Everest - The Summit Climb

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Raw and Unfiltered. The final climb on Mt. Everest. Experience what climbers endure on their final push to the top of the world. Shot by yours truly on a Canon 5D with a 16-35mm lens.

Behind the scenes blog #1: https://eliasaikaly.com/this-is-what-summiting-everest-looks-like/

Behind the scenes blog #2: https://eliasaikaly.com/into-the-death-zone/

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100+ komentarze:

Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin:
I'm extremely motivated to not to climb mount Everest.
Ahmed Gulahmad
Ahmed Gulahmad:
Salut to a guy who went up there first and did all the ropes etc. I cant even imagine how it was possible.
I would like to visit Everest, but just at the base camp to have a feel of the surroundings there and look at the mountain with my own eyes. That would be enough for me
Blue S.
Blue S.:
Respect to all who climbed Everest regardless of whether success or not. This required absolutely mental and physical strength. I was at Everest Base Camp and managed to summit Island Peak (6189 m). That is enough for me. One of the toughest trip of my life.
marina ziegler
marina ziegler:
Imagine summiting Everest and then coming back down and finding out you didn't hit record on your GoPro
Adam Cathcart
Adam Cathcart:
If i die on Everest, i want to be left sitting upright with my arm stretched out pointing the way to the top, that way people can use me as a road sign:-)
I am still searching for that sherpa who climbed 21 times and the other 15 times without oxygen. ❤️
Rebecca Vocal Athlete
Rebecca Vocal Athlete:
Wow. Majestical!!
They're so high up the sky is a darker shade of blue.
Is this the route our parents took to school every day?!?!
Mike G.
Mike G.:
I’m always puzzled how the camera man gets to the top and films the climber as he or she reaches the top. 😂😂😂
Respect to Sherpas who actually put the ropes and stuff so that people can climb. Legends
Edmund Hillary is an absolute beast doing that without the guide ropes and ladders
This is as close as I’ll ever get to my Everest thank you so much YouTube u saved me $250k! 🤲🏽
Brandon Maxfield
Brandon Maxfield:
We live in an age where we get to see the summit of mt Everest without moving, how lucky we are.
Melisa Çıngı
Melisa Çıngı:
Can't even imagine the physical and the mental strength this requires. One of the coolest thing a human being can do.
Kapil Thapa
Kapil Thapa:
2:28 I'm feeling difficult to breath watching that person breath
themes asf
themes asf:
Me searching mount everest for research for a school project:
This showing up:
Me clicking it:
Me getting a heart attack:
Mike Verwoert
Mike Verwoert:
It just absolutely blows my mind that people not only dare to try this but actually make it out alive.
Tom Scott
Tom Scott:
Thank you so much for NOT laying a music track over this. The sights and sounds of the mountain are more than enough.
꧁ ̊ೃAngel• ੭ꠥ꧂
꧁ ̊ೃAngel• ੭ꠥ꧂:
To many this is the dream, but to me this is a nightmare.
shubham kumar
shubham kumar:
I was watching this in my car, I had to turn off my AC
Kurt D.
Kurt D.:
It's around this point where I'd start craving Taco Bell and want to turn around.
Jeff Cole
Jeff Cole:
I'm a very healthy person mentally but honestly I wouldn't mind dying while climbing around this magnificent mountain
Lisa Hatton
Lisa Hatton:
Even if I was in perfect shape no way would I do this, I simply hate the cold.And heights. But I have mad respect for anyone who ever has or does... God Bless them and God Bless the Sherpa's.
Everest is a tourist destination for the richest most privileged people to wear expensive gear and post pictures on their social media about how great they are.
Kishan Prasad
Kishan Prasad:
I remember a quote from the teaser of interstellar: "And perhaps we have just forgotten that we are still pioneers and we have barely begun!"
Mariah Fox
Mariah Fox:
I love I enjoying the top of mount everest watching YouTube laying in my warm comfy bed. Thank you to the brave souls who climbed it for the rest of us.
Przemysław Pleban
Przemysław Pleban:
when i hear how hard they breath with that oxygen mask i am full of respect for climbers which don't use them at all
Yu Uy
Yu Uy:
The Deepest Ocean Has Trash The Highest Mountain Has Trash Its The Proof That Us Human Been To Everything
