Everton 2-3 Brighton & Hove Albion | Gordon Was The Only Positive | 3 Talking Points

Everton 2-3 Brighton & Hove Albion | Gordon Was The Only Positive | 3 Talking Points

Brighton won at Goodison Park for the first time with a 3-2 win over Everton in the Premier League. Baz gives his 3 talking points from the game in the video.

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Presenters: Peter McPartland & Barry Cass
Video Editing: Mathew Lamb

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Everton 2-3 Brighton & Hove Albion | Gordon Was The Only Positive | 3 Talking Points
Hazza Bowdini
Hazza Bowdini:
Kenny put in some world class tackles, Keane and Holgate were jokes and there is no way Allan, Doucoure and dcl were fully fit but Gray and Gordon were amazing
At the outset, I wanted Potter at EFC; Progressive, tactically aware, adaptable, good motivator, calm yet steely, confident, a leader, coaches ball-based high impact fitness. He would have been ideal to take us forward to BMD, he could have been closer to this club than paint on the wall.

Our main problem is that we have 8 players here who are inefficient, pampered, arrogant money-grabbers and they would struggle to be wanted by any other premier league club. Any manager would face problems getting a tune out of such a puffed-up squad of shithouses....so Benitez took it on. But he is not up to it, his best days are far, far behind him. Sadly, he now needs to go. Make no mistake, we are BANG IN TROUBLE.

And why would Potter want to leave Albion anyway? He is on a roll with a club who live within their means, buy wisely and get the job done.

Brighton are not just a better football team than us, they are a better run football club than us
Carl H
Carl H:
Branthwaite has shown more composure than his more senior colleagues at the back. I personally would play him, when fit, alongside either Kean or Godfrey. With possibly two new full backs.
Bluenose 79
Bluenose 79:
Koeman: I'm the most stubborn Manager Everton's have ever had.

