Watch extended highlights from Tottenham Hotspur's 1-0 Premier League win over Everton.

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Joe Williams
Joe Williams:
Surprised there’s any highlights to extend 😂😂 but we will take the win COYS
An English Lad
An English Lad:
Happy birthday Son
Aytaç Deniz Acar
Aytaç Deniz Acar:
4:40 poor from Kane for not making the forward run. He could've scored following Son's shot.
Tactic Fury
Tactic Fury:
Lo celso is one of the most under rated players in the prem, amazing Eriksen replacement can’t wait for him to be given the recognition he deserves
I love 손흥민
I love 손흥민:
Lo celso You did a great job in this game.
I love 손흥민
I love 손흥민:
Happy birthday son!!!
Lil DubbleVla
Lil DubbleVla:
Yo where that fight at ?
Tactic Fury
Tactic Fury:
Literally half of the ‘extended highlights’ were the lineups
Ciarán Abbott
Ciarán Abbott:
How did you manage to get extended highlights from this game 😂
Vindex Flix
Vindex Flix:
I just see this in my recomended and I’m instantly thinking how can there be extended highlights barely anything happened
Shelby Darlene
Shelby Darlene:
Son run away from tottenham
Teressa Mcilroy
Teressa Mcilroy:
Win anyway possible 🙏
js95 sj95
js95 sj95:
Happy birthday my son ♡♡♡
Azariah Carty
Azariah Carty:
Defend as a team...Attack as a team...3 points...Tactical Masterclass...GaMe iS bOriNg...Losing is boring...There is a winning mentality in the team as seen by Lloris...Now the fans need to wake up and back The Special One...
Sam Good
Sam Good:
I think the main positive is that Toby was back in the team, we’ve clearly been missing that confidence and experience in the defence.
Omar SON
Omar SON:
Aussie AllRounders
Aussie AllRounders:
Ohh man I wanted to see the fight but at least Tottenham won yhhh
mustafa kadum
mustafa kadum:
Back to watch why son and loris had a fight
In the totenham show
I love 손흥민
I love 손흥민:
I think Son Heung-min and lloris's little conflict is the talk of the town.
Fahdil YogsMita
Fahdil YogsMita:
Da best lo Celso 😍😍😍
Klea M. Fernandez
Klea M. Fernandez:
I really just miss everybody...especially the energy of the crowd.😢
Boris Müller
Boris Müller:
Why are they playing Zombie Nation right now? 😂
commentator: the fight
hugo: yes
Johannes Løhaugen
Johannes Løhaugen:
NDombele and rayen have to play from the beginning in the next game
jen han
jen han:
Newton Liu
Newton Liu:
I never knew that Dier took free kicks.
Tomii mastro
Tomii mastro:
I am Argentine and I cannot see the games completely. How has Celso been playing?
I am A person
I am A person:
Took you long enough to find highlights
Tottenham Bournemouth, you're really bad. You're good at 10th place. Tottenham, now you're down to the second division.
Sabaina Irfan
Sabaina Irfan:
The beat scene of match not present in highlights son vs lloris
O Jam
O Jam:
3 points but 😴😴😴 #COYS
What a weird time to upload
Josh Gandy
Josh Gandy:
God bless guys Thx Spurs TV for extended highlights
Caspar Arthur
Caspar Arthur:
How did they manage to make extended highlights for this game?
요리슨이 기회를 줬네. 토트넘에서 이적하기 좋은 타이밍. 명문팀으로 이적하자.
Jiren DaMacc
Jiren DaMacc:
Spurs immediately posting the extended highlights is a highlight in itself.
Nazril Rahman
Nazril Rahman:
Taktik mou mlai keren... serangan blik yg amazing tetap konsisten sperti itu mou
Daniel Gutierrez
Daniel Gutierrez:
1961 really?
Killer Boy
Killer Boy:
Knocked from this year and next year's ucl
Leonardo Retardo
Leonardo Retardo:
Qia Qio
Qia Qio:
Yes 3 point..
