Fans react to Chris Evans leaked photo

Fans react to Chris Evans private photo, Chris Evans Leak !!!!
Chris Evans accidentally shares pen_i_s pic, driving Twitter wild
Chris Evans appeared to accidentally upload nude photos of himself while attempting to post an Instagram video on Saturday.
While playing a game of “Heads Up,” the “Captain America” star, 39, shared a video with his 5.7 million followers without trimming the clip, which then revealed a gallery of videos and pictures, including one featuring a photo of an erect pen*s.

#ChrisEvans #CaptainAmerica

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F dL
F dL:
Honestly, this is the best thing that happened in 2020.
Infamous Potato
Infamous Potato:
I almost had a heart attack when I saw chris evans in trending then relief when I found out the reason
Steve Rogers
Steve Rogers:
Leave him alone that was only a mistake ok!..he is so sweet I love him
Ali MO.
Ali MO.:
2020* there's more..
Ash & Bibi [kittens]
Ash & Bibi [kittens]:
I can’t believe how many ppl who may have screenshotted it and kept it in their camera roll... imagine if someone takes their phones and see’s a THAT om their phone... like bruh, leave him alone, not everyone is perfect.. everyone makes a mistakes!
Clarity Aware
Clarity Aware:
I hope everyone keeps that same amount of energy when it comes to women and leaked pics. Remember Vanessa hudgens years ago. She didn't have that grace. Remember britany spears when paparazzi take pics of her coming out of a car. No grace. But good job people I hope we keep this level of understanding and empathy for women
Rajat Nautiyal
Rajat Nautiyal:
Now, America's future is bright
"America's Hotdog"
Wendee Hancock
Wendee Hancock:
As a black woman just let me say this....blessed and highly favored.
wa da
wa da:
0:10 Chris Evans shares his vidoe with his 5.7...
million followers
Astro Punch
Astro Punch:
So where can I find this? I need it for research...
Anime TV
Anime TV:
I wonder if Thor is able to handle Cap's hammer 🤔
mo0on light
mo0on light:
All what i think is why did he took this picture in the first place..
Kevin Ferguson
Kevin Ferguson:
I'll have all of Chris's babies. Thanks!
Gemma Aboagye
Gemma Aboagye:
Chris Evans is popular who is loved by his fans. Be posative and think of the achievements that he has made.He is a fantastic actor and kind / has a heart of gold and is caring
Agoroy Agoroy
Agoroy Agoroy:
How big!! I missed it..
stewart daglish
stewart daglish:
Captain America's Winter Soldier (Cheers , Stephen Colbert)
Muhammad Adil
Muhammad Adil:
If it was chris evans's, i wondering how thanos is
ShamaLambaDingDong Boi
ShamaLambaDingDong Boi:
Dude leave him alone
Felix Miller
Felix Miller:
Because chris has a fandom.

Others don't have it.
Prashant Ankit
Prashant Ankit:
0:33 song name please..
I checked for the song as 'microphone check'
But its different..
Can anybody provide me the link to the music... 😀
Mayank Negi
Mayank Negi:
Please guys its not a big deal , point should be Where can We found them now?
Monkey Commander Regular Skin Tim
Monkey Commander Regular Skin Tim:
Stuff like this makes me feel a bit sad for celebs who accidently got nudes leaked
SID Adn:
Damn I wanted to see a photo of this. Don't know if this is true
ronron v
ronron v:
Weenie Gate! 😊I love you Chris.
seline desilva
seline desilva:
Emm waw that's embarasing😣
Jeff Jones
Jeff Jones:
Lawd take me now!!!!!!
Nahidur Abedin
Nahidur Abedin:
can't you guys...I don't know...respect him?
Harneet Kaur
Harneet Kaur:
It was just an accident!
Rina Querida
Rina Querida:
Boys wiil be boys. Peggy will be pleased, he save the best for last. Lol
Leave him alone
K Dub
K Dub:
The question is... why is he taking [email protected] in the first place(hmmm)?! I guess he's giving "I Can Do This All Day" a new! We all Love the Guy, but ya gotta admit its a bit funny when he was playing a game called heads Up....
That's America's dingdong
The main question is that why the heck had he even clicked that picture?
Desmont Paisley
Desmont Paisley:
It was a relief that he Quited Marvel Studios, otherwise this would be fatal for him

And to Chris Evans please don't do the same mistake again
ино пришеленец
ино пришеленец:
Ничего не понятно,но очень интересно
EBRU kysrl
EBRU kysrl:
allahim sen affet dnnfbdm
From Light
From Light:
Big deal this could happen to anyone! It will sky rocket his career 🚀 boys Dm must be popping now.
Adyasha Ipsita
Adyasha Ipsita:
Plz just don't do this ...All that happened was accidentally...☹️
Performance J
Performance J:
that is my screen saver
Photo Maniac
Photo Maniac:
Can someone tell me where can i see his photo?
True Egypt
True Egypt:
Star spangled dangle
Danielle Rush
Danielle Rush:
Was it impressive?
Turquoise moonstone
Turquoise moonstone:
Captain... Why did you have that pic..?? but at least you don't have to be shame cause you're huge.
and actually i think it was just a mistake, and i don't feel like disappointed in him. it's just so so.
nothing sepcial, one guy made a mistake that once would happen in his life
so i want you to cheer up again.
Why is it if someone else does this he or she is vilified, but here it seems like everyone is running to protect him?
Fowler & Fowler
Fowler & Fowler:
Me and the boys disliking at 3Am
nazrul khan
nazrul khan:
Song name plz
This is disgusting
Solaiman Sohan
Solaiman Sohan:
That's why so many celebrities don't use social media
Josh Stafford
Josh Stafford:
That’s a criminal offense technically. He distributed porn . Think of all of the underage kids that saw that . That’s the law .
ginger cakes
ginger cakes:
Everyones assuming its his....if it is mazeltov Chris!! Not bad! Its no big deal in an age where half of Hollywood lets it hang out. It may only be an issue if he runs for office ..... If its his!