Euphoria 2x02 Promo "This Season On" Trailer (HD) HBO Zendaya series

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Euphoria 2x02 Promo/Preview "This Season On"
Euphoria Season 2 Episode 2 Promo
Euphoria 2x02 Promo "This Season On" (HD)

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100+ komentarze:

I'm so glad Nate finally got what he deserved
fezco is a man of his word, love that nate finally got his shit rocked
Aliah Tactuk
Aliah Tactuk:
Lexi is getting some more screen time in this season I am so happy 😭
Wyndell Lee the Spammer
Wyndell Lee the Spammer:
Seeing Nate like that made a lot of fans happy.
quell quell
quell quell:
GO LEXIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!! COME OUT THAT SHELL and show us introverts how it's done!
samuel nelson
samuel nelson:
The way I was on the edge of my seat the whole episode. What an emotional roller coaster that was 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
nate gave me so much fuckin anixety. he's so unpredictable and the energy he gives off is so scary. props to jacob cuz he's doing nate right, damn!!
Kristy's Edits
Kristy's Edits:
I will vomit if by the end of Euphoria:
1. Fez or his brother ends up dead
2. Lexi and Fez end up on bad terms
Troy McNeal
Troy McNeal:
I know everyone is happy about Fez beating up Nate but y’all not thinking about the repercussions for Fez. That smile Nate has when he wakes up has me worried. I feel like Nate is gonna be plotting and have Fez killed tbh
I love how they give every character a distinctive backstory. Every character is a main character in this show. Bravo indeed
random boi
random boi:
Idc what people say . I have seen many tv shows and netflix shows . But euphoria is the best for me . Acting , music , cinematography and everything on point
Angelina S.
Angelina S.:
This season will be sooooo interesting to say the least. I think we’re about to see Rue hit rock bottom and she’s gonna have to face the consequences of being an addict, it kinda looks like her mom kicks her out of the house and she will finally understand that she needs to deal with this addiction. If she doesn’t, she’s gonna push everyone who loves her away (if she hasn’t already) and she’ll die. It also looks like Cassie is going through many different emotions of f***ing Nate (sidenote: took the writers long enough but f*ck Nate and thank God we got that beating he deserves) and hiding it from Maddy (which in the trailer looks like it’s Cassie who’s being thrown into the hand dryer in the bathroom by Maddy) and the possible trauma of aborting her pregnancy. I’m so happy that we’re going to get more action of Lexi and Fez & Ashtray.
Jasmine Griffin
Jasmine Griffin:
The fact that they didn't need to explain most of the directorial choices because it was so beautifully translated on screen. The flashing "photograph" scene of all the main characters at the party and the convo between Rue and Jules was just SO beautiful. SO excited for the rest of the season
0:20 It’s Rue saying that was awkward in her head and Eliot saying it outloud afterwards. I’m gonna love this friendship
Oliva Buckhanon
Oliva Buckhanon:
Watching Nate getting his azz whooped made me so happy and joyful after all of the bs he had done
Johnny Gonzalez
Johnny Gonzalez:
If you expect disappointment, then you never really can be disappointed
Anthony Severino
Anthony Severino:
I am personally glad that we got a Fezco backstory, he was one of the characters that we did not know a lot about other than being a drug dealer and Rues friend, hope we see more.
quell quell
quell quell:
I think we're about to see rue hit rock bottom and push all the people who loved her out of her life including Jules she'll probably finally be out on the streets forced to overcome her addiction all alone which is going to send her down a dark rabbit hole of things!
I love that they shot this season on film. Everything they said about changing up the way it looks and feels was dead on. It still feels like Euphoria, but a different shade of it
Taylor Jackson
Taylor Jackson:
I would have never put Fez and Lexi together but I am living for them
brianna rose
brianna rose:
Lexi and Fezco the unexpected pairing we never knew we needed.😭
Omg Lexi finally gets her main character moment love her
Dylan Tompkins
Dylan Tompkins:
Lexi and fez better become a thing cause the chemistry was there 😩👏
vaasavi rao
vaasavi rao:
Season one felt like the actual euphoric feeling you feel when you're high, and season two is gonna be the morning after, when you're sober and probably having withdrawals
Haviyel Lifestyle
Haviyel Lifestyle:
Everything is like so real, people can really feel the tension of each one . Just Amazing.
Maddie is fasho gonna beat cassies ass, and then get a new best friend. Nate is gonna hurt cassie bad and she'll be friendless and without lexi... i'm so happy to see how this season unfolds!! I also like rue with this new guyyy😭
This episode was hard to watch and yet I couldn’t stop watching it! I’m in love again!
I don't think I've ever been so proud of someone I don't personally know... But damn I am proud of Zendaya!
Z wasn't lying when she said this season was going to be darker 😳
Also who else was happy when Nate got his ass beat? 🤕🤛🏻
that scene where maddy and cassie show up to school looking exactly the same is sticking with me for some reason.
