EUROVISION SONG CONTEST: The Story Of Fire Saga | Official Trailer | Netflix

When aspiring musicians Lars (Will Ferrell) and Sigrit (Rachel McAdams) are given the opportunity of a lifetime to represent their country at the world’s biggest song competition, they finally have a chance to prove that any dream worth having is a dream worth fighting for.

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EUROVISION SONG CONTEST: The Story Of Fire Saga | Official Trailer | Netflix

Two small-town singers chase their pop star dreams at a global music competition, where high stakes, scheming rivals and onstage mishaps test their bond.

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naif albaihed
naif albaihed:
The biggest joke in this movie is that UK is hosting the Eurovision.
Lukas DiSparrow
Lukas DiSparrow:
You might feel like the movie is a JOKE but... Seriously go and watch it, The casting is amazing with multi-European cast, they respected Europe and Eurovision and didn't make it look like a joke but, a very good story. And there is also a nice sing-along with real Eurovision winners :)
This movie has 12 points from me and I usually dislike stupid comedies... But, this was smart!
SamYELL Jackson
SamYELL Jackson:
This might be the most “surprisingly good but thought it was going to be terrible” movie of all time
Never did i expect americans to display the eurovision song contest in such a true way.
They got everything:
- the douchy russian guy
- the weird craziness
- the fact that most sing in english because they think this will make it more popular
- the weirdass backup dancers
- that russia rule with no semi finals
- that england alway sucked
And so much more!
I am crazy impressed.
ciri_ riannon
ciri_ riannon:
Rachel McAdams doesn't age, she looks soooo gorgeous
Americans when they find out that Eurovision is a real thing 😲
Lera Imari
Lera Imari:
Sigrid: Are you gay?
Alexander: No! I'm russian!!!!
Finally, a Netflix movie that didn't disappoint me.
*I love how everyone thought this film was gonna be about Americans doing a parody of the Eurovision contest but ended up actually being a Tribute to Eurovision and Iceland.* _I loved the film, the Soundtrack is amazing._
Ingeborg Holm
Ingeborg Holm:
this is why america isnt invited
Andy Torre
Andy Torre:
I laughed, I cried and then I booked a trip to Iceland 🇮🇸
Günther Oberschenkelmuskel
Günther Oberschenkelmuskel:
When I saw the trailer, I thought the movie would be horrible, but it was actually very good and entertaining.
Mike Wanner
Mike Wanner:
"THE ELVES WENT TOO FAR!" Funniest line in the whole film.
Sandra Yerily Rodriguez Bonilla
Sandra Yerily Rodriguez Bonilla:
this is why we invited australia and not usa
Μαρία Πέτρου
Μαρία Πέτρου:
When they did the group singing scene with all the actual past Eurovision contestants I was shocked! Went into this thinking they would just make fun of the contest but I actually loved it. Still not over the fact that americans portrayed Eurovision so accurately! All the fun and nonsense was there
Nuno Core
Nuno Core:
Covid-19: this year there will be no Eurovision song contest.

Will Farrel: please hold my ja ja ding dong.
I bloody LOVED this movie. Honestly give it a go!
Craig Telford
Craig Telford:
Such a cheesy, daft, stupid movie in the best kind of way “I loved it’ Definitely a movie that leaves you with a smile on your face
Nina Tries Things
Nina Tries Things:
Legit cried when Rachel McAdams went back to the artist stage. She totally sold the emotions. I hope she gets nominated for this just for that part alone. And Im glad that the other contestants are not mean spirited and didnt applaud their mishaps.

