Fabio Cannavaro ● UNREAL DEFENDING ►rare footage◄ ||HD||

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Defence is an art
FIGC Vivo Azzurro - Nazionale Italiana Calcio

César Fútbol Total

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Hrang Neilien
Hrang Neilien:
Italy has always produce the finest world class defenders in every generation
Il Conte
Il Conte:
Italy 2002 had Buffon - Cannavaro - Nesta - Maldini... one of the strongest defenses of all time
He was impossible to beat in air despite his short height
James La Rios
James La Rios:
Alan Shearer confessed this was his toughest challenge as a striker, getting the better of Fabio Cannavaro the little warrior!
Atanas Karakehayov
Atanas Karakehayov:
Arguably one of the best of all time
Cannavaro - Baresi - maldini and infront of them Gattuso - Pirlo - De rossi just an outrageous defense
Domenico Di Memmo
Domenico Di Memmo:
Nobody at this level, even now. The best defender ever.
Sterling Hancock
Sterling Hancock:
What a player he was. Proper old fashioned defender that put his body on the line every time. None of this modern play out the back nonsense but can't actually defend
Izehi Ibhakewanlan
Izehi Ibhakewanlan:
In france 98, one of the commentators, said the Italian has finally found a replacement for Franco Baresi. In 2006 in GERMANY, he was describe as Fabulous Fabio. And Garry Bloom in the semi final against Germany, said he is awesome. I am glad he won the world cup and balon dor.
Sensational defender, one of the best ever. And a fantastic job by Matigol!
Riccardo Alcaro
Riccardo Alcaro:
In clubs and national teams, Cannavaro played against the greatest: Ronaldo & Ronaldinho, Messi, Shevchenko, Del Piero, Vieri, Inzaghi, Crespo, Batistuta, etc., and he stopped them all
Laura Dias
Laura Dias:
Tempo bom do futebol que não volta mais
Emanuele Simoncini
Emanuele Simoncini:
1:50 Cannavaro says to Zidane after amazing headshot save from Buffon: "It's Buffon!"
muhammad nasir
muhammad nasir:
Rare player, respect his opponent even thou come charging in. The difficult guy to go against, Ronaldo stares at him, direct handshake after fouling Roberto C. I remember grewing up only seeing him the only small centre back of any of this generations of giants, partnering the likes of Lillian Thuram. Imagine like having Michael Owen upfront, as Owen is nice, but this is the bad lad. If it ain't the ball, then nothing shall passes me, hahahahaha. With that handsome smile, as hot as Monica Belucci, even a prime minister can fall. Same class as Maldini and Zidane, Romario. Rare indeed
Roque Carabajal
Roque Carabajal:
Increíble jugador. Uno de los mejores defensores de la historia del fútbol
Plancia 88
Plancia 88:
The best defender I've ever seen in all stadiums
One of my three favorite players and defenders of all-time, the other two being Maldini and Nesta. I even share my birthday with Canna.
Love Margarita
Love Margarita:
People always said he flopped at Madrid, but think about it. This guy played along side Ramos,Helguera and Carlos which was a hardest job at that time. Ramos wasn't yet a good defender, well...you know about Helguera and Carlos was more offensive defender. Fabio was the one who actually defend and just one season he arrived here he achieved 1 Laliga during one of the greatest Barcelona's era. This guy is one of the greatest defender of all time.
Green Boys
Green Boys:
Meilleure defenceure dans l histoire De football avec nesta. Maldini 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
edwin salangka
edwin salangka:
He's just 5'9 yet dealing well with strong centre forwards of 6'1 ~ 6'3 as with faster and more technical second strikers too.
Ricardo Pereira
Ricardo Pereira:
The great Cannavaro!! One of the Greats, no question about it.
David Mosquera
David Mosquera:
Vaya manera de tratar el balon, gran defensor
Dhanang Wibowo
Dhanang Wibowo:
Crybabies like Neymar won't survive 90s Serie A for one month.
He's already the world's best defender when he was at Parma
Adimilson Jesus da Silva
Adimilson Jesus da Silva:
Monstro de zagueiro !Sou Mengão raiz
Pra ter noção de tão foda que ele é, ele ganhou o melhor do mundo, disputando contra Zidane e Ronaldinho
Maria Felix
Maria Felix:
O maior que vi jogar na posição.
