Erling Haaland vs Club Brugge

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Bosper Łuczarz
Bosper Łuczarz:
One of these casters is Tomasz Hajto. In 2007 he fatally hit an old lady with his car and he hasn't faced the consequences yet.
Haalands job as "tip of the spear" is only matched by Lewandowski.
Cosas que van juntas
Cosas que van juntas:
Welcome to Real Jaén
2:31 people don't understand how strong Haaland is!
Hüseyin Keleş
Hüseyin Keleş:
will be in real madrid for 120 million euros next year
Fan Freddie Gibbs
Fan Freddie Gibbs:
Would u do this highlight for every single match since now he’s linked to us? Lol. Would be awesome
Ronaldo Ferreira
Ronaldo Ferreira:
Máquina de fazer gol
mini - el gato rei do lança
mini - el gato rei do lança:
Halland matador
Lucas Rafael
Lucas Rafael:
Algum Br🟡🟢
Blue Navy
Blue Navy:
Still have a time to improve any others things like pass, skill, etc...but overall he's good of many young star with bright future..
SayThong Vlp
SayThong Vlp:
Abraham Tseung
Abraham Tseung:
welcome to bayern
GhostWishing GT
GhostWishing GT:
Welcome to Manchester United ❤️
Red Rogue
Red Rogue:
welcome to Real Madrid.
Azrul Sbri
Azrul Sbri:
Haaland will become unstoppble if he come to jurgen klopp liverpool
Tap-in king does it again.
Tomás Fernández
Tomás Fernández:
not too skillful, but strong