Eurovision Song Contest 2021 - Grand Final - Live Stream

The Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 will take place on 22 May. 26 Acts will perform in the final of which 6 countries are already pre-qualified. This are host country The Netherlands and the so called 'Big 5' consisting of France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. Ten acts will qualify from the first-Semi-Final and the remaining ten acts will qualify from the Second Semi-Final.


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100+ komentarze:

Manolis Kasioumis
Manolis Kasioumis:
Watching Italy's win is my new hobby
French singer: "It's crazy that two French songs are on the top"
Italy: "Its me, Mario!" 🌚
Gunel Isgenderova
Gunel Isgenderova:
Barbara : "It's crazy that two french songs are on the top."
Damiano : " Buonasera signore e signori."
no one:

italy's drummer: 👁️_👁️
seren the hylian
seren the hylian:
"Remember, it's just chaos. We're Europe, we're used to that."
Laura Sobocan
Laura Sobocan:
This year Eurovision literally felt like Eurovision ALL STARS
Lil Jezin
Lil Jezin:
I really want to see Blind Channel's reaction when Damiano says:
"Rock 'n' Roll NEVER DIES"
Andres Angarita
Andres Angarita:
When Damiano said "Rock n Roll never dies".... I've felt that, there is still hope!
I think Ethan saw god after they announced the winner 😂
nana Rock
nana Rock:
I should say it was the one of the best contests in the Eurovision history.
So many songs were added to my playlist, backstage videos and general atmosphere among participants were amazing.
Thank you for the great show and bringing us the bright emotions in such difficult time
Manolis Kasioumis
Manolis Kasioumis:
Me: Man Eurovision is so boring....
Maneskin: Allow us to introduce ourselves
Sam Mapstone
Sam Mapstone:
no one:

Damiano: exists*

my gay: yes
Funny, the jury from UK gave Italy zero points and now Zitti e buoni charts as number 17in the UK charts
Paula Bahamondez
Paula Bahamondez:
Eurovision 2016: I am the best edition
Eurovision 2021: excuse me 💅
3:46:43 Damiano is saying to the others: oh if Switzerland wins, applaud and be sporty
Ray of light
Ray of light:
me:groups are so underrated last years
Italy,Finland,Ukraine:hold my televote
Konstantin Simic
Konstantin Simic:
Barbara: "it's crazy that two french songs are on the top".
Maneskin fans: "Parla".
Liepa Boguševičiūtė
Liepa Boguševičiūtė:
Germany: So you can wiggle with the middle finger.
Finland right after Germany: Put your middle fingers up!
1:18:38 when the Finnish commentator put his hand out the door with “join” i cracked up HAHAA
Manolis Kasioumis
Manolis Kasioumis:
Jury: the winner is gonna be Switzerland
Public: lol wait a second
Cristina Bhagavan
Cristina Bhagavan:
Hey UK, Netherlans and Germany ! Come to Spain to celebrate our 0 points. Sun, beach and fiesta!
Two French songs are on the top

Italy : I think we need a Plottwist
lenko lenko
lenko lenko:
это первое Евровидение которое я пересматриваю. Голосование бесценно! :)
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose:
me:groups are so underrated last years Italy,Finland,Ukraine:hold my televote
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon:
France 🇫🇷: "two french Songs are in the top" Italy 🇮🇹: ehehehehe "po popopopo popo"
Princess Montana Deluxe
Princess Montana Deluxe:
Francesca Franci
Francesca Franci:
Israel: set me free
Germany: don't be angry

The irony lol
Татьяна Малиновская
Татьяна Малиновская:
ни в одном евровидении меня не цеплял итог голосования как в этом. До сих пор пересматриваю. Этот Домиано красавчик,эти их эмоции,ааа крууть
the most ironic thing is Israel singing about “set me free” LMAOOO
Barbara: "it's crazy two french songs are at the top"
Damiano: 1:51:07
Zoja R-W
Zoja R-W:
I'm watching this for the third time. This year really was something.

