🔴 F1 2021 Hungarian GP Live Race Watchalong

F1 2021 Hungarian GP Live Race Watchalong

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Another racing weekend is ahead of us. After the big crash will Verstappen be able to recover mentally, will he go even harder this race, how will Hamilton respond to that. We will find out after the race in Hungaroring!

-Max Verstappen has said he received a message from all F1 team principals after his Silverstone crash, bar Mercedes’ Toto Wolff.

-Mercedes hope that after the FIA rejected Red Bull’s appeal attempt, efforts to “tarnish” the Lewis Hamilton name will stop.

-McLaren are waiting with bated breath for the completion of their new wind tunnel and simulator at the McLaren Technology Centre.

-Mika Hakkinen believes that his fellow Finn Valtteri Bottas does not get enough appreciation for his work as a Mercedes driver.

-Sergio Perez expects a decision to be announced about his future in late summer, as it was in 2020 – but is hoping for a happier outcome.

-Pierre Gasly does not expect to wait much longer than the summer break to find out if he will return to Red Bull for 2022.

-Fernando Alonso is confident his now 40-year-old self would be a better racer than the version that turned 30. -

-Stewards dismiss Red Bull request to review Hamilton’s British Grand Prix penalty/

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Both Williams really finished top 10 and congrats to Alphie, Aston Martin and Mercedes y'all both did put in the work
Tfrd Ggjjh
Tfrd Ggjjh:
Williams 6 points