Everything you need to know about NEW iPad Air, Apple Watch Series 6, Apple One & More!

Apple's September 15 'Time Flies' Event features new Apple Watch Series 6, Apple Watch SE, iPad 10.2 8th gen, and iPad Air 10.9 inch as well as a host of new subscription options like Apple Fitness+ and Apple One! In today's video we'll talk about all of that and more!

0:00 Intro
1:26 Apple Watch Series 6
3:14 family Setup

3:50 Apple Watch SE
5:00 Fitness+
5:50 Apple One
7:10 iPad 8th Gen
8:54 iPad Air
10:21 A14 details
12:46 iPad Air vs Pro

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Luke Miani
Luke Miani:
What did you think about today's event? Are you going to buy any of the new products?
0:00 Intro
1:26 Apple Watch Series 6
4:14 family Setup
3:50 Apple Watch SE
5:00 Fitness+
5:50 Apple One
7:10 iPad 8th Gen
8:54 iPad Air
10:21 A14 details
12:46 iPad Air vs Pro
Nugget YT6
Nugget YT6:
Everyone called me a madman when I said the a14 would come to iPad first... they called me a madman when in 2016 I said Apple might make a red iPhone...
Jack Irvin
Jack Irvin:
"or the other I'm sure 48 million videos that are out there" trust me Luke this one is the only one I've found useful so far 😊
Peloton's stock dropped IN REAL TIME during the Apple Fitness+ announcement LOLLLLL(I'm really into it, i need way more motivation and everything on youtube just doesnt do it for me)
Steven MacDonald
Steven MacDonald:
"I don't know what I would do with 2 TB of iCloud storage" Ha! Let's see, start with iCloud Photos for both my me and my wife = 780 GB and go on from there.
These 32gb are a deal breaker for me
Where is Apple silicon Mac..?
I was truly expecting " One More Thing " 😭
Garrett Reyman
Garrett Reyman:
Apple did the processor thing twice, from what I remember. I think the iPad 2 had the A5 before the 4s, right?
Ilpo Heikkilä
Ilpo Heikkilä:
That green iPad Air would be great!
All I want on the base model iPad is dual front-facing speakers... you've got the bezels for it, Apple! Go ahead! Give me stereo audio!
Bree Wright
Bree Wright:
Looking forward to buying the new Ipad Air in Sky Blue
Just Vibin'
Just Vibin':
I really want the iPad Air in iPad mini size. Hopefully in the spring 🤞
Man every one talked about this
To those who think the Air is a better deal than the Pro:

Air / Pro comparison:

• 60Hz 500 nits / 120Hz 600 nits
• 2 speakers / 4 speakers
• 1 cam / 2 cam + LiDAR + flash
• TouchID / FaceID
• 4GB RAM (supposed) / 6GB
• 64GB base storage / 128GB
• A14 likely on par with A12Z, not better

People greatly underestimate how much better the X/Z versions of Apple CPUs are compared to their regular counterparts. Just look at benchmarks: the A12Z completely smokes the A13. The A14 will likely match the A12Z in CPU scores, but the GPU in the iPad Pro is likely to stay a little better.

To that, we should add that the base model of the Air at $599 only has 64GB of storage. That’s less than what most people would think is comfortable in 2020. The only other storage option is 256GB, and it brings the Air to… $749. For 50 bucks more, you can get a 128GB iPad Pro.

