Far Cry 6: Worldwide Gameplay Reveal

Watch the Far Cry 6 Worldwide Gameplay Reveal on May 28th at 9:30AM PDT/6:30PM CET

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Countdown ends at 29:47 👀
Kyle Wolfe
Kyle Wolfe:
Who else clicked thinking it was gonna be 40 minutes of gameplay
Killer Kuerbis
Killer Kuerbis:
Calling it now, Giancarlo was expensive and appears 4 times throughout the game lmao
"Stealth is OPTIONAL for this mission"

Me: *Heyyyy MACARENA Hai!*
Luis Olivarez
Luis Olivarez:
There needs to be a trophy/achievement for killing someone with a chicken called "Los Pollos Hermanos".
Not gonna lie. Jungle, city, swamps...shitload of weapons (did I see a railgun in there?) and a beautiful open world. Just make sure it keeps me busy! Minigames, side missione with their own lil stories...
38:42 man I can’t wait to look up “Far Cry 6 all healing animations”
Retro Gamer
Retro Gamer:
did i ever tell you about the meaning of insanity ubisoft
How Big is the Map?
How Big is the Map?:
I can't wait to walk across the entire map to find out how big it is.
NightWolf Playz
NightWolf Playz:
Why the hell is everyone judging a game before it is even released. I personally, think Ubi did a good job with what we've seen so far.
Uno Qualunque
Uno Qualunque:
Oh, I see that los pollos hermanos has become a nation.
Vaas: did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?
Jason: NO!
At Oussama
At Oussama:
The best use of a countdown i’ve ever seen, they literally tell you the whole story in there
The White Wolf
The White Wolf:
This looks like Far cry meets Just cause. Could be a good combo as both games lack in certain areas on their own.
A main character with hopefully a solid personality, directed 3rd person cutscenes, interesting characters, weapon, vehicle and location variety. Seems promising so far, hopefully it's as good as it looks so far.
Sean H
Sean H:
*shoots someone to death with CDs*

"This is so sad. Gun, play Despacito"
im looking forward to being able to walk around without instantly getting shot at. The Capital City looks like a nice change of scenery for far cry, and the various weapons/modes of transport look good. Seems like a good far cry game, and I'm glad the story seems somewhat darker and serious, Giancarlo would feel out of place otherwise.
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt:
The best use of a countdown i’ve ever seen, they literally tell you the whole story in there
CAPT. Sparky
CAPT. Sparky:
We even have healing animations that isn't "Bandage arm". Lit!
IZ Gaming
IZ Gaming:
Great! I believe there will be secret ending in the beginning of the game, like previous Far Cry series hahaha
Ryan Powell
Ryan Powell:
pretty hyped for this game
Mr Sauce
Mr Sauce:
Anyone else keeping their expectations low, because it's Ubisoft?
I remembered when Ubisoft actually made good games, alas those were the good days...
sexless humanoid
sexless humanoid:
31:30 man i forgot that we can drive in far cry and i was like “you can drive?? Why is nobody talking about this?” And than i realized that you can drive in far cry
Vincent Law
Vincent Law:
Okay that looks like a ton of fun! A far cry where you can drive tanks 😍
"Keep your expectations low, boy and you will never be disappointed."
Really promising. I'm not sure what element sold me on the game more: The setting, the characters, the weapons, or the combat alligator.