Benitez: Hold my beer...
Clive Flynn
Clive Flynn:
If he goes 433 today l think we get a win or a draw, what on earth was he thinking with that formation.
Football is not complicated, but you need to instil a system that the players understand and can execute. If we can see it why can't he.
Hans Fyhrqvist
Hans Fyhrqvist:
Many good points Baz, as you always have.
I have backed Benitez, but I was also today baffled and dissappointed with his ultra safe tactics. We must approach home matches more offensively. Today I would have liked Lewis Dobbin partnered with DCL up front.
Our defence must be much more focused and our passing game must improve. For example Keane and Holgate can hit accurate long balls but their short passes are many times very poor.
Rafa must get the team to play with energy and commitment, which he "preaches". We have shown those qualities too seldom in recent times, only in our home game against Arsenal and our away game against Chelsea (where we had a "C" team!). Otherwise Rafa is losing his job.
But the players must also take responsibility a good look at themselves. Today only Gordon and Gray (those two were good), and also Pickford and DCL (taking into account his long lay-off) could take any credit for their performances.
Hope there is only a way upwards now. And hopefully Richarlison is back very soon.
michael hughes
michael hughes:
The two corners that went straight out of play just illustrated how bad a decision it was to not select a left-footed player. Couldn't even get the basics right. He's now cutting off his own nose to spite his face. And he's got the full backing of the man who counts. We are in BIG trouble.
John Clarke
John Clarke:
The two games that were postponed, away at Burnley and home against Newcastle both of those teams in the bottom three on 11 points. After todays performance, tactics and the subsequent result, you wonder what our situation would be had the games gone ahead. How would Benitez have set up against a very poor Newcastle team sitting 2nd from bottom??? This squad of players are stacking up the firsts like no other squad before them. Never won at Goodison Park before, well today is your lucky day..This season Watford and Brighton. P2 W0 D0 L2 F4 A8 Pts0
Jenny Radcliffe
Jenny Radcliffe:
I wouldn't question Dignes ambition in joining Newcastle in 3 years they'll be a million miles ahead of us
Psychic Michael
Psychic Michael:
I agree with everything you've said Baz 👏
Ben Holder
Ben Holder:
Michael Low
Michael Low:
Beneathus has lost me now. I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt but his decisions have been appalling. I’ve never rated Keane, he always looks uncomfortable in possession and kind of awkward with the ball at his feet.. Keane reminds me of the last player picked for a school playground pick up footy game because he’s clumsy and gawky.
Pete Jones
Pete Jones:
The players aren't buying into Benitez or his methods. He's lost the dressing room. He hasn't got a clue what to do. We'll get beat by Hull next weekend, trust me.
The sooner he goes, and we bring in a manager with respected methods and man-management, the better.
Sadly, after next weekend, our only objective will be to avoid relegation.
OSC Club
OSC Club:
For those saying you can't keep changing managers need to look at the statistics. The league positioning doesn't lie you are where you are, irrespective of injuries, covid bla bla bla. You are where you are. The manager has had more than 5 solid months at the helm now, in which time he has set up teams that have conceded 5 at home to the mighty Watford, have suffered their heaviest home derby defeat in decades, conceded 3 goals away at Aston Villa and the mighty Crystal Palace, concede 3 goals at home to Brighton for their first ever win at Goodison Park and, has won just one single game in the last 12? Where is the progress from just these statistics, where is the start of the promised 5 year project {New stadium aside}. We are a complete mess from the very top down to the bottom of the chain, our superb fanbase is losing the will to keep the faith and our hierarchy are taking us further and further away from our motto. The rot simply has to stop now, and it has to stop in my opinion with another necessary managerial change. If you accept mediocrity as the bench mark, if you accept dinosaur tactics in todays modern game then guess what, the league table shows you placed at exactly where you are placed. The board need to draw a line in the sand and start again for the sake of everyone? There is absolutely no point in giving this manager money to spend in this transfer window whilst waiting for the inevitable outcome to eventually arrive. Enough is enough.
Lee Dyke
Lee Dyke:
When Rafa took out his little pen and notepad from his apron and wrote down that team sheet, with a sadly passed it RB at LWB and an even poorer RB at RB, AND the wingers switched in their worse position... are you telling me the entire squad, back room squad and Dunc looked at it and clapped? Because if they did, the problem is way bigger than Rafa.
David Ragen
David Ragen:
He's either doing it on purpose or he's not a good manager, together with not very good players is a recipe for struggling all season, unfortunately weve got players who wen not playing very well theirs mistakes in them,ur allowed 3 mistakes at the most but each of our players av 4 5 6 mistakes in them and are also seem to b second to every flick every miss pass every loose ball it's just not good enough,wen ur down and not firing you've got to some how pick yourself up but we've got players who r not prepared to do that cus they simple don't care and get paid far to much money for wat they do,I've said it b4 we r just a feeder club for shite players on unbelievable money,the club is cursed we need a priest not a manager 🥺🤬🤪
Spaceface 2000 k
Spaceface 2000 k:
Saw this post on Facebook

