Eve Hewson

"The Knick's" Eve Hewson reveals the way the TV drama deals with primitive societal thinking -- as well as archaic medical practices. The 23-year-old actress also talks about the show's reactions from her rock star father Paul Hewson (aka Bono).


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12 komentarze:

Chris Plunkett
Chris Plunkett:
I wonder if she knows how uniquely pretty she is.
she did a great job in The Knick! Bono and his wife did a good job making her
Larissa Rocha
Larissa Rocha:
Eve is very talented! I've watched the whole first season and loved every scene with her! I'm very excited about the second season.
Jon Smith
Jon Smith:
yup, somethin' odd about him mentioning good sex, to her "what?!"..it's like a creepy dude flirting with someone who he wouldn't ever be able to flirt with anywhere, any time outside of an interview..kinda pervy
Henry Schroeder74
Henry Schroeder74:
Eve your are the most beautiful girl in the world. Greetings from germany
John Maring
John Maring:
Eve Hewson Has A Nice Irish Accent, I Love Her Green Fingernails< Sexy Blue Eyes + Her Vintage Leather Jacket Looks Very Comfortable! She Looks Like An Irish Joan Jett!
Thibault LY69
Thibault LY69:
Dáithí Ó.
Dáithí Ó.:
Great actress saw the knick and she's a natural , hope she keeps it up and shes massive, she knows what I mean when I say massive :: O he was massive 😂😂 o being Irish it's gas 😂😂📸📸📸📸🍻☘👍lovely girl 😘😘🐣👍
John Ellis
John Ellis:
The interviewer is ehh really awkward
Laurence Dunne
Laurence Dunne:
What a creepy interviewer .....
WTF is up with her accent...she is from Dublin not the USA. Ridiculous !
Willy Stroker
Willy Stroker:
Why is she faking a Yank accent?