Make no mistake, the iPad Pro is still a much better device for a lot of use cases. Especially for artists.
32GB is too light.
"Just as we thought..." well to be fair *everything* was speculated so whatever Apple did/did not announce was covered 😉 Great summary though.
Adam McGaughey
Adam McGaughey:
Your channel will be hilarious when the iPad is 20 years old
Adam McGaughey
Adam McGaughey:
The big question is “can your girlfriend/boyfriend make enough so you can still live in a basement?”
Budgie Bird
Budgie Bird:
„an iPhone 11 Pro Max or a XS Max isnt slow“
Me : cries in iPhone 7
Already bought the new apple watch in blue as an upgrade from my series 3, cant wait to match it with the new iPhone 12 Pro Max
obinna imo
obinna imo:
apple fitness +
expensive youtube videos 5:35
Constance Lzq
Constance Lzq:
Could you come up with a "mid tier" apple ecosystem featuring products such as the iPad Air, entry level macbook pro, and the mid tier iPhone 11?
I know I posted before buy wanted to say thank you for your updates I know it takes a lot of work and you were early on live with the scoop! Always appreciate you channel
Hahahaha, “expensive YouTube videos”! That’s exactly what fitness + is! Rip off! Unless you’re a fitness fanatic!
Ron T
Ron T:
Blue is your color, your shirt really brings out the blue in your pretty eyes 😘
Johnny Tampocao
Johnny Tampocao:
Apple watch SE will sell like hot cakes this Xmas, very good present f o r the youngsters even kids. I would like to upgrade my watch 3 to 6 I need most of the health features there. Why they didn't just make the iPad air 4 the same di mention as the iPad pro?
James Smith III
James Smith III:
I think Fitness Plus has the potential to be huge especially if there are fitness devices (treadmills, biked, etc) that can one day be connected
Győző Varga
Győző Varga:
I would like to see some videos about apple watch SE and series 6. Hope you will drop something soon
When there's a new iphone it's leaked all over before. Always.
Steph M
Steph M:
14:25 blue as your eyes 😉. Green looks really cool though (on pictures).
Asmund Erickson
Asmund Erickson:
the 2tb of icloud storage is very helpful for a big family of photographers 😂
new iPad Air has (the one which looks like Pro now) it has a "Air" name because very soon Apple will put those A14 (or A14X) into MacBook and it will be vary hard to name it "Pro" when iPad nad MacBook will share the same SoC - the reason I believe there will be NO MORE iPad Pro - because someone very soon will realise iPad Pro + Apple Keyboard = SAME MacBook with A14(X) without just touchscreen
The Business Firm
The Business Firm:
That new IPad Air is bloody beautiful!
Adrien Merat
Adrien Merat:
7:15 Still those THICK bezels... looks 10 years old... Apple and marketing has always been an issue
When the “Apple Watch SE” was announced I almost spammed your livestream chat Luke (I know you thought the “Apple Watch Pro” concept was completely ridiculous...so did I...and I presumed you thought the “Apple Watch SE” was as equally ridiculous); When the A14 was introduced within the new iPad Air I wish I could’ve seen your face 🤣🤣🤣
Swiper 979
Swiper 979:
Rose gold LUKE! Thank you for everything you do man! 😭😔❤️
Jeff Sims
Jeff Sims:
Gotta be honest Luke, I appreciate the videos. You forgot the end screen.
Liam Reihwald
Liam Reihwald:
Your stream was a really cool addition to the event 👏🏻
lor hol
lor hol:
What is a good budget Mac?
Under 300€ and at least support of Big Sur (including Patcher)?
Great video, very well explained and you’re just a pro man, you don’t beg for likes or add any unnecessary filler. Keep up the good work! 🇺🇸
Spencer Ferguson
Spencer Ferguson:
when reviewing the new iPad air, I would either go fr the Sky Blue color or the green
The Watch SE is perfect for me. Definitely getting one with the new iPhones whenever apple decides to stop being incompetent and release the darn phone.
David Muench
David Muench:
Our family is still rocking the 6th gen iPad with 32GB of storage, and we barely use it.
Great video by the way!
I'll never get another iPad air. I had an earlier air and out of all of my ipads (ive had 5 so far) it's battery life was the worst. My ORIGINAL IPAD first-gen works better still in terms of battery life. My iPad air now last 10 minutes and shuts down at 80% battery power. The only way I can still use it is by keeping it plugged in. I thought it might be an OS thing but I've upgraded it as far as it goes and it still does this.
Bear Boi
Bear Boi:
ofc apple is gonna reveal the a14 in an ipad before the iphone, its a 10 year anniversary thing
Tony Milano
Tony Milano:
I already pay 19.00 for Storage and Music for my family. So for pennies more, I can add TV+ and Arcade for my kids. So I'll be doing that.
In term of drawing, hand writing recognition and AR need those A12 Bionic performance.
YaboyzzSR Yt
YaboyzzSR Yt:
I am so pissed I bought my iPad Air 2019 early
