Everton 0-1 Leeds United | Instant Match Reaction

Everton 0-1 Leeds United | Instant Match Reaction




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Presenters : Peter McPartland & Barry Cass
Video Editing : Mathew Lamb
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Gary Reid
Gary Reid:
Absolutely spot on again mate, I don't know what system we are playing and are players don't look fit.
Dux E.
Dux E.:
As a Leeds fan I feel proud at your comment at 9:47. It's nice to see that no single player is above the team and that other fans can see that too.
Alan Bennett
Alan Bennett:
Leighton baines dust your boots off
like a boss COYB
like a boss COYB:
Nar sorry carlo made a shocking decision today putting that side out Allen our best player today
Jt 33
Jt 33:
We feel your pain 😩 everton are not good for your health 😂 great video .. 💙
There are consequences to sloppy play and passes. Doucoure - my god, he was horrible ... We really need to tidy up our passing. Richarlison looking like a victim throughout. He plays like shit when he’s mad at himself
James Hughes
James Hughes:
Limp again let's be honest.
I don't bash managers but today is not the first time Carlo has got it wrong with both selection and substitutions.
Massive month ahead and will show one way or another if we are to have yet another mediocre season
Jay Goulbourne
Jay Goulbourne:
2 injuries shouldn't have to result in a full system change awful performance
Tom Oreilly
Tom Oreilly:
Allan best player.playing with intensity.richy very poor today.but hey hang on here comes Delph....need I say anymore..🤬
Last of the Corinthians 1878
Last of the Corinthians 1878:
Don’t no what the reasons are for Gordon not being in squad but I think he needs to be looked at .
Mark Grainger
Mark Grainger:
You've nailed it again! Mediocrity at its best at the moment. Why are certain players not even making the bench!! Sick n tired of being like this 😤
Christopher Jamieson
Christopher Jamieson:
Squad depth SHOCKING!!!!
Everton simply don't work hard or work smart.
Thomas Carter
Thomas Carter:
The tactics are terrible!
Carlo won’t last long playing this way
Tamhas Woods
Tamhas Woods:
This club is beyond redemption. I *was* willing to give this three at the back some time - and maybe Carlo read my suggestion of MK, BG and MH at the back.

......but he obviously ignored the second bit where I said that it only works if there are two seasoned WBs either side.... *not* fucking Davies and Iwobi!!!!!

I knew deep down the match was lost when the team sheets came out, and my only hope is that Carlo is doing this because the four Ws at the start gave him leeway to experiment.... as opposed to losing his marbles, or developing a Koeman-esque ego, or both.

I just don't fucking know anymore. The only thing I do know is that Everton are going to live off those five wins for a very very very VERY long time, and once again, we're looking over our shoulders at shite like West Brom and (next week's conquerors) Burnley.

Strap yourselves in. It could get very ugly, very fucking quickly.

Good night, have a bevvy, and think about those losers chilling in their hot tubs in their Cheshire mansions. Just have a good hard think - and wonder why you should put up with this utter shit for another milisecond.

Nobody - and no new, empty-arse socially distanced expensive waterfront eyesore - can save this shambles.
Paul Martin
Paul Martin:
Allan and pickford the only players that played well. Your right we didn't have a clue. No full backs getting to byline does not help.
Paul Hewitt
Paul Hewitt:
When Carlo was at Bayern. There players did extra fitness training cause Carlo never did it.
Last of the Corinthians 1878
Last of the Corinthians 1878:
Since the story of Gordon questioning the manager came out, we haven’t seen Gordon . Makes me wonder if that’s the reason he’s been sent to the u23s
Mark Dolphy
Mark Dolphy:
Two young right and left backs waiting for there chance ,and not even on the bench .
Mikey D
Mikey D:
I'm going to have to watch Everton though bubble wrap soon 🤣🤣
Christopher Coey
Christopher Coey:
Not playing Nkounkou, not even having him.on the bench was shocking!!! Davies as right wing back, when he has no pace and trickery and is a ball playing mid? Moving Iwobi out of position, again, when he did great last week? WTF!!!

