Face To Face With Floyd Mayweather

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I’m a 25 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.

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ThatOneRandom Ginger
ThatOneRandom Ginger:
Jake definitely knows how to cause a scene 😂
logan: "jakes the problem child" 2 seconds later : yo Jakes in a Fight"
Eoin Ridley
Eoin Ridley:
The fact Jake said instantly “I’m gonna grab his hat” when Logan went off stage makes this 100x funnier
Must've been a very important cap 💰🧢
Jake litterally said “I’m gonna take his hat” like 20 mins before he actually did it😂😂
Jake The Viking
Jake The Viking:
You gotta admit, jake did what he needed to do to get people talking. I just feel bad for Logan because he might have really wanted his brother by his side for this one...
that was funny but i can’t lie when he said “what about me” that made me feel for him
McKenna Enos
McKenna Enos:
“Got ya hat” 😂😂😂 Jake is a mess I swear
Minecraft WithTheBoys
Minecraft WithTheBoys:
the last part when jake steals logans hat. Jake: Im sorry im sorry
Logan and Jake's relationship is honestly cute in a fucked up way
Paul Cuffaro
Paul Cuffaro:
If I let statistics rule the decisions in my life, I’d be nowhere. 🙌🏼 love that quote on the spot too!
Antman1234 Nascimento
Antman1234 Nascimento:
It was funny and all but when Jake said he didn’t give af about him not being able to go to the fight just got my a whole lot of sad for Logan
Isaac Tan
Isaac Tan:
Logan: Yo ok bro
Jake: yo what happened
Logan: tf you mean what happened you just got banned from the event 🤣🤣🤣
Valerie Holmes
Valerie Holmes:
Logan:hes the problem Child I'm a angel
Jake:got your hat *gets in fight*
Me:yup Logan was right
ergi metani
ergi metani:
Logan was super serious and mad!
Mean while jake: im gonna take his hat!
Thst got me
Rhino TV
Rhino TV:
Actually missed Logan’s vlogs 😳
Jet Ragde Del Carmen
Jet Ragde Del Carmen:
"ey, the only thing that's fake on this stage is Floyd's hairline"
- Logan 2021
Johanna Chavarria Evangelista
Johanna Chavarria Evangelista:
you can tell logan is a good brother bc when ppl were on jake hes like “get the f^c* off my brother” trying to help him my respect for logan 📈📈📈📈
da destructive
da destructive:
13:48 I cant stop laughing
Jake to Logan : Im gonna take his hat
*2 mins later*
Jake : I got your hat!!
He did what he said 😂
Jake outta no where: “I’m gonna take his hat” 😂
Logan says “jake’s is the problem child”
Moments later he takes floyd’s damn hat to start a messy fight
Edvin Parmeza
Edvin Parmeza:
The moment Jake took the hat off Floyd's head must have increased the audience, publicity and the sales for this fight at least by 50%
Blame Rnold
Blame Rnold:
Moments taken before disasters “ ima take his hat “ said Jake 😂
King Of the Beast
King Of the Beast:
“I’m gonna fuck him up!”
Logan: Hugs Floyd the entire match
Guhan Sundaram
Guhan Sundaram:
Logan: “Mom, I’m going to the press conference”
Logan’s mom: “Take your brother with you”
Hayley Rose
Hayley Rose:
Jake needs to grow up and think of the consequences of his actions and respect his brother more
d t
d t:
They really rented a whole stadium just to use less than half of it
Hans Landa
Hans Landa:
The fact that Logan left mid interview to help his brother even though there were a handful of giant ass bodyguards fighting jake is a testament to his loyalty. He was gonna do anything to fight for his brother. Respect
wess__ art
wess__ art:
Logan really has to stop caring about jake. Logan went to all of Jake's fights and supported him but say said that he doesn't give af if he goes to Logan's fight or not. Their sibling relationship seems to be one-sided.
Isaiah Photo
Isaiah Photo:
"Gotcha hat" lives rent free in my head now..
Jake:I’m gonna take his hat


