Everton 1-3 Man City - Pep Guardiola - 'What A Player!' On Bernardo Silva - Press Conference

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola speaks after his side's 1-3 victory over Everton in the Premier League.

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90 komentarze:

Only city fans know bernando silva is always there. He may not scoring but he do all beautiful works pressing and create chances
Bernardo silva is back to his best
simthandile mazwi
simthandile mazwi:
To all Citizens out there, remember what Pep said beginning of December "it's a time to be calm". Take each game as it comes and I believe we are still going to elevate looking at our injury list.
Arik Mahmud
Arik Mahmud:
This season Manchester city collected three points from both red and blue parts of Liverpool ❤️
Elim Haile
Elim Haile:
Man city have a real chance of winning the quadruple. Ucl + prem + fa cup + carabou cup.
Mitchell Seeman
Mitchell Seeman:
Bernardo is my fav player, just love his passion and work rate
Noel Gallagher said it on an interview with talk sport last week: we’re gonna see the best Bernardo Silva in the next few weeks
Cityfan Indonesia
Cityfan Indonesia:
Pep touch his head like trying to find his hair 😂😂😂
Zoom in
Zoom in:
Mahrez is behind the first and third goal and sored the second goal 🔥🔥🔥 and bernardo is so cute and smart 👌
Mrs Pilling
Mrs Pilling:
Well done guys!! Although, I am worried about our Boss & Boys with the schedule etc... I think the Boss deffo needs, hot water, honey, lemon & rest.. I don't like to see him pushed so hard... Basically, is enough being done to support the welfare of our team, both mentally & physically right now?! 💙🙏 #proactivaopenarms
Fun House
Fun House:
Silva is playing like the G.O.A.T Messi for City..
Marro Russell
Marro Russell:
Man I love the partnership with mahrez and silva
Visal Vimal
Visal Vimal:
*When city wins - oil money gets them titles
*When city loose - you can't win with just oil money
*When city play attractive football - anyone can do that
*When players improve under pep - pep is a fraud
*When you are a city fan- You don't have history
*When city win premier League - they can't win UCL
*If city wins UCL - your historic club's Privileged Ass is ratioed.
Temba Kemoeng BW
Temba Kemoeng BW:
Got a mini heart attack every time I heard that cough.
Berthold Dirke
Berthold Dirke:
Pep visibly coughing, hope everything is okay
Edwin Murahwa
Edwin Murahwa:
Best manager ever. I’m a gooner but I love watching city play, beautiful football!
Yiannis K
Yiannis K:
Ah, how proud Bernando's parents will be. Exceptional Pep highlights the very important character issue. Bravo.
Kabitaano Jr
Kabitaano Jr:
Bernardo silva more press more work
And create chances so back his best form
ManCity Portmore
ManCity Portmore:
But but but didn't Ole the P.E Teacher said he wasn't going to allow City to run away with the title?😭😭
1. Bernardo Silva is the most underrated player in the pl
2. Well deserved win for City
3. I hope we win the champions league so other fans don't have any excuse to talk rubbish about City
George Nduati
George Nduati:
Pep is such a good and incredible manager I just love him thanks for the good job
mario bustos
mario bustos:
Awesome words to bernardo, never heard mourinho saying something like that
Quality has improved a lot
Chelsea Boy11
Chelsea Boy11:
Pep just have a squad of really good players
Omar Abdi
Omar Abdi:
one of the most underrated players in prem
Ronald Shlomon
Ronald Shlomon:
Pepe is to coaching/managing, what Messi/Pele/Ronaldos are to playing.
A legend of the game.
Ivaylo Iontchev
Ivaylo Iontchev:
That bald genius. The best manager.
Pep Guardiola
Pep Guardiola:
6 points from Merseyside. Come on City!
Philosophical Minds.
Philosophical Minds.:
why pep always acts as the other team is good with respect to his team. 😂
Farid Boumaza
Farid Boumaza:
mahrez and bernardo was the best in middle
Pep Guardiola
Pep Guardiola:
Another brilliant performance from the team. Happy to see Kevin back.
Massive Result!!! Like I said on my channel I don’t think we were at our best today and we looked a bit complacent but huge win and hope we step it even up another gear in the UCL
tony clark
tony clark:
pep's definitely showing the exhaustion of talking to the press; great guy ...
Harry Araka
Harry Araka:
And then we have a damn P.E teacher smh
I cant stop laughing the thumbnail
Hendrik Masur
Hendrik Masur:
Genius coach!
Dalil eddine Slimani
Dalil eddine Slimani:
Even if he doesn't score he warms the shirt of city.
I hate when a player of city lose the ball only cancelo when he loses the ball i clap on him because each time he touches the ball i see a talent
Qmoeng Yazri99
Qmoeng Yazri99:
He is The next DAVID SILVA
Congrats Bernardo Silva
