England 7-0 Montenegro | Three Lions Shine in Seven Goal Win! | Euro 2020 Qualifiers | England

Oxlade-Chamberlain, Harry Kane, Marcus Rashford, and Tammy Abraham scored in convincing seven-goal victory over Montenegro.

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As a premier league fan, it’s almost strange to see these lads playing together.
gideon muchina
gideon muchina:
I like how kane moves in to defend rashford
Elliot May-Hawkins
Elliot May-Hawkins:
Kane: scores a hat-trick

Martin Tyler: hat-trick, goal number three here and it’s a day he will never forget
Beats montenegro
iTs cOMiNg HOmE
I'm just here to see Rashford..
4:09 class reaction from Rashford. Didn’t dive like 99% players...
Tammy Abraham is slowly becoming one of my favourite young players to watch. He just seems to be in the right positions to score all the time.

And let’s not talk about 5:26 he probably works a 9 to 5 in Ikea, leave him alone.
Hirak J. Paul
Hirak J. Paul:
No one's talking about Rashford despite giving a wonderful performance! Shows the hatred ppl have towards United/United players.
Natty Rebel
Natty Rebel:
I hope they will play like this when they meet Spain or France or Belgium?
Chilwell’s left foot wasn’t chill at all it was hot. Remind me of Baines lefty or maybe better.
Nebuchadnezzar Kkoma
Nebuchadnezzar Kkoma:
nice to see ox getting better in shape each game. he looks insane last few weeks.
well wenger there goes another one.......
Lokal Trip
Lokal Trip:
Like to see Tammy and Mount
PlayOfThe Day
PlayOfThe Day:
Love to see Tammy Abraham score 🙃
Jack Shadow
Jack Shadow:
Remember Mount, Sancho, Hudson-Odoi, Chilwell and Abraham representing the youth sides 2 years ago and now all of them are in the senior squad. 1st ⚽ for Abraham, waiting for Mount and Maddison's goal. Ox is back, Arnold and Chilwell raise the quality on the wingback. The future belongs to these guys.
array s
array s:
Kane's finishing is as smooth as silk.
M Daniyal Umer
M Daniyal Umer:
Looks like Premier League finally helping England team.
Alex arnold
Mason mount
Yung Weej
Yung Weej:
Imagine winning 7-0 and tweeting SouthgateOut because he didn’t start Maddison or sterling against Montenegro...
Can we talk about Pickford's save? :O
Rishot Nongkhlaw
Rishot Nongkhlaw:
1:43 it's a clear handball, should've been a penalty
Shrek Loves Vorce.
Shrek Loves Vorce.:
"I dont think we expected this such a one sided affair but just jus look at the scoreline"
I'm not an England fan, but glad to see Ox return. He's been great!
Wahyu Ramadhan
Wahyu Ramadhan:
Did i see PL All Star team 😅
Viva Roach
Viva Roach:
I like this england team . Solid young players plus experienced senior player. Maybe , just maybe its coming home .
sly couper
sly couper:
Sancho rashord kane 😍😍😍
freezy f
freezy f:
This is the most technically gifted england team I have seen in the last 5years
I love it when rashford just runs into the space/ in behind. So frightening for opposing defenders to see the raw pace. Great game again from him, chilwell and kane were the standout players imo.
When i play fifa with my little brother...
Rashford is on fire atm 🔥 💯
Dazren 79
Dazren 79:
That part when Mason Mount gets in to the pushing after the foul on Rashford, his hair got in there 20 seconds before anyone else did lol.
King Armish
King Armish:
Thumbnail represent the Future Chelsea trio!!!! 🙄💙💙💙
Love the first goal by Ox.😍
Isaac Onyach
Isaac Onyach:
Congratulations Abraham on your first international everything. Bright future ahead of you.
anıl erden
anıl erden:
England is an awesome team and there are alot of quality players playing in England. Especially I love Harry Kane so much.
vinil jose
vinil jose:
Divided by teams, united by national duty😂🤣🤣
Asif Rahaman
Asif Rahaman:
4:46 and thats the hatrick, goal number 3, hes really been on form today
7:53 Agent Tammy working on our next transfer window
Tomo !
Tomo !:
I miss England 😭
Alpha Raider
Alpha Raider:
I was there watching it live it was the best thing going
Thomas Nieman
Thomas Nieman:
Not gonna lie, England is packing straight HEAT right now🔥
Jay Sargeant
Jay Sargeant:
if Rashford just gets his shooting up the man just finds chances
Zul Husni
Zul Husni:
love to see player of liverpool,chelsea,man utd play together hahah
ferri Fajarifan
ferri Fajarifan:
This is oke, so what do you remember......???
🇩🇪 7 - 1🇧🇷
Trial Soren
Trial Soren:
as Lampard had said.. the past England with all those talents did not have the relationships between players of different clubs they had played for.
this England however, seems like have aleviated that issue out.
Lei Noey
Lei Noey:
That first goal, Trent Robbo Salah goal dejavu
Nana Quame
Nana Quame:
Who believes England will win the Euro 2020
If you believe like
