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It's Monday 12 July 2021. Our top stories this morning 0:00

England's bid to end their 55-year wait for a major trophy ended in the familiar agony of defeat in a penalty shootout as Italy claimed the Euro 2020 crown at Wembley.

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Ester Bruno
Ester Bruno:
I'm sorry for the players, i know what does losing an important match means, but I'm NOT sorry for the English fans, who booed our national anthem, who mocked our nation before the final match and who were so proud of theirselves. They should take this as a lesson of humility, respect and sportsmanship.
Jack Russell
Jack Russell:
From Scotland and Wales, thank you Italy.
Ocean Man
Ocean Man:
The Italians came they saw and they kicked their arses 😂😂😂
Well deserved win Italy 🇮🇹
Love from Australia 🇦🇺
pokidana tacna
pokidana tacna:
Big greetings, congratulations and a lot of love for Italy from Croatia! The whole Europe cheered for you last night !! You deserve it !!🥰🥰🇭🇷🇮🇹✨🎉🎉

Grandi saluti, congratulazioni e tanto amore per l'Italia dalla Croazia! Tutta l'Europa ha tifato per te ieri sera!! Te lo meriti!! 🇮🇹🇭🇷🎉🎉✨❤️
Italian fans on the whole have been way more classy than English ones. The world was on Italy's side
Luca Daniele
Luca Daniele:
This was not just a victory of Italy , but also a victory of Europe .
Moon child
Moon child:
Well played Italy, I am embarrassed to be English on so many levels right now.
Rain Sound
Rain Sound:
Italy is a great country! It’s the culture, the history! Good job! ⚽️🔝👍🇮🇹
Bharath C
Bharath C:
The whole world supported Italy...!!😊😊😊😊
M. B.
M. B.:
Heartbreaking for the english team, well deserved for the english fans. There's a reason why the vast majority of football fans all across the globe is celebrating with Italy.
David Haney
David Haney:
I`m from the UK and to hear the crowd booing the national anthem of Italy was a DISGRACE , then to find out people had stormed the ground and were taking seats that people had paid was just outrageous . THEN to put the burden of the last penalty on a 19 year old kid . WHAT THE HELL was he thinking . Horrible night for the UK.
I can watch these re-runs of crying England players and fans with a smile on my face for many years to come... Thank you Italy, we salute you. Greetings from Denmark
Jai Gray
Jai Gray:
As a scot nothing makes me happier than seeing Italy lift that trophy.
Johnny Guiney
Johnny Guiney:
I never could figure out what they meant by "its coming home" thank you Italy for bringing it Rome. Forza Italia!
So happy Italy won. The behavior of the English team and fans was absolutely appalling
They stepped on Italia’s flag, they booed in front of their anthem, then they took off the medals during the ceremony and hit italian supporters outside the stadium.. what happened to the British politeness? Force a l’Italie 🇮🇹 🇪🇺❤️
Demetrio Grandinetti
Demetrio Grandinetti:
The boos to the Italy anthem were very "embarrassing" but the really unsportsmanlike thing was the abandonment of the stadium by the English fans before the award ceremony, I understand the disappointment and the bitterness but in sport you have to accept the verdict of the field and give honor to the winners. You have to know how to lose with style, you can't always win...
Sol Invictus
Sol Invictus:
After 2021 years and more, still Italians teached a lesson of sportsmanlike behave and civilization to the Barbaroi.
There's things never change.
Iurieti Vladut
Iurieti Vladut:
Moral of the story: Never celebrate before a match unless you are capable of putting your money where your mouth is.

