FAKE Black Friday Employee **ATTACKED**

FAKE Black Friday Employee **ATTACKED**
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The Ireland Boys did a Fake Black Friday Employee Prank and got attacked ! We dressed up as fake employees and went to stores and pretended to work there and prank the customers who were shopping on black Friday! #BlackFriday shoppers are known for being crazy so we wanted to make some people laugh... however one of the people shopping in the stores when we pretended to work there got so mad that they attacked us while we were filming. This was one of the craziest things to happen in a store on #BlackFriday and we can't believe someone #Shopping did this while were were dressed up pretending to be a #FakeEmployee . This guy was a crazy black friday shopper and we hope he's calmed down and is okay now.

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100+ komentarze:

BrettO Live
BrettO Live:
If it was 2020 the bud would want that toilet paper 😷🤣
Liam Montgomery
Liam Montgomery:
Bruh that grandma had a toy for her grandkid I was heart broken
Aidan P
Aidan P:
Rohan gets attacked by blue shirt man.
Rohan: *Craps pants*
Me: atleast they got toilet paper already
OculusGo VR
OculusGo VR:
“We’ve had guns pulled on us, security guards tackle us, but never someone this mad.” 😂😂😂🤣
People who fight fire with fire, usually end up with ashes. Be the BIGGER MAN. 💯👊🏾
He's Karen's husband
5:40 "I don't need it"

everyone in 2020: boy was he wrong
Benis Pleb
Benis Pleb:
Why’d yall do that to the first woman😭😂
2020? Toilet Paper getting rejected? Dayum
lmao yall funny funny
Big Buttery Biscuit
Big Buttery Biscuit:
i like how the entire time IBP and that one dude were fighting, ricky was just carrying a roll of toilet paper
Robo Guy
Robo Guy:
You should’ve show the footage of Rohan being attacked to the off duty police and have the guy arrested
If the guy tried to grab me I would either try to fight back or scream “CALL THE COPS!!”
Golden hot Cheetos
Golden hot Cheetos:
Rick: we had guns pulled on us and security guards tackling us but this was way farther
Ss Goo
Ss Goo:
Honestly, mad respect for you guys for staying so calm and neutral, because I would have beat the s*** out of that man.
Rohan:I am allowed to stand sir.

Then Gets pushed into a wall
Angie Avila
Angie Avila:
While Rohan was getting attacked by the man Ricky was still recording and he did not help him he just said yo chill lol😂😂😂
Lemon Lion
Lemon Lion:
"If you don't open it up, the orange may never blossom into a flower." - Ricky, 2018
"That's why I have the megaphone, so I can be quiet."
Hmm, yes, the floor here is made out of ceiling.
It’s official: The man is on his period
Notaidan 380
Notaidan 380:
“The orange may never blossom into a flower”

Wait what
Elise Johan
Elise Johan:
5:31 he had the glasses, and the Jodie hair 😂 I loved that xd
Corona Virus
Corona Virus:
5:39 everyone would want it now
Dario Mendoza
Dario Mendoza:
6:55 "I'm just sitting here sir"
even though he is standing
Ajdin Huzejrovic
Ajdin Huzejrovic:
Imagine the guy in the blue shirt is watching this video
bennee basher
bennee basher:
"That's why I have the megaphone so I'm quiet" I'm dead
Gage Smith
Gage Smith:
I thought that gut was about to rip Rohan in half lmao
Short Story Pictures
Short Story Pictures:
Yee yee bois , let’s yeet that blue shirt guy outta here!!
Little Jedi
Little Jedi:
“I got 2 just in case” lO
Cesar Hernandez
Cesar Hernandez:
The guy with the blue shirt needs to take is easy
He made a mistake not taking the toilet paper at 5:40

9:01 is him in 2020 trying to get toilet paper
“We’ve had guns pulled on us, but no one has never been angry enough to push us and try to take our camera”
Niana and Shawn _ ShawNia
Niana and Shawn _ ShawNia:
*"* *I'm* *allowed* *to* *stand* *"*
nik _0
nik _0:
5:17 *The legendary toilet paper?..I’ve only heard stories.*
FritzMan 24
FritzMan 24:
‘You better watch out
You better not die
You better not prank
I’m tellin’ you why
Blue shirt man is coming
To town’
Jo'Kwaun Hall
Jo'Kwaun Hall:
Y’all need to fight back
Jac0b R0gerZ
Jac0b R0gerZ:
This is a good vid but why didn’t Ricky knock him out in one hit.
auzy fn
auzy fn:
11:07 voicecrack
the big heavy
the big heavy:
This man knew Obama’s last name, *impossible.*
iirxzxh vlogs
iirxzxh vlogs:
Im crying the first Lady was so innocent! 😭🤣
Conner Gentry Vlogs
Conner Gentry Vlogs:
People that react like that just means that they are going through something in life that they are not happy with.
Ava Ozkaynak
Ava Ozkaynak:
The bud probably got mad because he was looking in the black shirts and he realized you guys beat him to the prank.
Erin 28
Erin 28:
That guy is really expose man 😂
D birdflips
D birdflips:
"what is oboma's last name."
Brisa Espinoza
Brisa Espinoza:
That man needa TAKE IT EASY
Landon Williamson
Landon Williamson:
I would've had a fight with that guy after he put his hands on me he would've been lights out
Y’all some lil girly kids .. Fights his soft self back ..
the First Lady was so cute 🥺
That intro though
Animal lives matter
Animal lives matter:
Blue shirt 👕 man: *tries to kill Rohan


