Every Premier League Goal 2017/18 | Salah takes the Premier League by storm

Watch every goal from the 2017/18 season, as Mo Salah arrives at LFC, and takes the Premier League's golden boot with 32 strikes for Jürgen Klopp's side, firing them to fourth in the table, as well as the Champions League final in Kiev.

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Rebecca Davis
Rebecca Davis:
This is why Ramos took out Salah in the CL final, he was just on unstoppable form this season
Dory Azar
Dory Azar:
At one point I felt like I was just watching a compilation of Salah’s goals
The streets will never forget Salah this season. Legend.
Darth Vader
Darth Vader:
Where is Sturridges goal against Arsenal?
nobody survives even one bit
nobody survives even one bit:
The beginning of three deadly forwards.
Aquantic Flapcap
Aquantic Flapcap:
You left out Daniel Sturbridge goal against arsenal when they won 4-0 he scored after salah
Williyan aldha
Williyan aldha:
Come on Klopp, bring Countinho back to Anfield. Salah, Firmino, Mane, Countinho, perfect.
Hamad Nasser
Hamad Nasser:
Im just saying salah and coutinho, you can see the chemistry already in their first season together, just get an attack of Mane, bobby, salah and coutinho and we'll have so many options and ways to attack, we could be unstoppable
Mike Sutton
Mike Sutton:
This seasn was the end of the beginning!!!! Thankyou Jurgen for making me fall in love with my club all over again!
nobody survives even one bit
nobody survives even one bit:
Season that made Liverpool started to rise.
1:11 Mane running to block the arsenal players from catching up with Salah 😂😂😂. Dude was determined
4:10 Big Virg: Damn I wanna join this team...
Caleb Thompson
Caleb Thompson:
NGL, these compilations keep making me miss Coutinho. He just has that little bit of magic. I wouldn't be too proud to have him back.
Futuro Seleccionado
Futuro Seleccionado:
Imagine having Coutinho at his best in our current squad.... we would be the most complete team at the moment
Ziyad Ahmed
Ziyad Ahmed:
This year was the beginning of Liverpool’s dominance.
Stato The ScouseR
Stato The ScouseR:
Coutinho was a different class🥺
Yuma MiyaYo4Games
Yuma MiyaYo4Games:
6:25 11:30 13:25 13:59 well... I have nothing to say, just 👏👏👏
Arif Ahmed
Arif Ahmed:
What a legendary season. Truly the start of something amazing ♥️
El Professor
El Professor:
Everyone else " SaLaH iS a OnE sEaSoN wOnDeR "
Joe Thompson
Joe Thompson:
If Coutinho had stayed all season he genuinely would’ve had one of the best seasons I’ve seen in the prem, he was class this half season
md.mashiruddin Sk
md.mashiruddin Sk:
Jurgen, kindly accept Coutinho’s request and sign him. He vl b back to his best again.
Juan Gonzales
Juan Gonzales:
These lads make goal scoring look so easy – they practically destroy their opponents.
That Coutinho magic though…
Ya Want Shum?
Ya Want Shum?:
8:24 had gerrard written all over it
Yuma MiyaYo4Games
Yuma MiyaYo4Games:
1:10 I can’t forget this goal... who can stop him?
This is my favorite Liverpool team that I have watched. It was so enjoyable to watch them attack!
Ak Abd Haziq Shah Pgs
Ak Abd Haziq Shah Pgs:
11:35 tell me yall heard that scream
Abiyyu Azhar
Abiyyu Azhar:
Shimmycraft 101
Shimmycraft 101:
10:50 Lovren's having a great time
suyanti els
suyanti els:
Philippe Coutinho 🙄The Little Magician 🙄
Mooka Elattar
Mooka Elattar:
Take me back to this salah
Collet Jean Charles
Collet Jean Charles:
11:35 when i hit my little toe
Srijan Butola
Srijan Butola:
Sturridge's goal against Arsenal (at home) is missing.
Hashi Stardust
Hashi Stardust:
11:35 when i stepped on a lego...
Kieran R
Kieran R:
LFC PL Scorers 17/18
Mohamed Salah 32
Roberto Firmino 15
Sadio Mane 10
Philippe Coutinho 7
Emre Can 3
Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain 3
Dejan Lovren 2
Daniel Sturridge 2
Trent Alexander-Arnold 1
Georginio Wijnaldum 1
Jordan Henderson 1
Ragnar Klavan 1
Andrew Robertson 1
Danny Ings 1
Dominic Solanke 1
Joel Matip 1
Redy Pajero
Redy Pajero:
Even tho we didn't win any trophy this season as a team, it's one of my favorite season Liverpool ever had.
The beginning of Liverpool revival, where good times are ahead of us,
As hard work, passion and teamwork built for 5 years started to paid off.