Im Brazilian, but I think Cannavaro was a monster, he totally stopped ronaldo / Brazil in the world cup of 2006. One of the best defenders that ever existed, his race in the field was incredible. I mirror him enough in all my games!
PeaceLove AndStrength
PeaceLove AndStrength:
I’ve never before seen someone slide so elegantly. Cannavaro perfected the slide tackles
Super 22
Super 22:
In 1995 Parma team, I saw a young but short tenacious defender with superb marking and tackling abilites. He was a nobody back then and I thought to myself thinking he might be a great player one day. His defensive partner was just as good.
Francisco Souza
Francisco Souza:
esse cara era pra ser melhor do mundo ums dez anos seguidos
TheMighty Soldier
TheMighty Soldier:
9:15 that interviewer probably would have never guessed that little kid will get his country a World Cup 20 years from that date as defender
5:24 3 of the greatest of all time
Ergys_ GG
Ergys_ GG:
Hoe beautiful football used to be with all those legends
TheMighty Soldier
TheMighty Soldier:
11:23 Zidane kicked Cannvaro He didn’t realize he was kicking a brick wall and end up falling
Infinite Jest
Infinite Jest:
More videos i watch about him more im convinced that this guy could see some seconds into the future.
Varun Akut
Varun Akut:
It's amazing that a man of this short stature could leap that high . Salute to that core-strength😎😎
Angel Villarreal
Angel Villarreal:
Maldini, cannavaro, Nesta y baressi valla cuarteto de defenzas estos italianos
Pure & Total defender
Potato Panuntun
Potato Panuntun:
Last dedender that won Ballon D'Or 👏👏
Daniel Cirino
Daniel Cirino:
In the top five of best defenders of all time!!!
Nesta and Cannavaro, it was a strong duo in the national team.
Jacopo De Benedictis
Jacopo De Benedictis:
The chance to have Cannavaro and Nesta in the same team was more unique than rare for a national team
Steven Chang
Steven Chang:
WOW, Fabio is more than fabulous!
Val Rocc
Val Rocc:
Roby Bomber
Roby Bomber:
Fabio was fantastic, easily the best italian defender ever along with Alessandro Nesta, they were the wonder duo in italian's national team!
Irakli Irakli
Irakli Irakli:
italian defenders was something amazing )) baressi , maldini, nesta ,cannavaro ......... with crazy defensive skills )>) chielini and bonucchi even not near to this guys )) italian Calcio was incredible, absolutely best tournament in the world .....
Grandissimo Fabio, per me il miglior difensore del mondo!.
Jayden A. Armstrong
Jayden A. Armstrong:
Am speechless! ! Canavaro. .Maldini. .Nesta. .no one come close!! We need the late 90's and early 2000's. .Pure soccer back then..unlike now😒
Renato Notturno
Renato Notturno:
Che grandissimo difensore,💪💪💪
Rahim Sharif
Rahim Sharif:
Am i the only one who think cannavaro looks like chris evans(captain america)??? Fabio cannavaro is captain italian!!!
M A N M I R E L:
respond and standing tackle, just wow !!
Dhiego Rodrigues
Dhiego Rodrigues:
Matigol, please, make videos about the defending skills of Ferdinand, Thuram and Vidic. I like very much your videos. Thanks.
There is no defender playing now who is on the level of Cannavaro
Mirkelentz Aine
Mirkelentz Aine:
One of the best defender
Rodrigo Ubaldo Garcia
Rodrigo Ubaldo Garcia:
Italia siempre tuvo grandes defensores
Shubham Halder
Shubham Halder:
Italy won the 2006 wc becoz of him....just like maradona he single handedly destroyed the strikers throughout the tournament
Ning Tang
Ning Tang:
Such a classy player.
Shawn Thomas
Shawn Thomas:
The wall of Italy! Legend!
𝕊𝕒𝕟✞𝕚 ツ
𝕊𝕒𝕟✞𝕚 ツ:
The best all time defender ♥️
Olum0r h3nr1qu3
Olum0r h3nr1qu3:
mostrou que tamanho não é tudo
italo yerico salazar mercado
italo yerico salazar mercado:
Para mi es el mejor central de la historia del fútbol pese a su estatura era un Dios de la defensa
Andrea Oldani
Andrea Oldani:
Grande difensore grande capitano grande uomo grazie fabio...
Gavin Perry
Gavin Perry:
Still to this day the last defender to win the balon d'or 🔥
Pablo Vieira
Pablo Vieira:
O cara é bom.
