Fabio Cannavaro | Defensive Brilliance | The Film

A film featuring the highlights of Fabio Cannavaro's career.



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100+ komentarze:

Rocy Singh
Rocy Singh:
Italians showed the world that defending is an art... They can make any striker cry
Deepangshu Das
Deepangshu Das:
Love this guy even if he is not the tallest player on the pitch still wouldn't lose any 50-50 challenges
and lost his composure. A real inspiration for every modern day defenders.
Muhammad Aliff Ridzuan
Muhammad Aliff Ridzuan:
Maldini cannavaro nesta

Great Trio defence ever
Thiago Globleckner Oficial
Thiago Globleckner Oficial:
Um dos melhores zagueiros do kkkkk mundo, em todos tempos
Cannavaro is the reason i fell in love with defending and chose to play CB. Van Dijk now keeps the defending flame alive.
Abdirahman Mohamud
Abdirahman Mohamud:
Imagine having a solid defence and also gattuso and de rossi infront to cover not many teams can break this squad down
jimmy yoyo
jimmy yoyo:
The golden generation of Italy 2006 world champion
paul baker
paul baker:
At 5.9 and centre half you must read that game to perfection and he did. What a player
FeelsBadMan n
FeelsBadMan n:
Jumping over Adriano and Zidane like a Boss WHAT A MONSTER.
I miss players like him hard worker, leader and a great defender ...
Mrityunjoy Goswami
Mrityunjoy Goswami:
Italian defenders are the greatest defender in the world
Danish Lari
Danish Lari:
The iconic moment coming today of this legend 🙌🙌
Dennis Danquah
Dennis Danquah:
When it Comes to defense no country can take it from Italy 🇮🇹
José Augusto Romero
José Augusto Romero:
Un defensa que se enfrentó a los mejores de su época , y sin duda un tipo casi imposible de pasar.
What a legend….
Never seen such a small defender have so much dominance
Pedro Vinicius
Pedro Vinicius:
I'm Brazilian and as much i love The brazilian Foward i Love the Italian Defense
Fernando Careddu
Fernando Careddu:
El mejor marcador central, un grande Fabio. Saludos desde Argentina
Still today Henry has darkness in the night remembering the world cup final against Cannavaro. Fabio Cannavaro won the ball on d’or when he was Juventus player, not a Real Madrid player
Wagner Parabellum
Wagner Parabellum:
Primeiro zagueiro a ganhar um troféu de melhor do mundo.
Una legenda!
Gustavo Silva
Gustavo Silva:
This guy was a defensive genius!
Ribut Ragil
Ribut Ragil:
Cannavaro legend for Parma & Juventus.
Nesta legend for Lazio & AC Milan
Maldini legend for 1 club AC Milan.
Rivaldo Vikri Yudo Pradana
Rivaldo Vikri Yudo Pradana:
Italy have so many good defenders
Se ver um Zagueiro como melhor jogador do Mundo é surreal.

Imagine então um Goleiro. '-'
Defender es un arte que no a cualquiera se le da, y fabio era una muralla impenetrable, detuvo a los mejores del mundo en su máximo apogeo
Ibnu Muflih
Ibnu Muflih:
how this guy always winning header??💪
Houssam Bouhou
Houssam Bouhou:
This guy is so underrated , he could be in top 3 best defenders of all time !
Argentina y Italia, hermanos inseparables.
Luis Lizard
Luis Lizard:
Imperial in Germany .... like Maradona in 86 this guy took Italy on his shoulders... majestic
Freddy Kevin Carranza Velasquez
Freddy Kevin Carranza Velasquez:
Marco Martinez
Marco Martinez:
nada seba a comparar con la defensa italiana es sin duda la mejor del mundo
Hilman Firgiansyah
Hilman Firgiansyah:
The best defender 🔥
Wendell Gabriel
Wendell Gabriel:
A living legend
José boquita la corona
José boquita la corona:
El auténtico 8 pulmones sin más q decir la defensa echo elegancia de esos defensas q ya no existen 👍👏
Facebook Messenger
Facebook Messenger:
One of the most intelligent defenders
... all i can say is, Legend
He's a true legend
Im a real Madrid fan, when he come here he played very bad, without motivation but when he played in calcio and wity Italy. Omg i think he is the BEST defender i have ever seen. I really love his Style, 175 cm, the most intelligent defender in the history
Ayam Goreng
Ayam Goreng:
coming after he is officially become new iconic moment in pes 😁
andres cardona
andres cardona:
Este. Monstruo al lado de maldini fue sin duda el terror de los delanteros de su época
Italian defenders have always been stoïc and elegant.... except materrazzi...
I love how aggressive and brilliant cannavaro is
Welwyn Manager
Welwyn Manager:
This guy won the 2006 world in my view. Everyone came to that world cup hoping to see Nesta in defence, Nesta got injured and Canavarro carried the team all alone. They conceding only 1 goal in open play for the entire world cup
For me the Best defensive Player all time
Muhammad Zain
Muhammad Zain:
It is a pride That Cannavaro play for my Favorite club Real Madrid
Legendary Defender of All Time
Hala Madrid
Acehood 19912018
Acehood 19912018:
Best defender of all time.
Jorge Luis Valencia
Jorge Luis Valencia:
Por siempre mi defensa favorito.
Fabio Cannavaro 🥇🏆⚽
Mas Dian Melun Nimas Dian Maulidta
Mas Dian Melun Nimas Dian Maulidta:
I always love the italians defense.
Rafael Lopes
Rafael Lopes:
Melhor zagueiro que já teve
Sigurd Ryan
Sigurd Ryan:
I watch this video every time i need motivation for a match i’m about to play
Jefferson Lindinho
Jefferson Lindinho:
Meu ídolo
best defender ever in my opinion. he is a beast, he is "one shot" defender
J Bart
J Bart:
This beast proves that being small isn’t a hindrance of becoming one of the most best defensive player in CB position.
Dibyendu Roy
Dibyendu Roy:
Came here after pes 22 leak iconic... ..damn he is a really defender 🔥 ...
p 28
p 28:
The best cb I've seen in my 52 years.
And it's not close

