F1 2021 Belgian GP Live Race Watchalong

F1 2021 Belgian GP Live Race Watchalong

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Spa is among Formula 1 drivers’ most loved tracks, with its mix of long straights and challenging fast corners they can push their cars to the limits - if there is no rain! The size of the track and the nature of Belgian weather means it can sometimes be raining on one part of the track and dry on another, so grip can vary in different corners. Eau Rouge is arguably the most famous sequence of corners in the world, as the drivers flick left, right and then up the hill through Raidillon.

Commentator for Qualifying and Race!
Raian F1: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFSJOY7F_wktjfEf308DJUw

Latest News:
-Bottas goes into the Belgian Grand Prix with a five-place grid penalty after causing a first-corner melee at the previous race in Hungary.

-Ahead of their 50th grand prix with Red Bull, Honda’s Toyoharu Tanabe has thanked Red Bull and vowed to end their partnership on a “high”.

-Max Verstappen thinks the big setbacks he has suffered in the last two races will ultimately not be decisive in this year’s World Championship battle.

-Mick Schumacher admits he is hoping for a wet weekend around Spa-Francorchamps to be able to give Haas a better chance of competing.

-Sebastian Vettel has admitted his disqualification from second place at the Hungarian Grand Prix still feels “very bitter”.

-Lewis Hamilton thinks Mercedes’ improved qualifying performances at the last two races were down to outperforming Red Bull as a team.

-Rain is never a surprise at Spa-Francorchamps – and if the weather forecast is accurate, a fair amount could fall over the Belgian Grand Prix weekend.

-Latifi says he’s ready to take on team leader role at Williams if Russell leaves for Mercedes.

-Charles Leclerc said he is hoping for a ‘good surprise’ in Belgium after admitting that Spa-Francorchamps is not the best track for this years' Ferrari car.

-Lando Norris got 5 places grid penalty for gearbox change.

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Jinansh Mehta
Jinansh Mehta:
Alfa should start developing next year's car in full swing.
Nastro Azzuro
Nastro Azzuro:
Max out front, it's not too bad lmfao 🤣😂
Ammar Israr
Ammar Israr:
What about George’s first podium
Aurora G.
Aurora G.:
I miss your voice (and your presence too) @Data Visualised 😔 you aren't in another channel, right ?
I'd like Thank you for everything. I loved your streamings. I think I coudn't to express you my grateful (oh my French Phone, I hope you understand me when I mix words).
Best news: Robert Kubica is racing, you know... And I bought his 88 T-shirt 😍 (big size, it's for sleeping). I had a problem yesterday, but today it's mine.
When I was starting as a hostess for Vip group in F1 (14 y.o nearly 15) I falled in love with F1 and my favorite driver (forever in my heart) was Robert. Yes, I'm Spanish (do you know Andalucía (Sevilla, Granada etc?) and I love Alonso too. He's great. Now I'm divided between Robert and Fernando.
I tell you a secret 🤫: I don't think Carlos Sainz Jr. can win a Championship in F1.
Lewis is shy. First time I meet him I thought he was impolite 😂 not it's not the English word. Anyway, he's the best handsome driver on the grid currently. I don't agree with the opinion Hamilton's best racer of history because it's difficult to compare Fangio, Senna... With F1 in 2021.
Well, Thank you.
I love you too (not as I love Robert 💕), you're the best in communication. Best wishes 😘😘
quentin bearez
quentin bearez:
Race control confirms Lance Stroll have 10 seconds time penalty for rear wing change! He finish 20th and last place!
Jeremy Clarksoff
Jeremy Clarksoff:
Best race of the season by far
What do you guys think?
Why stop oating
quentin bearez
quentin bearez:
First time George Russell got first podium with Williams Team since Lance Stroll at Azerbaijan 2017! Also another two British drivers on the podium since Imola 2021 was Lewis Hamilton and Lando Norris. For Sebastian Vettel, after disappointing for disqualification at Hungary, he is back to make a big points with 10 points. And finally, I’m happy for Red Bull to repair of Sergio Perez’s car and re-join the race.
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