Rashford with the nice finish
Joe Gomez, 22, comes on to boos after handling the past week with such maturity. He deserves so much better😕
What a performent, Chowell! Three assist today. Btw, Kane is the best England's striker ever
Telling domesticcat
Telling domesticcat:
Da Meme
Da Meme:
The goalkeeper just dabbed 3:00 lol
Michael Smith
Michael Smith:
first time in years i'm happy with the side, it might not be the most talented but this is certainly the most likeable bunch of lads, trent, the ox, kane, maguire etc. all great lads
Moko Tjia
Moko Tjia:
Bright future. Sancho, rashford, tammy, mount , TAA 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
fm One
fm One:
the development of young players from England is very great, the country "which will perform in the 2022 world cup Qatar will take into account England
Cornbeef Boi
Cornbeef Boi:
England have the best youngsters.
Ezekiel Nduli
Ezekiel Nduli:
2:23 confusing the enemy by going for a volley and a header at the same time.
adjfnsakjdbf ksjfvbs d
adjfnsakjdbf ksjfvbs d:
4:09 the way his face suddenly hours deadpan
Coming status: It's
Agent chelsea cmoonn.. Sancho-Chilwell
Rashford 🔥🔥🔥
Jonny Clements
Jonny Clements:
England are finally in my lifetime playing like a proper outfit under SG. Golden Generation failed to deliver lets hope these new Academy produced players with the experience of Kane etc can finally do just that... DELIVER!
fartdog 64
fartdog 64:
I’m Montenegrin and Croatian so at least I have one team that could do decent
Dont Know
Dont Know:
5:27 my grandma could shoot better 😂😂😂😂
This squad is even better than that England's “golden generation”
Jhanvee M
Jhanvee M:
Juka Cyborg
Juka Cyborg:
struggle for life
struggle for life:
people are here to see their players.
i'm here to see England play <3
Maya Dolas
Maya Dolas:
England team has got the most exciting squad at the moment 😍😍 Just look at those exciting talents in every position they have ❤
On baby
On baby:
Such a great young England team and with alli coming back to form it looks very likely they could win this thing
tanmoy aj
tanmoy aj:
Wow England looking scaryyyy!! I bet they will have a amazing run in Qatar...
Aida Ghafur
Aida Ghafur:
Pickford’s save in the free kick 03:07 😍😍😍
โอ ฮานามิ ฮาจุงเบย
โอ ฮานามิ ฮาจุงเบย:
Love Tommy and Mount
British Patriot
British Patriot:
When pickford plays for England he’s a giant in goal I have no idea how he kept a clean sheet he is by far our best goalkeeper
What a game, it was amazing to be there
Is no one gonna talk bout chilwell 😂
Aqil Araki
Aqil Araki:
Ox + Taa + Sancho 🔥🔥🔥
Phil Mike Hunt
Phil Mike Hunt:
Give the fans hope just to give them failure when it matters most :D
Jefferson Umara
Jefferson Umara:
for the first time in 10 years chelsea players are more than 3 in the squad
Odem Brimart
Odem Brimart:
Chilwell 🔥🔥🔥
Farrelio Daffa
Farrelio Daffa:
Kane, Rashford, Abraham in one team🔥
Gido Salapion
Gido Salapion:
Rashford I like you
Sam Hirst
Sam Hirst:
England have come a long way remember when we drew to Montenegro home and away back in 2011. I don't mind losing to top teams like France or Germany as long as we didn't play absolutely shocking but nations like Montenegro should be absolutely destroyed to maintain status as a great footballing nation.
Mostafa Abdullah
Mostafa Abdullah:
6:59 Sancho😂😂😂
Sancho is a Beast! 🔥
Daniel Antonio
Daniel Antonio:
@8:03 practising for Chelsea first team later on
Abraham never stop to score!!!
marwundy kaigere
marwundy kaigere:
Chilwell 🔥🔥🔥
Forza Italia 🇮🇹
Slamet Firdaus
Slamet Firdaus:
Tammy Abraham calon striker Terbaik Dunia 🔥🔥🔥
Lokman Hakim Hanaffi
Lokman Hakim Hanaffi:
Kane really is clueless when it comes to celebrating his goals. Scored 3 times, same celebration all 😂
Rio Wildan
Rio Wildan:
"satu juta lebih orang tidak menyadari" bahwa binomo everywhere 🤮🤮
Fans: we gonna win the euros this year
Iceland: yes... yes you are
Isa Hidayat
Isa Hidayat:
this time for england euro and word cup golden generation part 3
paijo sedunia006
paijo sedunia006:
The young lion is back😁😁
Spencer Ezra
Spencer Ezra:
Yes Fullbacks of a higher quality in the young squad!! Go on lads!! These young squads and the senior squad meant business 😎😎. Yayy no sterling. Greedy lad
Refizal Hardianto
Refizal Hardianto:
England golden generation has begin💥💥💥💥
Toño Contreras
Toño Contreras:
Muy buen juego inglés, Saludos desde México 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽
Balázs Malik
Balázs Malik:
That T-A-A Chilwell duo 🔥🔥🔥
Eazy Peazy
Eazy Peazy:
0-5 by halftime... Melchester Rovers have really gone to the dogs since the glory days of Roy Race.
tom schmertz
tom schmertz:
What' the one random bird at 3:19 doing lol
Ben McGuire
Ben McGuire:
1:43 kane's header blocked by hand on purpose