Empoli-Roma 1-2 | Dybala masterpiece stirs up Roma spirits: Goals & Highlights | Serie A 2022/23

The Argentine leads the Giallorossi to an away win in Empoli with a brilliant goal and an assist for Abraham’s winner, giving Roma a much-needed win to restore moral after the defeat in Udine | Serie A 2022/23

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100+ komentarze:

Forza Juve
Forza Juve:
Wonderful to see Dybala doing well :') You deserve it
Enrico Magnani
Enrico Magnani:
Great Dybala. I miss him at Juventus but happy to see him playing for a great team, with a real coach.
Dybala man of the match.imo.. Scores a 20 yarder then Sets up the winner..👑👑👑
Dybala was insane today. I'm very excited for him this season. But otherwise the roma players have to improve
Michael Erzuah
Michael Erzuah:
I like Dybala's form but Roma really needs to work on their defense
Dybala incredible technical player always has been surprised the likes of barca or real haven't even acquired him in the mid field he's incredibly productive
I really wish we kept Tammy at Chelsea, but I'm glad to see he's flourishing under Jose "The Special One" Mourinho.
Also, Dybala, what a beast. I started to doubt his ability in his last months at Juventus, but recent performances have proved me wrong. Hope it lasts, because he'd be a brilliant player for Argentina as well.
Dybala what a shot. He has a wonderful left foot.
Philippe BABALOLA:
If only all Roma's players could play at Dybala's level..
Lewis C
Lewis C:
Dybala was a great signing!!
emmanuel ugwunne
emmanuel ugwunne:
Form is temporary, Class is permanent. Dybala
Justin Alcaraz Music
Justin Alcaraz Music:
I love Dybala. He's so consistent
Silv B
Silv B:
With FFP restrictions, our squad will remain as is until at least the next transfer window.
It's pointless match after match being critical of certain players - and sometimes we lose perspective and attack when such players were quite serviceable.
Cristante, is used often due to his worth as a tall player in set pieces both offensively and defensively.
In this match, he performed well in these areas.
Until we are able to purchase one or two more dynamic midfielders why bother complaining?
Happy to see Dybala doing well, we could sure use him back at Juventus although... having said that Allegri would probably just bench him for 30 games.
Anestesi Ready
Anestesi Ready:
I can't imagine that Inter just needed to say yes to sign Dybala, but they just choose not to
Agustín 3
Agustín 3:
Vamos Paulo, vamos Roma, alentando desde Argentina🇦🇷
How did Dybala miss the first chance but fair play he redeemed himself 🔥
Tammy Abraham espero que esté en la lucha por los goleadores🙂
Whip it flip it ship it..
Whip it flip it ship it..:
Dybala knows how to play ball properly, lovely ball in to Abraham to sew it up 👌
Mido Pictures
Mido Pictures:
Happy for the win, but Roma really need much improvement on the defense. Lucky we only conceded one goal tonight.
What a goal & assist from Dybala
Carlos Lindero
Carlos Lindero:
Dybala, siempre Dybala. Espero no se lesione porque la Roma tiene demasiada dependencia a lo que haga el , extraño porque el año pasado no estaba Dybala y aún así jugaban bien .
Reyler Gutiérrez
Reyler Gutiérrez:
DYBALA es una verdadera joya fue una contratación de jerarquía AS ROMA sueña a lo grande
Dybala-Abraham are made for each other ❤️
Dybala. In red hot form against Empoli. When he was with Juve he kinda went missing in the big Champions League games when Juve needed a goal or needed a result.
Kinda reminds me of Rooney, Gerrard, Beckham and Lampard for England. They were always in red hot form and banging in the goals in matches against Luxembourg, Greece, Albania and Finland but not so much against Argentina, France, Italy, Holland, Portugal, Germany, etc, etc.
Slava Shehovec
Slava Shehovec:
Гол "Эмполи" очень хорош !!!
0:44 keepers face after that goes in 😂😂 i felt that
Dybala... Luarbiasa 👍
Our defense is shocking a striker firing on there day would have punished us big time lucky they where off it
Leon Edwards
Leon Edwards:
what a goal by Dybala 👏👏👏❤️💛🐺
gideon kiptoo
gideon kiptoo:
The lefty curling shot from dybala🔥🔥
Dinesh Moonan
Dinesh Moonan:
That Dybala goal and Assist 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
Talat Aziz
Talat Aziz:
Dybala 😍 La joya 💎 with goal & assist 🔥😍
Therightto WRITE.
Therightto WRITE.:
Wow had no idea Dybala signed for Roma.
caesar Antonio
caesar Antonio:
Happy to see Dybala playing so well...am a Juventus fan...miss him playing for Juventus...
Alan Tan
Alan Tan:
Great that Roma is backing to winning term again!! Awesome Jose Mourinho 👏 🙌 👍
Jungle Phuket
Jungle Phuket:
Dybala’s cross for Tammy’s goal was a thing of beauty.
Dodi Juniardo Pardosi
Dodi Juniardo Pardosi:
I'm the fan of AS Roma,,, I never followed it (Never watch Seri A too) for so long time since Totti retired..., Now I'm back to my default because of Dybala..., 😊
Damar Fadlan
Damar Fadlan:
Amazing Dybala!
D S:
I have always been hit and miss with dybala but i must admit hes a baller
mohan maxwel
mohan maxwel:
Oh Dybala we miss u in spurs squad...what a unique player
Tammy Abraham has to go to the World Cup this year
Vamos Dybala 💎
Golazo 🤛🏻
Dybala is at his best here not being forced to accommodate divas. But Roma midfield in shambles. Pellegrini, Mancini, Spinazzola, Cristante, Matic make so many mistakes in almost every game. Tammy also needs to learn to be less selfish.
Eldor needs to play more frequently. He has the desire. Tammy needs to rest. As do Matic, Pelle, Spina etc.
They should go all out for Frattesi in the winter window. With him, and Solbakken, the forward line will be strengthened.
Enough of free signings. It's time to pay/buy now.
IO_Nik0 🇲🇾
IO_Nik0 🇲🇾:
The La Joya with 1 goal and 1 assist just insane 🔥
Yakubov G'ulomjon
Yakubov G'ulomjon:
Mour should give chance to Eldor. If Mour gives playing time like giving Belotti Eldor can score much more
Gerald Richards
Gerald Richards:
Roma is so much better when dybala, Abraham and their captain are fully fit but the defence needs work
It ain't Obeezy
It ain't Obeezy:
La Joya💎😍
Samuel Balogun
Samuel Balogun:
Dybala needs to go world cup
Dybala - Abraham = Magic mou
Azaz Rochi
Azaz Rochi:
Dybala! The King Of Rome ♚
Scarlett Clark
Scarlett Clark:
Oh my Dybala ❤️❤️
Mark Mac
Mark Mac:
I’m happy for Dybala
nwigwe chiwendu
nwigwe chiwendu:
I love to see Abraham score goals
Hans Bruhn Neergaard
Hans Bruhn Neergaard:
Love to see dybala succeed, just so bummed it isn't in a juve shirt... lucky he got out of that sinking ship
Akintayo Ashraf Ibukun
Akintayo Ashraf Ibukun:
What a save from the keeper to deny belloti
Luz Martinez de Rivas
Luz Martinez de Rivas:
Hay 2 jugadores que quería que fichara el Milan y finalmente se los llevo la Roma, Dybala y Belotti, jugadores de calidad a viste cero
Daniel Gjoka
Daniel Gjoka:
Roma is so underrated this year.
Abdel Kareem
Abdel Kareem:
Juventus miss him

