Fabio Fogini v Grégoire Barrère | 2021 French Open - Highlights | Tennis | Eurosport

Watch the highlights of Fabio Fogini v Grégoire Barrère at 2021 French Open.

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18 komentarze:

Imagine Fognini being able to stay 100% focused 2 weeks. What could happen …
Emanuele Covino
Emanuele Covino:
He won the match, but he lost a N.
Marco Fuina
Marco Fuina:
Fognini è un fenomeno che non ci crede abbastanza.
Fognini is sooo talented! Too bad he can't keep it together for a whole tournament. He would be top 5 in the world.
Dario Palmieri
Dario Palmieri:
Grande Fogini🇮🇹
Playing very well. Forza!
Astrea Binocular
Astrea Binocular:
#wow Rafa is such a genius! You could see his technique in almost all the new player #bravorafa
Johan Hafezi
Johan Hafezi:
Is there a player more relaxed in his body than Fognini? He goes from 0 to 100 in his shots and just puts the ball where he wants. And his backhand is so special too, he doesnt lower his legs before the shots he just use alot from his explosiveness in his upperbody and arms. If he had a better mentality he would be a top5 player.
itacs ltd
itacs ltd:
graceful tennis> Fabio is superb!
Tarzan jodeajane
Tarzan jodeajane:
Fognini, a very talented player but at home he is not the one owns a GS title, hope he can fix that. lol
iG W
iG W:
good form, Fognini, but.. I think saw 1 winner from Barrere in this highlight..
Paolo Bizai
Paolo Bizai:
È un fenomeno Fabio,quando riesce ad essere sereno e concentrato gioca un tennis come pochi .
Mi fà così incazzare vedere tutto questo talento spesso sprecato.
Forza Fabio.
ComeQuando FuoriPiove
ComeQuando FuoriPiove:
Fogghy <3
gaetano procaccianti
gaetano procaccianti:
Grande fogna!! Bello il completino..😁
gary pountney
gary pountney:
Fognini is the worlds biggest poser, bet hes got some top motors, love that shot at 1.42 i rest my case talk about holding the pose
Scotty's ATP Analysis
Scotty's ATP Analysis:
Fabio Fogini? Wrong player I guess
Mark Knopfler
Mark Knopfler:
Fogini?? Cmon man.....
Peppe Menna
Peppe Menna:
FOGNINI no Fogini