history just happened
A D:
Actually rooting for Logan here, Floyd’s gotten to cocky.
Allee Burt
Allee Burt:
Jake takes floyds hat, and then takes Logan's like what the heck, 😂
9:19 really loved what he said.
It’s honestly a win/win situation for Logan. If he wins he’s gonna gain so much respect and Floyd will be looking like a fool and if he loses he will still have respect because he went up against one of the top boxers as a YouTuber
I love Logan's visage when he glares at his younger, unruly brother.
"im gonna take his hat"

at that point, jake knew he was about to make CASH off this "gotcha hat" shit lmao dudes funny af for that
unit blxnk
unit blxnk:
13:52 jake: "gotcha hat" 1 second later: instantly regrets it
Sky Hembree
Sky Hembree:
Rewatching this video, it’s just so nice seeing Jake and Logan get along. ( I know the Prank War was forever ago) but they just have such great brotherly love. Love you vlogs ♥️
No one talked about Logan and Floyd, everyone’s eyes were on Jake and Floyd the 2 that aren’t even fighting
kyson hooper
kyson hooper:
The amount of people saying chill after jake stole his hat was insane
Matt Plaine
Matt Plaine:
That was actually pretty entertaining, I'm pleasantly impressed. Nice work.
iman-ali beg
iman-ali beg:
Logan: He says this is just a game for him but he kicks his stripper Finance out to train for the fight!"
King June
King June:
can't believe they were from vines to this 😂
Uzumaki Khan
Uzumaki Khan:
"What about me"
Logan Paul with the feels
Levi Copa
Levi Copa:
We say jake took his cap but really it was Logan since Floyd said he would win 😂😂
Kayleigh Hilthon
Kayleigh Hilthon:
The look on his face when Jake said I don't care then Logan well what about me 🙂
i love how in the end he put Floyd at the bottom of the screen. lmao 😂
spirit Love
spirit Love:
Jakes just showing his immaturity by grabbing his hat but I get it he wanted to punch him in the face
Snowy Joe
Snowy Joe:
Jake made this fight bigger than it already was
Jordan Johnson
Jordan Johnson:
😂 “I feel like a king” ......two seconds later “Kevin goddamn!! “
patryk sadkowski
patryk sadkowski:
Logan trying to chat about he's fight : man like this shits like like like like lik...
yasio bolo
yasio bolo:
The moment Jake took the hat off Floyd's head must have increased the audience, publicity and the sales for this fight at least by 50%
Hedgehog 𝔹𝕠𝕚  シ
Hedgehog 𝔹𝕠𝕚 シ:
everyone gangsta until jake said “im gonna take his hat”
8:33 Jake said “imma take his hat” That Aged So Well 😂💀
jake taking his hat makes this 1million times funnier
Lil Kash
Lil Kash:
“Honey..grab my super suit” lmao😂
Angad Khanna
Angad Khanna:
I hope the fight lives upto the hype, I'm not saying anything for either love both, but I am so hyped for it
Shermaine Basilio
Shermaine Basilio:
May weather's anger like he wanted to fight to logand and jake paul at the same time in the boxing ring
- [M i Α]- Vlog Go To My ChanneI!
- [M i Α]- Vlog Go To My ChanneI!:
Logan: “I’m gonna f*ck him up.”

Jake: “I’m gonna take his hat.”