Wtf? Cheeky batsteward 😡

Towards the end of the 1st half, Mason Holgate telling the Gwladys Street to 'Shut the fuck up' just about summed up today for me. My 9yr old lad even asked me why he was swearing at his own fans! Something needs to change at @Everton and fast
Pro Dreamer
Pro Dreamer:
You said it yourself our midfield is getting overran....it's not helping the defence at all.
Alfredo Davie
Alfredo Davie:
Don’t know how it took a “ world class manager “ 60 mins to realise what was wrong
Like most of Goodison today, I am right behind Digne, he had been taken off set pieces and told not to go forward, Coleman given license instead. That is a manager that is looking for our strengths, and trying to nullify them, the enemy within, Benitez out now!!
I wouldn't play mason holgate in my son's under 12 team, dreadful player and passer of a football. Rafa out for me now before he destroys us altogether, stubborn as fxck. I thought he was ment to be a master tactician, our defending is the worst i ever seen need mina and jarod back asap. Before the game i would of took a draw that's how i feel about that team hoping for a draw at home to Brighton, that's bad
Gary Brereton
Gary Brereton:
Not the players.
No one can argue that some of them are dreadful. However, replacing a poor right back with a poorer right back, so that the poor right back can play at left back when you have one of the best left backs in the world on the bench… is frankly… baffling at best. And if we as supporters are baffled, I can only imagined just how baffled those players are.
The worst manager we’ve ever had.
He has to go. But because he has been allowed to dismantle the whole structure of the club… who in their right mind would come in.
colin neilon
colin neilon:
Come on blues we as a team and supports where crap to me the manager is taking the piss let’s get rid I am 80 old and I have never seen Everton like this put big Duncan in charge get the passion back in the club
Tim Dawson
Tim Dawson:
If you look at the squad there are 10-12 players who aren't good enough for the top half of the Premier league and 4 or 5 of them are championship players.
It's a poor team. He tried something today and it didn't work. Keane is a poor leader and a poor defender. He didn't show any leadership at all today. The other two suffered as a result. Seamus is passed it unfortunately and out of position. He struggles as a wingback anyway but I suppose he was put in there because he's more experienced. The team is really lacking in options in the centre of midfield too. The front 3 are the only positives. Gray, Andros, Richarlson, Gordon and DCL.
Connor Mitchell
Connor Mitchell:
If we could defend we would be a problem for anyone
Jonathan Haddock
Jonathan Haddock:
Yet again there’s a Rafa sized hole in Rafa’s foot today. I’m beginning to think that Darren Farley is not a spoof! 😤😤
kenneth lowey
kenneth lowey:
this cannot go on any longer, why Rafa was appointed doesn't matter, he has to go, I mean what is the plan, is there a plan? other than to see us relegated? dear me things are beyond a joke, good players (Digne) will be gone just on Rafa's whim
I have had enough of rafa now his tactics are a joke team selection is poor to many mistakes and cannot defend
Mike Ferris
Mike Ferris:
I’m totally bored of moaning about the same old things now.Ano a lot of the players are not good enough but I’m sorry Rafa is not the future and todays formation, player selection, Substitutes there’s just no coming back from it now for me!!!
Kevan Craft
Kevan Craft:
No words, my heads gone!
Diane Cain
Diane Cain:
Most of the players played rubbish. Gray an Gordon the best 2
Mark Anderson
Mark Anderson:
Can't get Angry anymore with this team just going to take game by game now getting ready for relegation rafa and some of the players must go
Gavin Cunningham
Gavin Cunningham:
we are the only team in the league that the more defensive players we start the worst we are defending..
our defensive is the poorest part of the squad so why start 5 off them.. today summed up why I personally think Keane is one of our biggest problems nobody can partner him hes everywhere he's not got a clue he's awful the same goes for Crapitez... theres a theme starting brands stuck up for himself against the board and raffa and he's gone digne as stuck up against rafa he's gone... rafa is getting away with everything...Bill Kenwright and rafa should be going
Phil Broeders
Phil Broeders:
1. Manager is clueless
2. Players are useless
3. Another weekend ruined.
John Jones
John Jones:
spot on Baz​
Life In Chengdu
Life In Chengdu:
I’m sorry but not playing Digne, because you fell out with him is childish and playing SC left back is just ridiculous. He needs to go.
Also Holgate telling our fans to shut the feck up he needs to be fined by the club. Actually just fine them all.
Weird to say going to Newcastle lacks ambition when they are probably gonna be throwing money around until they go for trophies.
Baz if their players are average then what does that make ours? Because our players literally can’t pass a ball, the most basic part of being a footballer and most of them can’t do it, our team might be better “on paper” but in reality they’re just not are they, most of them can’t tackle can’t pass can’t shoot, and those are literally the basics of football
Rafas ego is causing problems
Connor Mitchell
Connor Mitchell:
Big Dunc, 4-3-3 Gung-ho let's go
Vasco Natura
Vasco Natura:
Agent Rafa is doing everything he can to be sacked.
How long are they gonna let this go on for? 1 win in 12 games any other team in the league would of sacked him by now. Plays 5-4-1 at home, still concedes 3 goals. Plays a right back at left back with the starting left back sitting on the bench, why even put Digne in the squad if he has such a problem with him. Absolutely refuses to change tactics even when he's getting bent over at halftime, getting overrun in midfield every game? Better play 5 at the back and still ship a million goals. What a fucking genius!
Ash Donn
Ash Donn:
Does digne not want to play for Everton football club or Rafa football cluuub
Swiss Fan
Swiss Fan:
Benítez must leave before it is too late
tom jensen
tom jensen:
The usual Everton recipe for losing. A Pickford scru- up, a poor defense, and a burnt penalty. Relegation looms in the horizon?
Andreas M
Andreas M:
Agent rafa 😎
Michael Woods
Michael Woods:
Needs to be given to Duncan till the end of the season Benitez is a stubborn bottler. If something isn't working he will NOT change his tactics which is childishly pathetic I think Dunc has the balls to admit he will get it wrong & change it in the game not wait till the end & then blame the players u played coleman at left back should be sacked just for that never mind not playing 3 in midfield we've been crying out for that for months!!! . If I see him starting at left back again I'm not watching we are awful feel awful for Seamus brilliant servant but sentimental FC are tarnishing his legacy should have been back up for at least the last 2 seasons. Hope mykolenko & patterson give us some balance at the very least 🙏 . In the summer a large chunk of the deadwood finally goes for a new manager to have a clean slate
Baz would you keep this manger please answer me
Phill Johnson
Phill Johnson:
Moshiri is destroying our club
Paul Smith
Paul Smith:
Rafa has driven 2 of our best players out. James knew he was gone as soon as Rafa was appointed and now Digne. Who will be next?
matt s
matt s:
It's risky but I say Jesse Marsch is a shout
oliver morgan
oliver morgan:
Every manager come and waste Everton money
Colin Edwards
Colin Edwards:
Totally agree 👍
A Y:
brucey is avsilable.
Steven Evans
Steven Evans:
Ask seamus to play left back and he can't play right back
Mike Flynn
Mike Flynn:
Rafa's got a brass neck picking that set up....he's got to be looking for an early bath and nice payout...Agent Rafa's bob on!!
Barry Walls
Barry Walls:
Brighton are missing players too Baz...RB has no excuses and Digne on the bench with Coleman LWB is an absolute joke...he's more concerned with looking the boss than being a good boss. I see nothing good in him staying at the club
Jem Mace
Jem Mace:
5 from 47.
Corey Tomlinson
Corey Tomlinson:
Rafa needs to go we are at home and he played 5 at the back he does not have any confidence in the players we at home and u play that formation fire Rafa now or we are going down
Joe Hilton
Joe Hilton:
Get that fan Spanish waiter out
oliver morgan
oliver morgan:
Another waste of money mykolenko and patterson have no EPL expereince and pay so much for them fallow David Moyes and West Ham pay small money for players without EPL experience
Matthew Knezevic
Matthew Knezevic:
Three midfielders is an absolute must if we are going to persist with Allan in midfield. There is zero link from midfield to attack. Yet, Rafa chooses not play Gomes. Is he still not fit?