“Im an artist. And if they dont give us points Im going to sit there and take it.” That should be true to any artists. Take the criticism and dont run away from it.
joseph raul
joseph raul:
Don't listen to the negative comments, this movie has heart and soul, in these troubling times it's a breath of fresh air, the direction of photography is beautiful and the music is worth the while, i laughed i cried and i was mesmerized by the European landscapes 7/10 for comedy and heart.
Mount McKinley
Mount McKinley:
no joke, one of the best netflix original comedy movie
Lloyd’s Everyday English
Lloyd’s Everyday English:
I thought this movie was going to be terrible but I actually loved it!
This movie had no right to be as good as it was. It has a bit of everything, comedy, romance, murder, paranormal-ish, sarcasm, bad accents, campiness, cameos and some big names and above all, it leaves you feeling good.
Kathrine Wilbanks
Kathrine Wilbanks:
For people who know about the Eurovision culture, this film was extremely enjoyable
Le Gay
Le Gay:
My beautiful Europe..❤ many different people , everyone beautiful ,special and crazy in their own way are united trough the music. I❤Europe
Jason Amerling
Jason Amerling:
I would totally watch a Swedish parody about American Idol, with an all Euro cast playing Amercians with horrible American accents
Emily An
Emily An:
"THE ELVES WENT TOO FAR!!!!" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
If you are wondering if you should watch it or not:
I have never watched Eurovision and always thought it was cringy but this was surprisingly not.
This movie is super goofy but also funny and heartwarming.
You can just see all the actors having a great time filming every single scene.
And that’s what makes it pleasant to watch, especially when you’re having a bad.
So go watch it now!
IT'S GOOD. Watch the movie, forget the movie critics they don't know what they're talking about. And don't watch the trailer!! Go with an open mind
bo3adsa bo3adsa
bo3adsa bo3adsa:
for two days this movie was in my Netflix recommend list and i keep ignore it untill i decided to watch it and OHH BOY I'm kicking myself for not watching it two days ago 😂😂😂😂
Ziad Ziad
Ziad Ziad:
In my opinion this movie is the best movie in my live i am from Saudi Arabia ❤️😁
crazy waters
crazy waters:
Eurovision : Sorry, no contest this year
Netflix : Hold my microphone
*SERIOUSLY* though, the movie was good
I know it’s a ridiculous movie. But it’s so good! It’s cheesy, romantic, great music, funny.
Give it a chance. It’s really good!!
Carey T Coleman Jr.
Carey T Coleman Jr.:
The biggest joke in this was the fact it was actually good. I though it was truly funny and could not stop laughing.
Trey B
Trey B:
I went in fully expecting to hate this...but somehow, I actually enjoyed it
Daniel Carroll
Daniel Carroll:
Way better than it looks. I lost my shit when he pushed over the porta potty with someone inside. "What the hell man I'm in here"
Listen To Your Friend Billy Zane, He’s a Cool Dude
Listen To Your Friend Billy Zane, He’s a Cool Dude:
“PLAY JAJA DING DONG!! It will never be enough, I only want to hear JaJa Ding Dong!”
That pretty much sums it all up. Great movie
Trist mas
Trist mas:
You tricked me Will Ferrell ! I came expecting a lame comedy and you brought Joy to my heart. Thank you bro
Énia Nóbrega
Énia Nóbrega:
This comment section:
-This movie was surprisingly good
-USA not being in ESC
-Countries who are part of ESC but not in Europe
-Molly Sandén is the singing voice of Rachel
Super outplayed American stereotypes of Europeans: The Movie
Kerity Tales
Kerity Tales:
COVID-19: This year there will no be Eurovision. *** Insert Evil Lauhg*** Sorry eurofans! 😈😈😈

