Everton were neck and neck with Manchester City for a large part of this contest, behind for only five minutes in the opening half. Richarlison touched in Everton’s equaliser after Lucas Digne’s shot clattered into the post to cancel out Phil Foden’s deflected opener.

When Riyad Mahrez restored City's lead 18 minutes after half-time, though, Carlo Ancelotti’s side were unable to draw level a second time. They remained firmly in the game, manager Ancelotti making changes of personnel and formation in a bid to find a way back. Ultimately, though, Bernardo Silva’s goal with 13 minutes remaining left Everton with too much to do.

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64 komentarze:

Uprise Music
Uprise Music:
Ancelotti makes no sense changing the squad every game. Also James Rodriguez should NEVER be on the bench
Colder plays
Colder plays:
Don't worry you were beaten by pl champions
Robert K
Robert K:
suddenly mahrez turned into his prime self 🙄
Seb Fowler
Seb Fowler:
Ngl to score a goal against a city team like that is an achievement
Seif eddine Boumidouna
Seif eddine Boumidouna:
Our algerian mahrez always likes to tast some toffies at goodison park
Sigurdsson is not world class. Give the #10 to James Rodriguez AND MAKE HIM THE STARTER
AbdelRahman Almalki
AbdelRahman Almalki:
What a goal from mahrez
Daidi Fanta
Daidi Fanta:
One of the tougher defenses we have faced in the last 3 months.
The Four Fats
The Four Fats:
Man City only conceded 4 goals in 16 EPL matches............... damn
I dont think everton is a bad team, man city were just too good
Risty Tyana
Risty Tyana:
wonderful man city 😍
The reason we didn't lose 10-1 was because Gündogan was injured
shihab kv
shihab kv:
Pep guardiola is simply genius 😎
Chelita Rincon m
Chelita Rincon m:
Asi no hayan ganado seguimos con uds sr Carlo Ancelotti y jugadores vendran dias mejores por favor a trabajar con mucho amor para los proximos partidos Dios los bendiga
Muhammad Abdul Rahman Rahman
Muhammad Abdul Rahman Rahman:
Everton played well they scored goal against city it's good ( from Manchester city fan)
Mahrez what a goal🔥🔥
David Sánchez
David Sánchez:
It is not acceptable how kean just keeps standing looking at how Silva escores without doing anything, but if it had been Yerry , u guys would have said he was dreadful, he's not playing well at all and u English don't see that , furthermore, u want to sell Goodfrey as the new Maldini and he still needs to learn a lot , stop overating your players
Liam Floy
Liam Floy:
Move on I never bothered with this last night. I knew mancity would beat us no point getting angry over it
Kijana wa muraya
Kijana wa muraya:
I am not Gurdiola's fan. however - i must admit - he is always the man to beat in the premier league, every season.
V O:
The best tactic for our next home again, dot play the Z-cars theme!
martyn randles
martyn randles:
Footie's a funny old Game, an the Universe likes patterns so we'll beat them in the Cup. Fair deal I think, help City get 10 points clear in the League, We get the FA Cup... & a nice warm up for a more important game coming up.

I did watch the game & thought we played better against Man City than we did against Fulham. We were outclassed this time. Hope Mina's alright & fit for the Derby.
قناة وطن
قناة وطن:
هدف محرز شغل معمول في التدريبات برافو رياض
ran raf
ran raf:
Tampaknya sudah tidak lagi tim di liga Inggris yang akan bisa mengalahkan timnya Guardiola
Ikram tv مسلسل الحب الحقيقي
Ikram tv مسلسل الحب الحقيقي:
Mahrez 🌿❤💪🔥🔥🔥
Fred Kay
Fred Kay:
Charlie mahrez goal is wonderful 😍😍😍
jhon motors
jhon motors:
Vamos Everton total apoyo vamos que si se puede
Tom Beattie
Tom Beattie:
We played well, but they played better
A C:
I am continually appalled by Siggurdsson. The way he tried to claim the first goal pisses me off. Really disappointed that Ancellottic keeps picking him over and over again in that false 9 position
evertons goal was sheer luck anyway lmao
Mind Flex
Mind Flex:
Dave Ja Vue from last season. Aaaand we've got them in the cup.....
Hanawoelee Abg
Hanawoelee Abg:
city juara
9M Hiro
9M Hiro:
1:51 how some defender just watch bernado kick the ball...xD
Pandhu Muhammad
Pandhu Muhammad:
Kok sepi
why not sign joshua charlton
Antoni Cahyadi
Antoni Cahyadi:
Everton could do better than this, they play in home game and they should get at least 1point, so sad...
Affay Karori
Affay Karori:
onto the derby we have to win it guys
collis king
collis king:
I was saying put the ball in the box the big teams don't defend balls coming in colman put the ball in the box it beat them all after that we hardly put ball in the box I hope we do it more against Liverpool chelsea arsenal
Robin Dlouhý
Robin Dlouhý:
Im happy City win beacuese Liverpool dont win league again
Nicolás Vila González
Nicolás Vila González:
Sin Allan este equipo tiene una carencia en el centro del campo increíble. Doucure y Tom trabajan bien pero les falta un compañero, André Gomes es un desastre y sidgursson no ayuda absolutamente nada en defensa y creo que está ocupando el sitio de James que tampoco ayuda mucho pero tiene bastante más talento.
I don't know whether to be disappointed or not. Good show (kind of). Pickford had a good first half and most of the second half was good. I feel we actually need to make him feel more at home. I know he has blundered, but everyone goes through a clumsy phase, let's help him out of that. If Pickers learns FROM Olsen how to make things more simple for himself, he can still a very good player for us.
Chouaib Gym
Chouaib Gym:
What Mahrez Goal wooow
Mad rid
Mad rid:
Mahrez Goal is great omg
Go city
Finlay Martin
Finlay Martin:
I bet everton will win next match
thank you Perdellotti
Colin Doke
Colin Doke:
1 good game sigg,crap 4 another year get rid
Mahrez 3 touches 3 goals
Good game
City gonna win the league 🔵💙💙💙. Thanks for drawing against United and losing to us
jessé Alves
jessé Alves:
Narração inglesa não tem nenhuma emoção.
Salah Biabi
Salah Biabi:
Mahrez the beste...
Banguero Erazo
Banguero Erazo:
No que pereza, dejar de seguir al Everton.
Bowie Prasetyo
Bowie Prasetyo:
Next time better boys
Nabil Abd El Momen
Nabil Abd El Momen:
Manchester city good
Arabian 1
Arabian 1:
Small club 🤣🤣
01 Aaryaman Ragade
01 Aaryaman Ragade:
small club go back to your place
Is not enough just with James..... Joshua King was very bad!
And I think that Ancelotti could have done the changes earlier in the match.
Wanbok Rynth
Wanbok Rynth:
What team.... Can beat mncity ...... Haha💪💪💪💪....common city ....
Fuzpetube L
Fuzpetube L:
Dy Sz
Dy Sz:
Carlos gustAvo García rueda
Carlos gustAvo García rueda:
No encaja ni en el everton ni en la seleccion
Kimon Mac Con Uladh
Kimon Mac Con Uladh:
Pickford is not playing well