped out of high school to pursue her acting dreams from moving from Arizona to LA w her mom in an apartment... she worked at a bakery in LA because acting wasn’t paying the bills at the time for her... later on she got not acting gigs especially w this one. Note to people, chase your dreams no matter if you are going through hell. Emma Stone is a great example, obviously go to school though but don’t be afraid to chase your dreams. I love you Emma Stone an inspiration to me.
J Escareno
J Escareno:
People saying she doesn’t look 30 or that they can’t believe she turned 30. As if 30 were like 60.
30 is still REALLY YOUNG. people in their early 30s to mid still look really young. You don’t start aging badly until your 40s.
My first crush was Leonardo DiCaprio as Jack. I'm 28. Makes sense
I just love her . Amongst all the fakeness of Hollywood, she seems so genuine
Chaima Lekkam
Chaima Lekkam:
When she won her Oscar, literally everyone on earth was talking about how it's LEO who handed her the award more than the award itself
Taetae is lifeu
Taetae is lifeu:
I love how she's just literally a fangirl, just like anyone of us. Like I would also be stunned or star-struck, by my one and only childhood crush Leo if ever I'll see him on real life lol
Dreams of Kaia
Dreams of Kaia:
I love her!! Such an incredible actor!! God Bless her!! ❤️
Jessica Nazario
Jessica Nazario:
She’s one of my favorite actresses. She does everything beyond well.
Kal Adrian
Kal Adrian:
She's too beautiful😍😍😘 she looks like 20
Edit: omg 1k+ likes thank you guys
nawshad nasreen
nawshad nasreen:
I'm just so excited to watch cruella.. I loved all the short clips... She really did so well!
A K:
Everything that comes out of her mouth is thoughtful and intelligent she’s awesome and refreshing.
I fell in love with her after seeing La La Land, also great in Birdman
Morten Olsen
Morten Olsen:
Love her sooooo much! And that skirt looks sooooo good on her! 🤩
Who else searched for the video where Emma won the Oscar to see his brother hyping like crazy ^^?
The Black Sheep
The Black Sheep:
0:38 Jimmy: "How were your 20s? Did you love your 20s?"
Emma: "Um..."
Jimmy: "Interesting"
“YOU COULD HAVE BEEN ON THE DOOR!” hahahahaha I love her
Fabien Coze
Fabien Coze:
Is there something you can't love about this extraordinary versatile and talented and beautiful and solar young Lady ? OMG SHE IS PERFECT ...
Nayops 20
Nayops 20:
She’s stunning like always!
Mr Beats
Mr Beats:
She’s the best extrovert
Axel Càrdenas
Axel Càrdenas:
Movie with Emma and Leo would be great. They are some crazy.
Galman Ferguson
Galman Ferguson:
She's like the toned down version of JLaw in terms of being extra
Lauren Noel
Lauren Noel:
Emma always showing us how relatable she is! love her
Her expression is her honest character, so pure and loveable, that's the way she is.
I would love to see Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence and Anna Kendrick in one interview...
That would've been awesome and hilarious!
One of the coolest things in my life is that I celebrate my birthday on the same date as my all time favorite actress...
quantum collapse
quantum collapse:
if you are thirty,
You're starting to age "moderately"
Btw she's so lovely.
Sara Martins
Sara Martins:
This woman is everything to me. I love her.
She’s such a professional now—really grew up since Easy A
Greg Recovski
Greg Recovski:
I love the fact how down to earth she is... its truly refreshing listeing to her lol
Shiloh Ivy
Shiloh Ivy:
She’s so adorable
Emma Ventura
Emma Ventura:
I’m going back to this video when I turn 30. The comments and Jimmy are so encouraging. And well there’s Emma Stone being great.
Pratyusha Koratala
Pratyusha Koratala:
She is so amazing, great personality
I love Jimmy's ability to transform any interview to a cringe fest.
"I am the best person ever" 😂😂
I love her. I will always be single because of her. 😍😍😍
She has my sense of humour! This is so great!
Love her and Jennifer Lawrence’s friendship xx they are literally two of the most down to earth, goofy personalities in Hollywood xx the other is Sarah Paulson xxx
Bashful Michael
Bashful Michael:
I just absolutely love her!
Ririn Hapsari
Ririn Hapsari:
So unique, elegant and classic
Rachael Hutchings
Rachael Hutchings:
I love her, u can see Jimmy loves her too 💗
Im waiting for another cartoon character to be voice by her. Love her voice <3
James Beard
James Beard:
Love the way Jimmy says 'I'm 40' ... yeah, 44 is pretty much 40 ...
Nick Kaz
Nick Kaz:
She’s adorable!
Ayan Choudhury
Ayan Choudhury:
Important findings of this interview: she thinks there was space in the plank, and she thinks Tom Hanks is the best person ever.
She is officially my favourite :p
Adrian Junsay
Adrian Junsay:
Her Emotion makes me Happy 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Alejandra Barahona
Alejandra Barahona:
It'd my favourite part too... Leo is everything 🖤
Destroyer King
Destroyer King:
The only actress i loved so much in my entire life 🥰🥰
Lyannie Bodilla
Lyannie Bodilla:
Love this girl so much!! 😭💕
Such a pure soul person she is!!
Emma and Jennifer Lawrence have a lot in common 😍💙
LPS Modernes Et spectaculaires
LPS Modernes Et spectaculaires:
I don't know why but I wanna say a think: Emma Stone has Scorpio zodiacal sign, Leonardo Dicaprio too and me too lol♥️♥️♥️
Emma’s right!
Frozen stuff floats to the bottom of the ocean, and warmer stuff sinks to the surface.
And knowing is half the battle.
peter Eat-her
peter Eat-her:
God has blessed her ❤ and broke the mold.... she just keeps getting 😍
She's right though. I'm 29 and my entire 20s has been a pretty emotional rollercoaster. Maybe my 30s will be when shit finally gets together and makes sense...lol
Muhammad Rafli Ramadhan
Muhammad Rafli Ramadhan:
and this year she's turning 33. Time flies by so fast
Different Angle
Different Angle:
Her voice, I can listen to that all day!
Alright! since no one’s gonna talk about Fallon, I’m gon’ do it. Fallon you gotta up your game. I feel it. I see it. Everybody sees it.
Authentically Acoustic
Authentically Acoustic:
My most favorite actress, she is a true gem.
Varun Tulsyan
Varun Tulsyan:
See? No excessive applause and Jimmy not laughing hysterically at every word, and this becomes a good show to watch after all.
JJ Mtz
JJ Mtz:
I love her ❤️, Happy dirty 30 🙌🏼
La La Land was a decent picture but i still can't wrap my head around the fact that Emma won an Oscar whereas Ryan didn't and tbh I found his performance to be stronger
Pauline Bunuan
Pauline Bunuan:
I know it's supposed to be a late night show, but they both got me feeling like we're chatting early in the morning over some coffee haha
Joseph Chacko
Joseph Chacko:
Haha Jimmy exaggerating every single thing I love it!
This video confirms why I adore Emma Stone 😍
Ayush Chavan
Ayush Chavan:
Her expression and personality is killing me
Linus Calbay
Linus Calbay:
How can someone be so perfect?
Sanju Singh Mma
Sanju Singh Mma:
Emma is such a dork and i love it.
I love her. Pretty, authentic and funny.
She’s my favorite hollywood person
Arlem Quevedo
Arlem Quevedo:
and now she's pregnant and married at her 30's <3
She’s just perfect
R M Tagasa
R M Tagasa:
"I'm so nice!"