Saurav Chhabra
Saurav Chhabra:
@LukeMiani I watched your live stream. Good Job! Remember " tempretuur sonsor " ??🤣🤣
Othman Safarini
Othman Safarini:
Great video.
I think you missed that Apple announced the iPad Air in the event and they said the release will be in Oct. without a specific date...so why they didn’t do the same with the iPhone 12?
The event was very booooring, it didn’t deserve to be longer than 30 mins 🤷‍♂️
Ty N
Ty N:
Wait so the Apple Watch SE is just a re-branded series 4?
Bruh just keep selling the series 4 then.
Bring back the Series 4, it was the best of all !
Douglas Olson
Douglas Olson:
64 would be nice, but since I almost exclusively use iCloud storage, 32 will work.
Wanga Manda
Wanga Manda:
5:36 expensive YouTube videos 🤣🤣
Actually the iPad 2 also came out before the iPhone 4S which used the A5 processor. Although I agree it is rare to see them release a chip in the iPad first.
José Miguel Marqués Campo
José Miguel Marqués Campo:
Luke, you make some pretty good videos. Informative and entertaining. Thanks!
Lucas Furseth
Lucas Furseth:
can u do a comparison between the new iPad air and my late 2013 13' base model MacBook pro?
Babylon Era
Babylon Era:
This is one of the videos you click on because you're bored despite knowing what the information is gonna be
During the Fitness+ demo I seriously expected it to cost just .99 or perhaps 2.99... That would easily cover the costs to run such a servce. But 10$ a month? That's a big oof.
The apple fitness reminds me of wii fit lol
M Jearl Vinot
M Jearl Vinot:
Blue Air…..always blue, says someone with a red iPhone. LOL
Chris Orr
Chris Orr:
Ahhh I’m currently selling two 2018 iPad Pro’s, hope the new airs don’t cause a big price fall!
Neon Genisis
Neon Genisis:
I was considering a Microsoft Surface tablet to use for drawing, with a windows ink pencil and a keyboard cover, before the apple announcement. Now I want an iPad Air and Apple Pencil, lol.
James Wallace
James Wallace:
Get blue! Also I did the same comparison iPad Air vs 2nd gen refurb iPad Pro
Jesus Moreno
Jesus Moreno:
Would definitely like to see you get your hands on that 2018 11 inch Ipad pro for comparison
Cory Kamermans
Cory Kamermans:
$100 for a Watch Strap... You know it's Apple when?
32gb storage??
Ooh boy what year did you live..
Nate McNeil
Nate McNeil:
ordering apple watch se nike 44mm tomorrow morning and next month buying the 14” macbook pro with apple silicon🤩🤩
You look like a discounted James from FunHaus
Jessica Wilson
Jessica Wilson:
I was almost disappointed in myself for only having recently bought a s6 watch but then I remembered Im australian and our government wont even approve apple to use the fancy new health features..... because apple hasnt even applied for said approval here 😶So i guess the SE offers amazing value for us aussies and those in other countries that cant use the ecg etc and those like me who always turn off the always on display (it drains way too much battery for my liking and Ive never had an issue with it turning on when i lift my hand to look at it.
Mister H.
Mister H.:
No need for iPad Air. Should be iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Pro in two sizes in the line-up. The iPad Air is iMac Pro in a lineup sense.
Allen Smith
Allen Smith:
They should make Apple One where you can mix and match services of your choice. That would definitely appeal to more people than the set list of services with each plan.
Emelie Kerek
Emelie Kerek:
I haven't been able to find a used 2018 11” iPad Pro for under $750 USD as of late. I'll be curious to see if you are able to snag one.
*i was on the livestream and on twitch :D*
Sleeper The Reaper
Sleeper The Reaper:
so why the hell does apple still think its okay to charge 150$ to go from 64 gigabytes to 256...
Ismael Martinez
Ismael Martinez:
Reading the iPad Air specs at Apple site, the video section still talks about Lightning connector. What, they did not take care to see that.
Caleb Waddell
Caleb Waddell:
I heard the leakers. I listened to the predictions. I still expected an iphone 12 reveal today. There was no reason why Apple wouldn't reveal them today. Oh well
Duncan Farmer
Duncan Farmer:
People pay for Fitbit premium which is the same price as fitness+ and it doesn’t display any information on the screen
Tanner Deal
Tanner Deal:
The second iPad also got the A5 before the iPhone 4s
Benjamin Cook
Benjamin Cook:
Love the seamless transitions
Ronak Patel
Ronak Patel:
apple fitness is a peleton competitor which by comparison to peleton it is a great deal
Peleton: Apple fitness:
only biking ,biking, treadmill, yoga, stretching, beginner classes, Zumba(dance fitness), and other fitness things
you have to buy a $3000 bike it works with your previous apple watch with no new equipment needed
its like $39 a month its only $10 a month
I don't trust peleton with my hieght and weight I trust apple