Italy showed the english how to play football. A master performance by them. Congrats!
Bbbb Kkkk
Bbbb Kkkk:
whoever shows no respect for opponents national anthem has not earned a title
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf:
Congrats Italy !
Beating England on their own turf !.....Love it !
Giampiero Manca Piana
Giampiero Manca Piana:
whistling the opponent's anthem is unsportsmanlike, taking away the medal is unsportsmanlike, leaving without honoring the winners is unsportsmanlike
ngulass oreta
ngulass oreta:
Never disrespect a national anthem
Germany and Italy are probably the biggest soccer enemies. But on this evening we all cheered for the Squadra Azzurra. For the best team. For Europe. Greetings from Germany.
Random Randolphina
Random Randolphina:
The hostility and aggression from the English fans is ruining it for everybody… I wish they could just chill out and enjoy the game.
English fans showed a lack of class in booing other national anthems, kicking Italy fans leaving Wembley and racist abuse of their own players. Shameful.
The rest of the world gives a massive sigh of relief
Ante Kovac
Ante Kovac:
Congratulations to England who didn’t manage to win a totally engineered home tournament with a Mickey Mouse knock out phase to the final with 6 out of 7 home games in London and with a cheating diving penalty robbery against Denmark
when Italy plays, everyone watches it especially here in America, I really enjoy Italian football 😂
Mohamed Abdullahi Nuur Arab
Mohamed Abdullahi Nuur Arab:
Congratulations to italy. They really deserved this victory.
Diane Takahashi
Diane Takahashi:
what matters is that Italy won, no one played with more heart than they did.
Humility, respect, modesty; you will never learn...
England lost not only once but twice, the unsportsmanlike behaviour that both players and fans had is the biggest defeat. WHAT A SHAME.
Philipp Müller
Philipp Müller:
We love that so much here in germany! Well done italy! Thats exactly what they deserve for their distespect! Still brothers🇩🇪🇮🇹
PC Anderson
PC Anderson:
As an english person i can reluctantly say that Italy deserved this win. They were the better team on the day. Alongside that our fans have ruined the face of us. I promise we are not all like that, our fans performance yesterday was absolutely dreadful and very embarrassing. Congratulations to Italy 🇮🇹❤️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
You were disrespectfull to Italy and all the other nations, you deserved this lose.
It's coming to ROME 🇮🇹
Scottish butter cookie
Scottish butter cookie:
England deserved this! Denmark would have received the silver medal with pride. English had the worst unsportsmanlike behaviour. For a second time you go out from Europe and I can just enjoy this moment! Forza Italia!!!
I’m Italian and celebrated my team, must I must admit after watching suka crying (he is only 19!) and the racism comments from the English fans, I felt very sad and heartbroken! 🇮🇹💓🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
GD Demon
GD Demon:
Imagine insulting italy supporters in london after England lost wow nice people you got there England
"The cup is coming home"
"But all roads lead to Rome"
Tong Cheong
Tong Cheong:
the gods of football have punished England for their disrespect
Dinesh Suthar
Dinesh Suthar:
Italy played far better and handled pressure so well. Well deserved!!
conte marco gasparini
conte marco gasparini:
the whistles of the italian anthem, the burning of flags and violence to italians,the taking off the medals and the royal family didn't congratulated with the italian president, the occult system for foreign supporters to come and see the match..Great Britain what a disappointment
I'm Japanese, I've a special relationship with Italy, I love it, I love Italians, I love their food and I love Vincenzo Cassano (🤣). I'm glad they won. I followed them and they absolutely deserve. 💪
As a Norwegian who grew up with English football, I had never thought I'd be on Italy's side in a final like this.
But there you have it. Lasers, diving, booing national anthems, ++ ... whatever happened to English class and values?
Stilyan Spasov
Stilyan Spasov:
I just loved how most of the English players immediately took their medals off,this just shows how much they did not deserve to win
Kannikar P.
Kannikar P.:
From Denmark. Thank you, Italy.
RL9 Legend
RL9 Legend:
Sterling could never have been considered for taking a penalty. We all know how easily he falls over in that area
Ron Bonora
Ron Bonora:
Compliments to Italy from Canada. Italy was clearly the best team in this tournament! Forza Italia!
