Everything We Know About Demon's Souls Remake and Reaction

I break down everything we see in the trailer and speculate about what will change, what will stay the same and when it will be released

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Evan Kurasu
Evan Kurasu:
"i would like to travel through there"
...no i dont think you do
Alexys Sonerset
Alexys Sonerset:
I'm SO glad I am one of the 12 people who played the original.
Oh man, if Bluepoint and Japan Studios actually give us the final Archstone with this remake then...faith in humanity will be partly restored on my end.
Jedi Dragon
Jedi Dragon:
Maiden in black: Ah welcome back to the nexus.
Lost My Sanity
Lost My Sanity:
lol Japan Studios are also responisble for SotC... Great stuff tho
Kepper flow
Kepper flow:
I've never played demon's souls, im hyped for de remake
Elwis From Poland
Elwis From Poland:
It all means one thing only:
Lost's true waifu is making a grande return.
The PigletGamer
The PigletGamer:
Demon souls has brought me out of the chasm of 2020 despair
waluigi time
waluigi time:
Last time I was this early, I bought Demon Souls brand new.
Addicted To Chocolate
Addicted To Chocolate:
Now this game will get the recognition it deserves. The original souls game everyone should've played back in 2009

Edit: The nostalgia is killing me right now. I'm gonna summon my PlayStation 3 from the abyss in my closest and replay this game until I can get my hands on the remake
Don'tDoDrugs Pls
Don'tDoDrugs Pls:
If this is a launch title for PS5, I will buy both.
The Boi 967
The Boi 967:
Me: finally got a summer job! I wonder what I should use my money for? Maybe for a car or even my own home and stuff!
Ps5: *now exists*
Demons souls re: *now exists*
Me: in my parents basement fighting tower knight as 3 am
My reaction to the trailer - "Nice environments." Ruin building frame comes in with walking figures, "Hmmm?" I sit up. Shadow carrying a dangling body comes into frame,
"Babe, BAAAABE!" That was me calling to my wife who's working from home. "What?" She yells frightfully as i hear her readily approach. "A DEMONS SOULS REMAKE!!!!" I scream as she comes darting in with excitement, its her favorite game of all time and our first souls game. My eyes well with tears that refuse to drop for fear of blurring my sight. She wipes the goosebumps on her arm as we watch together on the couch and hug and giggle with excitement when its over. "UMBASA!"
7:48 We do actually see those people in the original in the opening. That looks almost identical to the original actually that scene.
I can't wait to experience this masterpiece for the first time myself
In Souls, we trust.
7:50 the shot of the people with lanterns on the beach is also from the original opening cinematic, but in the original the camera is more focused on the piece of structure in the center so they're harder to see.
12:40 the "Grim Reaper" in the original game was more like one of those "elite enemies" or minibosses and if I recall was actually a Soul farming method before the really easy duping trick was figured out.
Abdalla Albassam
Abdalla Albassam:
@7:33 thats the Final area in the game where you fight King Alant inside the Old one
I went absolutely insane when it was revealed. This is gonna be awesome
Ynot! Ds
Ynot! Ds:
Time to take the dust of my scraping spear and my old friend storm ruler.
I loved world tendency, but one thing i remember is that if you play online the WT would change to some sort of average of the players or something like that. That was kind of stupid. Aside from world tendency there was also player tendency. People who never played will be amazed by how much dark souls steals/borrows from that game.
The Leviathan
The Leviathan:
This reveal alone convinced me to get a PS5. Forget Xbox, I'm gonna be playing Demon Souls.
Fred Fry
Fred Fry:
First off: Lost, your breakdowns/editing skills only seem to keep improving. Thank you! Great job focusing on world tendency. Probably the most tragic excision from the Souls series, only kindasorta revisited via Sekiro. My mind keeps going toward the smoky film that Demon's put in place, preceeding certain boss rooms. That was such a wonderfully daunting element to DS and i hope that they do it justice in this remaster. I think that there could be some VERY interesting things to be done with the hub world though. The original version was almost deliberately opaque and if the remake is aiming for "more accessible," I'm quite interested to see how it may've been reformatted. What an enormous undertaking this remake must have been and I'm so, so very glad that a studio had the ambition to execute such a project.
erika burgos
erika burgos:
The progress thing can be losing a SL like when you lose one if you get caught in King Allants soul drain.