It looks like the took the best parts of the previous several games in the franchise and gave it to us, and that's pretty smart.
Daniel L.
Daniel L.:
30 minutes of waiting. You never cease to disappoint Ubisoft
ian pretorius
ian pretorius:
Thanks Ubisoft , I hope it will look stellar on PS5. I love the Farcry series , played all ( except for 1, no interest in that ) number 2 and 5 are the best to me so far. I hope this will be great as well.
Sebastian Spreutels
Sebastian Spreutels:
Really excited to play this, especially being of Cuban heritage.
Suggestive Gaming
Suggestive Gaming:
Here's hoping for a release date!
Turian Hustle
Turian Hustle:
I’m surprised Ubisoft didn’t crank out a thousand ads in that half an hour intro.
Brandon D'Alessandro
Brandon D'Alessandro:
That really blew me away, definitely much better than I expected!!
My eyes are crying from those visuals. Good job ! Hype !
Oliver Adams
Oliver Adams:
The environment the diversity the personalities the customisation all of it looks amazing
Mercy for jerry
Mercy for jerry:
I don't care what his name is in the game i will still call him Gustavo
Everything except the character models look gorgeous.
I really enjoyed the countdown. It felt refreshing with the music and the images.
Kaif Hussain
Kaif Hussain:
it looks so awesome can't wait to play
Swetanshu Prasad
Swetanshu Prasad:
even farcry 5 and farcry 4 are too a legendary and masterpiece, and Farcry 6 is epic in masterpiece
Fã De Games
Fã De Games:
A protagonist who speaks, thanks Ubisoft
Kaltin Homer
Kaltin Homer:
I always knew macarena was a deadly song,
Game looks lmao sick, all those new elements just take it to another level
This looks absolutely amazing
37:29 literally me in every FC game lol, always hunting
Duke Dick
Duke Dick:
I'm just glad that they're bringing back a protagonist with personality who also can speak again. FC5 was so dry for the lack of that.
Just Cause 3 lookin’ great.
Looks like they're inspired by the strengths of far cry 2 and 3, the highs of the franchise. Looks exciting!
Michael Jacks ‎‏
Michael Jacks ‎‏:
I'm gonna be running around in this game singing "nanananana Dani Rojas, football is life!"
Tap Your Face With The Expectation of Hearing The Sound of a Stone Hitting a WindSheild
If I don’t see at least 20 Breaking Bad references I’m gonna be mad.
Carlos Guardado
Carlos Guardado:
That countdown was pretty awesome not gonna lie
Scipio Africanus
Scipio Africanus:
Hoping this game gets a map editor 🙏🤞🏼
Chris Nobel
Chris Nobel:
Ah, gonna miss the old days when cutscenes was on first person
As promises trailer ! Good Job Ubisoft, i hope they'll put the best soundtrack like in Far Cry 5
Top Reggaeton Urbano
Top Reggaeton Urbano:
Omg esperando con ansias este momento 🥵
Ioannis Kotios
Ioannis Kotios:
Man I get some serious Far Cry 3 feelings and I absolutely love it !!!
A . A
A . A:
The fact that we can now steal the enemy's tanks and bugger aircraft, changes far cry a lot, maybe even the helicopters, I like it
Ag us
Ag us:
This will definitely be the greatest and most exciting game 😍👍👍
I've been working on this game as a game tester for about a year and a half now and it's so amazing to see how far we've come and how much love is present for this franchise!
Finally a fully voiced protagonist. It's gonna feel more lively than FC 5
Matthew Lamar
Matthew Lamar:
When Ubisoft says it’s gameplay but end of the day it’s just a cinematic trailer 😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️
Thank you Ubisoft for atleast giving us new games new stories.
Laipro GaminG
Laipro GaminG:
Hope this will be a classic 🔥
Kristijan Lanović
Kristijan Lanović:
A gun that shoots Eh macarena cds WHILE PLAYING THE SONG is something I never thought I needed in my life until now
DAMN Now this is a real AAA title!
Ooooooh, I'm getting all hyped up just for the cold war era firearms lol
Hamza Khan
Hamza Khan:
I was hoping the protagonist was gonna be the son. That would have been cool.
This suprised me, i wasn't expecting much of this game. Now, let's just hope the game looks and plays as good like the trailer...
Gringo Tom
Gringo Tom:
I hope they increase the difficulty a bit. My only real gripe with the FC series is that once you have access to decent weapons they're all too easy.
Far Cry 6 trailers then: A thrilling story about freedom and morals, brilliant acting and writing, a new and amazing villain that the series deserves
Animesh Singha
Animesh Singha:
Voice of the character is awesome....🔥❤️
I love how some of the cutscenes look like GTA 4 and than the (hopefully) actual gameplay says "Hey RTX3090, you dead?"
Random Cat
Random Cat:
7AMoOoD.K AlAwadhi
7AMoOoD.K AlAwadhi:
Looking forward to it , This looks fun
I plan on purchasing the ultimate edition on PS5 ..
So the new thing is obviously to make the characters eyes less symmetrical to make them look more real. Lip movement should have higher priority.
Best series ❤️ i love Far cry series !
My nostalgia .
Rapid Revolver
Rapid Revolver:
I really hope they have kept cinematic camera, I spent hours collecting good photos in FC5
How many times you want to say 'Guerrilla'?