Dominic Clark
Dominic Clark:
Oh. Just got news from the gallery. Elvis
Still alive and well. I'll have bpilau rice. Sorry.
An English Lad
An English Lad:
It's the Tottenham boys making all the noise
Paul Wiley
Paul Wiley:
Kane does a lot of nice touches and passes, he's not only a goalscorer.
Jack 'The Lad' Stevens
Jack 'The Lad' Stevens:
What highlights?
#N17COYS angelo
#N17COYS angelo:
3 points extended, bring on Sunday!!!! #COYS!!!!!
our shining light. super gio lo celso
champions league final to europa wtf
wldbs qkr
wldbs qkr:
아 짜증나
son gonna get his goals sooner rather than later.
Ayman Rahmatullah
Ayman Rahmatullah:
Dear Tottenham Hotspur team, I am a big fan of you and congratulations for winning against Everton. I want tottenham to win both premier league and championf league.
Dear Son,
Best wishes for your birthday. Have a nice day. Give more goals for Tottenham and win the both Champions League and Premier League.
1:11, Lloris vs. Son, Round 2. LOL
NoBlame K
NoBlame K:
Extended highlight?????? What was there to extend?
Nijhum Chowdhury
Nijhum Chowdhury:
I am still trying to figure why Hugo Lloris was behaving rudely with Heing Min Son because he was playing very well through out the entire match.
Elliott Rose
Elliott Rose:
Its spelt Giovani but I think you say it Jovani. If he was English his name would be Joe
Alberto Molina
Alberto Molina:
For those who James was finished and could not reach the English league already today he begins to cover mouths and let's go James, you are our 10 of 50 million Colombians 💙💙🇨🇴🇨🇴👍👍👍👏👏👏
나이스쏜 쏘니 나이스쏜쏜
Ryan Smits
Ryan Smits:
Waar is ons stevie B
The tactic that Ben overlaps is goooooooooooood
2:00 wtf is that music
Dongho Kim
Dongho Kim:
Jose has initiated the organisational climate change. A positive workplace envrionment where everyone is hugging, laughing, and embracing mistakes under Pochetino is to disappear. Jose is now attempting to facilitate the organisational citizen behaviour (OCB) that demands more from each other. Changing workplace culture is an important precursor to the success of his leadership for the next season. However, the conflict between Son and Hugo stems from the poor move of Hugo who has not been trained with such charismatic leadership after all those years of Poch's leadership that embraces mistakes. Jose is now laying the groundwork for organisational change in culture. You guys might have noticed that Eric Dier has started shouting at Serge Aurier for his mistake ever since he became the fullback. It is important to note that Eric has always been supported by Jose during his poor performance and he is a Jose's puppet (sorry for not knowing the better word). Now, Hugo is under pressure to display Charismatic leadership but he needs leadership education for that. This is primarily because he has got no balls to face up other players but Son who is seemingly easy person to deal with, not expecting Son would confront him. Although Jose said that it is "beautiful" to see the fight (because he wanted the organisational culture change), Hugo's poor move distorted the process of organisational change. Or, it could have been all planned by Jose, then it can be controversial as it is now. Please, educate yourself to see through this, not hitting the bush and scratching the surface, playing the race card and all.
Super Whiscash Charlie
Super Whiscash Charlie:
Kartik Yoginthran
Kartik Yoginthran:
eikkk manunited song played
afterTOT vs EVE somebody of totnham's teams now have decisioned about Putting Son Heung-min ahead of Kane. Didn't Son Heung-min shoot at the beginning of the first half, so he slipped because he couldn't shoot?
Sinead Tamzin
Sinead Tamzin:
Glad we won but not a good game tbh
Nursandiyansyah Sandiyan
Nursandiyansyah Sandiyan:
''HBD" heung ming son 🥳
braxy ng
braxy ng:
Chris Amadeus
Chris Amadeus:
Dominic Clark
Dominic Clark:
No. It was Son. Just got word from the gallery. Couldn't score. Too busy making us ku-bak in the back kitchen
Santi EDLP
Santi EDLP:
Lo Celso❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Someone said that Son was lazy... ???