Plis pray for "Muhammad Ali Sadpara"
Ross Turpin
Ross Turpin:
I can’t imagine the emotions that would overcome you when reaching the summit.
It’s sad to know that I’ll never do it, people say you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it but I know for a fact I could not reach the top.
This video is bittersweet
Laura B
Laura B:
My fear wouldn’t be going up.. it’s going down when the exhaustion has to set in.
Bruce W
Bruce W:
When I was younger this seemed like such a cool thing to do, now as an adult. No thanks I'm good.
Daffni Kharkongor
Daffni Kharkongor:
I want to do this once before I die but I would require a new set of lungs because damn I'm only 19 and my lungs are weak af
It doesn’t matter What your name is
It doesn’t matter What your name is:
It’s kinda strange from what I’ve seen and heard about these climbs, they go up and work as a team, but when someone gets into trouble they pretty much left on their own.
Mahadevah Iyer
Mahadevah Iyer:
When the dude started coughing in my head this is what I thought thiiiiissss mmaaaaaannn gaaannnaaaaa diiiiiieeeeee and when they reached the top I fainted
It's like the ultimate test of suffering, yet keeping your wits about you at the same time.
Brian Tyler
Brian Tyler:
Wow, amazing footage. Great job, that takes heart. But damn that looks extremely unpleasant.
Lainey Johnson
Lainey Johnson:
Just think, after making it all the way to the top.... You still have to climb all the way down. 😭
Julian Swarzkoff
Julian Swarzkoff:
Only a few can say they climbed mount everest it's mythic man
Kai Jiu
Kai Jiu:
When someone loves you, the way they talk about you is different. You feel safe and comfortable.
Truly a thing of beauty... that I never want to go to the top of I’m fine with seeing it in 1080p 🤣
When u realize u have to go all the way back down
peaceful warrior
peaceful warrior:
That's it.. No one mentions the physical strength you need to do it
latai finefeuiaki
latai finefeuiaki:
Well done viewers we also made it to the top 😅🤍👏 why did I feel tired watching 😩😂 mad respect to them 😍 I could never.
Amazing achievement my friend and respect.
Living in Switzerland my whole life, every Mountain I cannot take my Snowboard on my Back and ride down, let alone take my Huskys with me is not worth it for me ;)
This is truly the most spectacular 4 n a half minutes of video footage I’ve ever been blessed to behold. Thank you for sharing your journey...allowing those of us who are physically incapable of such a magnificent feat to climb along side of you. 💘💘💘
and this is me with my mug with hot chocolate. Almost feel their pain
i'm not afraid of death/the act of dying but in this situation i think i would be. the thought of being left there untouched and not able to be brought back down would terrify me. major props to anyone who has climbed or attempted to climb no matter how far you got or if you even made it out alive at all, true willpower.
Curious Kiwi
Curious Kiwi:
I used to think that I could climb this in 4 minutes.
Cuphead TR
Cuphead TR:
When you climb the entire mountain in 2 weeks but realize everest is the other mountain you saw when you climbed
CJ Judd Australian Artist
CJ Judd Australian Artist:
Those that died climbing Everest, may they ever-rest in peace
integrachic 29
integrachic 29:
Material things come and go but adventures will stay in your heart for a lifetime! ❤️ To all you climbers out there, may God help in your journey to reach the highest point on earth! It takes courage!
And yet I still wanna climb it and see the breathtaking view in person.
I swear i have this weird problem where I experience strong vertigo when im either in a tall building, climbing high myself or even just watch a video, it feels so surreal and unnerving but i know its all in my head
I'm Just Wondering The CameraMan Was The First One To Make It On Mount Everest
Jai Galagali
Jai Galagali:
One mustn’t forget to thank the incredible sherpas who hauled the loads, cut the steps, laid the ropes and made it, if not a cake walk, a not too killer ice walk. The more I watch these, the more I am in awe of Hillary and Tenzing.
Kaia Price
Kaia Price:
So I'm supposed to be watching this for school but just watching this makes me freezing so I'm watching with a blanket.
Santi Chatterjee
Santi Chatterjee:
The main work are done by the Sherpas. Huge respect and salute for them!! ❤️❤️
