Eurovision Song Contest 2021 - Grand Final - Press Conference

The winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 will be present at a press conference after the show.


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100+ komentarze:

Magdalena Dziubacka
Magdalena Dziubacka:
30 minutes of Damiano being drunk af and acting out and Victoria trying to save the situation 😂 thank you queen
Luka Jarockyte
Luka Jarockyte:
I love how Victoria is trying to save everything, because every one is drunk af😭
Magdalena Dziubacka
Magdalena Dziubacka:
Damiano, how drunk are you?
Volodymyr Melnyk
Volodymyr Melnyk:
Ukraine is their favorite in the competition and Ukraine gave Italy 12 points both from the jury and from the public! And Italians also gave their 12 points form the public to Ukraine! Such a nice detail! Love and congrats from Ukraine!
Drew Tuá
Drew Tuá:
They were the best ones! My faves!
Все: сидят спокойно
Дамиано: суету навести охота
Мой обычный уровень понимания английского: 4\10
Мой уровень понимания пьяной английской речи с итальянским акцентом: 1000000/10
When Damiano asked to the girl if she will be with them... oh god so cute
Electra Athena Novia
Electra Athena Novia:
i liked how they straight up said ukraine with no hesitation to who was your favourite question.
baby blue
baby blue:
the guy who asked Damiano about drugs must be fun at parties
Fly & Shy
Fly & Shy:
I love how Ethan is only who's sober and composed one :DDD
angel Izquierdo
angel Izquierdo:
16:25 Damiano's leg + champagne meme moment... Thank me later.
Eric Toribio
Eric Toribio:
They're so polite, well-spoken and humble. Victoria would be a great host or presenter next year hehehe
Congrats Italy!! I can't wait to see what you'll prepare for us next year!!
Endrit Myrta
Endrit Myrta:
Italy just took the revenge of so many robberies of great entries last decade.
4 zero points in a row is something I would never have expected
Ume Kurare
Ume Kurare:
Хочу такой уровень уверенности в себе,чтобы спокойно сидеть на пресс конференции топлесс и пьяной ))
Freyja Almighty
Freyja Almighty:
Damiano's eyeshadow cured my depression.
People are winning the Eurovision song contest in their 20s and here I am trying to decide which chocolate should I eat next...I 'm nearly 30.
Peruna on hyvää
Peruna on hyvää:
How drunk are you Damiano?
Damiano: Yes.
Damiano is so drunk BHAHAHA victoria is tryin to save him😂
《 marije 》
《 marije 》:
29:42 really glad Ethan got to speak a few words at the end, beautiful ending of this press conference
italy, ukraine and finland the winners of my heart🇮🇹🇺🇦🇫🇮 i’m proud of being italian today
Modellodime -
Modellodime -:
Victoria has that big smile on her face during the whole interview, what a cutie❤️
Sara M.
Sara M.:
29:50 when you finally have overcome your anxiety and speak up in front of the class 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Souvenir Hazel
Souvenir Hazel:
Damiano is such a sweet boy, he didn't miss a single congratulation and thanked every journalist, and then so politely and kindly praised the work of the organizer. He's a wonderful person
Dilem Robinson
Dilem Robinson:
13:39 "you gave us zero points we'll remember it" SDFHJSDFGHJVGH
Ivan A Remix Fan
Ivan A Remix Fan:
There Is Only Four Words To Describe This Year's Winners. Rock, And, Roll. And Shirtless.
Modellodime -
Modellodime -:
This is how an Italian Rock band can rule the world
Какие же они крутые! ❤️❤️❤️ Впервые за долгое время на Евровидение выиграли достойные исполнители!!! Вся Европа болела за Италию, такой отрыв по баллам зрителей просто рекорд
The drug "controversy" was so damn idiotic, i can't at how many tried to push that narrative. Tons of cameras around, his face was nowhere close enough to the table, the hands visible and up in the air (what is he, a vacuum?), not to say how the parents of another member of the group and their manager were there close to them. How dumb do they think a person can be that he would do something like that there instead of just going a sec to the toilet?? He was obviously just exulting and probably doing a story on instagram, i've seen the video somewhere on twitter.
Way to try to take away the focus from the victory of a group of 20 years old guys.
wow seems to me that the popular vote shows the reel winners!! Italy, Finland and Ukraine!!!!
Journalist: Should the live orchestra come back to Eurovision?
Damiano: Absolutely!
* limp wrist motion *
* drinks wine straight from bottle *

I love these guys so much! 😂🍷🇮🇹
G M:
This story about cocaine just confirmed what they say in that song:

"Parla, la gente purtroppo
Parla, non sa di che c**o parla
Tu portami dove sto a galla
Che qui mi manca l'aria!"

"People talk, however people talk
They talk, they don't know what the f**k they are talking about
Take me where I stay afloat
Because I can't breathe here!"
Alexa Tri
Alexa Tri:
I'm speechless - Maneskin truly deserved their victory. Their reactions really made me cry. I'm so proud of Italy ❤🇮🇹
Oleksii Suprun
Oleksii Suprun:
Just to say: Eurovision in Italy - what could be sexier?