As a Scotmans I'd like to say we didn't want to be associated with the English before, during or after this shitshow.
Il Grammar Nazi
Il Grammar Nazi:
I can feel the frustration in their words. Italians celebrated "calmly" because they're used to win, above all they are used to celebrate *when they got the trophy in the bag* (which is why they're so scaramantic) .
Italian saying a friend of mine once told me: "never say <> until you got it in the bag".
England is used to get defeated, yet they've been celebrating for two weeks, like if they didn't realize Italy was the superior side.
Shame on you England, learn respect first, then you might even try to win anything.
Now Sterling can persue his diving course.
Moniulka M
Moniulka M:
Great! Great, great Italy won! Poland was fully supporting you Italians. Bravisimmo! We love you for your confidence and that you did it in the English own place. Congratulations!
I'm English and i'd say, we didn't deserve the title as we are all human and we should stand as one and the English just always seem to rub stuff in so i agree with everyone else. its a good learning curve for us and we should hear what people are saying and be more human and less evil.
Daniel Osdinia
Daniel Osdinia:
Italy have lost many times on penalty shootouts including a world cup final so the English should learn to behave themselves and act with dignity!
Death's Son
Death's Son:
Good for Italy! They won this and Eurovision after last year's chaos ❤
dolita windo
dolita windo:
The biggest team of Europe: ITALY GERMANY FRANCE SPAIN
Antonio Barušić
Antonio Barušić:
Italy, thank you. I thought 2021 will be worse than 2020.
Spiritual Awakening
Spiritual Awakening:
I'm so proud to be italian . Been in 6 world cup finals won it 4 times now the euros . we showed so much balls and courage. Just like when we rulled the world for 1000 years with that great roman empire
Roblox Good
Roblox Good:
I'm am honestly thrilled that they even got into the final GOOD JOB Italy and England
Porsche 1969
Porsche 1969:
England has reached the final with a totally irregular goal. Therefore it was just the right thing, that Italy won the title!
Ante Kovac
Ante Kovac:
England had 2 shots on the Italian goal in 120 minutes, while Italy had 6 shots on the English goal. And all that at Wembley, nuff said
Japan Step
Japan Step:
Well, usually teams that play at Home lose finals, 6 out of 7 matches at home... how unfair was that? Well done Italy.
Roxy Glow
Roxy Glow:
Won Eurovision 2021 : DONE ✅❤
Won UEFA euro 2021 : DONE ✅❤
2° place Wimbledon 2021 men's final : DONE ✅❤
Alex Russo
Alex Russo:
Italy Ireland Scotland and Denmark all having a massive laugh at the italians table xD Welcome lads, the more the merrier
ouech maggle
ouech maggle:
Even though we are world champions, we played bad at this tournament and didn't deserve to win. But Italy played well and with style, they deserved fully the victory!
Forza Italia da parte di un amico francese!
riccardo gessa
riccardo gessa:
These guys have given us emotions. Let's enjoy it. Thanks Italy and England. Everything else is boring and not to be considered. We are football fans aren't we?
Lukas T
Lukas T:
Well done, Italy!
ivan salazar
ivan salazar:
Not a thing to be ashamed for the UK's national team! Great performances throughout the tournament! Penalties are always a sad ending for a great match!
I’m English, and am embarrassed by this, getting in their faces.
Storming the ground, laser pens, booing anthems. We are not all like this :(
Max Xam
Max Xam:
Your beastly behaviour will be remembered forever. Italy gave you a precious lesson, and I hope you have learnt it! 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹❤️❤️❤️❤️
Alan Deans
Alan Deans:
'Heartbreak for England' - but on the plus-side, sheer ecstasy for the whole world !
I reckon that England should start a Commonwealth cup, where they boo the national anthems of the “locals” with their customary arrogance and they always win by default. A way back to the lifestyle they seem to miss so much and good riddance for the rest of us.
Lukas Cik
Lukas Cik:
England defeated on home soil, feels good man.
Its funny how sterling keeps falling in the box on purpose trying to get a free kick 😂🤣🤣
un marco qualsiasi
un marco qualsiasi:
The biggest team of Europe:
Well deserved greetings from germany 🇮🇹🤝🏼🇩🇪🍻
People are saying 'italy cheated' give them the credit they played amazing. Love to Italy 🇮🇹 and England 🇬🇧 . We got saved from noise pollution be grateful.
Curly 238
Curly 238:
A fully deserved victory for Italy!
Paul Aiello
Paul Aiello:
Italy deserved to win if I'm honest, the way they played throughout the tournament, the teams they played against and overall, they were the better team.