Also the whole beginning part of the trailer was a remake of the original trailer snowy mountain and people included.
Sintava Dude
Sintava Dude:
You know Vaati's making a mean reaction video rn.
Mk. 5
Mk. 5:
having only had ds1 and demon’s souls on ps3, the ds1 remaster was fine for me. but i think we will be in good hands with bluepoint,
Cole MacGrath
Cole MacGrath:
I'm not allowing myself to get hyped until I get to play the game myself when it comes out. Dark Souls Remastered burned me so hard that I refused to board the hype train.
Daniel HInz
Daniel HInz:
The original cinematic opening also had a stow covered mountain and it looks like they were just trying to recreate it.
Doc Strange
Doc Strange:
Even the Snow levels in Death Stranding where great. Can't wait to play DS I'm hyped out of this world for this. Great vid Sir.
Mr Mister
Mr Mister:
Never got to play demon souls so I'm really excited to finally try it out.
Ivan Enfinger
Ivan Enfinger:
Im far to hyped to leave a coherent comment so oh my god Demons Souls remake git hyped yessssss did you see the flame lurker ooooo aghhhh the dragon god looked lit rebuilt archstone are you kidding me lets gooooo i want this yesterday
Sir Pusheen
Sir Pusheen:
quoting the crazy man is always great and fun
Gunz77 Gaming
Gunz77 Gaming:
I never played the original but my god this remake looks amazing. This alone has sold me on the PS5.
benjamin enrique cheuquepan vejar
benjamin enrique cheuquepan vejar:
While watching your video I started thinking "wheres that music from?" and I couldn't remember, it was there at the back of my head, but I couldn't fond the name of the game... Then I had Gravity Rush flashbacks...
Anyway, lets wait for demons souls remake all together, it was my first souls, played it when I was 10 years old, spent 3 days trying to kill the red eyes knight and when I finally did, I realized it was not the right way. I played again a year ago, now having a lot of experience, got the platinum trophy in bloodborne and sekiro, finished dark souls 1 like 7 times and ds3 8 times... So this time i defeated the red eye knight in the first try, no leveling up, felt soooo great
Sony's fiscal year ends March 31st. They'll probably see to it that DeS has as much of a positive impact as possible on the ongoing year.
So, yeah. Release date will probably be somewhere between November '20 - March '21
Jay Chaparro
Jay Chaparro:
"They made Knack."

Knack Souls confirmed!
well yesterday i lost my sanity
i think demon's souls is the only reason, for me at least, to get a ps5
Max Mazza
Max Mazza:
Loved your reaction when I first watched Chase's vid and still do! It was great how much faster you picked up what it was in comparison, haha.
um hell yeah..... i played it on ps3 when it released, iv been in love with dark souls ever since.... the opening music droools, so glad it s a remake and not a remaster
I really hope they'll bring demon's remake to the pc version as well. So i could try it.
*i hope.*
Michael Delia
Michael Delia:
I felt a dagger to the heart when I read "Exclusive to the Playstation 5". I am extremely sad right now.
Bryan Bshif
Bryan Bshif:
Is the music in the back from Gravity Rush? It sounds familiar but I cant put my finger on it.
The Clinical Cynic
The Clinical Cynic:

