Far Cry 6 - Gameplay Overview Trailer

In the first ever gameplay trailer for Far Cry 6, we're introduced to the tools of the revolution: weapons, vehicles, sabotage, and more.

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Bobby Burgess
Bobby Burgess:
Ok, that scene where the character lights up a cigar and cauterized their wound... That brought back memories of Far Cry 3 and I'm all for it
People freaking out over the Cigar clearly never played Far Cry 2. Shame
Far Cry 6 allows you to kill people with the Macarena.

Ser Tillsman
Ser Tillsman:
I'm glad the main character has a voice.
Gustavo Menezes
Gustavo Menezes:
whoever had the idea of ​​the cd gun, that person deserves a raise
Mundus Productions
Mundus Productions:
Remember men, we don't preorder games anymore. We wait until they're reviewed.
Cd disc gun is kinda cool, not gonna lie.
Mr. Snake
Mr. Snake:
The cd gun is certainly the best weapon to date.
Singularity Raptor
Singularity Raptor:
Man they finally leaning into someone of Farcry 2 design elements where you avoid main roads and go through rough terrain to not face checkpoints and stuffs. Looks like they are combining elements of all Ubi Farcry games.
Something about ubisoft's characters and faces...its almost like there's no sub surface scattering and its stuck in the xbox 360 era...they gotta improve this aspect of their engine. Environments look gorgeous
Stephen Ng'ang'a
Stephen Ng'ang'a:
You gotta love that gun that plays music! Who else is getting far cry 3 tingles???
Hey, remember when Jason Brody said that “killing feels like winning” and that made his friends worried about him? No? Anyone?
Angel McLeod
Angel McLeod:
Just imagine if the last song you ever heard before you die was the Macarena.
Blazer LaZer
Blazer LaZer:
The dog is so cute 😊
J The Scorpio
J The Scorpio:
everyone else: disc guns, vehicle combat and callbacks to other games

Me: Chorizo and Dominos
Fernando Velazco
Fernando Velazco:
Some amazing Spanish classes that not even Dora could give.
I'm loving the setting of this new Far Cry. They'll hopefully pull a great game :D
Lower Inc.
Lower Inc.:
This is by far one of the most epic far cry introductions ever
Peace Unreal
Peace Unreal:
This girl really just smoked a cigar then burned her hand in combat lol
Beckett Gray
Beckett Gray:
This is the first time I’m interested in a far cry game since 3
Far Cry 6 allows you to make a pseudo-Mandalorian pack.

After watching this, I’ve understood the definition of insanity.
Adam Parker
Adam Parker:
Love the Wilhelm scream. Every game needs it.
This game looks absolutely insane!
Ammar Junaid
Ammar Junaid:
This is how you do a trailer, love it that this one is alot different then the previous games. CD player gun was epic
Jammer Animated
Jammer Animated:
Gamers : Ok Far Cry 6,show us what you have to offer.
Far Cry 6 : Customized Guerilla Vehicles and Weapons, a backpack that shoots flames and launch missiles, and a voiced female protagonist.
Gamers : Hmmmm how's about for companion and got anything fun to kill with?
Far Cry 6 : a cute small dog and a gun that plays Macarena
Gamers : *YES*
Esteban Carríon Salas
Esteban Carríon Salas:
Game: You have to blend!
Also game: *Points gun at the police and puts it down seconds later*
Policeman: Nothing suspicious here.
Anurag Hazra
Anurag Hazra:
2:42 Now thats some RDR2 Level of healing.
This game looks incredible - just slightly worried about monetization. It was pretty awful in FC5 and Ubisofts monetization got even worse in Valhalla.
Tundra Runner
Tundra Runner:
Eat a donut every time he says "guerrilla."
This game looks beautiful and i'm really excited to see what the map editor offers as well
John Carlo Fernandez
John Carlo Fernandez:
Finally we're having different healing animations!
This is the most hyped I’ve been for Far Cry since 4 got announced tbh
Michael Perez De la Concepcion
Michael Perez De la Concepcion:
"This is all me....this is allll me!"

