Everything Facebook revealed about the Metaverse in 11 minutes

At Facebook Connect, Mark Zuckerberg revealed a new company name, Meta, plus new VR and AR technologies the company is developing for the future.

0:00 - Meta name change
0:37 - The Metaverse
2:23 - Privacy and Safety
3:11 - Horizon Home

4:09 - Work in the Metaverse
6:06 - Developer Services/Fees
6:56 - Presence Platform
7:49 - Project Cambria
9:42 - Nazare Glasses

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Ace Videos
Ace Videos:
This video makes me want to get rid of my devices and get out in the real world.
It's really a relief to see such a negative response to this. It gives me hope for society in these trying times.
This is evil. Imagine the amount of security and privacy concerns with this software. So much things can go wrong and why whould we trust some tech company?
André Botelho
André Botelho:
This was one of the scariest CEO videos in history. As if it were a being from another planet announcing its occupation plan.
If you like Mark's personality and want to be more like Mark, use the metaverse.
Simply Live
Simply Live:
This is 11 minutes of motivation to get back to building real life human interactions and connections with the people around us, and getting the heck off the internet, especially FB/Meta!
aljeffry Armand
aljeffry Armand:
I’m excited about the technology itself. Sure, it could be a problem if you become addicted but the same thing can be said about literally anything. So long as you use it in moderation and apply some common sense, you’ll be fine.

What’s terrifying is the people in charge. Zuck isn’t exactly a fan of common sense or moderation. Under him, Facebook has become an addiction machine designed to keep you engaged through outrage and where privacy is a fantasy. What are the odds that he doesn’t do the same to a metaverse?
preschool dropout
preschool dropout:
I see the potential of VR for entertainment purposes, however, I feel that Metaverse will detract from reality. It will be designed in a way to keep you in the Metaverse as long as possible and make you frequently come back for more. While the comments suggest most people feel uneased by this, I think there are a lot of people who may enjoy this escape from reality...
Terrifying! How does he not understand that no one trusts his company, no matter what he calls it. I believe humans call that, survival instincts.
Kaylynn Noel
Kaylynn Noel:
This is honestly the scariest thing I think I’ve seen in a long time… it also makes me wonder how much dislikes this video actually has!
imagine how depressing it would be to celebrate your birthday with VR with a virtual cake and friends and then you take off your VR headset and realise you're actually all alone ...
i was excited to see how far technology would go! But after watching this video, I don't really want to go any farther
clifton james
clifton james:
Honestly, I think this idea would be pretty cool for paraplegic, quadriplegic, or people who don't have easy mobility to explore the world
This can be a beautiful tool if used in limits. I mean alot of people really don't have to commute to their works and a lot of small businesses can reach wider audience on Meta. Its an opportunity but can be really trouble if took too much seriously.
Brother gaming CW
Brother gaming CW:
Sounds amazing and really fun but the only thing I’m scared of it taking over the real world
Cristi P.
Cristi P.:
I'm so happy for him he's slowly finding his way to his home planet.
Sudo Bash
Sudo Bash:
Tearing at the very fabric of Society, yet completely oblivious, Mark keeps leading all of us to the grimmest of futures if there will be any future at all.
Kobe Sullivan
Kobe Sullivan:
Meta would own the entire world. Imagine the types of advertising that would seep into this
Isn’t it interesting that the metaverse chose the best time to create something like this. As if they knew this would happen …
Now I understand why Facebook bought Oculus many years ago. At first I thought "facebook and gaming? Strange investment by them but okay". Now it makes all the sense in the world. They've been planning this for years. They want to put you in The Matrix.
random citizen
random citizen:
This looks exactly what 'dark future' sci-fi movies warn us about every year.
Oscar Martinez
Oscar Martinez:
The great thing about this, is that when this launches, we will have free-ad roads and cities in the real world.

"The best prison is the one where the prisoner doesnt want to leave"
If this is going to happen, I hope meta will think about user health I still wanna experience life
i'd say the best way to make a 'metaverse' (don't get me wrong, i personally disagree with the concept) would be to take notes from fediverse and matrix and make it decentralised and open-source
Patrick McManus
Patrick McManus:
The scary thing is, this is completely unpreventable. This type of virtual world will eventually take over all social and economic activities.
I always wished I was born later to experience better advancements in technology, but now I feel genuinely bad for all future generations who will think this is a good way to live and they wont have any other idea of what real world life is like. So sad
I love how Facebook has been accused for doing all kinds of horrible things, and basically respecting nobody's privacy, and suddenly wants us all to basically let them into our houses and workplaces.
We live once and once only. Life's about living in the real world, not some Metaverse. It's going too far now.