Prepare to be flamelurked, and maneaten!
Funny-Fresh Chips
Funny-Fresh Chips:
I've never played Demon Souls. I've never watched anything about it.
I'm going in there without any knowledge about what's happening, just like in the old times with Dark Souls 1 :D
I am looking forward to Old Monk invasions so much! If I get the chance I swear I'll speedrun this game and fight people all day
i'd like weapon art system from DS3 into Demon Souls... mb in some more new way. Because only weapon art in the Demon Souls is glitched strike (like anime slash throu enemy ^_^). Some tuning to "sorceries" and additions to them.
P.S. Most best animation loved from Demon Souls is spear backstab at human size enemy. Let they keep it!
Fractured mode sounds like an implementation of some of those dark souls randomiser mods?
Black Brain
Black Brain:
Now THAT was a reaction 😁
MY HOPES ARE ALL THE WAY UP MAN!!! Haha I loved that.
Ngl I thought the PS stream was whack until I saw demon's souls! Knew it was DS as soon as I saw the undead carried by the bird : ) great vid Lost
I really hope that they make invasions more accessible. They were relatively "rare" in Demons Souls, and many players had no clue how to even invade.
I hope they don’t change the “World Tendency” function, is not that complicated to do. Also, I’m so ready to make that Mephistopheles quest again... haha.
Oscar of Astora
Oscar of Astora:
0:5 please tell me you have an actual Badger <3
YAY a demon souls remast... oh it’s a ps5 exclusive all my dreams are crushed beneath the feet of marketing.
Ich Weiß Es Nicht
Ich Weiß Es Nicht:
I really hope we get the land of the giants level in the remake, but considering that bluepoint is making this game without the involvement of FromSoft I don`t think we can count on them putting the same attention to detail in their trailers, it seems more likely it was just made to represent the original trailer and look cool :(
Vik Os
Vik Os:
Demon's Souls remake: Walket prepare to cry edition :D putting jokes aside it looks like a good version of Demon's Souls. Just yesterday I 've made 4th plat in Demon's Souls. Feeling good always comming back to the source of souls games. Hope they make rolling available in swamps of walley of defilement bccause fighting those giant depraved in water means certain death if you're not tank build. As for the rest i think it's more less alright. 4th attempt in pbwt got pure bladestone wich was fastest in whole play of the game just with 7 luck. Anyways, really good vid, bro.
I hope in the next few days they will show gameplay (combat, animations, etc...) and perhaps... but that maybe pushing it, the character creation. I wonder if they re-made the character creator.
Demon's Souls was the last game I played in the series and skyrocketed to my favorite upon completion. This game is getting a second chance to shine and show the potential it had and I couldn't be happier.
The only Souls game I've never played. My body is ready, even if my wallet is not
Dan Almero
Dan Almero:
Gravity Rush ost. Yes! Love those games.
NeonRelms Productions
NeonRelms Productions:
I can't wait to buy a game I've already beat twice on PS5.
Blake Broacher
Blake Broacher:
I look forward to Anri- I mean Ostrava.
Though I look forward to Yuria and confusing people with her and other Yuria, or Karla which is waifu for the same reason Yuria is.
Samuel Treece
Samuel Treece:
Hey Lost, ive never actually seen Demon SOuls being played, do you think youll do a replay before this one comes out?
Josiah Duff
Josiah Duff:
Ngl if demon souls launches with the PS5 I’ll buy the PS5 first lol
André Negrelli
André Negrelli:
I just want it to come to PC too, common Sony you can do it.
jacob marsh
jacob marsh:
Can't wait for Best Waifu in 4k.

Also Dozer Axe.
Syfi Freak!!!!!!
Syfi Freak!!!!!!:
I’m actually getting a PS3 for my Birthday to play through the original Demon Souls :)
Son of a...! I wanted to wait a year, but now I have to buy a PS5.
Da Green Thing
Da Green Thing:
Can't wait to livestream the game with my homie and get destroyed by everything since I only played a bit of it on ps3 not to long ago, maybe a few months ago? Pounding new knowledge in me head.
james M
james M:
well I wasn't _Planning_ on getting a PS5...
Mad Bro Sheo
Mad Bro Sheo:
I’m actually totally fine with most of the changes. It means that the original game won’t become totally obsolete. Face it. NO ONE played og Dark Souls 2 after SotFS came out. But I can see myself playing both the og Demon’s Souls, and the Remake.
Ashen Wuss
Ashen Wuss:
Chase is so dumb lol.