Awful decisions!!!
Paul Cape-Melbourne
Paul Cape-Melbourne:
Least leeds have a identity what is ours?no tactics mishmash formations we ve got no direction
The only thing I like when we lose is watching these post game melt downs. Love them.
Last of the Corinthians 1878
Last of the Corinthians 1878:
Just gonna have to grin a bare it for now, gotta lot of shite in our squad and can’t do much about it.
robert williams
robert williams:
Calvert Lewin was clean through on goal twice.....so dont say he had no chances
Tom White
Tom White:
Give Leeds the credit they deserve, you are one of the best teams in the league, you just can’t beat the mighty Leeds.... no shame in it
Thanks for honest review. We knew we could handle the league and the only people who didn't have not watched us before. Ur not crap we just have the team. Good luck mate.
Chris Baldwin
Chris Baldwin:
if bielsa stays that leeds team will be challenging for the title next season
Selwyn Pritchard
Selwyn Pritchard:
I totally agree pez same old Everton I am sick of players who have not score go and get a goal i am just piss off sorry I sound negative
John SmithJnr
John SmithJnr:
Agree with what you said there although would also take Raphinha Everton think hes a class player.
Stuart Fleming
Stuart Fleming:
Pickford was amazin today
now I know why all Everton fans look pale its that Liverpool shadow looming over you no sun will do that to you
Phil Binks
Phil Binks:
We need to start questioning the managers’ decisions. I don’t care whether it’s Ancelotti or not.
Gabriel Lalinde
Gabriel Lalinde:
It was a great game a good display from both teams - excellent game to watch - Everton lost because Leeds United was a little better and deserves to be at the top of the premier league
We have been a crap club for most of the time we have been a club.
Selwyn Pritchard
Selwyn Pritchard:
Your not rambling you say what it is we are crap until we get our act together enough said
Angela Young
Angela Young:
ALLAN was superb today, and given time he will realise that if no one else can be arsed!, our passing game is going to the wall and our defence is an absolute car crash, knew Leeds would pummle our goal till they got one, like they did against Arsenal (but unlucky in that game) ......slowly sinking into our old ways, chance to go 3rd, nah !, we are heading towards 8th position....any team that puts in a consistent run of 6 to 8 games will win this league...
Tony Edwards
Tony Edwards:
As a life long Leeds fan living in Leeds I was surprised at Evertons lack of quality. Ironically I was relying on another Pickford howler but that never came today.
Joe Cully
Joe Cully:
Did yous not already win the league? Thought yous won it back in September 💁‍♂️
daniel johnson
daniel johnson:
Great result for Leeds against the champions 👏 👏 👏
Simon Owens
Simon Owens:
,Great game to watch as a neutral. Leeds superb
Hayley Lee
Hayley Lee:
Same old same old everton, different season, for me awful decisions again by carlo, players not fit! Defence awful! No leaders no organisation! No style of play. No patterns of play. Am sorry for me carlos not the answer!!
Two massive teams, two committed teams, first goal was always gonna be the winner. Massive win for us MOT
Cameron Ashworth
Cameron Ashworth:
I noticed after what you said last week about Keane giving the ball away with sloppy passing it happened a few times again today. Questionable team selection again today. Leeds deserved to win and to be honest I wasn't surprised at the result.
dean ambrose
dean ambrose:
Absolutely shocking they were always going to attack pack out the back and hit on the break.
Paul B
Paul B:
Agree with you Ped. Carlo picked wrong squad today not just team .
Vasco Natura
Vasco Natura:
its so frustrating. so frustrating
MrEverton 1878
MrEverton 1878:
Spot on all points
mark burns
mark burns:
We Leeds make most teams look like they dont work hard we are the fittest team in the league mate 👌👌👌
Terry Preston
Terry Preston:
This shower don’t give a toss . It shows , and wtf do they do at Finch . Laugh joke and get injured 🤬
Declan O Shaughnessy
Declan O Shaughnessy:
As a genuine long term toffee fan watching the match Everton did not match Leeds who were hungry and played honesty better football, Everton don't need systems they just need to play 90 minutes and wear the jersey bad game Everton Nil satis nisi optimum 1878 come on the toffees 💙💙
Stephen McNally
Stephen McNally:
What's happened since our first 7 - 8 games? We seemed to be heading in the right direction but we seem to have gone backwards. Do our players lack the hunger to do it week in week out?
KraZy MagiKz
KraZy MagiKz:
The manager doesn’t have a system god knows what they do in training
Ricardo Pereira
Ricardo Pereira:
What a poor performance from Keane. I think 3- 4 -3 formation is a winner, just give some more time for players to adapt.
David Taylor
David Taylor:
Alot down to lack of fitness.We should do much longer training sessions involving much more running.
Paul Hewitt
Paul Hewitt:
I excepted we are crap years ago. That's why losing doesn't bother me anymore.
Michael O'Connor
Michael O'Connor:
I don’t think we are fit enough tbh mate. Needs Leeds fitness coach.
I said the same to the brother. We are a mid table team that got beat by a team that got promoted
Lee Riding
Lee Riding:
We're literally a win and a couple of draws away from being top after 10 games and the weird thing is, we'd probably have that extra 5 points if we didn't have the injuries and suspensions we've had. I know other teams could say the same but it's enough to keep you awake at night when you think how the small moments of bad luck can change the whole season.
william perez
william perez:
Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams:
Have to admit, we been an average team for 30 years, & I no longer expect us to win anything. Teams like Leeds or Villa been relegated but at least they've had excitement - and we have no more chance of success than them..or Southampton, Wolves, Newcastle......it's the hope that kills you, but no more, I've said it before, but that's it - I no longer give a shit - I hate what the EPL has become anyway
Stuart Fleming
Stuart Fleming:
Ricky being best mates with raphina laughin and joking pissed me off
Basic Trigonometry
Basic Trigonometry:
As crap as the game was at least Ped can make me laugh
Ancelotti clueless again... trying to be too clever...do the basics right!!