Technology is supposed to aid us in our lives, not replace it. We need face to face communication, we're already too digital enough as it is.

The Metaverse looks cool but this isn't right. Would be best for society if they just pulled the plug on Facebook. Mark's also due for a factory reset, so this never happens again.
If the video presenting the metahell is bizarre already, imagine what the "real" thing will be.
So interesting and I think it would be great for working from home. But I think we’d have to remember to take the glasses off every now and again … I’m not sure how you could limit it fairly maybe you could choose a work and play window for the week … but I’m sure some people would find being limited annoying.
I’m not saying that everything would be good. Depends on how far they go I guess. Security is a big thing ofcourse that I can’t really give an answer to. If someone (a hacker) really wants to know everything about you or really ruin your life, they could already do that. But how cool would it be that you have glasses that combine both the physical world and the virtual world. For example you would not need a computerscreen or a tv anymore because you would have virtual screens. That part might have a positive effect on the earth because there would become alot less need for electronics and alot of products and the materials needed for it. Also this pandemic caused alot more working from home and this will continue to increase in the future. Alot of benefits there and a virtual world would probably help with that.

But yes, adiction might become a problem.. Mental health is already an issue with social media, and metaverse or not that will unfortunately continue to increase. Physical health, well, idk, if you could have the real world and combine it with a virtual world it could actually have some quite interesting concepts. Remember Pokemon Go? It actually had a positive impact on both physical and mental health for alot of people (me included. More things like that might be possible.

But after all, it remains to be seen how good this metaverse will actually become or if it’s just gonna flop.
H M:
This made me want to stop using social media and start talking to people irl. Thank you Mark Zuckerberg!
Idk why but i have a feeling the metaverse would cause more inconvences than it would solve
this could be a good idea if it doesn’t become an addiction, and doesn’t force people to forget that there is a true existence outside the virtual world
Imagine having billions of dollars and still not being happy with reality 🙄
Justin D
Justin D:
Great just what we need, to get further from reality.
Caleb Hallford
Caleb Hallford:
There's no way someone could convince me this guy is human.
Silent Killer
Silent Killer:
This is way too far away from what we want in life and everyone seems to undetstand it
Here's the thing. I would love something like this, the problem is I don't trust Mark Zuckerberg or his company to do it in a safe and private way.
dendabla balabla
dendabla balabla:
The moment you realize that Mark Zuckerberg's avatar in the metaverse looks more human than his real life appearance.
Marvin Luyombya
Marvin Luyombya:
this will definitely bring people together in a virtual world, but detach them more from the real physical world..
Eccentrik Hat
Eccentrik Hat:
The fact that so many people are reacting with great skepticism towards this gives me hope for humanity.
Pjbbb bb
Pjbbb bb:
there’s no way we can let this happen
Eshan Raziq
Eshan Raziq:
Oh god, imagine going to the town but seeing every residents playing the metaverse
Yeah, I'm not setting one digital toe into that. I love technology but I'm not gonna risk my life getting sucked into that trap. Let me know when a real metaverse made by warm blooded human beings comes around, I'd be for making that into a cool side hobby or hustle and not some digital drug you get hooked on and unaware of the real world around you.
This can work only if no one - without any exception - is allowed to stay in metaverse more than an hour per day.
Eric Decamps
Eric Decamps:
They updated his body language software. He almost moves his arms and his head like a real human. Good job, team!
I think the metaverse is cool,but I can’t see it replacing real life
Egal Nochmalegal
Egal Nochmalegal:
I hope we'll never get to this point, that we spend our whole lifes on digital plattforms.
this would be so hype if it was a side thing like gaming and vrchat stuff and not actually for jobs.
This whole 'meet in a 3D virtual space' thing has been tried so many times in so many different forms but it's just not something people like doing for any length of time or repeatedly. Until the day when you can get that full The Matrix experience, I think it'll probably fail.
He recently got a firmware update, he's acting a bit more human, excellent job to the devs. Can't wait for the next update.
I am glad that the metaverse has had a negative response, although i loved the concept of working using the metaverse. It would be a major gamechanger for offices. But listening to this more and more is starting to sound like a Black mirror episode, Disregarding the job concept of the Metaverse I do not think the metaverse is a good idea nor needed.
Hannah Butler
Hannah Butler:
This literally made me cry and very scared. I'm petrified for the future! Wow just too much to contemplate 😢
this seems to neglect the fact someone still needs to engage in the real world to make things happen. someone will have to pick up or deliver the items you virtually shop for. someone has to do the physical labor to maintain your physical spaces. we can't exist entirely in this virtual world.

I'm seeing how much and how often you can engage in metaverse will be directly related to how rich you are. I guarantee lower class people will be performing all physical labor and will have no time to engage in metaverse. While rich people will be paying the lower class to do tasks for them so they can spend more time in the metaverse. looks like it will be loaded with microtransactions so most of metaverse's features will definitely be restricted to the extremely wealthy. the average person will only be able to experience the tip of the iceberg.
Affan Ahammed
Affan Ahammed:
ready player one has predicted the future with absolute precision
dan abe
dan abe:
This makes me want to interact with the real universe and world even more.
Alok Gupta
Alok Gupta:
While most of the people still don't know the impact of social media plateforms on their life, now comes Meta..
while i'm glad that we're responding negatively to this, i'm just skeptical as to how long this criticism will last. if a multi-billion dollar corporation is launching this, it's only a matter of time before it becomes a part of our lives.. think smartphones, you can't find anyone that doesn't have one these days.
HR Hamada
HR Hamada:
apparently the beginnings of the metaverse is SO addicting that in 2017, two California cops ignored requests for back up so that they can search for pokemon go characters. They were fired, and even had the nerve to sue the city of Los Angeles to get their jobs back.
Imagine what an even more immersive metaverse will be like
when she said "we're going to make vr for everyone" i thought she was talking about the price... i was dead wrong
Ai A
Ai A:
Imagine when this really takes off. You decide to go to the park to enjoy the beautiful weather and play with your dog but you quickly realise that you’re all alone because everyone decided to be in the Metaverse. This is really terrifying to me.
dronis little drahony
dronis little drahony:
You know life is pretty good, and I’m not ready to throw it away to the metaverse
jaishree agarwal
jaishree agarwal:
Is there any way we can stop him doing this??
I mean what are we going to be in future?
Why we need this much of technology in our life, can't we live without AI in it.
Why machines are taking over humans life.
This metaverse is gonna be a endgame for human race if not stopped 🙃🙃
Can't wait to watch this in 30 years when this tech is relevant and good
mukit khan
mukit khan:
working on mixed reality, ar o vr gives good feeling first time but eventually it losses attraction to user. but people are not used to use headset over eyes. Sometime it is painful and our brain face lot of disturbance when we come to real world . Idea of metaverse will push every one to virtual world but i dont think people will accept it in long run unless we can efeciently defined to access virtual world without any head set.
I just don't think a virtual reality world can ever replace the real one, this sounds like something out of a black mirror episode
Gilbert Gomes
Gilbert Gomes:
This gives me Matrix vibes,it horrors me thinking that the time when our created artificial intelligence would capture us and turn us into robotic womb to supply to their energy...😱
The Con Artists
The Con Artists:
Who still remembers when they said staring at the TV more than than 5 hours killed brain cells 🤣
Ayushi Malviya
Ayushi Malviya:
This might sound silly but for some reasons he doesn't seems enough human to me anymore. It seems like I'm watching an avatar or some kind of robot of him. This is scary
Jade Academy
Jade Academy:
This video helps me understand the negative influences about virtual world. --Halley (EN18 '22)
phoenix arizona
phoenix arizona:
This man wants us to go into the Matrix and forget about what’s going on outside in the world
Alexandra Delliou
Alexandra Delliou:
This whole thing is just a glorified video game, where you build your little Animal Crossing house, visit different places, and giving you the illusion of socialising, all while distancing you even more from it.
And you have to invest thousands of dollars to simply be a part of it.