Christana - -Adeyemi
Christana - -Adeyemi:
Promo for the second dropped already, loving it!
🌺Fairytopia Vibz🌺
🌺Fairytopia Vibz🌺:
Zendaya faced problems but she never give up before difficulties. Love to watch this episode 💞💞
Shinelle Baptiste
Shinelle Baptiste:
I love that this show has so much thought behind it. It shows that not everyone can make good TV. Exceptional.
Thank god Andrew Garfield saved Rue
Lexi thriving is all I need from this show.
Monet Monroe
Monet Monroe:
I’ve loved fez since season one his love & loyalty to rue is everything
Lana Jo
Lana Jo:
I genuinely thought Maddy was gonna catch Cassie fr. Tbh maddy would have rocked her shit. We keep forgetting maddy is crazy lmaoo. But I can see her finally moving on from Nate, which is refreshing.
Hamdi Ali hassan
Hamdi Ali hassan:
I love how the show subverts expectations. Like on paper Nate is such a promising young man who’s smart, athletic, rich and has a bright future and so we should love him but the fandom despises him.
And then there’s Fez who’s a drug dealer, i.e his profession legit destroys lives and we’re even seeing it in front of our eyes with Rue and yet he’s like the sweetest guy ever and we love him. Just, yes Euphoria. Keep bringing these complex and amazing characters our way.
Tina Phan
Tina Phan:
Yall, THE first episode gave me life. I was going through shit and I'm so happy Euphoria is out. The cast delivered.
Benjamin Martinez
Benjamin Martinez:
I can't wait to see a breakout performance from Maude Apatow. I had a feeling we'd get more of Lexi in Season 2 and I'm excited to see her character open up more. I also like her with Fezco. Could end up being my new favorite pairing. Also curious about both new characters who both had brief but memorable entrances. I also hope Eric Danes character gets his own episode. He's the only main adult character part of the cast and I would love to see his past and how he came to be the man and father he is. Can't wait to see what Season 2 brings.
Ben Wasserman
Ben Wasserman:
Emmy winner Zendaya. Still feels good to say that.
Foi procurar pão
Foi procurar pão:
essa série é uma obra prima pqp que perfeição
fezco o maior
Monica Joling
Monica Joling:
I love this show
Just keeps getting better with each episode
i just hope that fez and lexi can be the bestest of friends forever and not end on bad terms
taylor haha
taylor haha:
This season so far is so beautiful and I was left so shocked I love it 😁
Sicilia Wilson Smith
Sicilia Wilson Smith:
I feel bad for Cassie, obviously what she did was wrong but when you're so insecure and lack confidence the shit you do to feel wanted and good for even a second but it always ends in more pain
Kayla Lezine
Kayla Lezine:
The fact that we can literally see Cassie starting to obsess over body hair and look. dressing like Maddie to get nate 😭
Gordon Shumway
Gordon Shumway:
The visuals and the lights are amazing can’t wait to know what happens next
Explore with Gorchessmon
Explore with Gorchessmon:
Loving this new season and I’m proud of every character ahhhh
Ben M
Ben M:
Amazing first episode to one of the best shows around atm. Can't wait for the rest.
Hoova deuce
Hoova deuce:
What a first episode!!! Great back story with fez amazing cinematography and music choice… this season is going to be intense
Amber Nicole
Amber Nicole:
I have a deep seated feeling that Ash is going to die and if he does, I’m gonna cry... him and Fez deserve a much better life than they’re living.
Everybody is talking about how there happy Nate got his butt whooped but I’m worried for fez because who tf smiles after getting there but whooped like idk what Nate’s gonna do
Karlos Sargeant
Karlos Sargeant:
I can't wait to watch Euphoria Season 2 this have alot going on for this Season Zendaya I just love her acting skills both in The Movies & Series as well my thumbs up to her 100%
Natalia Mbenzi
Natalia Mbenzi:
Even when zendaya swears it's so cute
Zannia Ojibe
Zannia Ojibe:
OK so first off I’m super happy that Nate got his ass beat. Second, does anyone think that maybe Jules decided to get into this relationship with Rue simply because she feels responsible for her relapsing? Cuz I don’t think she loves Rue romantically
neon nyx
neon nyx:
Such a favorite show. I hope it continues ♥️♥️♥️
Damn. This is no drama no more. It’s a straight up thriller 😳💕
Julia O'Sullivan
Julia O'Sullivan:
From every woman who’s ever been mistreated, thank you fez💕
Just got done watching the show it’s brilliant I loving it a lot loved season one and I know season 2 will be amazing very proud of my queen 👸 Zendaya 💜♎️😇🌎thank you for adding my king 🤴 on BMF” so amazing everyone on this show I love you all alot you guys are brilliant
Definitely my kings 🤴& Queens too me I’m hear for it all bro on everything
I’m so excited for the upcoming episodes 😊
I’ve never even seen this show nor cared to, but that trailer in the beginning was incredible, wow. Sold me.
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo:
I would have never put Fez and Lexi together but I am living for them
nijuo joing
nijuo joing:
Everything is like so real, people can really feel the tension of each one . Just Amazing.
misuyy fong
misuyy fong:
I don't think I've ever been so proud of someone I don't personally know... But damn I am proud of Zendaya!
cqvio doli
cqvio doli:
Everything is like so real, people can really feel the tension of each one . Just Amazing.
Lexi and Fez are the best couple. I love those two together.
Brooklynn Bien-aime
Brooklynn Bien-aime:
Watching the trailer I feel like Cassie is definitely going through a identity crisis. From the trailers we have seen, she’s dressed up quite a lot like her wearing the same kind of style as Maddie or where she was wearing like a blue polka dot dress in the bathroom.
everything about this show is so perfect!!!!
LEXI is going to kill this season!!
I hope that she and Fex awill be together, they have so much chemistry
Yoni Rais
Yoni Rais:
it seems to me from this trailer like Lexi and fez may not actually end up in a romantic relationship like i originally thought. could be they just become friends and fez only encourages her to be more assertive and do something for herself rather than help or try to please others
Mari1997 M
Mari1997 M:
I’m still confused on what’s going on with Cassie…can’t wait to see more
the spotlight idea was gorgeous!! the way jules was crying so hard before it got on her :(( genius :”(
yuitr loing
yuitr loing:
Lexi thriving is all I need from this show.
Trisha Samanta
Trisha Samanta:
This show is crazy!!! So good
I here you zendaya. You want everyone to know a risky lifestyle can have dire consequences. You're an actor. Stuffs always fun...til its not..
Shinelle Baptiste
Shinelle Baptiste:
Cinematography in this show is unmatched.
Letícia souza
Letícia souza:
Aaa eu tô mt ansiosaaaaaaa 😩😩😩😩
Can't wait for the maddy and cassie fight scene
All things aside I just want to thank Euphoria for reminding me this song (It never rains in southern california) exists, I always used to listen to it with my family when taking road trips to California when I was younger. Brought back a lot of memories I forgot about
S E:
Lexi and fezco is the couple we didn't know we needed
I hope Rue and Jules overcome their demons so they can be happy together
emily roberts
emily roberts:
the imagery of cassie aggressively grooming herself is making me think that nate is going to shame her for not being perfect and compare her to maddie...
Joshua Stancil
Joshua Stancil:
This series represents the nadir of American television. Apart from admittedly stellar camerawork, Euphoria is execrable in every way
Ilahmae Cunanan
Ilahmae Cunanan:
I love Zendaya so much!! 😍😍😍😍😍
Bryce Fujimoto
Bryce Fujimoto:
Euphoria Season 2 Episode 1 was good. It drew me in to watch the whole season now.
0:14 literally love this
Maddie is totally gonna find out. I’m just scared of what’s gonna happen afterwards 😫😂😭
Natalia Gonzalez
Natalia Gonzalez:
this episode isn’t even out yet but it looks so good
Eurides Martins
Eurides Martins:
Vai rolar Lexi e Fez!!!!!!!!!!!! Que venha o melhor casallllllllllll
Paige Benjamin
Paige Benjamin:
Now learning that Ashtray is not Fez's blood brother, and was used as collateral by his actual mother, I'm wondering if Ashtray's real mother is Mrs. Jacobs. Could Ashtray actually be the third kid in the Jacobs' family photo after all? (to be fair, I don't recall the age of the kid in the photo).
Molly Fox
Molly Fox:
As insanely good as season 2 already is, is anyone else disappointed Queen BB is gone? Granted she was kinda just there, I loved her. She provided some much-needed comedic relief during tense moments-“WORLDSTAR!”💅🏽EDIT: I spoke too soon, thankfully!!!
Yseson _
Yseson _:
No wonder it looks so good Kodak made special film for this. It looks like a memory
octavia Aurora
octavia Aurora:
Cassie really needs to love her self. Changing your clothes won’t get rid of the desperation.
Yet Yet
Yet Yet:
Euphoria is more famous for the look and aesthetic more then the story line the story is good zendaya struggling with her addiction but you feel the vibe and look of the show before the story
andros ram
andros ram:
One of zendayas character goes to MIT, the other becomes a drug a dealer.

Yet there are some people that say zendaya doesnt have a range.
Jess Rich
Jess Rich:
Great show! Think Rue is gonna get everything she wants. Drugs and Rue😩and somehow the new guy she met on New Years is gonna die at the end and Rue is going to have something to do with it. Which I think will be Rue hitting rock bottom and finally getting the help she needs. Fez n Lexi…didn’t see it…but I like it. Fez grandma was a G🤷🏽‍♀️😂.
Omgggggg this season is gonna be amazing 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Linny Craft
Linny Craft:
First off: ik this is messed up to say, but i hope that girl in the trailer that Maddie is throwing against the hand dryer is Cassie. Sorry. Second, i am literally praying for Fez and his little brother because i am honestly terrified of Nate as we have all witnessed the lengths he would go through for “revenge.” Not that I’m doubting Fez’s ability to protect himself and the people he loves, i am just praying that whatever happens he comes out victorious without any losses of the people he cares abt

Edit: very unpopular opinion, but i kinda do but dont ship lexi and fez. If felt like the writers jus put them together cuz they had both had no one, which is obviously not true because everyone wanted those two characters specifically with rue and they jus didnt like the idea of that. So to shut the shipping up for those couples, they threw them together. :/