Ubisoft: Yes
Elio Possumato
Elio Possumato:
I kinda want to see the healing animations and the guns starting to degrade over time from far cry 2 again
David Harrow
David Harrow:
I just love far cry. 5th was he best one yet.
Share it, share it NOW! I cant take more waiting! Youre already making us wait until oct 7 (at the very earliest) until we can play the game, start dropping videos, pictures and info nowwww 🤯🤯🤯
*remains unconvinced this isn't Dying Light 2*
VeRtOgO 711
VeRtOgO 711:
It’s would’ve been cool if Ubisoft did the thing from far cry 2 where there’s a bunch of people that you can select from all with different backstories,lines view models,and details that I think would make a cool dynamic player selection.
Jolan Drovandi
Jolan Drovandi:
Can already tell the score for this is Amazing
pavel rahman
pavel rahman:
The character's looks like they're straight out of Oil paint 🎨, that's pretty cool art direction actually.
Bryan Davis
Bryan Davis:
I knew I wouldn't like 5 when I saw it but this actually looks good. 3 and 4 were great so I'm hopeful they can turn it around after 5.
zaya lenzer
zaya lenzer:
I hope Unisoft would bring back that fresh vibe of far cry 3 in this game .
Jermaine Stewart
Jermaine Stewart:
Gosh, I need a new TV. I watched this on my phone and it looks great. It has a similar look to Assassin's Creed Valhalla, but with more polish to the graphics. It makes sense since they are both cross gen games that were meant to be released not too long after each other.

The jungle scenes never fail to impress in Far Cry games. Just, wow! Can you imagine if Ubisoft made a First Blood (Rambo) game for the new consoles? Its the perfect fit.
Николай Иванов
Николай Иванов:
In terms of atmosphere, the first Far Cry will always be the best in the series. Like if you played the first part 100 times;)
Taneli Klemola
Taneli Klemola:
When it comes to a new game engine, it looks the same for the last 10 years 🥱
I feel like Ubisoft could make a good blackhawk down game like seriously id love to see it
Bastian Lagos
Bastian Lagos:
Us: Will the game be actually good at launch, including all the promised features and no pesky game-breaking bugs?

Ubisoft: ... Fifty-Fifty.
Tobias Rieper
Tobias Rieper:
Don‘t get your hopes up guys, this is still Ubisoft and I guarantee you, the game won‘t be exactly like shown here.
Mars Games
Mars Games:
39:07 Macarena Dies ... best scene! AI!
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu:
hopefully it's as good as it looks so far.
Actually, next installment could feature a family of gorillas deep in the Congo Bassin, trying to survive invading Chimpanzee tribes, civil war among local human settlements and national government forces, International corporations exploiting the ressources of the jungle and chinese construction crews carving up the jungle to dam up rivers and constructing roads and railroads. Intense gorilla-action as the character role of the Silverback is pushed to his limits and beyond.
Christopher Gronhagen
Christopher Gronhagen:
I get the feeling, the player character (Danni) is a disowned child of El Presidente Castillo.
Leopardo123 atl
Leopardo123 atl:
Uh que juegazo lo espero con ansias
This game pretty much predicted the future it’s based on a fictional Cuba and it’s about the yaran people rising up against a dictator just like Cubans are protesting and being killed today and rising up