Yash More
Yash More:
It would be a lot better if you explian specific player's technique like Piotr foot does in his videos
Btw you are one of those few people who uploads video of old classy players instead of just messi & ronaldo, so thanks
Bloggernatz M
Bloggernatz M:
I always love cannavaro. Not a tall man, but technically sound. Never has any aggression against anyone on field. Just as smooth as a rolls royce. Loved his time at Realmadrid
Solo Tacchinardi
Solo Tacchinardi:
The great captain!
Deni Sulistio
Deni Sulistio:
One of the best italian defender...strong..
Mousa Resen
Mousa Resen:
What is that?!! You’re lion or dragon..simply the best ❤️🙏
Un difensore d'altri tempi. Uno che non aveva paura di sporcarsi i calzettoni e alle volte di sembrare anche "macellaio".
Al giorno d'oggi me ne vengono in mente pochi che in Serie A giochino come lui: Chiellini della Juventus, forse (ma forse) Skriniar dell'Inter. Ma Gianluca Mancini, per quel che ha fatto vedere, mi fa ben sperare come possibile "successore spirituale"... vedremo
Henry Kurniawan
Henry Kurniawan:
cannavaro & nesta the best defender
Hassan Alkhawaher
Hassan Alkhawaher:
Cannavaro and Nesta are the last greatest Italian defense production! Bonnuci and Chiellini are great but not these two level!
Victor Mario
Victor Mario:
O melhor zagueiro ke vi jogar
Anthony Petrozzelli
Anthony Petrozzelli:
Agreed! Italian defenders have been legendary through the years. It's in the Italian DNA!
Living with HAPPINESS
Living with HAPPINESS:
He was the best defender in my opinion. He proved that the size is not the matter but the way of high class is still a legend.
Last of the great Italian defenders.
Erwin Kaka
Erwin Kaka:
Handsome defender and the best in the world
Now we play in an era where player just need to have great physical to be defender
Anthony Mammoliti
Anthony Mammoliti:
Cannavaro for me is one of the best defenders of all time. His performance against Holland at euro 2000 was incredible. He literally shut down EVERY TOP PLAYER. Messi, r9, Henry, berkhamp, kluivert, Ronaldinho, zidane, sheva, torres, totti, del piero, inzaghi, amongst many more. His performances against Holland 2000, and Germany/France 2006 was the best performance I’ve seen from a defender.
Ramadan Halili
Ramadan Halili:
Germania 2006 the best player.The first and may be the last defender on a WC
illiad de filippo
illiad de filippo:
Lo dico e lo ripeto, nell'uno contro uno non aveva rivali e questo video lo conferma. Ha dato filo da torcere a Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Messi ed Henry.
The last tackle on Bergkamp 🤣😂😆🤣 Cannavaro was a PEST!
Ramadan Halili
Ramadan Halili:
Best stoper ever.
bEwater LEE
bEwater LEE:
him buffon and thuram at parma was legendary
Só Maradona pra driblar ele kkkkk
Segundo melhor da história depois do Maldini
Rolando Portocarrero
Rolando Portocarrero:
Such a great defender, not the best of all time due to his lack of consistency but his peak was one of the best. Personally would take Ramos anyday over any Italian defender bar Baresi & perhaps peak Nesta. Even then its a toss up, just my opinion
Amazing defender if you also consider his size (1.75 m).
Hankle Sacks
Hankle Sacks:
One of the greatest defenders of all time, only defender to win a balon dor and only surpassed by dani alves in amount of trophies won. It’s a bit weird how he’s rarely talked about in the media
HiBo Osmaan
HiBo Osmaan:
Diffansore made in italy 🌳❤⚽️
he was just like “The Wall” especially 1 on 1
alea& logos
alea& logos:
really a monster...
All great defenders!
Lillian Thuram canavaro and Buffon,, kinda crazy team
jimmy yoyo
jimmy yoyo:
The golden generation of Italy 2006 world champion
Italy... Best defender in the world
The Human Instrument
The Human Instrument:
What a defender.
Sergio Ro
Sergio Ro:
Grandissimo difensore. Se l'italia ha vinto la Coppa del mondo 2006 lo deve, in larga parte, proprio a lui.
G R:
Grande Capitano! 👊
Barrbah allal
Barrbah allal:
مدافع لايقهر
falco a meta 46
falco a meta 46:
Più forte centrale di tutti i tempi