Farthest Frontier - BEST BEGINNER TIPS!

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0:00 Intro
0:27 Game Settings
1:55 Town Center Placement
3:29 Resource Gathering
4:17 Hunting
4:34 Rotate Buildings
4:49 Prioritize Buildings
4:56 Toggle Resource Widgets
5:21 Roads
5:53 Firewood
6:20 Housing
7:07 Population Limit
7:18 Water Supply
7:35 Foraging
8:07 Worker Info
8:31 Fishing
8:45 Relocate Buildings
9:03 Preserve Food
10:13 Add Workers
10:30 Storage Part 1
10:55 Graveyard
11:22 Exploring
11:36 Farm Building
11:59 Plank Production
12:17 Storage Part 2
13:25 Market
13:38 Resource Efficiency
14:13 Pause Construction
14:35 Willow Baskets
14:55 Compost / Fertiliser
15:27 Taxes and Gold
16:03 Increase Population
16:15 Basket Shop
17:02 Grow Crops
19:56 Faster Workers
20:14 Ranged Ammunition
20:27 Protect Your Crops
20:59 Upgrade Town Center
21:22 When Villagers Die

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48 komentarze:

cherie evans
cherie evans:
just wanted to let you know as you didn't mention it that if you click on some of the buildings ie hunter there is a circle like icon second from top that you can change the area that they work in ,also when the wells run dry if you wait they do start working again I have found. Thanks for all the helpful videos I found the valhiem ones fantastic
With regards to the Farming part, adding the sand and clay option is to the entire field and not each individual crop cycle.

i.e. if you choose to get it into the green area for one crop another crop may have a different requirement of sand/clay so therefore you need to either:
1. Average it out to get close for all crops you have in the field or
2. Choose crops with similar requirements or
3. Only make it in the green for one/more of the crops.
For the buildings that contain a radius (Forager, Hunter, etc), you can change where that "area" is after the building is built. The only reason to put your building closer to its area of responsibility to to shorten the travel time, as more travel time means less efficient gathering. So when you mention around 7:50-8:00 that you "don't want to put it close to the water because you'll be wasting some of the area", that's incorrect.

One suggestion for that you could put to the devs - after you place a building, that has a targetable work area, you should also get to set the work area (even if the building isn't built yet). Makes it more intuitive rather than your line of thinking.
A. J.
A. J.:
A bit of an update when talking about Storage, if you may:
- A Stockyard takes Raw and Produced Materials, that the Warehouse can't take. Hence the need for both and their individual strategic placements;
Xandalf Reimann
Xandalf Reimann:
Great content. Would love to see an in-depth farming guide. Balancing weed reduction and soil fertility needs to be explored.
Oskar Falkenbaum
Oskar Falkenbaum:
You cannot set individual soil mixture configurations for each crop. The soil configuration is fixed for the entire field. So the best strategy is to find the sweet spot where all crops will receive the 10% bonus. If thats not possible with the given types of crops seeded, those need to be changed or youd need to reconfigure the soil mixture whenever the crop's needs change.
Pawel Kapica
Pawel Kapica:
Why didn't zou start with farm maintanance. Even though the growing season was too short you could've reduced weeds and rocks for the next season.
Elaine Barlow
Elaine Barlow:
I didnt know you could build so close to deer. I was under the impression that if you get rid of trees or build buildings near them they don't respawn.
Paul Harsh
Paul Harsh:
Great video! Definitely helped take the learning curve off of this game!
Modern & Classical Gaming!
Modern & Classical Gaming!:
Worker rotations are important also on harder difficulties I do that in Endzone and Patron, but this game is def brutal compared to all of them I have played on hardest difficulty:p
A C:
Great guide. I'm so obsessed with this game
Sean Sweeney
Sean Sweeney:
Morning Kysen, just wanted to say that I dont agree with the way you spread out your residences, the problem with that is when it comes to increasing desirability you have to spend more to cover the housing area because they do have a limited area and the parks and shrines you first use to increase this number are very expensive gold wise, so you need to think the desirability cost
Santas Whisky
Santas Whisky:
Thanks for the guide. Have liked and subbed. Just bought this game an hour ago so the guide will be really useful. I was going to load up the old Civ 4, Sim City or Skylines and thought to look at what new games are out.
Pan Dur
Pan Dur:
Good Job! Helps a lot to get started. Thank you for that! Maybe slow down your Talking and Explanation a bit. Stressed me out sometimes. But definitely better than all the nonsense Talking in some other Guides and Tutorials.... but dont get me wrong: You did an awesome Job here.

About the Game:
I think you can change the Areas where your Gatherer/Hunter/etc do their Work (the yellow Circle top left in the Building popup). So , I guess, you dont need to worry to much about placements.
How do you prioritize harvesting resources like wood ? I am constantly lacking wood as my people don't seem to want to go chopping wood even though I've assigned a bunch of tree to be harvested and even prioritized them ?

