Everton vs. Manchester City reaction: City are ‘FLAWLESS!' Can they win Champions League? | ESPN FC

Despite conceding a goal vs. Everton, Manchester City put in another dominant display in the Premier League, extending their lead at the top of the table by a comfortable margin. Is this the year Manchester City finally win a Champions League? ESPN FC’s Craig Burley and Don Hutchison discuss.

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Blue Moon
Blue Moon:
Stones didn't play because Everton is his old club?? More just simple rest and rotation. My word 🤣🤣🤣
James Winny
James Winny:
The scariest thing is that Pep’s connections may mean a certain Lionel Messi may be joining this team in the summer. These are really hard times for us Man U fans 😭.
Jay Murthy
Jay Murthy:
Peps Man City defeats in the CL have been soooo unfortunate. Missed penalties, missing open goals, VAR calls etc
Justin Kirklin
Justin Kirklin:
Mind the gap
I know that many City players are playing great but I would like to mention just two here. Bernardo is back to his brilliant best and Rodri is now showing what an excellent player he is.
The 3-2-2-3 formation is working wonders, and tbh it basically becomes a 3-1-3-3 because Cancelo is like a 3rd no.10 at times.
£27m+Danilo for Cancelo has made fools out of Juve.
Edis Lettuce
Edis Lettuce:
i honestly dont know how pep changed the mentality of this team from the way we crumbled against liverpool last season and against lyon in the summer and against leicester, i seriously dont understand how pep did it like i am lost for words how this season has been going for us its truly something else
Daniel Appiah Kirkland
Daniel Appiah Kirkland:
They'll most likely reach the final if Pep keeps it as simple for them as it is right now... similar to how Arsenal finally reached their first final in 06 when Wenger made them stronger defensively
Ramish Rankin
Ramish Rankin:
From a Barca fan I gotta say I miss Guardiola
Duerphy Kat
Duerphy Kat:
A mouthwatering final would be City vs Bayern. As a United I’d hate City to be in the final, but as a football fan it’d be a superb match that would legit light my eyes on fire
esc luis
esc luis:
Ruben dias effect. At this age, in football the most important players are the center backs. They are rare. Theres such an oversupply of top class forwards that if you dont have a great CB, you dont stand a chance. Thats why Liverpool, barça... are suffering. City suffered too in the begining of the season.
Mohammed Zoheb
Mohammed Zoheb:
UCL is something man City want to win but when the time comes they usually hit the hammer on there own hand instead of hitting the nail .
Arsenal FC
Arsenal FC:
I genuinely believe this city team can dominate/challenge for 2-3 years even more with what they have
Hmmm... how many times are we going to hear this? We've heard all of this before. Still didn't happen
Massive Result!!! Like I said on my channel I don’t think we were at our best today and we looked a bit complacent but huge win and hope we step it even up another gear in the UCL
Sheev City
Sheev City:
4:44 At last someone has put the salt where it belongs and talks some sense
Mika Grönmark
Mika Grönmark:
My guess is that in year 2030 city are still the favorites to win there firsts champions league title.
Rebel Entertainment
Rebel Entertainment:
16 points ahead of Whirlpool F.C 🤣
Architect Mase
Architect Mase:
The UCL is the only thing that matters to us at this moment. We've know that we can dominant the PL. But we want the UCL
Sporting Director
Sporting Director:
I mean if Sterling can score from 6 yards out City can be fine, also they tend to crash out in the quarter-finals a lot.
I hope Pep can finally stop over thinking in the big champions league games and win the godamn trophy.
Rui Terra
Rui Terra:
Rúben Dias made such an amazing impact.
mustafa abdullahi
mustafa abdullahi:
Going to be interesting who wins the golden boy this year...
Zaki Yare
Zaki Yare:
Oil City will NEVER win Champions League but will be favorite EVERY Year
G V:
They already proving they can do it in the champions league this season only conceded 1 goal in 6 games.