Major problems and I now start to really question Rafa.
Half time changes should of been Holgate and Coleman off. Digne and Gomes on. I would of left Kenny at right back as he was actually having a good game and go 4-3-3..
frank miley
frank miley:
I fucking give up after 59 yrs of shite, hope they get relegated
Dixie's 60
Dixie's 60:
Shite, only word for that display.
These Players have thrown numerous managers under the bus .....they didn't perform last year under Ancelotti....a lot of these players need to be moved on. Reality is we don't have much depth and quality in this squad. The board and the owner are the reason why we are in this mess after 5 years. Rafa inherited this mess, until he gets proper backing and the chance to bring in players he can trust, we need to support him. I'll reserve judgement until then.
Funny how everyone expects little ole Brighton to roll over, Everton are garbage and have been since moyes left…
J Vic
J Vic:
This manager is horrible. He has driven away James which was a horrible mistake and no digne doesn't want to be there either. It's clearly the manager that is the problem. Ancelotti would have never been in this position. Now Everton is in position to relegation thanks to the manager.
V O:
This lot will give Rafa & Big Dunc. a heart attack. The deal is, Rafa has been given the job until the end of his contract, unless he’s bought out. In signing the contract he’s got to be given time, because these, & I’ll use the term loosely, players, are not of his choosing & he’s got to allowed time to bring his own players &’systems in. Without naming names most of these players, are not good enough, skill wise & also with a really bad decision making process, in terms of what to do. We have not got a brilliant squad, they are not good enough to play football, out from the back & fans don’t understand, such things as pace, match fitness, not good enough, playing with injuries, recruitment processes. Everton fans need patience!!!!!