Imagine if all that money was instead given to scientists to develop better vaccines, medicines and treatments for diseases.
To schools, to have proper heating during winter and cooling during summer.
To tech companies to make basic technology more affordable and accessible to the public.
To orphanages and homeless shelters.
To space researchers, to learn more about our REAL universe and possibly find places for humans to inhabit.
Vanessa C
Vanessa C:
Our mission has always been about bringing people together. Does he think we're stupid? Yup.
Is it just me or does Zuckerberg already look like a cyborg? No way he can be a real human!
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°):
Imagine you're just chilling and then you decide to get off the metaverse just to realize your sad life
You dont really accomplish anything there that is worth and once it dies you just see that you truly wasted time just to have a few seconds of happiness that dont worth anything
Cookies N Crypto
Cookies N Crypto:
"Bringing people together."

Proceeds to invent reality where we never leave our room to socialize.
Anna Maria
Anna Maria:
I see the benefits they mention towards the environment but then again is it really if they’re going to be producing more products? How much is going to go into this and did they actually ask people of society if this is what they wanted? They just collectively made a decision without any thought of how people may actually feel it’s just a control mechanism. It does seem like it would be fun but it would be so addicting. As humans we need to disconnect. Nature is nurture and so is face to face conversation.
This would look cool to a kid with an imagination but for a person with rational thought and critical thinking skills, this would be an absolute disaster.
Jose Cardona VLOGS
Jose Cardona VLOGS:
Ill be able to get so much work done, this honestly excites me :) i also have friends that live in other parts of the world hanging out will be easier and less expensive!!
unfixedsnail 261
unfixedsnail 261:
I would like to stay in the Realverse
Dan dookie
Dan dookie:
Yo this is LITERALLY what every evil company in sci-fi movies do
This seems interesting but very addicting and somewhat unhealthy. Don't we already spend enough time in the virtual world? I'm not against this, cause I haven't even tried it. But it seems.. very... futuristic??

I'm just glad I got my tech addiction somewhat under control. I truly do feel for those who haven't, though. To them, this'll be their next drug probably
Daniel Ceballos
Daniel Ceballos:
People are gonna need a totem to determine the difference between reality and digital 😆
Richard Pulido
Richard Pulido:
Everyone is becoming intimidated that Mark and Facebook are going to be in charge of The Metaverse, and just here hoping that it turns out like Ready Player One, Summer Wars and Belle.
Tushar Tupe
Tushar Tupe:
Imagine mark created a metaverse so basically it is the universe made by Mark and he will be the owner or we can say God of that Universe so basically he will control all of the things that we do in daily life...It sounds horrific... Mark u are genius there is no question on it but how can u think about this it's really very unnecessary
Boe Boe Fish
Boe Boe Fish:
I’ve had a technology addiction for years, and seeing this seriously just terrifies me
Vi Ursa
Vi Ursa:
imagine a world where you can randomly generate a child in the metaverse that takes traits from both parents...
Sanda B
Sanda B:
Yeah, a big no from me. I feel bad for all the people who'll be addicted to this, even more lonely and more depressed because of it. Yay!😳
I like the idea but the fact that its becoming more than just a fun hangout VR chat thing to literally your life but in VR is just horrifying. Thank you but I'll stick to the real world.
Winston Youngman
Winston Youngman:
This is literally like a refined version of vrchat
Lisa Kerste
Lisa Kerste:
If this was just a huge game i would love it but the fact that it takes over the real life and work is scary
Maria Sun
Maria Sun:
The concept reminds me of Neo Seoul from Cloud Atlas somehow. Welcome to habitat space!
Meta is doing what they really good in ..I mean just disconnecting is from real life
Jamie -
Jamie -:
I love all the negative comments. People are so scared of change, which is understandable but it cant stand in the way of progress. This is going to change the world!
Koutoubya Vision
Koutoubya Vision:
This is as exciting as oculus VR. The hype will be over after few years.
Mark: "The most important experience of all, connecting with people."

Also Mark: Disables comment to the official Metaverse video
This is like that Season 3 from The 100 where an AI wanted to corrupt the human minds into the virtual reality world.
Ricardo Caco
Ricardo Caco:
Metaverse? Isn't all that just called "VIRTUAL REALITY" and "augmented reality"? Or VR/AR with social networking...?
PD Enigma
PD Enigma:
If this thing really becomes like: "Ready Player One"

They should at least do what they did in the movie...which is to set days wherein the metaverse would be closed.
Jade Academy
Jade Academy:
This video makes me understand the harm of virtual world, and I hope more people will see this video. Stay away from the virtual world and be yourself. -- Jack (EN18 '22)