I also think England had it very easy with most games played at home, some ref decisions going their way that shouldn't have done and an easy route to the final whereas Italy beat Switzerland which knocked France out and almost knocked Spain out, then Italy beat Belgium and then Spain with England in the final, some tough games.

Also, if Italy refine their play a bit more, they could be really tough to beat in the next world cup.

I say this as half Italian/English guy, I'm glad Italy won because if England won, we would never hear the end of it.
Great game, great decisions, great end result! It's not coming home.
Johnny K
Johnny K:
Congrats Italy.
Its very strange (and unfair) to have such inexperienced players take penalties at such a critical time. Despite what he says, I don't think Southgate had much control over this decision. There's a lot of politics going on behind the scenes at these huge sporting events. The powers that be wanted a certain type of hero - it completely backfired and cost England the championship.
Luc Mandelor
Luc Mandelor:
I am very sorry for England, and I would have been very sorry for Italy too. I dont find penalties the right way to decide which team is better (even if we dont possess any better option). Both team would have deserved to win. Gareth Southgate must be kept as captain, he did a great job. My view.
Andrea Roma
Andrea Roma:
When all the rest of the world is happy for your loss there is clearly something wrong. I hope English supporters realize that.
Dear English people, learn to respect the others. The reward for your disrespect and lack of humbleness is the SILENCE. Enjoy it. :)
Clearvision Cam
Clearvision Cam:
German girl‘s tears helped Italy to bring justice to Europe. England has a horrific future ahead.
England, booing to national anthems and pointing lasers to goalkeeper eyes, definitely deserved to lose. I'm so happy for Italy.
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa:
and I can just enjoy this moment! Forza Italia!!!
Pasq Di Monaco
Pasq Di Monaco:
The Monday after the final most of England woke up depressed, deflated and down hearted, I felt on top of the world, so happy , why? Because I am lucky enough to have been born with Italian blood running through my veins true azzurro. Yes Italy as a nation is not perfect but this nation with its rich history , Architecture, music , science, art,culture and yes this beautiful game called Football. The difference between watching Italy play the game and England is like admiring a painting by Michelangelo and then looking at one from Bob the builder. Thank you God for Italy , giving us football and making me born Italian.
Congratulations Italy 🇮🇹🏆!!! cheers from France!
Massimo Bernardo
Massimo Bernardo:
it is also important to know how to lose, Spain came out with style . The coach congratulated us and confirmed that he would support Italy in the final. IT
Sustainable Developing
Sustainable Developing:
Sorry to say but with such a toxic crowd during national anthems you don't deserve a title

Edit: Why this discussion pff. just stop the hate and have a nice day
Well done Gareth Southgate and England, you've lifted the nation - a big 'thank you' to you all!
sue h
sue h:
Congrats on the Eurovision too Italy!
A well deserved win for Italy! 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹
Gio Condor
Gio Condor:
English friends, this time you better learn from our motto:
"respect for everyone, no fear of anyone"
Cheating penalty in semi-final, excluding fans from EU, humiliating italians during national anthem - England is not worth a title in the moment. Come back in three years, three lion cubs :-)
Underestimating the opponents, lack of humility, "winning" before the game is not what champions do.
Raven Black
Raven Black:
Until England as an institute change the racist narrative, the nasty vile things they said about Italy and those 3 players who got them this far, England will NEVER win anything, what a curse. Karma, and universal law!
marco b.
marco b.:
I have seen 6 finals of Italy in big competitions, with France Germany Brazil Spain and England, sorry but England as the management of the event by the media, players and supporters has a lot to learn. I love england and I sincerely hope it will do better soon