Far Cry 6 - Official Reveal Trailer | Ubisoft Forward

Get the first look at the next entry in the Far Cry series in this dramatic reveal for Far Cry 6.

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Zico Tops
Zico Tops:
I better see at least 1 pollos hermanos in the map
kopex gaming
kopex gaming:
far cry 6 gus fring edition
Far Cry 6 Secret Ending,
Don't throw the grenade in the prologue
15 Mins later
Game Finished
Mayank Sharma
Mayank Sharma:
"papa , can I go outside and have som fun with my frie-"
"The grenade is simple"
Jarno Datema
Jarno Datema:
“I’m _El Presidente_ that means someday you will be _El Presidente_ “
Seems legit
Q Tech HD
Q Tech HD:
Far Cry 6 : Los pollos hermanos
Far Cry 6 - Belarus Edition
Ashish Shaji
Ashish Shaji:
Child:gets below 95% in exams.
Asian Parents:"The grenade is very simple."
j- dub
j- dub:
trailer: BEST EVER
Watch this “el presidente” guy get blown up in a nursing home
Zico Tops
Zico Tops:
Far Cry 3: Nacho from Better Call Saul is the antagonist
Far Cry 6: Gus from Breaking Bad is the antagonist
I wouldn't mind having Heisenberg in Far Cry 9
England’s Guard
England’s Guard:
He’s going to be that villain we agree with but are forced to fight him, just like Pagan Min
*Listens to a song*
*Sister walks in*
Sister: "Oh why are you listening to tik toks songs?"
Me: "Ah, you see the grenade is simple...."
Prince Zuko: I had the worst father in the history of bad fathers.
Diego: Hold my grenade...
ishaan janjuha
ishaan janjuha:
This is probably the story of gus fring when he was in Chile😂😂
Finn Styles
Finn Styles:
Far cry 6
Far cry 6 deluxe edition
Far cry 6 gold edition
Far cry 6: Chicken edition
Far cry 6: Los pollos Hermanos edition
"Lukashenko with his son" August 2020
devin mcdevin
devin mcdevin:
when you dont take out the trash
dad: *granade is simple*
Girl: I heard the song from tik tok!
Everyone: the Grenade is simple
FutureRichPerson 247365
FutureRichPerson 247365:
Hopefully they bring back some of those crazy healing animations
The director for that trailer really knows how to make people watch to the end
Ivan Radityatama
Ivan Radityatama:
When you're not satisfied of being a drug lord and a fast food restaurant owner, so you become a dictator instead
Jp Jakubec
Jp Jakubec:
Hopefully the protagonist isn’t a boring mute that needs to climb radio towers.
Tyrone Ortiz
Tyrone Ortiz:
_Dora la exploradora_ _+_ _Breaking Bad:_ *Los Far Cry Pollos*
Naushad Apurbo
Naushad Apurbo:
Robin: So Mr. Batman, what is today's lesson?
Batman: The grenade is simple
Skooled Zone
Skooled Zone:
Now we have to wait a year for release. Can he hold the handle that long?
Everyone: That's the guy from Breaking Bad!??!
Me: Wait, that's the dentist from Payday 2
He’s Voice is so calm and relaxing
The setting in Far Cry 6 reminds me of current state of Belarus
CHancellor 500
CHancellor 500:
This only got me to see what the Far Cry franchise is about.
Trent Bayasca
Trent Bayasca:
Alternate timeline when El Pollos Hermanos guy didnt die in Breaking Bad
Tommy BRO
Tommy BRO:
Walter White didn’t know this is coming.
zano zain
zano zain:
this guy. Breaking Bad, Mandalorian, The Boys,,,and now this
Just some guy with a surprised expression
Just some guy with a surprised expression:
Hey, have you noticed...

That the seed family kept saying "The Collapse"? And we players kept joking about it until 2020 rolled in? Coincidence? I think not.
セージ Scar_samā
セージ Scar_samā:
Imagine just chilling and making a car then your dad comes and and tells you to hold a grenade
Sheldon Miranda
Sheldon Miranda:
This is exactly what's going on currently in Europe
Is he the dude form breaking bad? The owner of “los pollos”😯
America, but set in another country, people are so strangled by their own freedom
Mojo JoJoke
Mojo JoJoke:
Remember when this series was about fighting mutants on a tropical island?
With Healthbars
With Healthbars:
Ahh so this is the prequel to Better Call Saul. Now we’ll know what he did in Chile. Looks interesting.
Edgar AIlan Poe
Edgar AIlan Poe:
2:11 that cello (I think) in the background is seriously epic, haven't gotten this feeling in a while
This is actually a pretty legit Tropico 7 trailer.
Omg Gus from Breakingbad plays the perfect villain for this role.
Muneer Ahmed
Muneer Ahmed:
That Boy Reminds Me "The Definition Of Insanity"

He looks very similar to Vaas
damn...that was intense.
Belarus is playing it already
Just a Geek
Just a Geek:
Normal people : Nooo you can't give a grenade to a teenager

Gus: Haha....grenade goes boooom
This is how a father should teach his stubborn son a life lesson and preparing him for the real world like a boss😂🤣😂🤣😂
Hey there
Hey there:
I was waiting for him to tell him to throw the grenade into the crowd
SadXbox Cat
SadXbox Cat:
When being a drug lord Isn’t enough for you so you become El presidente
The Graphics is Like "im ganno Burn your pc"
Sydney Martinez
Sydney Martinez:
I can’t wait to get references from the last game. I bet we’ll see on the news or something that the Joseph seed cult in Montana has been put down. Also, I bet ya hurk is gonna be on here watch.
Far Cry Portland: Ted Wheeler has encouraged the mob, until it got so bad he finally has to do something. The Game©
Me: Hey dad can I watch breaking bad?