Rubab Zehra
Rubab Zehra:
Wow how awesome it is to finally see this beautiful beast so close, almost real... rather looking into pictures or reading about it... the quietness in the atmosphere, the vibrant white and the blue everything looks so magical surreal ... bravo to you guys, stay safe.. thank you so much for sharing this amazing story with us 💕
Sami Khan
Sami Khan:
Leopard 🐆 of snow Mohamed Ali Sadpara We miss you😭😭
Aidan P.
Aidan P.:
Imagine knowing that you're the highest person in the world
Hats ofc to the camera guy who was holding one🙌🏻
My middle school class watched this as part of our mindfulness practice today and we are so amazed at what you were able to do!! Thank you for sharing with us what you were able to see, we are super proud of you!
Varun Singh
Varun Singh:
man you climb everest you get billion subscribers. Period.
I’m already outta breath and All I’ve done is watch these guys huff, puff and cough
Kirsten Borrink
Kirsten Borrink:
I need supplemental oxygen just to watch this. Incredible.
Анвар Абдуллин
Анвар Абдуллин:
Нифигастики!На такой высоте и я бы заорал от восторга,что остался жив и увидел такую красоту и мощь гор.Молодцы!!!
Nahum Vargas
Nahum Vargas:
Harsh Vardhan Singh
Harsh Vardhan Singh:
Next day these guys having cuppa coffee in bed on cozy night thinking about this
Being Nepali and seeing the sumitting Everest
You don't know what we feel its amazing 💀🤚
the Luxury Travel Expert
the Luxury Travel Expert:
AMAZING footage and experience. Congrats!
At the start, I thought Lord Vader had finally landed on Hoff and was finsessing a tactical OP upon the Echo Base for a possible sniper opportunity.
Patricio Ulloa
Patricio Ulloa:
I climb a ladder and I feel like its the Everest , thats athsma.. I magine how could this be , to climb that gigantic mountain ..thank you for your amazing video
Your Local Simp
Your Local Simp:
I can't even imagine the beggining when it all started, the climbing pain started.....
Re: Choice!
Re: Choice!:
Thank you for showing the raw footage of your summit!! Congratulations!!
Marcin Plewka
Marcin Plewka:
-Honey where are You?
-Stuck in a queue
-On Everest's summit...
Jayden Ceac
Jayden Ceac:
I think the biggest part for me would be the mental part where i’m 29,000 feet high and I can fall to my death
What a journey and what a view. Great work!! Glad everything went well and you were able to get this on video for all of us. Thank you.
Jaya Antara
Jaya Antara:
Damn I am watching here in my beautiful bed room, while drinking a cup of tea and you guys are fighting to get on the top of Everest...amazing
Donovan Blueboy
Donovan Blueboy:
3:31 it's that same cough u gettin when u walk in the cold for like 30 mins
When they say it's the "death zone", it's not a figure of speech, your body literally starts dying at that altitude!!!
Michelle South Florida
Michelle South Florida:
that is absolutely terrifying! But I am so glad we can watch this. Its beautiful and I bet a million times better in person
Good-advocate 88888
Good-advocate 88888:
Mallory and Irvine time damn i really could not imagine how difficult it is to climb this mountain!
zaheen wani
zaheen wani:
One day Insha Allah I'll be on the top of Mount Everest.... ✌
Tom Tom
Tom Tom:
The great outdoor insane asylum!
Alex S
Alex S:
Amazing! I was expecting shitty music, crappy slo-mo editing, the works. Instead, nothing but the silence of that surreal moment on the summit...beautiful!
Arjun Magar
Arjun Magar:
Michael Studios
Michael Studios:
in Nepal ready to start the climb
Someone after reaching the summit:
Fauzan Darth
Fauzan Darth:
You did it! Congratulation!!!🥰
Leah Hidde
Leah Hidde:
Damn the crunch of that snow sounds ✨crisp✨
Head Of The Table
Head Of The Table:
I won't lie. That doesn't even look like fun to me.
The Agent In The East
The Agent In The East:
These images are stunning - what a privilege to summit in weather like that, and so cool we can see it in such high quality video
Надежда Маркина
Надежда Маркина:
ребята, вы большие молодцы!!! Очень рада за Вас!!!
I remember that all too well!
It must be an incredible feeling to achieve this and come away alive.
jesse petrella
jesse petrella:
Thanks for Raw footage. No music, just how it is , coughing and all!
Ellise Henderson
Ellise Henderson:
I cant even think of how hard it must be,great job to these guys.
Ramy Hallak
Ramy Hallak:
Truly Amazing!