*You'll Never Walk Alone*
*We Are Liverpool. This Means More.*
Benny Aguspare
Benny Aguspare:
u know this is a sign. hes coming home 😂😂
Bring Coutinho home🙏🏻❤️🥺
MoAnime X
MoAnime X:
@erick odongo : waiting for you come and comments here and hate 👍😂
Zack Fred
Zack Fred:
9:26 hopeless McGuire
I wish we still played like this, I know the way we play now is very effective but most of the time it’s not that entertaining.
David Redgrift
David Redgrift:
I would love to know what salah's penalty record is for us because i can't recall him ever missing
6:20 "Now it's fiiiiive." while showing Dunk lmao
Elvis tomáz
Elvis tomáz:
What explosive season that was, we played such beautiful football
Abdul Muiz
Abdul Muiz:
You miss Daniel Sturrige goal vs Arsenal. The 4th goal.
Vivo y71
Vivo y71:
Love liverpool
Archie ultimate
Archie ultimate:
I am a Liverpool fan and I believe that they are the best team in the world and of all time

You will never walk alone
Zulkarnain K.
Zulkarnain K.:
The rise of the Egyptian King
and the Scottish Warrior
Stanetti Els
Stanetti Els:
My favourite goal because of Firminos’ unselfishness. That’s why he’s so important to our triumvirate. Mane and Salah can be the greedy predators, Firmino just knits it all together.
Chris Keith
Chris Keith:
3:55. What a lovely goal from Salah against West Ham Utd.
Mohammed Sayhan
Mohammed Sayhan:
Has @MANCS INSHOTRED arrived with the salt as yet?
You can tell coutinho wasn’t arsed. Minimal emotion whenever we scored..
Ayomide Adigun
Ayomide Adigun:
11:35 goal was so good, the commentator had to scream like a child lol
Y S:
What an entertaining season! We deserved that second place!
Lets lift that title you redmen, YNWA.
mody eltrbo
mody eltrbo:
I miss u my family❤
Subbing to everyone that subs to me
Subbing to everyone that subs to me:
Haters in 2017:SaLaH iS a OnE sEaSoN wOnDeR.
*3 years later:He still* *delivers.*
Sharath Pyarsabadi
Sharath Pyarsabadi:
Let get Coutinho back
Anupam C
Anupam C:
Coutinho was something in Red💓💔
Red Boy
Red Boy:
4:55, Firmino was thinking of claiming that goal
Muhammad Luthfi Harits
Muhammad Luthfi Harits:
coutinho was just something special that season
ツعبد الله
ツعبد الله:
16:49 Respect for the player beside the goalkeeper.
raheem mcclashie
raheem mcclashie:
idk why people thought salah wouldn't get in the team when it was obvious klopp wanted two fast wingers in the squad..
Ren Ngullie
Ren Ngullie:
Tbh this was my favourite season though we didn't win anything, watching salah, Coutinho, bobby and mane play together so fun to watch...plz come back to the Anfield family Coutinho
Sreejith PS
Sreejith PS:
That season was the most entertaining season for me
I miss that fierce attacking, now we are more of a professional side than that entertaining side
vitus chibuzor
vitus chibuzor:
Coutinho was a tiger in liverpool he left and became a cat....
Now in his absence liverpool have conquered
The world and all of England in record time
This season we scored so many goals ❤️
