Essien emotional after Mourinho's heartfelt message | B4KO | Astro SuperSport

Michael Essien reacts to his former manager Jose Mourinho sharing a very heartfelt message about their relationship at Chelsea and Real Madrid.

Essien was in Malaysia for Astro SuperSport's live coverage of the English Premier League.

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100+ komentarze:

Waheed Khan
Waheed Khan:
Beautiful jose is so attached with his players thats why they can go through a brick wall for him
"He is my son, Im his white daddy' 😂😂😂
Benny Burke
Benny Burke:
Jose is so misunderstood.
He TESTS every player's character by confronting them head on when they don't perform.
Some players lose confidence because of it.. while others get stronger.
Jose gets rid of the ones that lose confidence so he can have a team full of soldiers, not cowards.
You can't change him, that's how he has always been and he is going to remain the same forever.
And as you can see this is how well he treats his soldiers.
Andres Herrera
Andres Herrera:
The reason Jose and essien “clicked” so well is because Jose likes hard working players..enter Michael Essien.
LS 19
LS 19:
White daddy 😂
Khyle J. Lewis
Khyle J. Lewis:
Mourinho pours out his heart.

"Essien do you have any good Mourinho stories?"

"I remember playing shit, he came in half time, kicked everything in the dressing room and we won."
extincti fugax hominum
extincti fugax hominum:
Essien looks very strange in that suit :D What a beast he was though. A proper box-to-box animal. No wonder his nickname was Bison.
To motivate professional footballers so much that they go through brick walls for u.......
That is special.
Zlatan once said that he could kill for Mourinho.
Prashant Singh
Prashant Singh:
This what Jose and his players can do for each other. If you show Jose your heart, he will make sure that it is worth more than diamonds. That's why he prefers players like McTominay. Ready to learn and obey his command at will, because this man truly knows football than most of the guys.
There is no other coach I would trust more to go & make tactical changes and win a game in the 2nd half.
This side of Mourinho is so likable and warm but he also has a very nasty side when he is not winning or having feuds with other managers. Very peculiar.
atreyu_ONE R6 Siege
atreyu_ONE R6 Siege:
Jose Mourinho literally the only white man who get's away with saying "I'm his white daddy" 😂
Cyril S
Cyril S:
Remember when Jose was mad at his players for boycotting Essien's birthday bash?
Clifford Agyekum
Clifford Agyekum:
these are some of the reasons why i still love jose.. jose and essien were the reasons i became a chelsea fan watching from ghana! i also adored our striker drobga whose nation was just a couple of miles from where i lived
Nice message from Mourinho but wow, those interviewers are cringy as f. Especially that guy made me really uncomfortable
Man, this was surprisingly moving.
Jose only wants men on the field like essien,lampard, sneijder etc not little boys like pogba
Spoon Syndrome
Spoon Syndrome:
Hurts to see Mourinho in a Man UTD kit, nevertheless he will always be a legend for Chelsea <3
Leon Simsek
Leon Simsek:
„he was not my player .... he is my son“ Damn that was nice and got me goosebumps 🤗☺️
Twenty Times UNITED
Twenty Times UNITED:
*W H I T E D A D D Y*
Richan Schmidt
Richan Schmidt:
ESSIEN was an absolute beast.
lob sang
lob sang:
Special team that was the Chelsea team of 2000s that Jose built. So much steel and industry there and can name leaders everywhere. Cech, Terry, Carvalho, Cole, Iva, Lamps, Ballack, Essein, Makelele, Drogba etc. Proper team that was. Jose has seen a downfall lately, but I as a Chelsea fan will always remember him with respect and fondness for his success with Chelsea bringin the club to elite level. And I really hope Jose will find success again at the top.