Edit: Sixth time already.
Italy, Iceland, Ukraine and Finland buried everybody else 💕💕
Н П:
Италия,Украина и Финляндия очень круто спели!😳
Salvo T
Salvo T:
The Maneskins won because that's what we all need.
Different peoples united by the same malaise.
The charge of these guys was like a gasp of rebellion in all this darkness.
E Kat
E Kat:
А всё-таки песни,спетые на родном языке исполнителя - рулят.
saida shikhkarimova
saida shikhkarimova:
Moment of silence for the British guy. I felt so bad for him. He handled it really well though
Leoni Pearson
Leoni Pearson:
My favourites were Italy,Finland,France and Ukraine
E r a n e t h
E r a n e t h:
I think that at 3:45:16 Damiano says sounding nervous: "li dici questi voti?!" Which approximately means "when are you gonna tell us the score they're going to get?!" 😂
Orange Bear
Orange Bear:
Can’t stop watching Italian victory lol
Andrew McIlwraith
Andrew McIlwraith:
Want to say that the backing dancers and singers are too often overlooked. This year the entries of at least Azerbaijan, Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Germany, Netherlands and UK (not to mention Norway's demons!) would not have been the same without these unsung artists. A collective congratulations to all of them!
2:55 Flags
6:45 Hosts
10:16 Cyprus 🇨🇾
14:24 Albania 🇦🇱
18:24 Israel 🇮🇱
22:22 Belgium 🇧🇪
26:26 Russia 🇷🇺
30:30 Malta 🇲🇹
34:36 Portugal 🇵🇹
38:35 Serbia 🇷🇸
41:49 The Big Woman
45:28 United Kingdom 🇬🇧
49:30 Greece 🇬🇷
54:00 Switzerland 🇨🇭
58:10 Iceland 🇮🇸
1:02:10 Spain 🇪🇦
1:06:11 Moldova 🇲🇩
1:10:15 Germany 🇩🇪
1:14:19 Finland 🇫🇮
1:17:18 Edsilia Rombley Sneaking Around
1:21:16 Bulgaria 🇧🇬
1:25:27 Lithuania 🇱🇹
1:29:56 Ukraine 🇺🇦
1:34:00 France 🇲🇫
1:38:01 Azerbaijan 🇦🇿
1:41:48 Norway 🇸🇯
1:46:31 The Netherlands 🇳🇱
1:50:37 Italy 🇮🇹 🏆
1:54:51 Sweden 🇸🇪
1:59:00 San Marino 🇸🇲
2:03:23 Songs recap vol.1
2:10:50 Music binds us
2:17:05 Songs recap vol.2
2:21:58 Nikkietutorials
2:26:35 Low-budget Carpool Karaoke
2:33:11 Songs recap vol.3
2:38:26 Roof songs
2:46:07 Duncan Laurence
2:55:48 Start of the jury votes
3:33:36 Start of the audience votes
3:33:45 Zero Points U 0K, bro?
3:34:30 Zero Points for Germany
3:34:55 Press F to pay respects for sPAIN
3:35:18 4th Zero Points combo
3:47:30 Winner Announced
3:53:05 Italy Performance Uncensored Version
Patrycja Magdalena
Patrycja Magdalena:
3:46:36 Gjon's asking a friend how many points he needs to get to win and when he hears the answer, he waves his hand and says 'its finished' lmao he already knew Italy couldn't be beaten 🔥 but its sweet how humble he is 😊
peach Bitch
peach Bitch:
блин Мне очень понравилась Украина и Италия и Россия
Хочется чтобы был мир России и Украины МЫ ВСЕ ЛЮДИ ❣️💗🌞
The guy from Iceland has a golden voice. My guy could make absolutely any song into an R&B Soul feel with that voice.
Sammie Is de liefste
Sammie Is de liefste:
Daði: how does it keep getting better
Me: i dont know man but it does
Anna Pg
Anna Pg:
“I’m sorry, zero points” was taken to another level this year 💀
Jimi Hulshof
Jimi Hulshof:
damiano really said: I won now I’m gonna sing the uncensored version
Jenssi hei
Jenssi hei:
3:51:36 damiano showing finland's boys the heart
Ariu Ariu
Ariu Ariu:
Two French songs on the top fighting with each other for the win.
Italy: - " Hold my pizza". *
Is it just me who loves every single song this year? One of the strongest contests ever!!😍
_ metastabil
_ metastabil:
Everyone was like "Don't sing in your native language, you more likely gonna lose"
Soare Michele David
Soare Michele David:
Italy was original, they sing in their language, made a hit song. The rest, just made generic songs, most of them in english, and were so flat, no emotion/life in their song. Bravo Italy!
I'm British, but I'll admit the United Kingdom's entry was terrible.
My hobby
My hobby:
Это такой кайф смотреть зрительское голосование!!!! Оторваться не могу!
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt:
I love how the drummer is living in outer space and still can''t fathom that they won !
Let's be honest, noone really cares that much about the points. We're just watching a giant concert with crazy performances
Francesco Giovanni Zollo
Francesco Giovanni Zollo:
This year's Eurovision was a TOP quality one!
Diya Shikha
Diya Shikha:
Greece: 12 points to Cyprus.
Cyprus: 12 points to Greece.