Phuti Ben
Phuti Ben:
Fantastic performance by Sir Pep's team. What more can we say about Man City? Incredible records. Defensive record is amazing and goals are coming all over the team. A proud Man City fan I am right now.
17 games in a row lets make it 18 against arsenal
Carl Albert
Carl Albert:
Phil foden is the next bernado and david silva. So much passion & dedication to the game n club. May we have more players like them in the future. God bless them🙏
Ivan Bravo
Ivan Bravo:
Beautiful bald genious. 😎🤘💙
Only fools underestimate Bernardo ... Score or not he plays great in every game
Willy C.
Willy C.:
Best manager itw💙
Arsenal fan here. Pep is a tactical genius. Love the guy and his man management . One of the greatest!!
lamel lamel
lamel lamel:
Mahrez and bernardo 😍😍😍😍😍
Khotso Bogacvwi
Khotso Bogacvwi:
Hi BeanymanSports, How do you make your highlights, Post match press conference and analysis? Your guidance will be highly appreciated? Thanks.
alvaro herber
alvaro herber:
DEspeues del 3er gool.... fue el mejor recital de futbol que le he visto al CITY este año !!!!!!!!!!!!!
robert springthorpe
robert springthorpe:
The tight fixture schedule is going to work one of two ways. It'll either become too much and players will start picking up injuries or just general fatigue or it could galvanise a siege mentality and the brilliant form will just roll from one game into the next.
Moha DZ___
Moha DZ___:
King Rio 👑💪💪
aviral negi
aviral negi:
Is kdb now fully fit
James Bond 007
James Bond 007:
Bernardo silva is the perfect replacement of David silva.
Bernardo is the best player of mancity and one of thd best player in the world. He never dissapoints you.
Arsenal F.C
Arsenal F.C:
I'm an Arsenal fan. But, I am a big fan of Pep and City's Board. You guys deserve to win PL and challenge for the quadruple tbh.
youcef Mohamed
youcef Mohamed:
mahrez 💪💪💪
Jumale Mohamed
Jumale Mohamed:
stones let him play he earned it
abdo Hamoudi
abdo Hamoudi:
Riyad Mahrez 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🙌🙌🙌👍👍👍👍👍👍🙌🙌🙌
moh moh
moh moh:
Viva mahrez
Tilak R
Tilak R:
Bernardo is doing the dirty work now which gundo,fernandinho used to do.
Sachin Thomas
Sachin Thomas:
Obviously, as a manager Pep shouldn't expect anything less from a €50 million player!
Ahmed chikh
Ahmed chikh:
Zwawi Ghali
Zwawi Ghali:
Riyad Mhrez
Bekkouch Oussama
Bekkouch Oussama:
Mahrez is the best of match ❤👏
Terence Buckley
Terence Buckley:
Pep is no longer depressed
umang mehta
umang mehta:
Bernardo wins the ball back and when has it keeps the ball very aggressively he needs to be taken out if teams want to beat city
Altaf Butt
Altaf Butt:
Sid Beddiaf
Sid Beddiaf:
Hhhh Mahrez best player and hi is proud ou bernando
pep is 🐐
alan duncan
alan duncan:
What a depressing looking thumbnail.
Quang Minh
Quang Minh:
Thumbnail = "Suffering from success" meme
Flowy's Creations
Flowy's Creations:
Bernardo is a very skillful yet underrated player as he doesn't score as many goals. He has a very high football IQ and is one of the most consistent tacklers for City whenever we lose the ball. I notice that most of the other players simply jockey the player but never try to tackle. Sterling is also doing this as well with some success. Foden will be even better when he is willing to drop back and defend. Go Silva!
Clint Fortuin
Clint Fortuin:
Thumbnail: "suffering from success".
style not steal pep lol
BeamTheRed #MUFC
BeamTheRed #MUFC:
thumbnail is me when i clog the toilet at 2am
Altaf Butt
Altaf Butt:
abdo Hamoudi
abdo Hamoudi:
Good best riyad Mahrez🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
He looks so so tired
No need for Messi. Football is a young man's game, he'll destabilise the whole thing.
Undisputed ERA Uncensored
Undisputed ERA Uncensored:
Does Pep have Covid😭😭😭😭
D _
D _:
Why the thumbnail. Looks like we lost
Adam Amisare
Adam Amisare:
Ordinary answers ,,,
why beanymansports always has weirdos thumbnail of pep?? 🤔🤔
fake shadow
fake shadow:
Bernardo Silva
fake shadow
fake shadow:
Bernardo Silva
fake shadow
fake shadow:
Bernardo Silva
KZ konvict
KZ konvict:
Ian Davis
Ian Davis:
Terrible questions.
Ferhat Hammadi
Ferhat Hammadi:
Riyad Mahrez number one à Manchester City pipe et dans like Riyad Mahrez because Riyad Mahrez Africa
taha idoumou
taha idoumou:
So stupid how he didin't speak about riyad mahrez he was the best crazy pep
Sid Fouad
Sid Fouad:
How about Ryad, asshole? This coach is mean and sick person! Dirty also with always spit in his mouth...and what a fucking accent. I don't know how the players get along with him but now I understand why his hiring a lot of foreigners in the team, latinos and non-speaking english players. Shame on maliciousness...
This fool spent a ton of money . Just keep spending money grows from a tree