Thank you that Italy called Ukraine its best competitor, it's so nice to hear! And for the 12 from the audience of Italy, in the finals and semi-finals, thanks to the audience in ALL 38 countries who voted for Ukraine, yes all countries gave points, this was not the case with Ruslana-2004 and Jamala-2016! Man, we're second in the audience! And 5th in general!

Hot hello from Kyiv, Ukraine 🍸
Орися Драбич
Орися Драбич:
The fact that Ukraine is the only country that gave 24 points to Italy really means something. 🇺🇦 and 🇮🇹 know how to make music
♥️ from Ukraine
Damiano: You got zero point we will remember it.
Bi Ba
Bi Ba:
He was so polite to say: Please don’t say that. Please.
Such a angel 😇
lu buiko
lu buiko:
After watching last minutes of eurovision, I may think Maneskin guitarist was happiest man alive
Sagliano Sara
Sagliano Sara:
"Hi mum it's me" OMG I LOVE THAT GUY
Sara M.
Sara M.:
This press conference makes me sad. It's like Eurovision wants to change Maneskin so they can fit into their world instead of accepting them as who they are.
Łukasz Ciepichał
Łukasz Ciepichał:
Ethan (the drummer) didn't say a word during the whole conference and He stole the event with their last sentence. <3
Anna Yemchenko
Anna Yemchenko:
Love is mutual. We, Ukrainians, gave you all 24 points. We love you!
Mike Hydropneumatic
Mike Hydropneumatic:
Italy and Finland rocks!

Congrats Italy and greetings from The Netherlands.
David Hu
David Hu:
22:56 I just love that she has devil‘s horns from the background
Lcviax ・
Lcviax ・:
I can't believe these "Damiano using cocaine" rumors. He is seriously against drugs just like the whole
band is.
Kateryna Tokar
Kateryna Tokar:
Thank you for pointing out Ukraine as a favourite song!!!! 8:10 It is second according to the public! Congratulations! You've got Ukrainan love both from jury and from public! Btw, if not the f... juries, Italy would still win and Ukraine would be second!
Love how the haters try in every way to get them disqualified.....that question was so disrespectful....congratulations 👏🏽👏🏽
Юстинас Губа
Юстинас Губа:
Даже у победителей Украина фаворит, а жюри чёт не понравилось...
"I don't use drugs" while sipping alcohol and being drunk, Damanio is a legend lol, I love all of their personalities and the fact that they used the real lyrics!
Тетяна Дячишин
Тетяна Дячишин:
To those who complain they are drunk: wouldn't you drink (doesn't have to be a lot of alcohol) if you were a winner???
either or neither
either or neither:
Rock n roll never dies.🤘🇮🇹
coluCCCi - Jonnas Des Sì
coluCCCi - Jonnas Des Sì:
Damiano for the world: winner
Damiano for the french: the teletubbie vacuum
i don't think we talk enough about ethan asking if he could say something and we can see CLEARLY how glad and proud he is (just like all members) also dami standing up to pay attention to him i- i love them sm :(
Buddhi Dev
Buddhi Dev:
Their love for Go_A from Ukraine is adorable.
Bianca Maria
Bianca Maria:
Those who say that Italy didn't deserve to win because they sang a rock song, they shouted, they had ugly makeup, they were dressed like a circus, you have no idea what Eurovision means, what music means, what art means, what freedom means! Why are you still watching this contest?
Hoseok Is My Hope
Hoseok Is My Hope:
The question about the Cocaine! And even after Damiano answered clearly, they kept shouting! Disrespectful and shameless.
The journalist from the NYT saying "Italy had a hard time with corona".
Look in your own backyard, dude.
Seb Lux
Seb Lux:
Everyone talking about the cocaine thing which he clearly wasn't but no one mentioning the fact they sang the uncensored version
o K
o K:
Italy, thank you for the song and atmosphere
You deserve this victory, guys ❤
Lots of love from Ukraine🇺🇦
viyalo _
viyalo _:
-Who is your favourite singer?
Appreciate it❤️
like this conference couldn't be held tomorrow so the winners could rest and sober up ???? This is huge let them enjoy it !!!!
Ayka Ayka
Ayka Ayka:
*He* *won.* *Now,* *Signore e signori* *GET* *READY* *Next* *Year* *We* *Are* *Going* *To* *The* *ITALY* 🇮🇹🔥🎉
Elias Bliss
Elias Bliss:
Did they really think that someone would use drugs in the middle of a show aired all over Europe? Hilarious! 🤣
Congratulations Italy and Maneskin ❤️
Well done! Finally a kickass song that's not chanson, a ballad or schlager!
This interview is everything i expect out of a rock group and more
26:39 Go_A said it too, they didn't came for the victory, they came to share Ukrainian music and Ukrainian traditions. Eventually both bands rocked on the top of the televote🇮🇹🇺🇦 Be generous and the Universe will return. Congratulations to both of them!
Дарья Пятина
Дарья Пятина:
I tried my best to support Italy, literally fell in love with this group so much that I even changed the screensaver on my phone, and the song played all day on headphones for 4 days in a row

With love from Ukraine🇺🇦
Татьяна Иванова
Татьяна Иванова:
Кто тоже зашёл посмотреть на Демиана и то как он секси пьёт?
Daniel Roach
Daniel Roach:
The fact that someone from the press confronted them on “snorting cocaine” seems to be the lowest of lows. Seems like they’re desperate for a negative news story to overpower the positivity of Italy actually winning and how far they’ve come. 🇮🇹🇮🇹
Edit: Organisers made Italy take a drug test due to accusations and Italy passed the test, proving they didn’t take drugs.
Elena S.
Elena S.:
Can we just appreciate how the host stopped any further discussion about the drug use? Like she wasn't taking aaany crap, she shot that down right away when people started yelling more crap
I discovered Maneskin almost 4 years ago, when they were hardly even recognized in Italy. And I’m not even italian:) always knew they’ve got potential! Well done guys! Monteverde power!
I discovered Måneskin at the beginning of the April, right before Easter. It was such a pleasure to stream your songs while waiting for the final. You bring great message to the Esc and the whole world. Your winning was well deserved, congratulations and be yourselves forever ❤❤❤
Anjuta Vk
Anjuta Vk:
Он невыносимо прекрасен. У меня глаза заболели на него смотреть. Просто бог какой-то.
Anna Kagkelidou
Anna Kagkelidou:
Congratulations Italy! The quality songs have finally been recognized, you reserved higher by the juries but whatever, much love 🇬🇷
500원 있냐?
500원 있냐?:
ethan is literally so precious argh-- they all are sooo cool also the ✨ gender envy✨
Victorias smile is amazing
The question about cocaine was so disrespectful, out of place and showed how unprofessional this "journalist" was. Repeating fake news during the official press conference?! Shame on you
It's been a very long time since a good song won the Eurovision. Very glad for Italy, it was in my top 3 favourites this year.
Shagun Suryavanshi
Shagun Suryavanshi:
11:44 head of delegation appreciates how professional the band has been throughout their stay
*Thomas in background raising a glass of champagne*
.. I love this band
I love how relaxed and not carying they are.
Congrats to Italy. What a nice song and thank you for all people who watching eurovision after 1 year break ♥ Stay healthy and i hope we see us all again in Italy for ESC 2022 ♥
Gabry94 ITA
Gabry94 ITA:
As an Italian, thank you!
We Hope to celebrate with you Eurovision 2022 in Rome, the city where Måneskin begins!
Derpy guy
Derpy guy:
Voted twice for Italy, so proud of them! 🇮🇹❣️ Sending love from Croatia 🇭🇷
I was screaming on the top of my lungs when they won! Love from Ukraine! 🇺🇦❤️🇮🇹 Now Italy, let us into NATO, we gave you 24 freaking points!😎
Ukraine gave Italy 12 points from both televoting and national jury. I'm so proud of my country 🇺🇦🤟Måneskin not only won Eurovision, they won our hearts, please don't forget to include us to the list of your tour countries😂
Congratulations to Italy🇮🇹
Lauretta 845
Lauretta 845:
The third Italian victory is here!!!
ᴍᴏʟʟʏ U-U
ᴍᴏʟʟʏ U-U:
Дамиано : напился и кайфует
Victoria Dolzhenko
Victoria Dolzhenko:
08:10 I'm so happy to hear they loved our song! All our love (as well as 12 points from both jury and viewers) from Ukraine to Italy💋💋💋
Deer Dear
Deer Dear:
Congratulations Italy! Well deserved!🏆 ❤️Much love from Ukraine 🇺🇦
Julia Lovato
Julia Lovato:
Congrats Italy! ❤ and thank you guys for good words about Ukrainian song 😍🇺🇦
Rubytuesday 97
Rubytuesday 97:
For those who are spreading the news about Damiano: they talked about it in the press conference, it's a fake news. They even talked about it in they Ig stories saying: "We really are against drugs and we never used cocaine. We are ready to get tasted, cause we have nothing to hide".
L S:
What I like most of them is that they're so kind and polite to everyone and how they talk about the contest
Enna Bovary
Enna Bovary:
Even if they were taking drugs, it was such disrespect and unethical on the part of that journalist. It seems like he wanted to change direction from victory to something completely different and make them unworthy of victory.
1:10 i love this interviewer, the whole group looked so comfortable with her
Alex Fox
Alex Fox:
I love those 30 minutes of wise words of drunk Damiano <3 The best band on Eurovision, they have great songs. And this interview... Good old rock atmosphere :D It's been a long time since the interview made me laugh and curious at the same time. Amazing. I didn't expect such a great discovery from Eurovision. Just amazing. I am waiting for more<3<3
Love this pressconferention. Damiano is a little bit drunk, Victoria try to save the situation but he don't give up. 😄 Love these guys! ❤
visita Lago
visita Lago:
If the Manneskins had dressed classically, no one would have thought about drugs. Power of prejudice
Victoria gives the best answers. She should definitely become the band’s spokesperson.
Dušan Uzelac
Dušan Uzelac:
Yournalist: did you used cocain?
Damiano: Thomas broke the glass