Rapid Spirit
Rapid Spirit:
1 Peter 5:7 “Turn all your anxiety over to God because he cares for you.” Jesus loves you dont give up on him!❤! Jesus is coming back soon , live and get closer to him. The kingdom of heaven is at hand 🙏🏽❤
Jashwanth K P
Jashwanth K P:
I really want Logan to win the match ❤
Chicca Anderson
Chicca Anderson:
I love how Jake said he was going to steal his hat and I thought he was joking then he ended up stealing his hat💯😂😭and while he stole his hat he even said I got your hat I tried to run with everyone in the way😂
The WigglyTyrone
The WigglyTyrone:
“I’m gonna take his hat”, actually does it
More action than the Jake fight
Bliss Ventura
Bliss Ventura:
Its true for Logan, it shoulda been just for the media but Floyd wanted to get into his head
Landon Unverzagt
Landon Unverzagt:
Floyd looks like a angry Kevin hart compared to Logan 😂
G-mo023 4
G-mo023 4:
That ending was a masterpiece 😂
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi:
Moments taken before disasters “ ima take his hat “ said Jake 😂
Jake really stole the press conference😂
Mike Rivera
Mike Rivera:
He said he been getting better in 3 years when Floyd literally box since he was 4
Yisroel Weiss
Yisroel Weiss:
Logan will blame it on the huddle of people breaking his arm
Deez Nuts
Deez Nuts:
I’m really rooting for Logan, out of anyone who’s ever fought Floyd he deserves it. Logan is good peeps, Floyd talks a lot of shit yeah he can fight but man thinks he is entitled.
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo:
Give him props for fighting a real boxer, unlike someone...
So glad to finally see a VLOG Logan! never leave the pace of vlogging...your real fans draw a lot of inspiration from this place as you are indeed one of the most legit vlog creators of all time out there! All the best for the upcoming fight with that grass on the head! Show the world...Mayweather Vs Paul needed to happen...
Black Dracula
Black Dracula:
8:33..."I m gonna take his hate" ..and the rest is history...
The ending was hilarious,

*Silence on the plane as jakes hand moves closer to Logan*

Jake : *Grabs hat* I got your hat
5:28 Logan said " everyone’s so mad that we’re winning " referring to him and Jake, yet Logan is 0-1
Sutherland Surf Museum
Sutherland Surf Museum:
Fight Of The Century...about to drop!!! Bring it on.
Kaiwan Shaban
Kaiwan Shaban:
The editing is phenomenal 🔥
[TR] BlaZe
[TR] BlaZe:
13:53 BEST PART!😂
Persian Cat
Persian Cat:
Jake: im gonna take his hat lmao. These guys are great
The song is "New Religion" by Taz Conley
Dhairya Maggo
Dhairya Maggo:
This was more fun to watch than the fight itself lmao
I don't know why but I busted out laughing at the photoshoot of Floyd and Logan at the end of the video 😂
8848 Tvx
8848 Tvx:
13:55 second attack 🤣🤣never trust anyone !
Ace Neto
Ace Neto:
Dude when he said you 51/0 we heard about your wife I laughed so hard that’s rough
Kelvin Mamba
Kelvin Mamba:
Paul looks like he’ll get knockout in round 4...............The kid too anxious and Floyd is entrust plus a tough undefeated champ, haha I feel for him and his fans. We did it before we’ll do it again, go Floyd ❤️🌎✊🏿
Johan Segura
Johan Segura:
13:14 istg my hate for jake is getting bigger and bigger by the day
CB Media
CB Media:
This video feels so different than most of Logan's other vlog content, it's still great it's just different, I can't put my finger on why.
gogo luna
gogo luna:
Logan wins this one on or before the 4th round then goes on to fight and loose badly to Macgregor who gets a rematch with Floyd and wins. (That's if it doesn't get rained out)
Zach Lizanetz
Zach Lizanetz:
“Got yo hat”
Sh!t dropped me to the floor😂
I woulda sold the hat on Ebay lmao.
Sam Miller
Sam Miller:
"Yea Jake's the problem child" Jake proceeds to get in a fight
Logan: “your banned from the fight”
Jake: I don’t give a fuc
Logan; “But what about me?”
Jake: ...
Exactly why I like Logan way more
Josef Sacala
Josef Sacala:
as much as i miss logans vlogs, i am proud seeing his progress from way back he was in his old apartment in LA
ashley moreno
ashley moreno:
The ending 😂
gabby barron
gabby barron:
They should’ve let Logan go he just wanted to help his brother that ain’t fair
Jacob Ryan guevara
Jacob Ryan guevara: