Fabio Carvalho - All 11 Goals & Assists 2021/2022 So Far

Watch all 11 goals & assists from Fabio Carvalho in the 2021/2022 Championship season so far. The attacker is set to join Liverpool on deadline day before returning to Fulham for the rest of the season.

Carvalho has been one of the top-performing young players in the division this season and tipped as one of the top talents in world football, all the elite clubs were attempting to sign the teenager including Real Madrid.

What do you make of the midfielder and how good can he be?!

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67 komentarze:

Dobby Shadow
Dobby Shadow:
any other lfc fans find this video to see how he is? Seems really good and a player liverpool will definitely depend on in the future
Football in Shorts
Football in Shorts:
2:40 - So much power from such little backlift. The kids got technique
Amierul Aiziq
Amierul Aiziq:
The goal against Birmingham.. damn, the touch. Such small touch. I guess I can why people called him Coutinho 😂 Its his signature small touch.

Still, if anyone knew, who's Liverpool target that's left footed?
He seems promising and versatile. I can see him play as an 8 (Thiago), 10 (Coutinho), false 9 (Fermino), or even as winger if needed. However, I don't see how he can get any minutes at this point in time with the depth and quality Liverpool possess. He needs to continue his development though. Warming the Liverpool bench would be terrible for him. I think he should be loaned out to a Premier League side, perhaps even Fulham if they get promoted. He will get to play week in and week out, and hopefully return to Liverpool in 2023 as a better player with a good chance to compete for a spot on the first team. This kid has a lot of potential, but Liverpool need to be super careful with him.
Chicken Payback
Chicken Payback:
Even though Mitrovic is a classic case of a player living and playing his entire career in the Huckerby Zone, his numbers this season are ridiculous and Carvalho is laying on the assists for him. That’s clearly what we are buying.
Pree Shakir
Pree Shakir:
Coutinho reincarnated 🤩
Oyena Nkomo
Oyena Nkomo:
This kid is good!
He can drive with the ball and score
0:50 commentator “I can’t say enough about this kid, we’ve got to tie him down”. Good signing LFC let’s see how he is especially with Man City being their next game in the FA cup!
Mazwi Double m
Mazwi Double m:
He is good ❤️
Patrick O'Reilly
Patrick O'Reilly:
Didn't get the deal done in time but he has his heart set on moving to Liverpool he'll join in the summer.
Looks one for the future good signing for Liverpool
sidharth P
sidharth P:
To Liverpool ❤️
Crazy Movie Cuts TV
Crazy Movie Cuts TV:
I see a new Phil coutinho 😃😃😃
Mack Lomax
Mack Lomax:
Seems to have good composure in the box.
His style like coutinho in first coming
Nonsesical Torture
Nonsesical Torture:
Reminded me of Coutinho
Lovely player we need him at LFC along with saka lol
Ahmed bobby
Ahmed bobby:
Mad one 🔥🙌
Magneto Mr
Magneto Mr:
The new coutinho...
Craig Cassidy
Craig Cassidy:
Maybe Bobby's successor!! In time ⏲ 👌
IronHead VX
IronHead VX:
Coutinho type player can play as a 10 and as a winger
hassan babi pukima
hassan babi pukima:
he reminds me more of fabregas than coutinho
Promise Kodichinma uche
Promise Kodichinma uche :
Klopp knows how to identify good talent
Asanga Ralte
Asanga Ralte:
Hey Liverpool fan ..did u see someone in him 😘😁👍... how he drive a ball
Arto Gedik
Arto Gedik:
Fabio in Ox out .....great addition
His game play is similar to diogo jota.
Black Magic
Black Magic:
I hope he does sign for Liverpool him and Luis Diaz would look blistering the pace and skill...........what a beautiful thing ❤️👍🏾💯⚽️🤞🏾🙏🏾🏆
Khairul Ynwa
Khairul Ynwa:
Welcome to Liverpool 2022
Romo Ranu
Romo Ranu:
I look Coutinho style in him
Bron & Rich
Bron & Rich:
Looking forward to this guy
Okay, you know what, all I see is Phil Coutinho here, where's Carvalho?
Dian Davida
Dian Davida:
Pengganti Firmino yg sudah mulai tua, dan tandem Elliot di tengah .... mantap
eyem boutit
eyem boutit:
Welcome to Liverpool
He didn't do anything against Coventry City.
triplo g
triplo g:
Boa sorte 🇹🇱
Röhlen Skafe
Röhlen Skafe:
HOT! 🔥🔥🔥🔥
David O
David O:
Fernando Torres vibes 🔴 😃
I5M41L _400
I5M41L _400:
Welcome to liverpool💪
Liverpool fumbled big time😪😪😪
Salma Slamet
Salma Slamet:
Young coutinho
Black boy with the sauce
Black boy with the sauce:
He looks okay but man championship defending is shit
mohamed farah
mohamed farah:
Phill coutinho to back Liverpool
carl beesley
carl beesley:
Welcome to Liverpool
fafa as
fafa as:
This guy is so coutinho vibe
Muhamad Faizal Zamharir
Muhamad Faizal Zamharir:
Yeahhh..welcome to LFC
All them goals came from the same game.
Yiğit Haktan
Yiğit Haktan:
Can you prepare a Kerem Aktürkoğlu video ?
Harry Dwinduono
Harry Dwinduono:
OFF DEAL !!!!!
Rashad Alakbarov
Rashad Alakbarov:
Next Coutinho
Welcome to liverpool
Your here cos Liverpool signed him
Del Brown
Del Brown:
Luis Diaz on one wing and this great prospect on the other?? LFC will become a food factory, and these guys will keep on feeding.
Definitely better than Ox ATM
welcome to milan 🔴⚫
Ilham Azka
Ilham Azka:
Selamat datang di Liverpool di awal musim depan

Fulham setuju dengan 10 m tp Carvalho tetap di Fulham sampai akhir musim 👍
Big Smoke
Big Smoke:
Welcome to anfield
Ryan Murphy
Ryan Murphy:
Welcome to Liverpool kid
Serhan .A
Serhan .A:
Moha Cadde
Moha Cadde:
Shaharup Rupom
Shaharup Rupom:
Who is watching this video after Liverpool rumour?
West ham United reis
West ham United reis:
next salah
Farid Zamzamiahmad
Farid Zamzamiahmad:
Dan Maguire
Dan Maguire:
Deals off 🙄 lol
Randy Angel
Randy Angel:
He’s a 9?
lloyd moodie
lloyd moodie:
This was what people expect hudson odoi to be.mans shit no end product,switch him with hudson odoi chelsea
Aadil 1
Aadil 1:
Not good enough for Liverpool never will be just doesn't have the quickness of body or mind