European Parliament approves new Commission under Ursula von der Leyen | DW News

European lawmakers have approved the new team of commissioners taking over the executive branch of the European Union. Germany's Ursula von der Leyen will now formally take charge of the European Commission this Sunday. She set out her plans for the presidency in Strasbourg this morning, saying she would focus on equality, the environment and digitalization.

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18 komentarze:

Andrew Mcgarrigle
Andrew Mcgarrigle:
You've got to hand it to Germany they've got what they have always wanted full control over Europe roll on brexit...
Convicted Fraud!!
34 Realist.
34 Realist.:
Ja, aber WAS hat VDL bisher zu Stande gebracht???
Captain National Express
Captain National Express:
Some day, Some how, I want my Priminister and the Leader of my Country to be the greatest European Leader of the world. To not only be the very best, but the golden master of the Parliament
Stig Prøyser
Stig Prøyser:
Amazing! Now its safe for Norway to join eu since we now are 100% shore its ruled by Germany.
Russia's effort highlighted by the invasion of trolls as on this site is amazing. How do I know? Reading so many things without any logical sense. Furthermore, following the grammatical composition of the sentences typical of Russian expressions.

Было бы интересно узнать, в каком государственном органе они работают
Moshe David Dyion
Moshe David Dyion:
Mark Tutone
Mark Tutone:
Europe has layer after layer after layer of government. It seems nuts to me.
Rafi Charkasian
Rafi Charkasian:
💯 It's not only about parties, politics, rules and regulations of course; there has to be another thing or two 🧁
Rickie j
Rickie j:
if you can't make a passionate speech without notes or a teleprompter. You have no substance.
Captain National Express
Captain National Express:
Excellent. She's the perfect fit for the European Commission on what they really need in the important emergency that cause countries to split in half. She the golden key to make it very successful in the productive mission. If she can do it, they can do it for the European Parliament and the World Organization. Unreal Von De Lean of Federal Republic of Germany[GER]🇩🇪🇪🇺 has done it big time. 👍🥇🏆🇩🇪🇪🇺🌎

[Notice] The biggest reason why she been chosen to be the best because she've chosen to be the most popular leader for the European Commission that changes the way the cooperation the World of inspiration. She has the vision of making the difference that will help them do the best they can in stay on top of the world. She wants to help Europe to reach its goal in order to stay together in teamwork that creates strength of confidence, rhythm of trust, power of faith, glory of honor, and a path to the right destiny. She got everything in her loyalty unlike any other.
Michael Dvorak
Michael Dvorak:
All should break away from the E U if it is possible. It has ambition for world domination. Beware of Pope Francis!
Albert Palmer
Albert Palmer:
God bless her,for her good words and make nothing to stop her pure though 🙏🏾
Jongle Wongle
Jongle Wongle:
Ursula von der Leyen. She is of Yiddish extraction. Made in Germany. Why am I not surprised about that. From the West, West Germany and Belgium. A capitalist aristocrat. Not from the Yiddish East Germany, but, had she been, and also been a few years younger, then I'd have sworn that she was the ultra-horny young blonde Yiddish chick I saw in the pages of Sports In The GDR late '70s - early '80s. But she is not. Same breed, though.
Known for non-flown planes, now for a more malfunctioning eu. Out of this union
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman:
The sooner the EUSSR 🇪🇺 collapses the better I will give it 10 more years or 5 years if we are lucky
Strong independent women lead Europe and Germany
Bekim Krasniqi
Bekim Krasniqi:
German women are some of the best politicians out there...