Me: well i guess it’s Wrestling time 😅
Lol that woman “Call the police PLEASE”
Kylynn Boi
Kylynn Boi:
Duuude i haven't watched this channel in like 2 years and there still saying that chringe ass line at the start "YEE YEE!!!" 🤮😑😑😑
The Amazing World Of Gumball
The Amazing World Of Gumball:
When your wife makes you get the groceries
Spencer Snider
Spencer Snider:
That guy needs to take a chill pill
Ben Larose
Ben Larose:
you should have called him cheesed right there in the store
i feel bad for the 1st lady
Charlee 921
Charlee 921:
I feel bad for the First Lady she said it took 2 hours to pick stuff out, I'm happy she was laughing though
This is one of my favorite vids I have seen!
If I was Rohan I would fight back
Kaylen Murry
Kaylen Murry:
Yoooo bro you are so cool I just started to watch you and I mess with you you are very funny and I like that but keep doing ur thing
6:21 calm down Jamal don’t pull out the hands😂
Ezekiel Vlogs and Gaming
Ezekiel Vlogs and Gaming:
I didn't like the first one they were being mean to the lady
If he put his hands on me I would knock the lights out of him, and i know i am not the only that would do that
Drab or Fab
Drab or Fab:
the fact ya'll we're so respectful after that... mad respectt
Christian 55
Christian 55:
Me sees intro ah classic iMovie
George Gordon
George Gordon:
I’d love to see him push me around buddy I’m 18 I box mma and street fight idc if he grabbed me like that we fighting
Jammin Phimester
Jammin Phimester:
You guys were so chill with the dude in the blue shirt I would’ve punched him if he did that to me
He probably went after Rohan instead of nick because nick is a minor, And he would get in trouble if he did it to nick. What a rude man.
Spencer Haines
Spencer Haines:
If i was rohan I would have backed that dude in the blue shirt down into a corner and say get out my face before I knock you out
Dr. Fill
Dr. Fill:
He probably did actually shit himself and was mad when confronted about it
I remember being young and doing what you guys do. It may not make sense to you now but the older you get the more responsibilities, bullshit and problems come with the territory. We don't like to be bothered while shopping. Sounds crazy but a lot of us go "run errands" when we are stressed and we do not want to be pranked.
ᑭᗝᒪᗩᖇ ᑭᒪᗩƴ乙
ᑭᗝᒪᗩᖇ ᑭᒪᗩƴ乙:
Nick: Oh god I feel so bad for you!
My cousin when that happens to me:Ok,cool imma go eat
Carol Freitag
Carol Freitag:
7:35 me when my alarm clock wakes me up
I smooched my brother, but
I smooched my brother, but:
Starr’s World
Starr’s World:
If the guy assaulted Rohan, why didn’t u guys tell the cop what happens. If I was in that situation I would start throwing punches. Because once he put his hands on Rohan, he has the right to defend himself. So now I’m confused
Nick P
Nick P:
Hard to watch for some odd reason lol
karson ball
karson ball:
When I film with my friends, I carry a taser.
Tyler Cartegena
Tyler Cartegena:
"whats obamas last name?" "i cant answer it" IM DEAD LMAOO
Bro this dude poop his pants lol 😂 btw love vids there funny as hell
Bro if my mom seen that old dirty man grabbing me there would be a whole case🤣🤣🤣
That man was clearly on drugs😂😂😂.
The RBP:
Man, you guys can control your temper good, I would have started fighting back
Random Things Productions
Random Things Productions:
That first one was so funny!
“All units, go, go. Don’t let her flee the scene”
Myline Rodriguez
Myline Rodriguez:
I feel bad for the First Lady!😅
"Call the police!"wife says

She said that so her husband can get arrested

Faith Waltrip
Faith Waltrip:
5:19 he is already cheesed RIP to Rohan’s shirt😵😵😵
Xd Fortnite
Xd Fortnite:
They just loved getting hit u can defend yourself
Anthony aka tony the tiger Gonzalez Acosta
Anthony aka tony the tiger Gonzalez Acosta:
Damn it has been a long time since I watched them and now............. IM BACK TO WATCHING THEM!!!!! YE YE
Justin Aguilar-Martinez
Justin Aguilar-Martinez:
I need that toilet paper 🦠
Mj Gamer
Mj Gamer:
Boo that blue shirt guy he should be pressed with charges and arrested. He needs to chill out. Hopefully someone likes my comment and Rohan I hope your arms ok plus sharing this to my friends!
Lady:”NEW CAT”!!!!!!
Kaden Oania
Kaden Oania:
From Rohan’s music video Smoke he should have boxed the man. Especially when he wanted to box Ninja Nick
Jayjaymeza •
Jayjaymeza •:
“A new cat?”
B_ Mpro101
B_ Mpro101:
I would've given him the 1, 2 🤜
Snig Explors
Snig Explors:
NOO I FEEL SO BAD FOR THE FIRST LADY!! she was so adorable! 😂😂
8:55 though. “Shut thut Off.”
Lyla The awesome
Lyla The awesome:
This guy makes the dares he’s the dare devil he’s a master at it
Ricky and nick are always so chill, even when they're getting attacked.
FlamingGaming 143
FlamingGaming 143:
My god...

I thought male karens were a myth, a mere legend
The Lonely Retard
The Lonely Retard:
The thumb nail makes him look like the guy from hello neighbor lol