#N17COYS angelo
#N17COYS angelo:
Lo Celso scored a wonder goal helped on by keano!!!! #COYS!!!
Brian Acevedo
Brian Acevedo:
Lo celso🇦🇷❤️⚽🌠🔥
Sonny and Kane, come to Ajax! We'd love to have you both!!
James Bond IV
James Bond IV:
4:07+ Eh?? That was Sonny's fault????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6:00 whoops, better chase back!!!
Pos 2gosis
Pos 2gosis:
I hope Son Heung-min escapes from Tottenham as soon as possible. This team will never win. I'm wasting Son Heung-min's skills and talents. You need to be cool for the future. 😤👊

(ʀᴇᴀᴅ ᴍʏ ɴᴀᴍᴇ ʙᴛᴡ)‼️
Prajwal P
Prajwal P:
It was a boring game since both sides were counter attacking teams, but i think people are undervaluing this win.. it was a solid defensive performance and 3 points against everton, a team with champions league position form whose attackers were very good coming into the game
Jose mourinho :Scenario,tyrant
Lioris : a cunning retainer
Son: target
I don't mind to watch this boring fossil football... All I care is that we win..
I don't support such a chicken club any more. I bet now most asian fans want son transfer to another team.
Andrés F. Abrego
Andrés F. Abrego:
hi _
hi _:
happy birthday Son
captain is not very mature. 🤦🏻‍♂️
tpdud7777 Wjd
tpdud7777 Wjd:
I love son~~^^!!!!🔥🔥🔥I from korea
banter club
Matthew MacMahon
Matthew MacMahon:
Lets leave spurs son. Nobodys thankful for ur effort.
Win kim kunyak
Win kim kunyak:
Son seems like, he doesn't want to play in spur anymore
ke Su
ke Su:
Son is defender?
DeViouS Z
DeViouS Z:
I don’t understand some spurs fans they win a game and still not satisfied it’s a joke
js95 sj95
js95 sj95:
Lloris got angry because Son didn't play defense properly? That's why he pushed the star of the same team on the ground?
If that's the case,
Tottenham midfielders and defenders must have already been beaten by Kane and Son
so they're in the hospital as a group.
I can't believe
the best sprinter was treated like that just making a mistake in fuc*king defense
Is this possible in the top league ?
Tottenham is second division
Johan Smis
Johan Smis:
Tottenham homosexual 🤮🤮
Fahad Masood
Fahad Masood:
Why is Lucas Moura is playing? Dude doesn't know how to make plays that benefit the team. He's selfish and moves on his instincts. I felt Berwijn should've gotten a chance.
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댓글, 영상으로5천구독자되기랙스틱FC:
Happy birthday SON!
Liam Gibbs
Liam Gibbs:
Does it annoy anyone else we play good football go 1 up then it all goes to shit 😵
Aiden Kang
Aiden Kang:
Why did you omit what tottenham's current stupid captain HUGO did to Sonny?? Pushing and Yelling at the wrong player on the pitch. He should've done to Lucas who gave the ball to team Everton, not Sonny. Sonny needed not follow up cause he saw Harry's backup. Why???? Why???? Hugo!! You need to get yourself together I would say Stupid Hugo wanna showcase his stupid passion only for Jose by scapegoating Sonny. Dear Sonny. Please leave Spurs ASAP you've been more commited to defending under Jose's tactics but you're one of the best world class strikers ever! You're definitely wasting your career on playing for Spurs with Stupid captain. That is the true that Spurs with Sonny has been always winning and reached to UCL final without Harry, but Spurs has never been winning without Sonny who got injured this season. Freaking Freaking stupid HUGO!!!!!!! Are you seriously Captain for Tottenham???