Greece: 12 points to Cyprus.
Cyprus: 12 points to Greece.

I'm not much of a fortune teller but, I can predict that Cyprus and Greece will give their 12 points to each other again.. 🤣
Karina M
Karina M:
Окей, нифига не понимаю но буду смотреть.
kiril Veljanoski
kiril Veljanoski:
Why does the EBU tolerate Greece and Cyprus giving each other 12 points every god damn year regardless of the quality of the song? I understand giving each other points during the televote but the so called jury voting politically and they should be music professionals and grading songs on quality and package? This is ridiculous!
3:39:14 when you thought you already won but then televote starts
Tomato Vlogs
Tomato Vlogs:
Eurovision this year was on ANOTHER level. Well done to all artists and amazing job to Holland for this amazing production
Elena Smolyar
Elena Smolyar:
Италия и Украина самые, самые лучшие!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Обожаю!!!!!!
daisy girl
daisy girl:
италия, ты прекрасна, Дэмиано, Итан, Виктория я не могу вы просто боги
Cassi C
Cassi C:
The drummer form Italy couldn't even process what was happening when the winners were announced. The guitarist was crying.
God... I'm so happy for them!
Незнаю мне Украина и Италия больше всех зашло... 💃🏻
I personally like UK song, but you should know the rules of Eurovision: never let UK get some points
lol I like how at first everyone was like “Barbara, Gjon, what are you gonna do when you win?” with all the jury votes and then televoting started and Italy, Ukraine, Finland and Iceland just said “hi”
А я говорила
А я говорила:
I don't remember such a strong year as this one!
There are so many strong participants and contenders for the victory. 😱🎉❤️
Let these participants with new songs will come next year?))
shav shti
shav shti:
4 zero points in a row is something that i would never expected
Rodrigo Degelmann
Rodrigo Degelmann:
Everyone knows that iceland would have won the 2020 Eurovision
Laura Williams
Laura Williams:
It’s funny that I knew what happened but I still got emotional when Italy won !!!!!
Maneskin revived Eurovision, and Eurovision opened Maneskin to the whole world! The last time I saw such excitement around a winner was when I was a child. All the songs from Maneskin's latest album are amazing and break all the charts. I am very glad that they have achieved success and recognition after years of misunderstanding. I wish them success in the right way. Do not be proud and take advantage of such a great chance. They still have a whole ocean of undiscovered talent.
My top 10 (switches time to time!)
#1 finland🇫🇮
#2 ukraine🇺🇦
#3 iceland🇮🇸
#4 norway🇳🇴
#5 sweden🇸🇪
#6 switzerland🇨🇭
#7 united kingdom🇬🇧
#8 germany🇧🇪
#9 italy🇮🇹
#10 azerbaijan🇦🇿
Bonus tier goes to...