Duncan Blade
Duncan Blade:
You can't get this with Pogba - he's too busy worrying about his hair.
Michael Essien is my all time best Ghanaian player and my best midfielder in the world 🌎🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭Jose God bless you 🙏🙏🙏
Arvind Sidhu
Arvind Sidhu:
Great segment guys. Jose got it spot on with Essien. He would do anything for the team on the pitch. The Bison!. The game could use more players like him now
Supa Copper
Supa Copper:
The problem is very obvious when comparing the players in current era to 10+ years ago.. Back then, they are strong not only in football and skill, but also in mentality.
Ste Dough
Ste Dough:
Incredible midfielder world class
Original 2PM
Original 2PM:
my God how Jose mentioned ACCRA even this Ghanaian abroad can not call the name real
Phobs DSR
Phobs DSR:
People forgot how good a player this guy was. A leader! The original Kante
Thangmeng Khiam
Thangmeng Khiam:
This damn onions
aron atakilt
aron atakilt:
Mourinho is a beautiful person! Who doesn't love Jose?
Think Think
Think Think:
This is what martial and pogba need to evolve to. Especially marital! Mourinho is a master winer & he like to have players that he can trust more than just a footballer.
Mensah Mbro
Mensah Mbro:
Wow Mourinho
You are the best if not the best
Inocêncio Francisco
Inocêncio Francisco:
I remember when he was playing for Ghana in the African cup of nations held in Angola. He was playing against Ivory coast...he was seriously injured...he was quickly sent back to Chelsea for treatment...guess who knocked him out in that African cup: Drogba. I remember Michael on the pitch in deep pain...and could notice that Drogba felt very uneasy... it was not on purpose, things happen...(not saying his career was cut short because of Didier, he had previous injuries) but he fought it, later on playing for Real with his knee condition was heroic. He was a fighter. BIG MICHAEL.
Football Insight
Football Insight:
"michael smiles with his eyes" - mourinho analyzes everything, love it
Tedpole Rime
Tedpole Rime:
I like this side of mourinho 😎😞not the bus parking mourinho 😤
Valden 7
Valden 7:
Guardiola manages teams, Mourinho conquers men.
Sean Clarke
Sean Clarke:
Jose looks 15 years younger since leaving United 😂
that was actually interesting.
ian jimmy
ian jimmy:
Essien is a beautiful man..
Red Pill X X
Red Pill X X:
The way he said "I'm his white daddy" had me rolling 😂😂😂
Paul Charles
Paul Charles:
We loved you too Michael...thanks fr what you did for Chelsea!!
Danny mills
Danny mills:
Essien one of the best CDM ever to play the game
Marcus Fletcher
Marcus Fletcher:
Joses love is the kind of love I want. That's how u should b loved
Probably the most underrated midfielder ever. What an insaaaaneee player he was, especially in the Ghana national team
Hold My Balls
Hold My Balls:
I will always love Mourinho no matter what.
Ben Haze
Ben Haze:
god these presenters..
Jan khan
Jan khan:
Hats off to Jose!!!
Liew James
Liew James:
Mourinho is just so human and true. A class act!
Two extremes with Jose. On one side you could listen to him for hours, his human side, his positive relationships, the lengths that players will go through for him. But when things turn sour, good grief. You want to be as far away from him as possible. I'm a Chelsea fan and I adored Essien. He'd happily play anywhere without so much as a fuss. Left-back, centre-back, midfield..whatever. And a peak Essien was an absolute tank. No one could get through him.
Michael Essien love from Poland! Always Chelsea!
Seth Amoah
Seth Amoah:
We Ghanaians love ❤️ you more Jose🇬🇭💙❤️💙
Nor Priest
Nor Priest:
Chelsea best line up
Malouda Drogba Anelka
Ballack Essien Lampard