Whilst we are at it. My all time back 4.
Thuram Cannavaro Passarella Maldini.
Birre Beats
Birre Beats:
Best defender of all time.
Best defender of all time.
Pablo Rueda
Pablo Rueda:
Brazil Strikers + Spain Midfield + Italy Defence = Perfect Team
Cannavaro, Nesta, Maldini, Zambrotta, Baresi, Chiellini, Bonucci, Barzagli, GREAT DEFENSE
Il RoSsonero Omeñaca
Il RoSsonero Omeñaca:
Cuando el fútbol era para hombres... When the soccer was for men
Sauli Ediberidze
Sauli Ediberidze:
world legend and golden defender
TZO Hardware and Tools
TZO Hardware and Tools:
Italians know pretty much about defending.
AKHIL Muhammed
AKHIL Muhammed:
Gk of Germany
Defence of Italy
Mid of Spain
Frwd of Netherland

Most of his tackles are counted as foul these days. Shows how good football was back then
Daniel Aguilar De La Cruz
Daniel Aguilar De La Cruz:
El mejor defensa de la historia😎
Chakirblila Chakir
Chakirblila Chakir:
من أقوى مدافعين رايته في حياتي
Abor world
Abor world:
This legend could perhaps even defend
a tank shot.
New iconic momment in pes 🔥
Lucas Silva
Lucas Silva:
San Saint Batroc
San Saint Batroc:
Cannavaro,Maldini,Baresi and Nesta.
School Italian of the Defenders.
Esse jogou bola
Simón simonMilchov
Simón simonMilchov:
Canavaro es mi favorito ⚽️⚽️👍
Dennis M.G
Dennis M.G:
Cannavarro actitud rudeza y seguridad a la hora defender 👏👏👏
LM 10
LM 10:
Baresi - Maldini
 ' It was like a teacher with his pupil, ”
Most of you consider maldini better than baresi . But baresi was a beast the destroyer with clean tackles
agung prawira
agung prawira:
Maybe The first and the last defender who won golden ball and best players of the years.
prince el pendejo
prince el pendejo:
El mejor defensa.
Mattia Ciccaglione
Mattia Ciccaglione:
Viva l'italia e viva Cannavaro🇮🇹❤️🔵💙
Ettore Morabito
Ettore Morabito:
The pit bull of defenders!If I ever would get that dog!It's name it's Cannavaro!
michael Jacobs
michael Jacobs:
I remember when football was a man's game
Ben Adams
Ben Adams:
Italy r blessed with defenders
Kurt Kamisky
Kurt Kamisky:
Canavaro This is very legend
o benim gözümde dünyanın en iyisi
emp 17
emp 17:
The 2006 WC germany vs italy is the game that Cannavaro demonstrated that he is one of the best defenders of all time
Atta Rehman
Atta Rehman:
german goalkeeper
italian defence
spain’s mid
brazil’s offence
Furkan Doğan
Furkan Doğan:
Fabio was brilliant..
Simón simonMilchov
Simón simonMilchov:
Soy defensa I canavaro es mi favorito ⚽️⚽️💪🤛👍
Cesare Villegas Andrades
Cesare Villegas Andrades:
Con un defensa así en estos tiempo Messi ni Cr7 no tendrían tantos goles
Mamadou bobo Diallo
Mamadou bobo Diallo:
Le plus grand défenseur du monde
italo yerico salazar mercado
italo yerico salazar mercado:
Para mi es el mejor central de la historia
센터백엔 불리한 키지만 그걸 민첩함이란 장점으로 승화시켰네
About the ballon d’or we can discuss...but what a defender he was...despite being quite short he was extremely solid and tactically perfect...Defenders nowadays focus a lot on playing with the ball but when it comes to defend none of them gets even close to cannavaro
Juan Fco. Sanchez Barraza
Juan Fco. Sanchez Barraza:
El balón o el jugador, un solo pasa
שלומי נבעה
שלומי נבעה:
No fear no mercy!
жаль что таких больше не увижу(
Fareez Firmino
Fareez Firmino:
Italians good defend... the best defend
Best defender in the world
Ghania Madi
Ghania Madi:
Excellent défenseur,Oui. Meilleur joueur du mondial 2006, sûrement pas.c'etait Zidane.
Noorul haq Noorulhaq
Noorul haq Noorulhaq:
3:04 jumping with henry and winning the ball,how is that possible