Dad: *The grenade is simple*
I’m buying the los pollos hermanos edition
Spoopy Boi
Spoopy Boi:
"What are those!"
This whole situation is like Rainbow Six Patriots.
Mr. Cj
Mr. Cj:
At last the boy throws grenade to his father's mouth

---------------the end------------------

*Mission passed respect +*
Randell Lamont
Randell Lamont:
This has to be one of the greatest game trailers of all time!
"Are you wining son?"
"Here's a granade"
Nexus Mexus
Nexus Mexus:
child: making car
father/dictator: HERE HAVE GRENADE
Sajith Sharwan
Sajith Sharwan:
If far cry 6 doesn't have blue meth empire run by Gus Fring, I ain't buying it.
Вячеслав Науменков
Вячеслав Науменков:
Far Cry 6: Belarus EDITION
Carl Mosely
Carl Mosely:
Let's be real. We all know who's the reason why we're getting this. 😉
Eric Sedique
Eric Sedique:
All the budget for this Cinematic trailer went to Gus's face
Devin Butler
Devin Butler:
I want the game to feature a player that comes with a name and a background story. A player that can engage in a conversation. Similar to Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4.
Secret Ending:
Let go of the gernade soon as he hands it to you.
y'all talk about Los Pollos Hermanos but remain assured: if the devs don't act, the modders will
Jwg II
Jwg II:
Guess he didn’t hold the wheelchair uncle tight enough
nobody survives even one bit
nobody survives even one bit:
This looks badass. Not gonna lie.
Gabriel Robison
Gabriel Robison:
Getting hyped for this game by playing and beating previous games, starting with Farcry 3.
Organic Giraffe
Organic Giraffe:
I love how detailed each and every strand of his beard is so distinctively and meticulously crafted and rendered.
chandler Ragan
chandler Ragan:
THE PLAN IS SIMPLE. Wait this not a Ludwig video.
Rupert Edits
Rupert Edits:
I'd really love an appearance or mention of Jason Brody to be in this game, that'd be pretty dope
*Los Pollos Hermanos*
Far Cry 6 - Belarus edition
Marvel OneTwoThree
Marvel OneTwoThree:
Far Cry: Belarus Edition
Niksu M
Niksu M:
It's still hard animate face moving. Looks so real until you see characters speaking.
Мистер Альтернатива
Мистер Альтернатива:
Far Cry 6: Belarus Edition
Damn they already making 2020: the Game
Hand on my lighter
Hand on my lighter:
When you on a Spanish island with Spanish culture and language and talk to your Spanish family in English. I’d rather have them talk Spanish with English subtitles. That would feel more real.
mike the Cob
mike the Cob:
Did I ever tell you what the definition of insanity is doing the exact same thing over and over again expecting a different outcome
John Beer
John Beer:
The first 5 seconds “o its a 2020 simulator”
I can already see the secret ending where u dont throw the grenade and everyone goes BOOM.
Normal dad : Are ya winning son?

Gus Fring :Son, here's a grenade for you.
Rudraksha Dwivedi
Rudraksha Dwivedi:
Then after realese we will be activating radio tower
Pritom Mondal
Pritom Mondal:
Hearing the voice of gus fring is giving me chills🔥
Tejas Deshmukh
Tejas Deshmukh:
We all know the last dialogue of the final boss "Look At Me, Hector."
I remember when my dad gave me my first grenade - it's such a coming of age right of passage, like your first shave, or civil war
David Hron
David Hron:
*granade blows in Diego’s hands*

“Friendly fire will not be tolerated”
That "don't drop it grenade" reminds me of when Mickey gave that grenade to a kid in New Dawn.
DenZEL Vertigo
DenZEL Vertigo:
Lukashenko's (and Putin's) favourite game!!! 100%
Jordan Bonardi
Jordan Bonardi:
Nilay Dupare
Nilay Dupare:
So The Beirut blast all happened with one sentence :
"*The grenade is simple*"
Gamblor G
Gamblor G:
Such a cool looking villain. Can't wait to see him in 3 cutscenes.
Yo Momma's ass
Yo Momma's ass:
I thought that foo was already died 😭
Victor Reznov
Victor Reznov:
And here Finally Ubisoft Comes with Another Wonder 💝‼️
Kieron Mussington
Kieron Mussington:
Wife: Hunny you didn't take out the trash
Me: "The grenade is simple"
Caleb Porter
Caleb Porter:
Looks amazing. It's crazy how much the graphics have improved, even since 5
Janis Daugavietis
Janis Daugavietis:
Trailer: Epic
Game: Climb that tower