no, I am not an Apple fanboy I use a pixel 2xl and a custom-built pc and have a galaxy tab
Thanks for the clear sound and pleasant video quality.
Videos For Fun
Videos For Fun:
the apple watch ad is amazing🤩😂
Hey Luke, search up on ebay: Apple Macbook Late 2013 LCD assembly Damaged A1398 15” Retina
Will Newcomb
Will Newcomb:
iWatch: I have a gold watch (my dad's) that's 25 years old has the same original band. It doesn't connect to the Internet or check my blood oxygen level, but guess what? It tells the time! That's why I own a watch! And it cost less than an iWatch 6. Will that still be working in 25 years time?
Daniel Stanley
Daniel Stanley:
When is macos Big Sur coming out?
Isaac Mollet
Isaac Mollet:
when does mac os 11 come out
Roman Bordo
Roman Bordo:
Man come on, you said make sure what I subscribe four times per 3 minutes. If I am interested in, I will subscribe for sure without repeating it million times lol
Cary Burnett
Cary Burnett:
Yep, 32gb of storage for the base iPad is lame.
Blood oxygen sensor is something that also picks up COVID warning signs. So, they're aiming some of their marketing at that.
help me to compare and select between 7th Gen Ipad with 8th Gen ipad and ipad air 4 with ipad pro 2018. Why should I buy latest models instead of previous year model?
Alex Meek
Alex Meek:
Luke the iPad flag shipped two apple silcon chips the a5 and a4 in the iPad and the iPad 2 people tend to forget the ipad 2 was pre iPhone 4s but hey no ones perfect
I've never been so early in your video
Make a video on Apple’s Homepod
10 Minute Tech
10 Minute Tech:
I love this YouTube channel, but is a bit disappointing to see Luke slowly move away from Macs like many other YouTubers to get more ‘viewership’.
Michael Van Ert
Michael Van Ert:
I just bought the 8th gen iPad with 32G because I don't use half of the 32G on my 6th gen iPad, so I'm good with it.
Thanks for the update
about iPad with just 32GB - it is FAR TOO MUCH - if it is Your SECONDARY device (media consumption) if it is Your PRIMARY device - then even 128GB is not enough!
Matt Halpain
Matt Halpain:
Go for the blue iPad Air !
Adam Pokorski
Adam Pokorski:
iPad 2 also introduced a5 before 4s.