Like if you agree
Big homie Soulja
Big homie Soulja:
Love Jose he always stands by his players
Sheikh Mbaba
Sheikh Mbaba:
The humble beast,,much love Essien, ,,respet to Mourinho
United fc
United fc:
It's beautiful :")
Ankur Ghosh
Ankur Ghosh:
Absolute respect for Mourinho. He is an authentic guy!!
I miss players like essien the games gone too technical now it’s boring :(
Sekyere Peter
Sekyere Peter:
That's why u are the special one Jose
gregory jeannot
gregory jeannot:
Don’t let a ball bouncing on the 30 -35 yards he gonna punish the keeper
Before the agents and Instagram took over
I want to say that Essien has the best attitude I’ve ever seen as a player.
Also Dinho
Pelon Sanchez
Pelon Sanchez:
Yooo that one goal Essien scored vs Barcelona tho 🤯
cc fanatics
cc fanatics:
Essien was an absolute POWERHOUSE ! Central midfield, defensive midfield, right back , central defender, I can even recall some games where he had to play left back. He used the play every game of every competition in the season. That injury he sustained in the beginning of the 2008-09 season destroyed his career because he was at his peak. I absolutely love Michael Essien !
“I’m his white daddy” Kulaha 😂😂😂😂 I’m dead
Essien was one of the very best, from an Arsenal fan
Jose Mouriniho is in my top 5 mangers.
Ola Jose
Ola Jose:
I can feel the emotional in Jose he really had a great time with Michael Essien Am happy for both of them😂😁
Abdullah faqots
Abdullah faqots:
Sourav Chatterjee
Sourav Chatterjee:
Michael Essien: The engine of Chelsea! :)
LM 10
LM 10:
Jose is a father figure to all of his player.
Trapman 88
Trapman 88:
Im his white daddy lol jose is like every players dad he loves them so much he just needs to defend them in the press and not call them out
Absolute Muppet
Absolute Muppet:
Jose "White Daddy" Mourinho
stephen armstrong
stephen armstrong:
Jose made the wrong move going to man utd if i was him and if i had a strong bond with the club and players i would of do anything to stay
The Mastema
The Mastema:
One of my favorite, favorite players, I won't ever forget how he completly nulified my countryman Cristiano Ronaldo... it was like... Ronaldo wasn't even in the damn stadium... I've never seen that ever!
Squirtle Hvac
Squirtle Hvac:
Mourinho needs to go back to inter and make them great again.
Essien my favorite CHELSEA player
Jean Moleus
Jean Moleus:
Now I see why Felaini said he would play with a broken foot for Jose Mourinho
TheTBO 7
TheTBO 7:
This is so Mourinho and Fellaini/Lukaku/Lingard in the future.

And then Rashford/Martial/Pogba will have quite a different opinion
Life is short One
Life is short One:
Beautiful man José great
Majila Boel
Majila Boel:
wonderful Jose 👏👏👏👏👏
Anthony Martial
Anthony Martial:
I’m his white daddy ffs😂😂
"I'm his white daddy"
- J. Mourinho
Mourinho is a real man, Guardiola is a snake
Ahmed Mahmoud
Ahmed Mahmoud:
When Jose clicks with a player he clicks...He takes them everywhere
Solomon William Armah
Solomon William Armah:
I watch some of his highlights at persib and wow, he is still good on the ball, still breath taking passes with great vision tho he isn't tackling as hard as he use to.
Dude Niga
Dude Niga:
I am his white Dad .
Essien, Makelele, and Vieira are my favorite player growing up. Those three are a hardworking beast in midfield.
Ritchie Mbue
Ritchie Mbue:
Class act that Jose mourinho
Jose Mourinho
Jose Mourinho:
Jose deserves a top job again
Junior Rodigan
Junior Rodigan:
.... THAT goal against Arsenal at Stamford Bridge !!! ... bound for the net from the moment it left his foot. What a superb player. Nuff Respect
•Naomi Official6•
•Naomi Official6•:
Essien now is legend for Persib 😁
Big North Marty
Big North Marty:
That was awesome
Essien! one of the very best ( Arsenal fan)
Bolu Fakayode
Bolu Fakayode:
jose mourinho is by far better to his players vs pep, pep is a fraud taking over big teams in crap leagues. then when he goes to Manchester he spends hundreds of millions. tho jose has done that to, but i personally think players have better relations with jose
From an Arsenal fAN Big Big Respect to Mourinho and Essien(but Essien that's a long time I had it)
Neo Rain
Neo Rain:
Michael was a great servant to chelsea
Magahab Hdjdnndns
Magahab Hdjdnndns:
White daddy😂😂😂
Aawhan Kafle
Aawhan Kafle:
Zlatan: I can kill for jose mourinho
Julio Gamboa Salazar.
Julio Gamboa Salazar.:
Essien is Essien !!! With our Chelsea forever!!!!!!
Deeper than football ♥️