Also is there a way to see which buildings you have already built ?
The Spark
The Spark:
Food spoiling? Uncheck the small tick boxes in the market for all food and change worker, he will no longer be hoarding all your food which spoils a lot faster in the market. Just be sure to have root cellars near your houses. If you don´t change worker he/she will not obey the tick boxes, at least for me it only worked once I changed whomever was in charge.

You can´t turn the market completely off as you of course need those tax dollars.
Geri Attric
Geri Attric:
Picked this up after watching your vid. This is perfect for my laptop; keep me out of the bar while traveling for work! XD Nice guide, perhaps a tad too much data thrown out VERY quickly. I'll just come back to it once I screw up a few times. Thx.
Great video bro.

Imma gonna sink in lots of hours on this little peaceful game.
Blue Barrymore
Blue Barrymore:
8:30 you know that you can move the gather location right?
Dougie Jones
Dougie Jones:
Very helpful video. Thanks!
What i would like to see from this genre is to advance the boring automation that always ends up looking like a cross between SimCity and Age of Empires.
By that i mean i like to see a start with just one player ourselves and then we need to accumulate wealth to hire new people to inhabit a future town/city.I like to move around at ground level view and not the typical overhead puny character view.
This game like so many is like a small easy to make Indie game not nearly enough going on to warrant buying a new game that is similar to so many previous games.
How do I remove an exploration point? Because right now my villagers exploring keep running into a wolf Den
Nice job.. Just curious, did you edit out your pauses to breathe and start a new dialogue sentences? I found myself holding my breath :P
Amazing game, it's Banished cranked to max
Tommy O'bama
Tommy O'bama:
I appreciate how fast you talk.
eka pratama
eka pratama:
For some reason in the storage section in the building menus. I don't have that wagon storage, I don't even have the greyed out icon of it. Is it locked to a map location or game mode ? I picked the standard mode and the hills maps I think
Guiseppe Perceval
Guiseppe Perceval:
First video of yours recommended to me in months, as a subscriber, this was odd.
The graveyard will the village automatically burry the dead or?
The compost yards don't appear to work. They just get filled up and the compost doesn't get used. I had to keep building compost yards because once they are full the worker won't collect waste anymore. I found the best solution is to destroy them as soon as they get full and build another one.
bibeg limbu
bibeg limbu:
so its more complicated going medivial
Pavaman Abhyudhay
Pavaman Abhyudhay:
Hi... So I've been glitching is guess. Though I have plenty of food 4 or 5 or even 11 12 bread protein,fruits and veg the ppl keep dying of starvation? Is it a glitch or am I doing something seriously wrong?
The Guinea Pig People
The Guinea Pig People:
Why is there a group of my builders just standing around dying of starvation? lol
wow what a fog it was LoL 👍👍 3:11 i mean one can see a great deal
Wasted Watts
Wasted Watts:
Wow! Had to subscribe, but I do admit this video has a lot to take in at first viewing. I have also watched videos that were under 5 minutes long and they seemed to be focused on getting watchers to send money. If the plea for money was taken out of the video, you have maybe 2 minutes of information about the game. Not very helpful, so I am thinking 15 minutes would likely be about right if the content is limited to "Do this first, and then that". Of course I will be returning to this video for more advice and ideas.
Mikael Owe
Mikael Owe:
how do i remove dirt road that is in wrong place?
you got me with the name of your town xD
Goldie Short
Goldie Short:
help pls
1 of my villagers got attacked by wildlife, I selected some other to help fight it and now theyre just standing idle, how can I get them back to work?
Ghostlight X
Ghostlight X:
Overkill much on the farming screen??
Brett Coppinger
Brett Coppinger:
Its nice!
Reckless Genesis
Reckless Genesis:
Is this made by the makers of banished ? the system works exactly the same :D i love it
This game is a moden version of banished
Ahmed Suwaie
Ahmed Suwaie:
Is it worth to buy this game... I'm fan of strategy games but some strategy games city buildings you will enjoy it for a days and then you will get bored of it
Mixing Bowl
Mixing Bowl:
Could help me sombody.
When I start new game , i don't have tier 1 .in amenities &service, and the resources.
I purchased it, Thnx...
Raul Izquierdo
Raul Izquierdo:
Low firewood
PC Cop
PC Cop:
dude quit coffee, your fast talk looses me lol
"Incredibly fun?" hmmm idk does the game offer anything unique to what we have already seen for years?Well let's watch and see these tips.The biggest problem with EVERY new game is that all of the YouTube content creators are just drooling at the sight of something to make money from with their new videos so it makes it VERY tough to ever get honest information on new games.
Florea Mihai Cristi
Florea Mihai Cristi:
too long and too much bla bla bla