Commander Shepard
Commander Shepard:
If Pep wins all of those trophies, it'll solidify his spot as the greatest manager of all time.
'Man City actually being the best team in the world for the entire season'
-UCL quarter finals: arrives
-Man City: 'Ok, it's time to disappear'
Lol you dont see a reason why they cant win UCL? There are 3 reasons: Bayern, Atletico, PSG. Man City will have to win at least 2 out of 3 of these. Not gonna happen.
Elvin Vincent
Elvin Vincent:
Hahaha their 1v1 in the last 30 seconds was funny. 😂😂😂
sim sims
sim sims:
Bayern will be in top form 3 weeks from now, lets see where City is then. I predict City wont even make the semi final
Mike DC
Mike DC:
City is amazing. Today's game was epic
cristian lopez
cristian lopez:
You got PSG and Bayern for title race
Tristan M
Tristan M:
I’d love a psg vs man city or Bayern vs man city in the semi’s
Early of the season
"Man Utd are in the title race, City aren't' – Silvestre
Tshire Monchonyane
Tshire Monchonyane:
These pundits make realize None of us really know what’s gonna happen😂
Bob Sagit
Bob Sagit:
Psg arent winning there league this year so far its been a bad start how can you say this after 1 hatrick from mbappe.. calm down
With Witt
With Witt:
They say that every year about City 👨‍🦯
Mad rid
Mad rid:
Mahrez is great 🔥🔥
Sami Jay
Sami Jay:
Ghost David
Ghost David:
I forget this match happened 🤣
Jehanzeb Wani
Jehanzeb Wani:
Is no one going to talk about the back and forth in the last few seconds?! X'D
Hilarious how so many were questioning whether Pep should be sacked like ten games into the season.
Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin:
Never thought I’d see the day where Messi and ronaldo are still playing yet Madrid and Barcelona aren’t in the top 3 best sides in Europe
kent kun
kent kun:
n City will go on to win All Competition this season 🥳
Ephraim Akoto
Ephraim Akoto:
They Gonna choke again like always
Manchester Is Blue
Manchester Is Blue:
craig is absolutely right (as always)
Captain Smoke
Captain Smoke:
Bayern still favorites for me, but ManCity and PSG come right behind them.
Mike DC
Mike DC:
Phil foden is player of the year
Ice MAN:
City always look like winning trebles...but the fact is, Pep bottles it in UCL
Rickelme Henry
Rickelme Henry:
Rebel Entertainment
Rebel Entertainment:
Craig van der Merwe
Craig van der Merwe:
Flawless Lofl!
Every year when city is in great form, pundits and journalists always put City as favorites for the CL, but the same thing always happens. City do look good atm but in Europe, Pep always tries to be too clever and ends up losing against the supposedly “inferior” side 🤷‍♂️
Eddy R
Eddy R:
No they won’t
Devin Halim
Devin Halim:
Is this the quadruple year?
Man City's defending collectively is much much improved.
Matthew Walcott
Matthew Walcott:
Come on city 💙💙💙💙💙
Omair Sheikh
Omair Sheikh:
Imagine if Messi joins them in the summer
Marlando XPL
Marlando XPL:
Thanks don for explaining the odds. II never understood it
Just imagine messi in the team next season. Whoop whop
tyrant vevo
tyrant vevo:
On the verge of a fifth title in 10 years well done City well done .
Srijit Ghosh
Srijit Ghosh:
The main man for me would be more than anyone "Aguero" it might be his last CL with City and he needs to do it this year.!