Eurovision was so good this year!
Tell me ur top3 favorites!
3:14:09 Bárbara: "it's crazy that two french songs are on the top"

Damiano 🇮🇹: 1:51:07
01. CYPRUS - 10:18
02. ALBANIA - 14:24
03. ISRAEL - 18:24
04. BELGIUM - 22:24
05. RUSSIA - 26:28
06. MALTA - 30:31
07. PORTUGAL - 34:36
08. SERBIA - 38:34
09. UNITED KINGDOM - 45:26
10. GREECE - 49:29
11. SWITZERLAND - 53:59
12. ICELAND - 58:08
13. SPAIN - 1:02:09
14. MOLDOVA - 1:06:10
15. GERMANY - 1:10:14
16. FINLAND - 1:14:18
17. BULGARIA - 1:21:15
18. LITHUANIA - 1:25:25
19. UKRAINE - 1:29:57
20. FRANCE - 1:33:59
21. AZERBAIJAN - 1:38:00
22. NORWAY - 1:41:47
23. THE NETHERLANDS - 1:46:33
24. ITALY - 1:50:36
25. SWEDEN - 1:54:51
26. SAN MARINO - 1:58:57
Anna Lida Frati
Anna Lida Frati:
I'm so sorry for the low position of Netherlands, your song was very nice and I voted it that night ❤️🤍💙
So much love from Italy 💚🤍❤️
2019: Germany I'm sorry 0 points
2021: UK, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, I'm sorry 0 points
Майя Блащук
Майя Блащук:
Україна і Італія❤️❤️❤️
Who could make such a great show in the middle of the pandemic? Thanks Netherlands!
Henry B.
Henry B.:
would be funny if ja ja ding dong was performed as an interval act
En Chi
En Chi:
Hurricane girls dragging Damiano away always gets me 😂
The public really took the 0 points meme seriously this time and spammed it 4 more times
1:29:53 19: Ukraine
26:23 05: Russia
1:37:58 21: Azerbaijan
1:50:34 24: Italy

38:32 08: Serbia

1:06:08 14: Moldova

1:14:14 16: Finland

1:21:13 17: Bulgaria

1:37:58 21: Azerbaijan

18:22 03: Israel
Manolis Kasioumis
Manolis Kasioumis:
When Damiano opened the door for the camera to come in they persuaded us that this gonna be his night
_fun_ Høt
_fun_ Høt:
Русские отзовитесь, я знаю, что вы ищете этот комент
I can’t believe I missed it, well, late is better than never (I knew about it that same day is jut that I’m watching it now)
I feel like fans rewarded the more different and unique songs in this years show. Also gotta love the emotion in the italian guys; the blonde dude crying an ocean and the long haired guy staring at the screen like "this is it, I made it, this was my dream all along and it came true". Gotta love it.
willowbear シ
willowbear シ:
They were like ‘How much pyro do you want?’
Finland were like ‘Yes.’
Riccardo De Ciechi
Riccardo De Ciechi:
We want "Growing up is getting old" in the next Disney movie
Elina Vlog
Elina Vlog:
Я одна заметила, что когда представляли Италию, кричали намного тише?…(
Əkbər Talıbov
Əkbər Talıbov:
Justice for Azerbaijan,Cyprus,San-Marino❤
Старейшина Илин
Старейшина Илин:
Måneskin the best ♡🛐
Brainless Error
Brainless Error:
I would love to time travel back to 22nd May so I could watch this for the first time again
Kristína Marešová
Kristína Marešová:
Italy and Finland = the best :)
This show was so expensive that they could not even afford flowers for the winner this year ;)
I still remember when Lordi got his flowers.
Vasiliki Kalomp
Vasiliki Kalomp:
Ethan's reaction is ADORABLE