Still not sure what they do on the training ground apart from faff about.. & that’s down to the coaching staff.. molly coddled...
gerard monaghan
gerard monaghan:
Torn 2 shreds
Thabani Mashego
Thabani Mashego:
Thought the title was done and dusted?
KP was so good today.... - You're right we are a team... that's Bielsa -there's more to come...
Aiden Wrenn
Aiden Wrenn:
Great to hear a realistic analysis.
Gary Booth
Gary Booth:
Gave the ball away to often with telegraphed passes. Man of the match was their goalkeeper. Jordan Pickford does not give his defence no confidence. Did we win any 50:50 balls?
Andre Els
Andre Els:
No Ped, we have every right to question Carlo here. He constantly over complicates the team selection. Our players are horrible.... So why make it more difficult.
John Taylor
John Taylor:
How can a manager play people out of position, bizarre, midfield can't dominate games either, lewin isolated again, manager looked not bothered and clueless.
chris lambert
chris lambert:
Is Carlo on the pipe? Shockin
Nicky Styles
Nicky Styles:
Blues on Toffeeweb calling for CA's head...
Zach Dalton
Zach Dalton:
James Rodriguez too much of an ego, unbelievable quality but doesn't do the running
blue boy
blue boy:
Consistently inconsistent, usually it's the players, but today the manager made a big contribution towards this defeat. Not to mention our usual " green grass marking". Watch out Man City, Chelsea were coming to get you... 😀
Pete Ward
Pete Ward:
Richarlison was crap today. You can’t blame Pickford that’s ridiculous!! Pickford kept the score down. Agree on the fitness point. New right back, right winger, needed urgently.

We have to accept this is another building season - clearing out shit that Silva brought in
Tom Pike
Tom Pike:
Anyone else feel like we haven't had any identity since we've had money? Between our creative players having a bad day and the good work Leeds did to stifle them, we were totally ineffective. We seemed to have absolutely no plan b.
Jason Hardy
Jason Hardy:
Does one ever notice that when Coleman or Digne are not playing, we take a step backwards!
Also we sold Walcott, what a dumb decision!
No wonder things never change!!!
Lucas Sierra
Lucas Sierra:
Keane gave two 'assists' to Leeds' strikers of the same kind that Mina gave to Salah, only he's lucky they didn't end up in the net....
John Kedward
John Kedward:
No keeper would have saved that. Factomundo
Cyber Wick
Cyber Wick:
Knew we would loose.until carlo gets the team he wants 1-2 years we will be a different team.clear out the garbage.
Helen Mattless
Helen Mattless:
We've got some decent individuals, if they are allowed to play we are ok.If teams come at us and want a battle we struggle.With two first choice full backs we can give most problems.Up the worth ethic and we are top 7.
Andy Carr
Andy Carr:
If it wasn't for puckford it would of been 3 or 4 nil
lee new
lee new:
up the toffees but we are leeds we did batter you all the game..im sure you will bounce back good game to watch.
Barry Walls
Barry Walls:
Most teams look devoid of intensity when playing Leeds tbf. The score of that game could've been anything and we came out with the loss. I agree with Iwobi going to LWB, made no sense, bad enough losing Digne(no crosses from the left at all) but to change Iwobi after a great performance made no sense. Should've been Delph there if he was available and nkounkou wasn't
Liam Floy
Liam Floy:
Gotta beat Burnley next otherwise its gonna get worse we'll start slipping down the table quickly forget about European football not good enough for that
Another entertaining game involving 2 proud Big clubs chances galore but Leeds deserved it for me.
Lewis G
Lewis G:
This club makes it more and more difficult for me as a fan with every passing week. Every joke made by other fans against our club gets more and more warranted every week. We're shit. Always have been, always will be. No two ways about it. Another shit performance and I can't see our form changing anytime soon. Feel free to disagree with me if you want but I honestly couldn't care less about this club anymore.
Taylor Baxter
Taylor Baxter:
Super Leeds but fair Everton you gave us a run for our money
Liam Floy
Liam Floy:
Simply disgraceful the brilliant start is now a distant memory 4th defeat of the season cant keep cleansheets cant defend cant do fuck all massive rebuild again same old Everton letting fans down constantly
Joe O'Connor
Joe O'Connor:
Couldn’t of said it better me self
Ay Up
Ay Up:
P.s full backs shocking choice
got owned by a championship team lol
Paul Robinson
Paul Robinson:
What is Fabian Delph? I think Everton were expecting an experienced, Phil Neville type pro but they've ended up with yet another journeyman only interested in collecting his wages. TD isn't so bad down the left that you move AI to that position - nuts.

That Leeds team were many times fitter than Everton and it showed.
Sam Allardyce
Sam Allardyce:
but but we were told everton will win the league
Deco Blue
Deco Blue:
We as Everton fans we expect better and I know it will take time for players to gel but that’s not an excuse for not putting effort in.it’s one thing to get beaten but at least make an effort even in defeat
Mick Russell
Mick Russell:
i k now everton are shit,i lovethem so much, but we never do ANYTHING right, hurts ,hurts ,hurts,never mind i am so fucking used to this
Ay Up
Ay Up:
Were a joke, knew rb would be an issue an just getting left behind by championship team, shite, brands out, pickford out
Everton is a project for the next year I think
Darius Allain
Darius Allain:
In my opinion Pickford is too short to be a goalie in these modern times. Also Alan needs to play as a number 10 with Delph coming in as the holding midfielder. 4-2-3-1.