Tom Nolan
Tom Nolan:
2:30 my first ever away😃
Abdouaziz Jeng
Abdouaziz Jeng:
Would love to have coutinho back
achung lamkang
achung lamkang:
I really missed Coutinho. I hope we sign him. The combination of front four Mane, Salah, Bobby and Coutinho was fabulous.
فارس قويعة - Fares Kwe3a
فارس قويعة - Fares Kwe3a:
Salah iam egypiton
Abbasali Merali
Abbasali Merali:
10:50 wow, thank me later
Bagas Anindhito
Bagas Anindhito:
11:34 dat scream tho 😂
Raptor Music
Raptor Music:
4:56 Respect to Firmino 👏👏👏
Damn I miss Coutinho
The Handicrapped Stain
The Handicrapped Stain:
11:33 that sound always crack me up
reynaldi alvandry
reynaldi alvandry:
14:15 Salah just keep scoring even when he doesn't really want to score
Mohammed Ammar
Mohammed Ammar:
anwar ilhamsyah
anwar ilhamsyah:
This remind me coutinho was great for ua
Oh my days Mo Salah absolutely COLOSSAL this season
Randy Angel
Randy Angel:
11:35 that scream tho😂
Hafid Alfa Anamsyah
Hafid Alfa Anamsyah:
4:55 Bobby's selfishless🔴🔥
muhammad fauzi
muhammad fauzi:
4:55 firmino let mane goals in. Salute👌🏻
bilaal cabdi
bilaal cabdi:
13:27 that dribbling is how messi did j.poeting Salah amzing future to Barcelona isha Allah
Abdul Malta
Abdul Malta:
Boss bring back Philippe Coutinho was gonna be more 🔥 🔥🙏🏾💪🏾
It’s quite under-appreciated given the impact of Van Dijk & Alisson, but Salah was the catalyst for this Liverpool team. When Coutinho left he filled in the void and then some, with arguably the greatest debut season in the Prem.💯👊
Anas Legia
Anas Legia:
Coutinho ... <3
Lee Claxton
Lee Claxton:
This was when Firmino was good pmsl
Tae Kittiwin
Tae Kittiwin:
Ben K
Ben K:
1:10 excellent play from Mane
Megaprikibalz xxx
Megaprikibalz xxx:
That Real Madrid injury changed Salah. He hasn't been the same since. Only real Liverpool fans will know this.

He still scores cos Liverpool have gotten better and there are many more chances created for him to score. His conversion rate isn't has good since 17/18 season.

If Coutinho stayed we would have won the champions league twice and the league twice.
Lezzyy 11
Lezzyy 11:
I swear Sturridge also scored in that home game vs Arsenal at the beginning of the season?🤔
Danny Boy
Danny Boy:
Amazing to see how far the team has come even from 2 years ago 🔴🔴🔴
Virgil van Dijk
Virgil van Dijk:
In that season, Salah was sensational
Dirka Mahad
Dirka Mahad:
It called Salah Season
L T:
Best Liverpool seasons under Klopp 🔥🔴🔴
Alpha Putra official
Alpha Putra official:
please return coutinho🙇‍♂️
The most unlucky tea in the 17/18 season not to win a trophy!
So7ba Academy
So7ba Academy:
Salahhhhhhh the Egyptian
A season to remember
a 9
a 9:
Liverpool relied less on Trent and Robertson back then because we had coutinho
A simple 4-4-2 now would stop our full backs
You can’t deny we need someone like coutinho if not coutinho
Let’s get 1K Subscribers Until 2021?
Let’s get 1K Subscribers Until 2021?:
Let’s go Liverpool
Jishball21 balls
Jishball21 balls:
We need Contino back