And this highlight made me hearbreaking. I'm juventini by the way
Entertaining games this game week for Serie A
Te amo paulo 💎 he was best in today's match ❤️ Best of luck for Your next match 🫶 Daje Roma 💛❤️
Warren Schembri
Warren Schembri:
Forza Roma 💛❤️💛❤️💛❤️
Andreas Pratama
Andreas Pratama:
I'm no Roma fans, but glad to see Dybala shines again, thanks to Mou. Juve have failed him. :(
black east
black east:
Dybala 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Serie A!!! Love to see it!!!
Ndy Efendi
Ndy Efendi:
Ini baru kemenangan sesungguhnya, dybala class 👍
Fadzlie Bell
Fadzlie Bell:
The dybala curling left foot always satisfying to watching it⚽️
Ardi Suardi
Ardi Suardi:
Semangat Roma🔥From Indonesia 🇮🇩
Roma should play 4-3-3...3 at the back can't reduce the goals we concede everytime..
Nok Nita
Nok Nita:
gol yg sangaat cantik dybala sepakan kaki kiri yg indah dn asist yg berkelas💪💖💎🇦🇷
Mithu Shaha
Mithu Shaha:
Dybala ❤️❤️
Syaiful Amri
Syaiful Amri:
Paulo dybala bermain sangat baik bersama secara team👍🏻
Saas Juju
Saas Juju:
Worried about the appearance of ROMA!

Forzaa ROMA.
IVA Rus:
La Joya!!!
Rob OI
Rob OI:
"He's already been booked! Receives a straight red card"
Rian Romadon Channel
Rian Romadon Channel:
Dybala alus pisan, aslina si Mourinho, teu sia-sia bawa dia 😎
I can’t lie. I love this commentator 😃..
Perencanaan Bendungan
Perencanaan Bendungan:
what a play from dybala, argentina has future player after messi retired
Vishwa Khiloshiya
Vishwa Khiloshiya:
Roma's attackers are the best in whole Italy Abraham, dybala, belotti, plegrini....now what you need more...they
Are deserving champions of Italy....
Alumun Ikyaabo
Alumun Ikyaabo:
Dybala has the best shooting technique as far as I'm concerned.
Farhan Habib
Farhan Habib:
Well done Dybala
Fei Travis
Fei Travis:
Forza Roma yesss win 🔥🔥🔥
Saleem Modupe-Ore
Saleem Modupe-Ore:
Roma is really terrible when playing 😭. I watch their games and see small teams entering them anyhow. They need to fix up if we’re going to challenge for titles
a 10
a 10:
Bravo roma. Golazo by dibala. Still roma in the race for scudeto !!!
Vamos 💙🇦🇷🎊 ബാലഷ്ണാ 👌🏽🔥
Dybala one of my favourite players. What a joy to watch
BRO Adventure
BRO Adventure:
Wow, amazing playing to Roma
Daje il lupi
Miss Dybala and Ronaldo duo in Juventus 😔
Forza Roma!
Yohanes Paskal
Yohanes Paskal:
Roma just need consistency, 4-0 lost to udinese to tonight glorious performance
Jose has a nice little team here
Just needs a firm backline
Endang Nurul Hudan
Endang Nurul Hudan:
Forza Roma from Indonesia 🇮🇩❤️
Agus Topan
Agus Topan:
I m Romanisti Indonesia i love Dybala❤️.. FOrza roma
Forza Roma !
Garrel Kribo ( Florister)
Garrel Kribo ( Florister):
Great result, forza Roma
Dybala 💪
Call of the Wild!
Call of the Wild!:
Dybala lovely signing for As Roma by Jose