The way she said that. Oh my love.
James G
James G:
Jim Fallon is great except for the fact that he most of the time talks over his guests
Nehit Tiwari
Nehit Tiwari:
I love Adele,Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence.... And they are best friends of each other 😁....What could be better than this?
Elissa Lombard
Elissa Lombard:
I think this clip should be renamed ‘Emma Stone’s Favourite Part of Her Oscar Win Was Her Brother’.

My sisters are my favourite people so that’s probably what I would remember most, too.
Al Gale
Al Gale:
30 is pretty young nowadays.
Tho R
Tho R:
We want to see Emma more!!
Stones forever ❤️
Pretty sure Jimmy would be awarded an oscar

in lalaland 🕺🏻
Ifteqar Hussain
Ifteqar Hussain:
Watched her oscar winning moment after watching this. ❤️
Travis Dewys
Travis Dewys:
Emma Stone is one of the best humans!!! Beautiful inside and out!!
Lewis Tasso
Lewis Tasso:
My uncle once today me when I was in my 20s that my 30s would be the best time in your life. If I didn't have to deal with so many issues, they would have been.
S.L. Lily Haokip
S.L. Lily Haokip:
Favourite atress.....love her personality so much!!
Leo giving me the award would also make me remember him only.
No matter how much older emma stone gets i will always love her she is for sure my biggest crush.
عبدالكريم القريو
عبدالكريم القريو:
She won an Oscar in the 20s and she found it a really challenging decade.
I don't know what's she hiding for the 30s.
Cyclone Sister
Cyclone Sister:
She's just gorgeous!
Turning 30 is the best. Now im 39 and im still relieved 20-29 is over... :) At 30 you stop worrying about all those little things ... <3