Siegmund Gehrke
Siegmund Gehrke:
One word... BAYERN MÜNCHEN. You might be good in the EPL but UCL is a different story bro ‼️😂
Joel Cutinho
Joel Cutinho:
Madrid fan here: Zidane is miles behind Pep in terms of coaching and tactics (comment related to 4:42)
Foot Rosi
Foot Rosi:
Best club in Europe
The sheer number of fixtures will catch up with them
Dinosaur Nancy
Dinosaur Nancy:
Add HAALAND to this team, holy smokes 🚬😳
Stephen Gichu
Stephen Gichu:
If I were city...I would sign haaland over messi...considering age and years of service...but still messi is the best footballer i have ever seen in my life
La Mar
La Mar:
Man City will win the Premier League and the Champions League. ... Mark my words here ..
Human Beings R Thinking Beings
Human Beings R Thinking Beings:
Man City vs UEFA
Overcome Referee Fraudulance = CL
Tafari Kgosi
Tafari Kgosi:
There can be no XCUSES. Let’s see if this team wins a triple.
STUART Simister
STUART Simister:
Amazing team.Players have such a desire to run and work for each other just watch them closely.If you have a pop at city you are either deluded or jealous.Pep is a wonderful manager and he wants to win every single game.
Imran Rehman
Imran Rehman:
Ridwanul Islam
Ridwanul Islam:
Every year in ESPN they have the same conversation about Man City winning the Champions League. Every year Man City find a way to kick themselves out of the competition.
Bit Frost
Bit Frost:
Mahrez , BOOM ! , Smashes it home , outstanding performance from the algerian by making all three goals ! , Keep at a steady , consistent performance , 6 goals in The PL , Woohoo !.
Judging by their 10 (TEN) year record in the competition it has to be a COMPREHENSIVE NO.
5 or 6! put your money where your mouth is Hutchinson. 1 semi-final from a DECADE in the CL.
Mouhssine Fadel
Mouhssine Fadel:
Please Guardiola dont change your defence
Cancillo Stones Rubens diaz Zetchenko
Protect Guardiola from Guardiola
Laporte do a lot of mistakes
Manchester Is Blue
Manchester Is Blue:
we might just be able to finally do it, we have the defence for it
Sandesh Mishra
Sandesh Mishra:
City can win all three but we have to champions league first 💙💙
h a m
h a m:
As long as pep doesn’t play Kdb at LB in a UCL QF.
Tim Alwi
Tim Alwi:
Cant imagines Messi and Haaland join City next year, Leperfool and Utd close shops immediately 🤣🤣🤣🤣
kushal ramchurn
kushal ramchurn:
city are outstanding but the words "manchester city" and "Champions league" dont go well together 😂
Chancellor Palpatine
Chancellor Palpatine:
Long time away time to win it all
javier book shadows contributor du
javier book shadows contributor du:
826th comment
Man city vs Byern Munich champions league final
I Am Him
I Am Him:
This is ESPN FC at its best
Bossa Baroque
Bossa Baroque:
The problem from City: because Pep has Lillo.
Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin:
City psg champions league final you heard it here first
forhad karim
forhad karim:
Glory Glory Man city
Ab Agha
Ab Agha:
Is there anyone in the ESPN panel, more stubborn than Dan??? 😂
HaSNoR ChiP:
i guess if guardiola win quadruple this year, he will leave this club..
chris Lovett
chris Lovett:
So Zach the top us gk for America ? Agreed 🙏🏻
Shaq from #ShaqTV
Shaq from #ShaqTV:
Gladbach is one team you don’t wanna sleep on.
Post Match Analysis
Post Match Analysis:
man city will run away with the title- this is the best group of players to grace the english premier league
Zajlaug Entertainment
Zajlaug Entertainment:
There are a lot of factors how to make a team great, like players, coaches and owners willing to do what the managers needed but most important leadership. Pep had a great influence and leader on players. He teaches them how to be humble and plays with joy.
Vinz W
Vinz W:
Man City will for sure be the champions this season.
Jidu Hamad
Jidu Hamad:
Manchester City will Collapse in the hands of Munich if they meet each other 😂 as good as they are doing at the moment I don’t think they will win the champions league
Eagan Adams
Eagan Adams:
Every year this comes up and then they lose to a farmers league team