"Lets not get our hopes up." Shhhhh... just be quiet, Chase.

World Tendency took me like 3 or 4 playthroughs to get down. Also had to use the damned internet for every step
Oh god..please no scraping spear. I've pretty much played the souls series in reverse but that thing gives me nightmares
Ashen Wuss
Ashen Wuss:
8:00 those are the jailers in Latria?
Will the ramake add the broken archstone at the nexus to be a new location :D
Nathan Given
Nathan Given:
I don't know I think they're doing a fantastic job so far but if I had to ask for something it would be too hopefully bring all of the interesting and complex stuff about weapons back to this game kind of like special moves and arts and as a greedy one that I know isn't going to happen is to bring back the bone fists from dark souls 2
I first played Demon’s Souls probably 2-3 years ago and i agree with lost and how it ‘might’ be my favorite souls game, even though og dks2 was the first one i played
Davey Decay
Davey Decay:
ii just hope we get a real fight against the dragon god
HuY Guh
HuY Guh:
19:00 lol how about frigid outskirts
march next year lmao its gonna bundle with the ps5 on release 😹😹😹march ur touched
sina iman
sina iman:
Lost i cant wait for paleman and figher pl in trolling video in demons souls remake UWU
Your Sexualized Grandparents
Your Sexualized Grandparents:
I'm just happy that the developers of the best souls game are making Demon Souls. Knack II: Scholar of Wack was a classic.
The biggest improvement would be if the game was playable on pc :3
Jason Hanson
Jason Hanson:
I’m personally really sad it’s a console exclusive, as money for me and my folks is tight, right now :(
Lost, I'll be hunting all of you YouTubers! Be wary, the SHRRG will hunt you down one I get your scent!
the guys running away did appear in the original demon's souls
deadfire 82
deadfire 82:
Nice video as always;) Keep it up!
The odd One
The odd One:
I actually haven’t played demon souls. Should I play it before the remake?
Hova -
Hova -:
Lost's old timey advertisement voice on point
Hope they add some boss weapons, modify the pace of combat (to something like ds3) and the pvp.
Ron Grate
Ron Grate:
They probably will release it the same time the original did or with the ps5
The new graphics remind me of diablo 3 a lot.
Mohamed Akram
Mohamed Akram:
Amazing video lost iam so excited
Unseamed Future
Unseamed Future:
Yeah we have wished Demon Souls Remake into reality. Mu Uh HA HA HA
Guadalupe Padilla
Guadalupe Padilla:
hope they fix world tendency, it was the only thing keeping the game from being a classic for me
Solaire of Astora
Solaire of Astora:
This one is wild but what if fractured mode is a mode in which you did in one hit?
Алексей Казаков
Алексей Казаков:
Playing dirty, Sony, having the title we crave so much exactly on PS5. Demon's Souls imo was better than first DS from the point of lore and atmosphere alone. I actually got to know this game after all the DS 1-3, and even though it is a little bit rusty from the point of gameplay, it is still totally bad ass game. Man, one of its genres is horror, because it really has pretty horrific places presented in contrast to DS being sad, giving you feeling of everyone's despair, but not really trying that hard to be creepy. The idea of two endings here is absolutely justified, again, in contrast to becoming a lord of darkness in DS. Bloodborne and Demon's Souls are my favorite From Software games, for different reasons, though.
Unseamed Future
Unseamed Future:
I hope they remake the dragon god boss fight to where he is not chained down for an easy kill like in the original demon souls.
I hope we get the full power of the dragon god in the boss fight.
Jerry Jerry
Jerry Jerry:
Xbox, play station, switch. Long ago the 3 consoles lived in peace. The PlayStation attacked using demon souls as it’s final hit. Only the master of all three consoles can stop play station. The master gamer.
everyone needs hope in these times