"It was beautiful once, it will be again"
Aryan Upadhyay
Aryan Upadhyay:
Far Cry 6 DLC : Los Pollos Hermanos
The setting is pretty F*ing Amazing. Can't wait!
Kishan Shid
Kishan Shid:
2:53 ICONIC Sound
This is great finally a game to be excited for 🤩
Lion lion lion
Lion lion lion:
My goodness, this looks like a sequel to Far Cry 3, which is absolutely perfect. Back to the tropical ocean view and jungle exploration 👌🏻
Missle back pack was dope, these are weapons Cyberpunk 2077 should've had.
Samuel Franklin
Samuel Franklin:
Due to past experience with hype on my part, two words: FINGERS CROSSED.
Internet Mouse
Internet Mouse:
0:34 - 0:40 why did that sync so well with the music?
french fried
french fried:
Ubisoft finally seems to get that a game should be fun, and damn - that looks fun
Jack Sparrow
Jack Sparrow:
First time I'm hyped up for a farcry game! When is the release date?
Kaiju Killer'93
Kaiju Killer'93:
Love Far cry just because it's so easy to lose myself in the struggle.
Franci Fiorons
Franci Fiorons:
I'm so excited by the city and the exploration
Udhaya 077
Udhaya 077:
The characters models ain't seems like a next gen game it literally reminds me of just cause 4 for some reason
Love to see the Wilhelm scream being used when killing the enemy at 2:52.
Agustin Marquez
Agustin Marquez:
Dude This looks awesome! For real, I'm excited for once since Far Cry 3
Imagine you could combine different parts of your parts and make it a completely unique type, that would be sick
Okay, this looks fun, seems like this year has really big games coming, Dying Light 2 just released a gameplay trailer, and now this!!! Wow, can't wait for these games!!!
This is the Nintendogs sequel we've been waiting for.
White knight
White knight:
3:15 that’s satisfying kill
not your everyday cultist
not your everyday cultist:
Personally, my favorite aspect of the trailer is the length of the video.
Lets be honest this looks amazing
Jonathan Fabela
Jonathan Fabela:
That dog is coming with me until the end of the game
Hopefully better healing animations aside from the cigar come back! I'm interested.
The most hilarious far cry to date? Can’t wait!!
Rommel carlos Cortes
Rommel carlos Cortes:
My favourite weapon about this game; Definitely the CD Gun where it plays Macarena to your death
3:07 lol this is amazing
Master Blade
Master Blade:
Nice to see the graphics haven't changed since FarCry 3
HENGKY gustami
HENGKY gustami:
2:52 now that is great sfx
3:11 cant wait to try that out haha hope we can use different music that would be awsm
Imagine hearing "EHHH MACERENA" before dying
16_9546 Krishnanunni
16_9546 Krishnanunni:
the graphics look awesome hope they just dont downgrade it in the finished product. In other news the CD gun is pure genius.
Im still more hype for dying light 2 but this game looks amazing
Oscar Ekman
Oscar Ekman:
This new Far Cry 3 DLC looks pretty cool
Danan Joyo
Danan Joyo:
they should use 'Guerilla Radio - RATM' as their backtrack
Smitty Johnson
Smitty Johnson:
This has Just Cause vibes and I'm into that.
DownUnder Burpees-Robert Cragg
DownUnder Burpees-Robert Cragg:
I’m pumped for this game!
Joseph kush
Joseph kush:
Hopefully it's on thw same engine as farcry 5 because that game still looks gorgeous
pokebreeder 25
pokebreeder 25:
having an alligator as a companion now that is what i'm talking about XD
Ali Torabi Motlagh
Ali Torabi Motlagh:
This made me want GTA6 even more!!
imagine joining a revolution to liberate your country from a tyrant, only to burn macarena on multiple blank discs
Răzvan Petruț
Răzvan Petruț:
They got me on board with the "Macarena" disc launcher gun.
Buying it day 1
Brandon Lewis Gaming
Brandon Lewis Gaming:
This looks like a really fun shooting game
Nespresso what the fuck else
Nespresso what the fuck else:
It looks like a mix of call of duty, wolfenstein and far cry. I'm hyped
Ace B
Ace B:
That gun that plays music 😂😂😂
Sean Michael
Sean Michael:
Looks absolutely fun!
Rule number one:

M¤arceus ¤
M¤arceus ¤:
Hope this game will be A huge 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Pauly B
Pauly B:
Finaly im so ready. This looks amaizing. Wish it would come sooner tho
Cant wait to see cloaker do fc6 stealth liberation
DNH 426
DNH 426:
This looks fantastic!
Sarah Q8
Sarah Q8:
This looks awesome can’t wait..
Christ Ang
Christ Ang:
So much Variety!, im getting 1 definitely <3
Jim Pickens Is Our Way of Life
Jim Pickens Is Our Way of Life:
You had me sold at the Disk launcher, chorizo, Guapo and Gus freaking Fring
first we get the unreal engine 5 tech demo, then we get this
Aryan Upadhyay
Aryan Upadhyay:
Giancarlo looks dehydrated
Looks phenomenal! They outdid themselves
Love the Macarena gun!
this Far Cry looks really cool ngl
Henry Gonzalez
Henry Gonzalez:
Damn its like they didn't really change much but it does seem quite new and different. I'm excited
Monal Farr
Monal Farr:

Looks just like 3, 4, and 5 on the highest resolution
Stunning!! Bring it on.
Caleb Adkins
Caleb Adkins:
This is giving me far cry 3 vibes, and I'm all for it
its great to see Fac Cry back to its tropical and exotic setting similar to the Far Cry 3!
Xerxes Diaries
Xerxes Diaries:
Woah! That is sick! That backpack over there haha. Really really cool!
Clive Pilusa
Clive Pilusa:
Magnificent game. Especially loved 3:08 and 3:28.
Miles Morales
Miles Morales:
That Wound Scene Remind Me of Far Cry 3 ❤️
Yes, ubisoft releases a more action-packed fps just cause named far cry 6. Will love it