Netflix: Hold my beer.... 😎
Ankush Rana
Ankush Rana:
My hometown song was out of the world.. i have never heard a song that beautiful.. i literally had goosebumps nd tears in my eyes.. love from india
Luke Sparrow
Luke Sparrow:
I’ve watched this 3 times in two days. I think if I sing “ja ja, ding dong!” in my partner’s face one more time he’s gonna leave me.
My friend from school is Stephan in this movie he plays the drums. He was head boy when we where at school together. I never knew he acted! His real name is Zack
Of course they got Graham Norton into this lol
Fun fact: Rachel McAdams is dubbed by Swedish Molly Sandén. In the credits she is under alias My Marianne (her two middle names).
Ben S
Ben S:
This movie surprised me. Funny, cheesy and an emotional ending I didn't expect.
Ariadna Sánchez Hernández
Ariadna Sánchez Hernández:
Astounding. I never expected that this movie could be so amazing. Just because the trailer is a little bit clumsy and it doesn’t show all the emotions impregnated in the film. Great, great, surprise.
mo v
mo v:
"HEY LARS! Get back in there right now and PLAY JAJA DING DONG!!!" 👈🤬
Robert Millan
Robert Millan:
My girlfriend told me to watch this movie cos it was good but wasn't interested until last night I decided to give it a watch and thought this film was one of the best and funniest I seen so would definitely recommend
Fly LeWuff
Fly LeWuff:
For some strange reason, I bloody loved that movie.. and Rachel kicks ass.
Ella Ungh
Ella Ungh:
Can we all give some credit to Molly Sandén who is the voice of Rachel (Sigrit) when she sings! She is amazing!😻 Proud Swede here!🙋‍♀️
J Baldwin
J Baldwin:
This also doesn’t give away the plot unlike all the comments stating so.
Cole Mcduff
Cole Mcduff:
never heard of eurovision until this. saw the movie, great fun and some good humor.

-- an American from the U.S.
Wii I
Wii I:

Nobody at all:

Ólaf: Play " Ja Ja Ding Dong! " Play it!!!!!!
Funniest bit was when the elf threw the knife and slammed the door shut after
Dustin Maxwell
Dustin Maxwell:
This movie was so much more than expected. Love it.
richard lee
richard lee:
I have Never been so impressed by a film that already I've watched it 8 times in the last week as well getting the album.Who cares what the critics say ,if your European and have experienced the mad and crazy fun every year of Eurovision you'll get it I never really watched Will Ferrell before but this was absolutely amazing ,hilarious, great actors ,great songs , funny as hell scenes and one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard towards the end.thankyou so much for this film it touched my heart 💘
rabie giçi
rabie giçi:
As a Eurovision fan, I totally enjoyed it. All the time I had a smile in my face, watching it! 😍
les mercredis on porte du rose
les mercredis on porte du rose:
What's your favourite line that sounds best without any context? Here's mine:

Anita Jonsson
Anita Jonsson:
I’m from Iceland 🇮🇸 it makes more sense if you’ve lived there, I love this movie ❤️ so funny 😂
Ángel Urbina
Ángel Urbina:
Wow, I didn't expect these many negative comments and from Europeans, nonetheless. Have you actually seen this film? It doesn't make fun of Eurovision. At all. Quite the opposite, actually. It pays its homages where they're due. There's tons of real-life Eurovision contestant's and winner's cameos! And the message was exactly what all of us in the world needed just right now. To set aside our differences and come together as one, people. Go watch it and don't take it too seriously. It's a comedy, after all, and a really good one.
F dL
F dL:
I can feel the vibrations of our sound system every time Alexander Lemtov talk or sings lol... I love Dan Stevens since Downton Abbey.
mo v
mo v:
"The Elves Went Too Far"
I put a dislike after seeing the trailer. I saw the movie. I have changed my mind it is a like 👍
Brandon Lkhagva
Brandon Lkhagva:
That was a looong ass trailer.
Selina Marcovski
Selina Marcovski:
It’s honestly quite a good movie. Would recommend not watching this trailer tho cause then you have no idea what to expect which was what I did. The songs are also really good!! Like even the songs by the side characters are super memorable.
Orange Sheep
Orange Sheep:
I decided to watch this because of Dan Stevens. damn he is so hot! even with Alexander sexuality
enigma enigma
enigma enigma:
Compliments to the art director. I love the elf's houses. So adorable. Even cuter than a hobbithouse. I wish I had one in my garden! (If I had a garden :)
This movie was so good.
Historias con muñecas
Historias con muñecas:
I have watched this movie an unhealthy amount of times but I still dont get tired of it
This was surprisingly good. Helped my depression
Tom Miller
Tom Miller:
You're trying to tell me Buddy the Elf doesn't believe in elves? I'm just not buying it!
I am European, I am even German. You know, we don't understand fun 😉 But that's a comedic pearl. Will Ferrell has achieved something that Europe needs: a tolerant and amusing look at its traditions. Yes, Eurovision is an European tradition. What else unites Europe in a happy and together evening? And I like that it is a Russian of all people who ends up being a personable person. You have to know, Germans are not allowed to like Russians in Germany right now 😁 And does it have to be an American of all people who brings us this film? Yes, that must be the case. We Europeans obviously couldn't
Justin Schwab
Justin Schwab:
Really enjoyed this movie. Fun fact for Assassins Creed video game fans, the Greek musician in the movie was also the voice actress for Kassandra in Odyssey.
Elena C.G.
Elena C.G.:
I really enjoy sitting with my family every year and watch Eurovision. And I really missed It this year, but watching this movie felt like that again and I really enjoyed it 😁
Anna x
Anna x:
Watched this last night and the movie was very enjoyable and you wouldn't feel like you wasted your time at all.. The soundtrack is amazing and very done. Been on repeat all day.
Este año no tuvimos Eurovisión pero Netflix nos acaba de dar esta hermosa joya y homenaje a este gran concurso.
Les agradece un Eurofan desde Buenos Aires Argentina 🙌🏻🇦🇷❤️
Thanks for this to all the people envolved, a big Eurofan pleased in Buenos Aires Argentina 🙌🏻🇦🇷❤️
*The best movie, ever made!*
Justin Gordon
Justin Gordon:
I just watched this movie and Loved it! They had me laughing and crying through the whole show.
Naneth Talia Musk
Naneth Talia Musk:
And now we just want to know, when is the sequel coming out? We want more JaJa Ding Dong.
Esther Batycki
Esther Batycki:
I always complained that American Idol was never original songs, it was just covers over and over. Eurovision is all about celebrating originality.
Aisling Dolan
Aisling Dolan:
I see America is sour they weren't invited...
King Bernard
King Bernard:
Good or Bad, I'll watch it to see Rachel McAdams. 😍
this was an awesome movie, funny, heart felt, well acted, the scenery was stunning, the music was wonderful, one of the best movies i have watched in the last two years!!!!!! 💙💙💙💙 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/5
Great movie guys. Def worth watching.. the final song was great. Everyone will think oh it might be meh but everyone who watches it ends up really enjoying it
nino bargamento
nino bargamento:
people who hated this movie is the loneliest people that never had a joyful life ..felt pity for them..
Animal finatic
Animal finatic:
I honestly thought I was going to hate this movie but I LOVED it SOOOO much. It was so sweet, funny, wholesome, with an inspiring story. It has some typical cliches but it doesn't make it less enjoyable, it's still fun to watch. My favorite character is Sigrit because of how amazing she is. Anyways, please go watch this movie if you're looking for something nice to watch! It was so enjoyable and cute, I absolutely loved it.
Mr Snrub
Mr Snrub:
Their song was 100 times better then the chicken dance. 12 points go to Will Ferrell 🙂
Love the end when he's roasting the Americans! Jaja ding dong!
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss:
I am truly amazed by how Americans seems to always miss what makes the spirit of Eurovision.
Lemuel Rafael Abotanatin
Lemuel Rafael Abotanatin:
Looks like Netflix's redeeming itself during quarantine!
J J:
It's just a Fun movie, lighten up everyone
this movie made my lonely quarantine evening very entertaining! I loved it and even the songs! A lot of details were so true about Eurovision craziness and you will be surprised to see so many familiar faces 👏 bravo
nick kliropoulos
nick kliropoulos:
João Gabriel
João Gabriel:
Can we please get more joyful movies like this and captain fantastic?
Fantastic Movie. "Never Give Up" theme. Not a LOL comedy, which causes problems for people who are expecting crass jokes... Fire Saga for the win!

<3 Sigrit!